250+ Best TV Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

TV Trivia

Welcome to the ultimate guide on TV trivia questions and answers, featuring 250+ questions ranging from the easiest to hardest. 

This comprehensive list covers a wide range of TV shows, from classic sitcoms to modern dramas, and everything in between. 

Whether you’re a casual viewer or a dedicated fan, these questions will test your knowledge and provide a fun and engaging experience.

TV trivia is a great way to showcase your expertise in the world of television. It’s a chance to relive some of your favorite memories and impress your friends with your extensive knowledge. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of TV trivia, covering a variety of topics and shows.

What is TV Trivia?

TV Trivia is a form of entertainment that involves asking and answering questions related to television shows, their characters, and other related information. 

It is a fun and engaging way to test one’s knowledge about various TV series and can be enjoyed by both casual viewers and dedicated fans. TV Trivia can be presented in various formats, such as quizzes, games, or even live events.

The history of TV Trivia can be traced back to the early days of television, with the first forms of trivia games appearing in the 1960s.

As television evolved, so did the world of trivia, with new shows and formats emerging to cater to the growing interest in TV-related knowledge.

TV Trivia questions can range from easy to hard, covering a wide range of topics and shows. Some questions may focus on specific characters, plot points, or behind-the-scenes information, while others may require knowledge of the show’s cultural impact or historical context.

How to Learn TV Trivia

If you’re interested in learning TV trivia, there are many resources available online that can help you get started. One great way to learn is by taking quizzes or playing games that test your knowledge of TV shows and their related information. 

Different websites offer a variety of TV trivia quizzes, ranging from classic sitcoms to modern dramas, and everything in between. These quizzes are a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge and learn new facts about your favorite shows.

Another way to learn TV trivia is by watching TV shows and paying attention to details like character names, plot points, and behind-the-scenes information. 

Many TV shows have dedicated fan communities that discuss and analyze every aspect of the show, providing a wealth of information and trivia for fans to learn from.

By immersing yourself in the world of television and paying attention to details, you can become an expert in TV trivia and impress your friends with your knowledge.

250+ Best TV Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

Here are the 250+ best TV trivia questions and answers from the easiest to the hardest:

Easiest TV Trivia Questions and Answers

1. What is the name of the yellow cartoon sponge who lives under the sea?

  • Answer: SpongeBob SquarePants

2. What is the name of the dog in “Frasier”?

  • Answer: Eddie

3. Which sitcom features a cast of friends living in New York City and their misadventures?

  • Answer: Friends

4. What is the name of the dog on Scooby-Doo?

  • Answer: Scooby-Doo

5. Which detective show famously opens with the line, “In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two sets of opposing…”?

  • Answer: Law & Order

6. What is the name of the magical school Harry Potter attends?

  • Answer: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

7. Who plays the eccentric detective Monk on the show of the same name?

  • Answer: Tony Shalhoub

8. What is the name of the singing competition show where judges turn their chairs around if they like a contestant’s voice?

  • Answer: The Voice

9. What reality show features contestants competing in physical challenges for a million dollars?

  • Answer: Survivor

10. What is the name of the talk show host who famously ends his show with, “And that’s all I have to say about that.”?

  • Answer: David Letterman

11. Which superhero show features a family with extraordinary powers living in a seemingly ordinary suburb?

  • Answer: The Incredibles (animated film, but also adapted into a TV series)

12. What is the name of the beloved children’s show about a blue dog and his friends?

  • Answer: Blue’s Clues

13. Which popular cooking show features a panel of chefs judging contestants’ culinary creations?

  • Answer: Hell’s Kitchen

14. What is the name of the iconic medical drama set in Seattle?

  • Answer: Grey’s Anatomy

15. Who plays the titular role in the fantasy drama Game of Thrones?

  • Answer: Peter Dinklage (as Tyrion Lannister)

