250+ Best Lioden Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

Best Lioden Trivia Questions

With its captivating gameplay and active community, Lioden, a virtual simulation game, has won over players all over the world. 

Lioden trivia is a great opportunity to learn more about this fascinating virtual world, whether you’re an experienced player or a curious newbie to the pride. 

The top 250 Lioden trivia questions and answers are collected in this article; they range from simple brainteasers to difficult puzzles that will test the intelligence of even the most seasoned players. 

This extensive collection promises an exciting tour through everything Lioden, from in-game mechanics and history to esoteric information regarding rare lion genetics.

250+ Best Lioden Trivia Questions and Answers

Here is a collection of the best Lioden Trivia questions and answers:

Easiest Lioden Trivia Questions and Answers

1. What is the name of Lioden’s largest territory?

Answer: In paradise

2. Is it possible to find giraffes in any hunting biome?

Answer: sure.

3. How can the “Legendary Cache” in the Oasis be unlocked?

Answer: Finishing particular tasks and missions.

4. Why is the Lioden area known as “Sable Sands” there?

Answer: A distinct biome with only found interactions and events.

5. What is the purpose of the “Nook” in the game?

Answer: You can trade goods with other gamers.

6. What gene determines the colour of a lion’s mane?

Answer: Melanistic 

7. What does the “DC” mean in “DC Breeding”?

Answer: Double Cub

8. Which occasion honours lions with distinctive mutations and markings?

Answer: Oviparous 

9. In order to receive rewards during the “Wild Hunt” event, what must you gather?

Answer: Things unique to the event.

10. What is shown on the “Ranking” tab?

Answer: The best lionesses and prides across the board.

11. What does the “Lion Storage” function serve to accomplish?

Answer: The solution is to store lions apart from an active pride.

12. Which biome is connected to the occurrence known as “Golden Paws”?

Answer: Savannah.

13. What is the purpose of the Oasis’s “Royal Cave”?

Answer: Upon fulfilling specific conditions, you can claim a unique lion.

14. How can the region of your pride be expanded?

Answer: Making use of den stuff.

15. Which stat is the main factor in a lion’s defence?

Answer: Resilience

16. In the game, how does a lioness become fertile?

Answer: Using specific objects and the “Heat” event.

17. For what purpose is the “Carnelian Figurine” mostly used?

Answer: Gives permission for more investigations.

18. Which bug-catching and bug-trading event is it?

Answer: bug off.

19. What is the purpose of the Oasis’s “Hallowed Grounds” area?

Answer: Unique experiences and meetings.

20. How can you get your lions to have unique markings?

Answer: In the “Marking Maker” store

21. What’s involved in the “Settling Down” event?

Answer: The selection and search for a partner.

22. How does an item called “Gemsbok Lure” operate?

Answer: Bring a particular game to your hunting areas.

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23. What must happen for a lion in a pride to become “Alpha”?

Answer: Maximum strength and domination

24. How do your lions react to the “Elder Witch” event?

Answer: Add blessings or curses to your lions.

25. Which mutation modifies the size of a lion’s body?

Answer: Dwarfism

26. What is the function of Lioden’s “Secret Lair” area?

Answer: The availability of unique and uncommon lions.

27. Which of these stats is essential to winning the “Divine Duel” event?

Answer: speed.

28. What factors influence a lion’s propensity to give birth to mutant cubs?

Answer: Certain den objects and genetics.

29. In what way is the “Copper Sphinx” marking obtained?

Answer: Sphinx Riddle incident, yes.

40. What is the purpose of the “Lycaon Pelt” in the game?

Answer: Making certain things

41. What is the mechanism of the “Scarab of Fertility” item?

Answer: Increases fertility for a predetermined amount of time.

42. What is Lioden’s “Okapi Herd” event?

Answer: The opportunity to obtain Okapi décor for your den.

43. How does your pride get affected by the “Hallowed Lands” event?

Answer: Provides obstacles and infrequent encounters.

44. What does the item labelled “Fishing Tackle” do?

Answer: Enhances the likelihood of catching fish during the Fishing Contest.

45. Which gene determines the basic fertility rate of a lion?

Answer: Fertility gene is the answer.

46. What’s the most lions a player can have in their pride?

Answer: 50. 

47. What is the role of the “Fossil Hunt” event in the game?

Answer: In short, it lets users search for and gather fossils.

48. What is the “Jewel Beetle” item’s main function?

Answer: Enhances the likelihood of fruitful explorations.

