300 Best Trivia Team Names & Quiz of all Time

These are a few sets of team names from trivia. If you have already formed a team that is connected to the trivia game, or if you wish to form one, you can check it out. Thus, you can select a suitable name for your trivia team by using these team name options.

Everyone wants to play trivia, therefore we know it’s a fantastic game. due to the fact that this game is incredibly entertaining. This is a game you can play with your neighbours, friends, family, and other individuals. You are already aware that certain equipment and a specific location are required to play this game.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a clever, catchy, original, good, fantastic, best, perfect, best, and outstanding team name for your trivia team, you can always browse through our selection of names. These can help you give your team a distinct identity.

Now let’s get started. We’re hoping you’ll enjoy it.

Good Trivia Team Names

  1. 80% Of The Time, We Win Every Time
  2. Around The World In 80 Quizzes
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. As Seen On TV
  5. Barking Mad
  6. Dill With It
  7. E For Idiots
  8. Fashionably Late 
  9. Global Domination 
  10. Guessing Isn’t Trivia
  11. I Refuse To Say This Name
  12. I’ll Take Potpourri For $100, Alex
  13. Lavish Display Of Ignorance
  14. Luck Has Nothing To Do With It
  15. Mischief Management
  16. Phil And The Blanks
  17. Quiz Pro Quo
  18. Raging Bulls
  19. Run Like The Winded
  20. Running With Quizzers
  21. Single Belles
  22. Something Offensive
  23. Stay At Homies
  24. That’s All, Folks!
  25. The Lion’s Share
  26. The Snakes In The Grass
  27. The Wanderers
  28. Trivia New Roman
  29. We’d Rather Be On Jeopardy
  30. Wild Things
  31. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  32. You Can’t Sit With Us

Funny Names For Quiz Teams

  1. Epic Failures
  2. Exquiz Me?
  3. Google Is Our Friend
  4. Hoof Hearted
  5. Jeopardy Losers Club
  6. Lettuce Win 
  7. My Other Outfit Is A Onesie
  8. My Trivia Partner Doesn’t Know This Is a Date 
  9. No One Cares What We’re Called 
  10. Oh No My Pen’s Running Out…
  11. Our Moms Made Us Do It
  12. Pirates Cuz We Argh
  13. Psychoanalysts Who Play Trivia
  14. Sherlock Impersonators
  15. Simple Minds
  16. Smarty Pants
  17. Team Name Pending 
  18. The Brainless Crew
  19. The Guessers Are Here
  20. The Know-It-Alls 
  21. The Quizikipedia
  22. The Wise Quackers
  23. This Isn’t As Good As Cash Cab
  24. This Was Embarrassing
  25. Trivia Folks
  26. Trivial Solutions
  27. Trivialize Us
  28. United Quizzes of America
  29. We Really Trust The Babysitter
  30. We Thought This Was Speed Dating
  31. What’s The Question Again?
  32. Wise Quackers