16. What is the name of the competition show where contestants design and sew elaborate garments within a time limit?

  • Answer: Project Runway

17. Which animated sitcom features a dysfunctional family living in Springfield?

  • Answer: The Simpsons

18. What is the name of the singing competition show where contestants perform anonymously behind masks?

  • Answer: The Masked Singer

19. Who plays the role of Sherlock Holmes in the modern-day detective series Elementary?

  • Answer: Jonny Lee Miller

20. What is the name of the reality show where celebrities live together in a Big Brother-style house?

  • Answer: Celebrity Big Brother

21. Which show features a group of friends navigating life and love in Manhattan?

  • Answer: Sex and the City

22. What is the name of the science fiction series about a time-traveling doctor and his companions?

  • Answer: Doctor Who

23. Who plays the role of the sarcastic FBI agent Dana Scully on The X-Files?

  • Answer: Gillian Anderson

24. What is the name of the late-night talk show hosted by Jimmy Fallon?

  • Answer: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

25. Which crime drama features a team of investigators analyzing forensic evidence to solve murders?

  • Answer: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

26. What is the name of the sitcom about a dysfunctional office and its employees?

  • Answer: The Office

27. Who plays the quirky forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan on Bones?

  • Answer: Emily Deschanel

28. What is the name of the reality show where a group of strangers are left to survive on a deserted island?

  • Answer: Survivor

29. What is the name of the competition show where contestants compete in baking challenges?

  • Answer: The Great British Bake Off

30. What iconic phrase does Sherlock Holmes often utter upon solving a case?

  • Answer: “Elementary, my dear Watson!”

31. Who is the beloved host of the children’s educational show Sesame Street?

  • Answer: Big Bird

32. What animated sitcom features a pink cat and her mischievous green best friend?

  • Answer: Pinky and the Brain

33. Which popular competition show features contestants facing their fears in increasingly difficult tasks?

  • Answer: Fear Factor

34. What is the name of the detective show known for its gritty portrayal of Baltimore’s drug scene?

  • Answer: The Wire

35. What classic sitcom features a bumbling British family navigating the ups and downs of everyday life?

  • Answer: Fawlty Towers

36. What does Michael Scott eat for lunch on The Office that makes him fall asleep?

  • Answer: A whole chicken pot pie

37. Question: What is the name of Negan’s bat on The Walking Dead?

  • Answer: Lucille

38. Michael Cera’s character in Arrested Development shares a name with which pop legend?

  • Answer: George Michael

39. Question: What is Dorothy Zbornak’s job on The Golden Girls?

  • Answer: Substitute teacher

40. Question: Stars from which classic ’90s sitcom also appeared in Blossom?

  • Answer: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

41. What is The Munsters’ address?

  • Answer: 1313 Mockingbird Lane

42. Prosecutors complained about which TV show influencing real-life juries?

  • Answer: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

43. Which Game of Thrones star was nominated for an Emmy for every single season?

  • Answer: Peter Dinklage

44. What did Lucille Ball try to sell in a commercial on I Love Lucy?

  • Answer: Vitameatavegemin

45. Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta co-starred in what drama?

  • Answer: Shades of Blue

46. Where did Roseanne Conner work in the original run of Roseanne?

  • Answer: The Lunchbox

47. South Park takes place in which state?

  • Answer: Colorado

48. The character Daria first appeared in which other animated series?

  • Answer: Beavis and Butthead

49. How many people did Annalise Keating kill on How to Get Away With Murder?

  • Answer: 0

50. Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper got their big breaks in which TV show?

  • Answer: Alias

51. What current TV show is the longest-running live-action primetime show ever?

  • Answer: Law & Order: SVU

52. What was Beaver Cleaver’s real first name on Leave It to Beaver?

  • Answer: Theodore

53. Who was Bart Simpson’s teacher?

  • Answer: Mrs. Krabappel

54. Queen Latifah starred in which sitcom?

  • Answer: Living Single

55. In The Jeffersons theme song, where were they “movin’ on up” to?

  • Answer: “To the East Side / To a deluxe apartment in the sky.”