49. What effects does the Desert biome bear from the “Shifting Sands” event?

Answer: Modifies the accessibility of specific objects and prey.

50. What is Lioden’s “Eclipsed Sun” event?

Answer: A unique celestial event that happens infrequently.

Hardest Lioden Trivia Questions and Answers

1. When do submales and lionesses pass away?

Answer: The ages of fifteen to sixteen, in response.

2. What age is a cub deemed to be weaned?

Answer: five months.

3. When do players get their Meat Pies?

Answer: Sign-up anniversary.

4. Can a lioness have a mane on her?

 Answer: sure.

5. Can lions get up in trees?

Answer: Yes, teenagers will occasionally do that if the tree is large enough.

6. Are lions able to mate with other animals?

Answer: True they are referred to be hybrids when kept in captivity.

7. Are reports of bugs sent to the Modbox?

Answer: In certain cases—only if they can be abused or interfere with gameplay.

8. Are there male lions without manes?

Answer: sure.

9. Which event allows you to get Eldritch Tokens?

Answer: locust plague.

10. Which month is the Harbinger’s tale available?

Answer: September, 

11. Does energy always regenerate?

Answer: fifteen minutes.

12. You get 20% more energy from bone marrow, but how many times a day can you use it?

Answer: once.

13. On Lioden, how long does the dry season last?

Answer: nine days.

14. On Lioden, how long is the wet season?

Answer: three days.

15. On Lioden, how long is a day?

Answer: two hours.

16. The number of administrators on Lioden?

Answer: 4.

17. What number of base colors are there?

Answer: Three: Dark, Medium, and Light.

18. Each territory slot has how many cub slots?

Answer: One territory slot equals five cub slots.

19. How much water can an elephant drink in a day? How many liters?

Answer: 190.

20. For Gold Beetles, how many submale slots can you purchase?

Answer: 3.

21. For Silver Beetles, how many submale slots can you purchase?

Answer: 2.

22. How often do you roll over in a day?

Answer: once.

23. In total, how many toes does a lion have?

Answer: 18.

24. How many times can you utilize something before a lioness’s nest?

Answer: 6.

25. What is the price of the Oasis base changer?

Answer: 5 GB 

26. What is the price of the further cub stages in the Oasis?

Answer: 10 GB 

27. What is the amount of energy that the Oasis’s Energy Boost grants?

Answer: 100%

28. What is the price per GB to rename your king in the Oasis?

Answer: One gigabyte, 

29. What is the frequency of Raffle Lioness changes?

Answer: Weekly

30. How many brood mothers can a player have if they have 21 territory slots available to them?

Answer: 3.

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31. Will a mutated sub-male king inherit the mutation if an existing monarch is replaced?

Answer: sure.

32. When hunting, wherein the following biomes might you encounter a hippo?

Answer: Waterhole

33. How many uses does the 10 GB Tiger’s Eye have?

Answer: One hundred uses, 

34. Admins have yellow paws, is that true or false?

Answer: True

35. Is it true or false that falling coconuts are lethal?

Answer: True

36. True or False: The largest avian mammals in Africa are condors.

Answer: False

37. Is it true or false that Africa was never home to dinosaurs?

Answer: False

38. Is it true or false that hyenas and dogs are closely related?

Answer: True

39. Is it true or false that you can occasionally find things, SB, and carcasses in explore?

Answer: True 

40. Is it true or false that only Somali is spoken in Somalia?

Answer: False

41. True or False: The sun god of Ancient Egypt, Isis, had the head of a falcon.

Answer: False 

42. Is it true or false that Leopons in Lioden are a genetic hybrid?

Answer: True 

43. Is it true or not that an ancient Lion mask may be made from lion skulls?

Answer: True 

44. Is it true that moderators are green paws?

Answer: True 

45. True or False: The population of the majority of African vulture species is growing.

Answer: False 

46. True or False: Silver beetles can be obtained by patrolling a sub male.

Answer: False 

47. True or False: Mothers of primal felis have a probability of causing their cubs to inherit the Primal Fangs mutation.

Answer: True 

48. True or False: Your account will be permanently suspended from the website if it reaches an Account Standing of 0%.

Answer: True 

49. Is it true or not that the Oasis and Monkey Business both contain the Marking Opacity Changer?

Answer: True 

50. Is it true that The Oasis features both a Random and an Eye Changer?

Answer: True 

Easy Lioden Trivia Questions and Answers

51. True or False: The Gorilla Enclave contains a Beetle Nemesis item.

Answer: True 

52. True or False: Lioden does not have any mutations specific to gender.

Answer: False 

53. True or False: Niger is home to the Mayan civilization’s ruins.

Answer: False 

54. Is it true or false that white lion pelts may be fashioned into a design known as “White Lion Flesh”?

Answer: True 

55. True or False: Posting your Skype name, Discord ID, and other personal information on your Den or on forums is permitted.