Pop Culture Trivia Team Names

  1. A Long Quiz Goodnight
  2. A Team Has No Name 
  3. Alex Quizbec
  4. Alice In Trivialand
  5. Articulate Monkeys 
  6. Arya Ready For Us?
  7. Beauties And Beasts
  8. Beyonce Know Alls
  9. Billie Jean Is Not My Trivia Partner
  10. Black Quizzow
  11. Buzz Allwins
  12. Cinderella’s Stepsisters
  13. Danny Quizito 
  14. Dazed And Confused
  15. Don Quizote 
  16. Dude, Where’s My Team?
  17. Dumb Dumbledore Dummy
  18. E = MC Hammer 
  19. Eddie Quizzard 
  20. Freaks And Geeks 
  21. Friends Who Do Stuff Together 
  22. George R.R. Smartin 
  23. Get Smart
  24. Hold Me Closer Tiny Answer 
  25. Hotel Triviago
  26. House Of Trivia
  27. I Don’t Want To Quiz A Thing
  28. I Got 99 Problems And This Trivia Is One
  29. I See Dumb People
  30. I’m With The Band
  31. I’m Surrounded By Idiots
  32. Iggy Quizalea 
  33. It Was The Best Of Teams, It Was The Worst Of Teams 
  34. John Trivia-Olta And Trivia Newton-John
  35. Justin Timberquizzes
  36. Kanye’s Best
  37. Knowledge Dropout 
  38. Les Quizerables
  39. Let’s Get Down To Quizness 
  40. Let’s Get Quizzical 
  41. Lord Of The Rounds 
  42. Luke, I Am Your Trivia Partner
  43. Make Trivia Great Again
  44. Matt Fillinleblanc
  45. May The Force Be With Us
  46. Meet The Factors
  47. My Big Fat Greek Quiz
  48. Never Gonna Quiz You Up
  49. Neville Wears Prada
  50. Obi-Wan Quizobi
  51. Once Upon A Quiz
  52. Oh So Samwise
  53. Panic At The Quizco 
  54. Protectors Of The Realm
  55. Question Tarantino
  56. Quiz As Old As Time
  57. Quiz Eastwood 
  58. Quiz Me Baby One More Time
  59. Quiz Me Under The Moonlit Starlight 
  60. Quiz Night Club 
  61. Quiz The Girls
  62. Quiz Quiztofferson 
  63. Quizablanca 
  64. Quizards Of Waverly Place
  65. Quizimodo 
  66. Quizinga!
  67. Quizmasters Of The Universe
  68. Quizon Break 
  69. Quizpicable Me
  70. Quizteama Aguilera
  71. Quiztie Brinkley
  72. Quiztina Aguilera
  73. Quiztina Millian
  74. Quiztopher Cross
  75. Quiztopher Quiztoffersen
  76. Quizzaro 
  77. Quizzastic Four
  78. Quizzing Me, Quizzing You
  79. Quizzo 
  80. Quizzy Maguire 
  81. Quizzy Pop
  82. Quizzy Rascal 
  83. Red Hot Trivia Peppers
  84. Revenge Of The Nerds 
  85. Revenge Of The Quiz
  86. Risky Quizness
  87. Schindler’s Test
  88. Sherlock Homies
  89. She’s Out Of Your League
  90. Skilli Vanilli
  91. Smartacus 
  92. Smarter Than A Fifth Grader 
  93. Smells Like Team Spirit
  94. Social Quiztancing 
  95. Stuart Hall Or Nothing 
  96. The A Team 
  97. The Aristocrats  
  98. The Brainy Bunch 
  99. The Dirty Harrys 
  100. The Discovery Channel 
  101. The Fellowship Of The Round
  102. The Fellowship Of The Quiz
  103. The Franklin School Of Hide And Seek
  104. The Fresh Quiz Of Bel-Air
  105. The Golden Girls 
  106. The Incredibles
  107. The Kanye Quest For Knowledge 
  108. The Know Nothing Party
  109. The Night Is Dark And Full Of Trivia
  110. The One With The Quiz Night 
  111. The Oxford Commas 
  112. The Quiz Khalifas
  113. The Quizoner Of Askaban 
  114. The Quizzard Of Oz 
  115. The Quizzich World Cup
  116. The Real Housewives Of Trivia Night
  117. The Sharpest Tool In The Shed 
  118. The Teacher’s Pet
  119. These Boots Are Made For Quizzin’
  120. Thinky And The Brain 
  121. This Is Smarta 
  122. Three-Eyed Ravens
  123. To Quizinity And Beyond!
  124. Trivia By Combat
  125. Trivia Is Coming
  126. Trivia Newton-John 
  127. Trivia Noah 
  128. Trivia Of The Clones
  129. Walt Quizney 
  130. We Are Groot
  131. We Know Nothing
  132. We Don’t Need No Quizucation
  133. We’d Rather Be On Cash Cab
  134. We’re All Mad Here
  135. Yellow PubMarine
  136. Yer’ A Quizard, Harry 
  137. Yoda’s Wisdom Bearers

Sports-Themed Names For Quiz Teams

  1. 3 Pointer Pros
  2. Best In The Game
  3. Big Shots
  4. Hazard Warning
  5. Homerunners
  6. Hoops! I Did It, Again
  7. It’s A Hard Gronk Life
  8. Le’Veon A Prayer
  9. Luck Beat A Brady Tonight
  10. No Hit Sherlock
  11. No Punt Intended
  12. Rookie Mistakes
  13. Rule Breakers
  14. Showed Up And Scored
  15. Slam Dunkers
  16. Sons Of Pitches 
  17. Swish And Dunk
  18. Toothless Wonders
  19. Victorious Secret 
  20. We’re Here To Score
  21. You Got Served
  22. Zambronies

