BABCOCK University Post UTME Past Questions 2022


Did you ever think that once you have a very high score in UTME, your admission into BABCOCK University is guaranteed? No, it doesn’t work that way. One prerequisite you must meet is a high score in the Babcock University Post UTME exam which is the university’s basis for admitting students. Although this exam can be difficult a bit, with a copy of Babcock Post UTME Past Questions and Answers it will be a walkover for you.

So, what are you expected to do right now?

Get a copy of the Babcock Post UTME Past Questions and Answers and get on with studying it.

According to the Alumni and current students of Babcock, the possibility of answering almost all the Post UTME questions correctly is if you prepare for the exam with the Past questions and Answers for Babcock Post UTME.

This is because most of the questions are repeated questions.

So, to get a copy, quickly pay to the account below:

Pay the sum of One Thousand Five Hundred Naira into this bank detail to get a copy immediately.
Account Name: Silicon Africa Tech Limited
Account Number: 0546392167
Bank Name: GT BANK
CONTACT DETAILS: 07012040283
It is really important, however, that you read this article to the end to get other vital information.

Below is a list of the information you will garner if you read this article to the end:

  • Babcock University Post UTME
  • Babcock University Portal
  • How to download Babcock University Post UTME Past Questions and Answers
  • Free Babcock University Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF

What Is The Nature Of Babcock University Post UTME?

Concerning BABCOCK University, the Post UTME council is quite strict in their selection process because Babcock university is among the universities in Nigeria with very high school fees.

With its school fees that are up to #780,000, you will agree with me that getting into a university like this won’t be that easy.

But the good news is that no matter how hard a nut is, it must be cracked.

The question is usually by who?

By you, if only follow the right way which you’ll find in this post.

First, let me take you through a journey from the point you register, what you should expect in Babcock Post UTME hall and how to check out your Babcock Post UTME result.

  • Log on to ( to fill out the online application form.
  • Upload your passport and other vital documents, fill out other sections of the form. Click submit when you are done.
  • Print out your exam slip. The slip will display your screening date and time.
  • Arrive at your exam venue on time. Please bring along your exam slip, writing materials, and a copy of the vital documents you uploaded while registering.
  • Your exam will be written on paper in designated halls within the Babcock campus.
  • You are expected to answer 40 questions in total within 45-50 minutes.
  • Exam papers will come in different types like A, B, and C

To stand a chance, you must answer 50 percent and above of the total number of questions correctly. Note, if you don’t do well in the Post UTME Exam, you may not gain admission into this university.

What Is The General Post UTME Cutoff Mark For BABCOCK University?

Babcock University UTME cut-off mark is 180. That means, if you score 180 and above in UTME, you are qualified to register for Babcock Post UTME.

Even at that, you may score 180 and still not stand a chance especially if you do poorly in the Babcock Post UTME screening exercise.

Also, considering professional courses at Babcock simply means you must score at least 200 in the last UTME examination.

See the Post UTME Past questions for other schools here. Get one and start practicing immediately.

Why You Should Get The BABCOCK Post UTME Past Questions Paper

Simply get a sheet of paper, write out all you would lose this year if you fail Babcock University Post Utme. Try attaching a price value to them and try equating it to one thousand five hundred Naira. If it is more, then quickly get a copy of BABCOCK University Post UTME.

Also, students and alumni of this very competitive university are of the opinion that 70 percent of the questions they met on the exam day were not foreign to them. When asked why they all insisted that they had seen something similar in the past questions during their study. So, get a copy immediately.

Their testimonial is a clear sign that Babcock randomly repeats questions from previous years. Interestingly, getting a copy of Babcock Post Utme past questions and answers will give you direct access to information and tips that will help you gain admission into the university from our team of experts.

Aside from that, this team will connect you with your colleagues; so you can easily share ideas and relevant information, and even new discoveries.

How To Get The BABCOCK POST UTME Past Questions And Answers

The BABCOCK Post UTME past question cost N1,500 for your subject combination and to get it, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Select Your Subject Combination

You will write the same subject combination you wrote in UTME for the BABCOCK Post-UTME. So, we have compiled the subject combination you wrote in UTME based on the course you applied for in BABCOCK.

Therefore, all you need do is specify the course you applied for in the description of your payment.

STEP 2: Select Your Payment Method

There are three methods of purchasing our original BABCOCK Post UTME past questions and answer. They are:

  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Direct Bank Deposit

Debit Card Payments

To Pay for the Babcock Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for Sciences or Arts, See the links below

For other payment methods like the Bank transfers and the Bank Deposits, you’ll be paying into the account details below:

Account Name: Silicon Africa Tech Limited
Account Number: 0546392167
Bank Name: GT BANK

STEP 3: Confirmation Of Payment

If you choose the Debit Card option, you’ll get the full pdf file Downloaded to your device immediately.

When you go for a Bank transfer, type in the description of payment: “The Type of BABCOCK Post UTME Past Question you’re purchasing.” e.g “BABCOCK Medicine and Surgery Past Question.” Then contact the number below or email address with evidence of payment and you will get your Past Question instantly.

Then, if you choose Direct Bank deposit, make payment to the account details above, then send the following information to the phone number or email below:

  • 1. Depositors’ Name
  • 2. Teller Number
  • 3. Amount Paid

CONTACT DETAILS: 07012040283



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