Answer: True 

56. Is it true that you can locate Grains of Paradise by exploring?

Answer: False 

57. Is it true or false that hummingbirds may be found in Africa?

Answer: False 

58. True or False: Hunting on Lioden occasionally yields stuff.

Answer: False 

59. True or False: Lioden’s Liomemo game allows you to earn decors.

Answer: False 

60. What is your lion’s age according to the Aging Crystal?

Answer: It’s one year and eleven months.

61. How old is your lion according to the Aging Stone?

Answer: One year, 

62. What does the term “IBF” mean?

Answer: Feather of Instant Birth.

63. When an Owl appears next to a player’s name, what does it mean?

 Answer: Community Contributor 

64. How does a GMO cow behave?

 Answer: Enhances the likelihood of mutated cubs.

65. What does the red A on an orange leaf represent?

Answer: Alpha Tester 

66. On Decors, what does [S] stand for?

Answer: Seasonal

67. What does the letter “GB” mean?

Answer:  gold beetles.

68. For what does “SB” stand?

Answer: silver beetles.

69. What do these vibrant paws represent? Purple, Blue, Green, and Yellow (in that order).

Answer: Tutor, Coach, Administrator, and Creator.

70. Which hybrid is connected to the base Kimanjano?


71. A Bushbaby: What is it?

Answer: Primates of Galago.

72. Which of the two event currencies for August is this?

Answer: Dry Bones 

73. Which of the two event currencies for July is this?

Answer: Meteorite Shards

74. How likely is it that a Lion Scrotum will inherit its mother’s mutation?

Answer: 25%.

75. What is the money for the December event?

Answer: Stink bugs, 

76. What is the money for the February event?

 Answer: Heart shells

77. What is the money for the January event?

 Answer: Steel beetles

78. What is the currency of the June event?

Answer: dive beetles.

79. Which bird is the biggest in Africa?

Answer: Ostrich, 

80. Which African species of beetle is the largest?

Goliath Beetle (Goliathus)

81. What is the money for the March event?

Answer: rhino beetles.

82. What is the currency of the May event?

Answer: Manticora beetles are the response.

83. What is Kitty’s (#2) King’s name?

Answer: Thabo 

84. Who is the King of Xylax (#4) called?

Answer: Ashkarn

85. What is the money for the November event?

Answer: scarab beetles.

86. What is the money for the September event?

Answer: jewel beetles.

87. What would ensure that your lioness’s next brood is exclusively male?

Answer: Red Cock 

88. On July 1, 2015, what lion was slaughtered without permission in Zimbabwe?

Answer: Cecil 

89. In January 2015, what mane form was introduced?

Answer: Regal 

90. Can you retire your lion and replace him with a lioness?

Answer: No 

91. Where is a Hornbill Majordomo sold?

Answer: Monkey business, 

92. For Lioden, where does Xylax stream art?

Answer: Twitch 

93. Which object in the Oasis isn’t marking-oriented?

Answer: Mane changer

94. Which of the following predatory birds has a reputation for consuming bones?

 Answer: Bearded vulture,

95. Which of these dinosaur species was found in Africa?

Answer: Afrovenator

96. Which of these eye colors is a common non-custom color?

Answer: Yellow

97. Who was the first artist on LioDen?

Answer: Xylax 

98. Which nation is the largest in Africa?

Answer: Algeria 

99. Elephants in Africa are the…:

Answer: The largest land mammal currently alive.

100. When does skipping a quest result in an increase to 2GB?

Answer: Ten hunts

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Moderate Lioden Trivia Questions and Answers

101. How many nations are there on the African continent?

Answer: 54 

102. To what extent can a hippo expand its jaws?

 Answer: 150 degrees 

103. How much water can an elephant drink in a day? How many liters?

Answer: 200 liters 

104. How frequently can cubs be trained?

Answer: once daily.

