NDDC Postgraduate Scholarship Past Questions and Answers For CBT

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96 Responses

  1. Bees kit says:

    I somehow deleted my text message somehow mistakenly…will I be allowed to take the test without the text message?
    If not, can my service provider help me recover the text? What if I provide an affidavit or a police report that the message was originally received by me but lost in transit?

  2. Nduka says:

    Do you have a physical address/office where one can meet you and pay, to avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters

    • Excelajah says:

      Be assured it is not fraud dear, kindly follow the procedure and have your materials delivered to you in the barest minimum time.

  3. Precious iheanyichukwu says:

    I couldn’t print out the registration slip on time,but I only copied out the cod numbers . should I come with it without the slip?

  4. Reginald Umunakwe says:

    I could not print out the registration slip, my browser crashed when I wanted to print it. I got the sms. Should I come for the test?

    • Excelajah says:

      If you have got the sms invitation, then your name and credentials will be in the master list that will be used for check in.
      Get to exam venue and you will partake if you explain well to whoever that is involved.

  5. Queeneth U. says:

    Thanks @Mr. Ajah, got the materials. I do appreciate if you can drop more tips that will help us scale this exam.

    • Excelajah says:

      Thanks @Queeneth, I promise to deliver any relevant material I feel that will be of help to your emails before the exam comes.

      Wishing you all outstanding success

  6. I appreciate Excel for this work. Thanks I got mine. Pls pals let’s drop comments or contributions of our personal knowledge on how we can emerge in this test. Please if you have any information that will be useful, kindly drop it as a comment. It will be appreciated.

    • Excelajah says:

      Gud suggestion you’ve got there by Emmanuel, while you practice the materials you have received, try to share other of your knowledge with others.
      Note the current affairs ebook might not too updated to this week’s happening. Records are made on daily bases. For example the May weather, fight worth $300million, which May weather won is a current affair.
      All best guyz.

  7. Ejiro mary says:

    Please i did an MTN VTU transfer and am yet to get the question. Kindly assist

  8. Blessing Akpomuha says:

    Hi excel,
    Last year the test was made up of questions from mathematics, English and other related subjects and we had to answer 100 questions, why do we now have current Affairs and 50 questions. please I need clarification on this because I want to pay for the material.


  9. mimi says:

    Please how can i pay and get the e-book if i am not in Nigeria? Would be coming to write the test

    • Excelajah says:

      Your sister in Lekki has already spoken with me and she has sent me a voucher to pay for the email you have got……

      I wish you a safe trip from the UK Ese……

      Please do check your mail for the last pack I will send tonight…..

  10. Ogheneruemu Osirim says:

    Please am trying to reach you but your number is not reachable. I have sent you the recharge card and my details. Please kindly send me the materials. Thanks.

    • Excelajah says:

      Sorry I am responding to this comment this late but I sure have sent you the materials….


  11. oluchi says:

    i couldnt print my slip before the page went off but i was able to copy the ID NUMBER which was given to me…will it prevent me from taking the test?

    • Excelajah says:

      Am sure you got the invitation text message and you have your ID Number, On arrival to the exam and during the check in, kindly meet the invigilators for assistance as they will be with the master list.

  12. Ejiro mary says:

    Thank you very much, just got the questions

  13. chika says:

    i have since sent the transfer like 11 am today…yet to see the materials..
    whats happening ajah.

    • Excelajah says:

      Kindly check your email dear, if you can’t find it in the inbox, try checking your mail spam folder..

  14. april says:

    How many years do I get…wrt the past questions if I want to pay.

  15. Vechris says:

    Hi. Please can u guarantee I will get the material I want to do vtu now.

  16. Omoruyi says:

    Dear Anayo,I just paid into your ecobank account now and i have sent my details to the number you presented. Waiting patiently for the materials. Thanks

    • Excelajah says:

      @Omoruyi, We have received your payment and your pack sent to you…

      Please do read my response to smitech and do likewise

  17. smitech says:

    Can i get d book now?

    • Excelajah says:

      I have seen your payment and have also sent you the materials, check your email tomorrow morning for an additional pack of Brainfield Cinefores Test Material in your email.
      The same goes to all who have received the pack. Please kindly check your inbox for it

  18. Flora says:

    I’m about to make payment via bank but i’m afraid cos i have fallen into the hands of fraudsters before. what is the assurance that i will get it and how long will it take me to get it after payment?

    • Excelajah says:

      I promised 30 minutes delivery from the time we confirm your payment…. Latest 2 hours in case of contingencies….

  19. Greatkeyz says:

    Hello in just sent you the recharge card…. Still waiting for the delivery…..

    • Excelajah says:

      Yea, I spoke with you this morning and I think by now you should have confirmed the receipt of the email.

      Great… I wish the very best in this exam

  20. oyibo peace says:

    please can anyone forward any material to me? thanks a lot guys

  21. Blessing Akpomuha says:

    Hi, Excel,
    I called you earlier today and I have paid your money into your Diamond bank account and it was posted immediately. I have also sent the text message to your number, please send me the two sets of materials, I am waiting.


  22. Omoruyi says:

    Thanks Excel, the materials are all wonderful and meaningful.

  23. Israel says:

    @excel hw sure re you cause fraudsters are everywhere cos i intend paying and how many of the previous past questions am i likely to get.