Pub Quiz Team Names

  1. 30 Seconds In Bars 
  2. A Lannister Always Pays His Tab
  3. And In The Last Place
  4. Beer Necessities
  5. Beer Pressure
  6. BeerMates
  7. Blood, Sweat, And Beers
  8. Boozy Bookworms
  9. Cheesy Does It
  10. Chicken Winging-It
  11. Chuggin’ And Quizzin’
  12. Colors That End In Urple
  13. Couch Potatoes 
  14. Down The Hodor
  15. Drunkin’ Donuts
  16. Gin And Topic
  17. Half-Baked Ideas
  18. Here For Beer
  19. In Dog Beers, We’ve Only Had One
  20. Know It Ales
  21. Most of Our Pursuits Are Trivial
  22. Nacho Average Squad
  23. No Beer, No Trivia Game
  24. Our Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
  25. Pub Homies
  26. Puboholics
  27. Robert “Got No” Dinero
  28. Rum Forest Rum
  29. Smarter When We Drink
  30. The Brewsual Suspects
  31. The Publiners
  32. The Thirsty Ones
  33. The Tough Cookies
  34. To Beer Or Not To Beer
  35. Trivia Drinkers
  36. Trump University Valedictorians
  37. We Drink And We Know Things
  38. We’re Nacho Average Team
  39. Weapons Of Mass Intoxication
  40. We’re Single; Text Us Post-Game
  41. When You Wish Upon A Bar
  42. Whiskeypedia
  43. Win Or Lose, Either Way, We Booze
  44. Winterfell, And It Can’t Get Up

The Office-Themed Trivia Team Names

  1. A Little Stitious
  2. Acting Manager’s Club
  3. After Hours Army
  4. Alfredo’s Pizza Team
  5. Angela’s Accountants
  6. Assistants To The Regional Manager
  7. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica
  8. Beesly’s Battalion
  9. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
  10. Conflict Resolution
  11. Did I Stutter?
  12. Do Re Migos
  13. Fool Me Twice…Strike Three
  14. Fun Runners For The Cure
  15. I…Declare…Bankruptcy!
  16. Kevin And The Zits
  17. Mose Money, Mose Problems
  18. Part Of The Inside Joke
  19. Phyllis’ Fellowship
  20. Ryan Started The Fire
  21. Scott’s Tots
  22. Scrantonicity
  23. Shut Up Toby
  24. That’s What She Said
  25. The Dementors
  26. The Dundies
  27. The Einsteins
  28. The Faulty Printers
  29. The Finer Things Club
  30. The Party Planning Committee
  31. The People Person’s Paper People
  32. The Scranton Stranglers
  33. Threat Level Midnight
  34. Hi, I’m Date Mike. Nice To Meet Me

How To Name Your Trivia Team

We’re going to talk about the ideal solution to the challenging problem of naming a trivia team right now. Therefore, if you require this, kindly follow us and establish a solid reputation for your trivia squad.

Now let’s get checking.

Make It Simple But Unique

After making it distinctive, you can simplify the name of your trivia team. Because having a distinctive name can help you become well-known quickly.

Attractive Name

Kindly come up with a catchy name for your trivia team. Since having a catchy name will make you appear more appealing to your trivia team.

It Should Be Catchy & Memorable

Make sure the name you have chosen is memorable and catchy. Because people may quickly become familiar with a memorable name and a catchy name makes it easier for them to recall.

Short Listing & Analyze

The strong names on the trivia team can be used to create a shortlist, which you then need to examine. Additionally, determine which name best fits your trivia team.

Meaningful Name

People can be helped by a meaningful name, as it makes it clear why this team or group was formed.

Please make an effort to give your trivia team a name that is relevant. Your trivia team can be accurately represented by a related name. This is an extremely important point that you should never forget.

Never Copy It

Never duplicate someone else’s name; always strive to create your own. Because using a name that has been cloned will never help you attract more fans and team members.

Get Others Opinions

You can get advice from those who wish to support you at this trying time.

Discuss With Team Members

You can talk with your teammates about trivial names. since the members of your team play a crucial role in your trivia squad.

Social Media Availability Checking

Please make sure the name your trivia team is using is available on social media before deciding on it. Since every team or group needs a social media account.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a 1 word team name?

Here’s a list of team names that are only one word long: Immortals. Workaholics. Wunderkinds.

Which type of quiz is best?

You can let your respondents know if they have chosen the correct answer after each question or show all the correct answers after the test. Multiple-choice quizzes are in frequent use in educational and professional contexts, as they give accurate results based on the number of correct answers.

How do I choose a team name for a quiz?

Consider the trivia theme and the environment when trying to come up with a clever pun. If you’re doing bar trivia, any pun that has to do with alcohol tends to do well with the crowd.


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