105. When giraffes are born, how tall are they?

Answer: Six feet 

106. How tall is the wild ass of Africa?

Answer: 12.1 to 14.1 hands

107. Which river is the second longest in Africa?

Answer: Zaire, the old Congo

108. What is the name of the largest frog in the world that lives in Cameroon?

 Answer: The Goliath Frog

109. This is the second-largest canyon in the world, located in Namibia.

Answer: The Fish River Canyon

110. What occurs to the cubs of pride when a new male becomes leader?

Answer: The new male kills them, 

111. The world’s Madagascar is home to the

Answer: Both

112. What proportion of all the species on Earth are beetles?

Answer: 25% or higher, 

113. Which year are the April Fools Mugshots Decors from?

Answer:  2015.

114. For what age range of lions does the cub sex changer work?

Answer: 1 year and 11 months from birth.

115. Which of the two tribal African languages is the basis of the language Swahili?

Answer: Portuguese and Arabic

116. What is the name of the smallest butterfly in the world that lives in South Africa?

Answer: The small blue butterfly

117. This 100-mile strait connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean:

Answer: Suez Canal 

118. Is it true that Africa is the world’s second-largest continent?

Answer: True 

119. Is it true that Asali was the first base color exclusive to the NCL?

Answer: True 

120. Is it true that there are black lions?

Answer: False 

121. Is it true that centipedes are insects?

Answer: False 

122. Is it true that elephants are the biggest creatures on the planet?

Answer: False 

123. Is it true or false that giraffes have the same number of vertebrae as humans despite having longer necks?

Answer: True 

124. Is it true that the hearts of giraffes can pump 16 gallons of blood in a minute?

Answer: True 

125. Is it true or false that giraffes can use their tongues to reach their ears?

Answer: True 

126. Is it true or false that all terrestrial mammals have eyes the size of giraffes?

Answer: yes

127. Is it true or false that there is snow in Lioden’s world in December?

Answer:: “It’s Snuh,”

128. True or False: There are no pink lions in Lioden.

Answer: False 

129. Is it true that lions can use their tongues to reach their ears?

Answer: False 

130. Is it true that Morocco has the second-highest per capita tea consumption globally?

Answer: True 

131. True or False: There was no crocodile-headed deity among the ancient Egyptians.

Answer: False 

132. True or False: Writing was invented by the ancient Egyptians.

Answer: False 

133. Is it true or false that the Berbers of North Africa lack a written language?

Answer: False 

134. Is a colony of penguins at the Cape in South Africa, true or false?

Answer: True 

135. True or False: Ancient Egypt is where the Epic of Gilgamesh first appeared.

Answer: False 

136. True or False: Eagles and buteo hawks are closely related to nighthawks.

Answer: False 

137. True or False: June is the only month in which the Rainbow Bedlah décor may be made.

Answer: False 

138. Which two countries are bordered by Victoria Falls?

Zimbabwe and Zambia, in response.

139. What Blush Rose base is provided by which Base Applicator?

Rose kisses you in response.

140. Which Base Applicator provides the Hallowed base with what?

Sacred Body 

141. Which base applicator gives what ice base?

Answer: Spicy ice

142. Which Base Applicator provides the base for Inferno?

Answer: Infernal Blood

143. Which Applicator Base Provides the Ivory Base?

Answer: One with the Giants

144. Which Manakbir base is given by which Base Applicator?

Answer: Get out on a date with Manakbir.

145. Which Applicator Base Provides the Unholy Base?

Answer: Unholy Body.

146. Which Cape Town is Africa’s most northern point?

Answer: Cape Blanc

147. Which Cape Town is Africa’s southernmost point?

Answer: Cape Agulhas.

148. Why Do People Use Buffalo Scrotums?

Answer: Assures the next breeding of at least three cubs.

149. How does one use a Grain of Paradise?

Answer: Assures a minimum of two cubs in the upcoming breeding.

150. What’s happening in April?

Answer: Rabbit Plague, is the answer.

151. What’s going on in December?

Answer: The Season of Giving

152. What takes place in February?

Answer: Aphrodisia 

153. What’s happening in July?

Answer: falling stars.

154. What’s going on in May?

Answer: Battle Arena 

155. What’s happening in November?

Answer: Whispering Ancestors

156. What’s happening in October?

Answer:  “To Hell With Rabies”

157. Which event takes place in August?

Answer: The Great Drought 

158. What takes place in March?

Answer: Anti-poaching, 

159. What begins in September?

Answer: The locust plague

160. Which film premieres in January?

Answer: The Food Pit 

161. What distinguishes African wild dog foot from others?

Answer:  no, they lack dewclaws.

162. What is the currency for the Easter event?

Answer: Easter eggs, 

163. Which African eagle is the biggest?

Answer: Martial Eagle 

164. Which freshwater lake is the largest in Africa and the second largest in the world?

Answer: Lake Victoria 

165. Where in Africa is the lowest point?

Answer: Lake Assal 

166. Which African bird is the smallest?

Answer: Penduline-Tits.