  24. Gina Ugonna says:

    Thanks @Excel for the good work and fast response, Some people are skeptical but sincerely I was when I was making my wn payment but He delivered as promised..
    Please is anybody coming from Lagos for this exam?

  25. moj says:

    Hi, pls who can kindly share any of his/her material with me? I paid 2k on another site that made plenty noise about cinfores and brainfriend software yet i neva see material and d number no dey even go thru seff. Pls if you are willing to FREELY share yours with me kindly email me make i no carry last. 081524992. Thanks in advance!

  26. chibu says:

    I will be coming from Lagos, I don’t knw PH well and don’t have trusted friends over dia. Plz can I get a cheap hotel in Ph to pass the nite say around 4k to 6k and can some help me with location, also is RSUST located inside d main town or in a surburbt

    • Bees kit says:

      Yes! Several Infact I’m in the same predicatment as you…saw some three hotels really nice on jovago.com…can’t remember their names now…I think one is Mikeze Hotel about 5 mins drive from the school…Sapphire hotel about 7 mins drive from the school I…I booked a room with Clen-Phil Hotels and Suites about 15 minutes drive from the school…check the jovago site bro…

  27. Oghenegueke Ejiroghene says:

    can i send a recharge card? d banks r far 4rm me.

  28. franco says:

    Hi excel is it thesame question for both the PHD and MSC? Am consideriNg buying the e book but skeptical

  29. francoa says:

    Secondly i, i could not print my slip as well. Will they allow me to go in for the. Exam?

  30. francoa says:

    I spoke with @ Excel and i understood the Ebook is mostly for masters candidate, can someone brief me on the pattern of questions for phd candidates in medical sciences! Thanks

  31. francoa says:

    Who is having info?

  32. esthy says:

    Hi excel, is it possible my cousin’s account is used to send the money and my email is forwarded to u to get the materials?

  33. esthy says:

    Pls your phone number is not going through trying to reach you. How do I get the materials?

  34. Ada says:

    Hi, I paid almost an hour ago, but no word yet, and no book in my inbox or spam mail. Please when should I be expecting it?

  35. dronyi says:

    Pls sir,are these accts savings or current.I’m about doing atm transfer.

  36. dronyi says:

    Sir,I’ve just successfully done the transfer and sent my details to the listed phone number,awaiting your reply.

  37. Mama Jay says:

    We all write the same test phd/msc. The only difference is you might see is the jamb pattern where there are different arrangements of the questions. Goodluck tomorrow

  38. manna ezenwa says:

    the test is tomorrow and am just discovering this site today.gues is a little late for the materials.plz for those that have it.lets be there early.b4 time so as to practice well so that we can all win together.am on my way now.from owerri. call me wen u ar there.wether u hav the materialsbor not.dont forget ur credentials o…..


  39. manna ezenwa says:

    the test is tomorrow and am just discovering this site today.gues is a little late for the materials.plz for those that have it.lets be there early.b4 time so as to practice well so that we can all win together.am on my way now.from owerri. call me wen u ar there.wether u hav the materialsbor not.dont forget ur credentials o…..


  40. Bees kit says:

    Oya fam! Y’all should start dropping your scores…I had 32 – Medical Sciences

  41. Omoruyi says:

    I had 37 Geology…I thank God for the score and am expecting an invite for the interview.

  42. francoa says:

    Variations with respect to specialty do exist

  43. francoa says:

    When do we expect the invitation for the interviews since the exam is over? What is the pass mark? Or put it this way, what score gurantees ones invitation?

  44. francoa says:

    Now that we had been invited for the interview, how do we prepare? Any idea?

  45. Israel says:

    Anyone wit idea of wat to expect during the oral interveiw.

  46. Dein says:

    please I want to know when 2016 nddc scholarship masters application will start and end. Please am looking forward to your reply.

  47. Stan says:

    Do you have 2016 past questions? Got an invite for apt test

    • Excelajah says:

      You are getting the stream of questions from brainfriend which is the software from the exam is set…
      Follow the procedure on this page and begin your practice

  48. Okus says:

    @admin,can I ve past questions ,so I can start preparing for the NDDC 2016 scholarship… tnx

  49. layefa says:

    I got an invite n my exam is slated for 3rd June. I heard de asked questions related to discipline last year. Pls kindly enlighten us and how can I get d question urgently? Thanks

    • Excelajah says:

      Please kindly follow the guideline provided here and the Latest NDDC Postgraduate Foreign Scholarship CBT Past Questions and Answers
      Goodluck dear……

  50. Fred says:

    That was too fast… Thanks bro…
    My venue is Port

  51. Omobolanle says:

    Thanks Mr Ajah you cleared my doubts….
    I hope to connect with you more

  52. Ifeanyi Udunwa says:

    OK, thanks Mr Excel Ajah, I saw the attachment in the spam folder….
    Keep up the good work

  53. Caleb James says:

    Thanks Mr Ajah, I used your material last year and it helped. … I want to know if you have that of NLNG postgraduate scholarship Past questions and answers

  54. foluke says:

    I just got the message that I have been shortlisted to write the exam. Currently I am not in Nigeria and I have no Idea what I need to Know or read before the exam. I have less than a week to prepare. How do I get your past question?

    • Excelajah says:

      You can get a family member of friend to make the payment and you send your email address after s/he must have made the payment and we will sure deliver the material to your email…

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