167. Which volcanic valley connects the Sinai Peninsula to the center of Mozambique?

Answer: Great Rift Valley 

168. Which African desert is the oldest in the world, home to giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and lions?

Answer: The Namib, 

169. What object enables a lion or lioness to give their children in the following breeding a specific marking?

 Answer: Ochre Gnawrock.

170. After using what item, can a lioness be bred with 100% certainty?

 Answer: Black Stallion.

171. As an insect, what kind are fireflies?

 Answer: beetles.

172. What was the popular lioness stance in December 2015?

 Answer: cheerful.

173. Which mountain range’s highest peak is Mount Toubkal?

Answer: The Atlas Mountains, 

174. What training % must an Adolescent meet in order to increase their stats?

Answer: 75% 

175. Which kinds of markers on Lioden are not customizable?

Answer: NCL Exclusive, Breeding Exclusive, Event Exclusive, Raffle Exclusive, and Item Exclusive.

176. Which volcano is the tallest mountain in Tanzania, Africa?

Answer: Kilimanjaro

177. What was the first Leopon called?

 Answer: Madam Kolhapur

178. The Western Black Rhinoceros was officially declared extinct when?

Answer: 2011 

179. Where can one find murex shells?

Answer: Finished the 50 lionesses snake quest

180. Where can you share your own ideas for improvements or additions to the game?

Answer: The Chatter game development forums

181. What village is this, where the two arms of the Nile meet?

Answer: Khartoum 

182. Which nation in Africa is situated between Ghana and Benin?

Answer: Togo

183. Which nation comprises the majority of the Horn of Africa?

Answer: Somalia 

184. Which nation in East Africa is located at the Equator?

Answer: Kenya 

185. Which carcass of an elephant is up for grabs in the slots game?

Answer: Elephant carcass 

186. Which Panther Marking applies here?

Answer: White 

187. Which Vitiligo Marking applies to me?

 Answer: onyx vitiligo.

188. Which item, when used, makes a lioness more likely to have mutant kids in her subsequent litter?

Answer: GMO cow, 

189. Which item, when used, increases the virility of your male lion and guarantees that he will have three or more cubs in the following litter?

Answer: Buffalo Scrotum

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Hard Lioden Trivia Questions and Answers

190. Which manes are derived from real subspecies of African lions?

Answer: Tsavo, Barbary, Transvaal, and Katanga.

191. Which mane shape requires a unique application tool?

Answer: Diabolic 

192. Which mutation fits the situation?

Answer: overgrown fur.

193. Which African vultures are classified as severely endangered?

Answer: The above list 

194. Which of these African birds is a nocturnal species?

Answer: Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl

195. Which of the following supplies is needed to create the background of a Busy Waterhole?

Answer: African cucumber, water root, striped cactus, and aloe leaf.

196. Which eye color is specific to a breed?

Answer: Starshine 

197. Which mane shape is unique to a breed?

Answer: Tsavo 

198. Who is the April event’s plot NPC?

Answer: Wenet 

199. When did beetles begin to evolve on Earth?

Answer: 285 million years ago

200. In 1974, a small species of prey bird was saved from extinction, reduced to just 4 birds. Which kind of animal was it?

Answer: Mauritius Kestrel

201. Which Code of Conduct guideline is exemplified by backhanded compliments, blacklists, and pointed passive-aggression?

Answer: “Do not use insults or make personal attacks,” 

202. Are Grandpaws Freezable?

Answer: They cannot be frozen, in response.

203. What is the maximum length of an African Giant Earthworm?

Answer: That is 6.7 meters, or 22 feet.

204. How far can you hear a lion roar?

Answer: A short distance

205. How many Dove Feasts are available for use each day per account?

Answer: 50

206. There are no game mechanisms for inbreeding.

Answer: True 

207. Mutant cubs lose their mutation when they are sent to the Giving Tree.

Answer: False 

208. What age range does the Adult Sex Changer work on lions?

 Answer: two to three years.

209. Which of the following birds is most closely related to the hoopoe?

Answer: The hornbill.

210. What are the names of the two main arms of the River Nile?

Answer: The White Nile and the Blue Nile.

211. Which of the following birds is most closely related to the shoebill genetically?

 Answer: Hamerkop.

212. To which charity does Lioden annually donate a portion of its March earnings?

Answer: International Anti-Poaching Federation 

213. What hue do Wenet’s eyes have?

Answer: Glass

214. What does the Greek word “gastropod” mean?

Answer: The foot of the stomach

215. What is the Giant African Millipede’s main line of defense?

Answer: It secretes a fluid that irritates.

216. What distinguishing quality does Hoatzin have?

Answer: Their chicks’ wing digits are covered in claws.

217. What is the scientific term for the common zebra?

Answer: Equus quagga.

218. What is the Latin name for a fox kestrel?

Answer: Falco alopex.

219. Which is the name of the scientific order of beetles?

Answer: Coleoptera 

220. What is the leopard’s scientific name?

Answer: Panthera pardus

221. What is the Senegal Parrot’s scientific name?

Answer: Poicephalus senegalus

222. Which NPC, associated with Heaven, was discovered during the October event?

Answer: Aiatar 

223. What is the players’ unofficial name for the quest snake?

Answer: Murphy 

224. Which Jellyfish product is appropriate for adults and teens?

Answer: Turritopsis jellyfish

225. Is locust a basis of what kind?

Answer: Applicator 

226. Orchid is what kind of base?

 Answer: it is a raffle base.

227. Which insects belong to the Hemiptera order?

Answer: Aphids, cicadas, and true bugs.

228. Which insect order do dragonflies belong to?

Answer: Odonata 

229. What proportion of the world’s beetle species are probably still undiscovered?

Answer: 70–95% 

230. Which bad lion’s name was it that achieved -175,000 karma?

Answer: Dr. Lecter

231. What was the first dwarf’s name?

Answer: Adva 

232. What was the name of the first cub found on Lioden that was fatally mutated?

Answer: Chernobyl.

233. From where can one acquire the Rock Pinnacles BG?

Answer: Sub-Male patrolling

234. Which species of beetle was the patron saint of Khepri in Egyptian mythology?

Answer: Scarabaeus sacer

235. Which jellyfish item is equippable/unequippable and functions as decor?

Answer: Translucent jellyfish

236. Which Jellyfish product is intended especially for cubs?

Answer: Jellyfish 

237. Which African snake species is distinguished by “horn-like” scales on its nose?

Answer: Gaboon viper from West Africa.

238. Which of the following describes a breeding strategy for the Mane Noble mutation?

 Answer: it is possible to crossbreed a Sideward-maned parent with a Regal-maned parent.

239. Which of the avian species listed below is absent from Africa?

Answer: condors.

240. Which of the subsequent pairings results in the Citrine base?

Answer: Cherry Blossom x Topaz

241. Which of the following pairings results in the base of the Black Rose?

Answer: Onyx x Cinnabar.

242. Which combination of the following can result in the Soul Base?

Answer:  Ivory x Ebony.

243. Which of the subsequent pairings results in the Cairngorm base?

Answer: Celestial x Pearl

244. Which combination of the following can result in the base from Madagascar?

Answer: Shedua x Sunset 

245. Which combinations result in the production of the olive base?

Answer: Caramel x Xanthic

246. Which of the subsequent pairings results in the Qahir base?

Answer: Russet x Chartreux

247. Which combination of the following can result in the Arabica base?

 Answer: Buttercream x Black

248. Which of the following categories contains the most species?

Answer: beetles.

249. What is an example of begging among these?

Answer: The above list 

250. Which of the following organisms was the first to evolve on Earth?

Answer: Insects.


What is Lioden?

Lioden is an online lion simulation game where players can breed, care for, and grow their own pride of lions.

Are the trivia questions categorized based on difficulty?

Yes, the trivia questions are categorized from easiest to hardest to provide a range of challenges for players.

How can I access the trivia questions?

You can access the trivia questions by purchasing the 250 Best Lioden Trivia Questions and Answers package on our website.

Is there a time limit for completing the trivia questions?

No, there is no time limit for completing the trivia questions. You can take your time and work through them at your own pace.

Are there any rewards for completing the trivia questions?

While there are no official rewards, completing the trivia questions can help improve your knowledge of Lioden and add to your gaming experience.

Can I use the trivia questions for events or competitions?

Yes, you are free to use the trivia questions for events, competitions, or personal enjoyment as long as you have purchased them from our website.


These questions offer a comprehensive collection of challenging and engaging content for Lioden enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned player looking to test your knowledge or a newcomer seeking to expand your understanding of the game, this resource provides an enjoyable and informative experience. With questions ranging from easy to difficult, it caters to a wide audience and encourages critical thinking while promoting a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of Lioden.