56. What was the Bayside High gang’s hangout spot on Saved By the Bell?

  • Answer: The Max

57. What instrument did “The Mother” play in How I Met Your Mother?

  • Answer: Bass

58. Danny Tanner and Aunt Becky worked together on which show in Full House?

  • Answer: Good Morning San Francisco

59. Which coffeehouse did Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey hang out in on Friends?

  • Answer: Central Perk

60. Brandy played the title character in which TV show?

  • Answer: Moesha

61. What TV show invented the rerun to allow its star time to recover during and after pregnancy?

  • Answer: I Love Lucy

62. For how many total years did Ed Asner play Lou Grant?

  • Answer: 12

63. Which TV series has a “lost episode” due to the assassination of then-President John F. Kennedy?

  • Answer: The Joey Bishop Show

64. Esther Rolle starred as Florida Evans on which two classic TV series?

  • Answer: Good Times and Maude

65. Which fellow Golden Girls cast member had a recurring role on Maude with Bea Arthur?

  • Answer: Rue McClanahan

66. Which was the first show Norman Lear produced?

  • Answer: The Martha Raye Show

67. Cast members of which two classic shows guest-starred on the series finale of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

  • Answer: The Jeffersons and Diff’rent Strokes

68. Where did Ralph Kramden threaten to send his wife on The Honeymooners?

  • Answer: To the moon

69. Which TV host initially refused to book Elvis Presley, but then made his performances even more famous?

  • Answer: Ed Sullivan

70. Mama’s Family was a spinoff from what show?

  • Answer: The Carol Burnett Show

71. Who gave Bobby his first kiss on The Brady Bunch?

  • Answer: Millicent

72. Mork of Mork and Mindy was from which planet?

  • Answer: Ork

73. Laverne and Shirley was a spinoff of which show?

  • Answer: Happy Days

74. Which character in The Wonder Years was killed in the Vietnam War?

  • Answer: Winnie Cooper’s older brother, Brian

75. Fred Sanford often called his son what insult in Sanford and Son?

  • Answer: Dummy

76. Dick Loudon lives where in the show Newhart?

  • Answer: Vermont

77. What was the very first African American two-parent family sitcom?

  • Answer: Good Times

78. Who does Barbara marry in One Day at a Time?

  • Answer: Mark Royer

79. Who was Blake Carrington’s business rival on Dynasty?

  • Answer: Cecil Colby

80. Who voiced Charlie Townsend in the original Charlie’s Angels?

  • Answer: John Forsythe

81. The SS Minnow’s infamous three-hour tour took off from which city in Gilligan’s Island?

  • Answer: Honolulu, Hawaii

82. In The Twilight Zone, who was the howling man?

  • Answer: Satan (the devil)

83. Who was Samantha’s nosy neighbor in Bewitched?

  • Answer: Gladys Kravitz

84. What is the name of Winston’s cat in New Girl?

  • Answer: Ferguson

85. Who played Phoebe Buffay’s twin sister on Friends?

  • Answer: Helen Hunt

86. Which American drama first reacted to 9/11?

  • Answer: The West Wing

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Intermediate TV Trivia Questions and Answers

87. What fictional town do The Simpsons live in?

  • Answer: Springfield

88. What is the name of the coffee shop frequented by the friends in Friends?

  • Answer: Central Perk

89. What is the catchphrase of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory?

  • Answer: Bazinga!

90. What is the name of the dog in Modern Family?

  • Answer: Stella

91. What is the name of the dysfunctional family in Arrested Development?

  • Answer: The Bluths

92. What is the name of the fictional city based on Baltimore in The Wire?

  • Answer: Baltimore

93. Who plays Walter White in Breaking Bad?

  • Answer: Bryan Cranston

94. What is the name of the Stark family direwolf in Game of Thrones?

  • Answer: Ghost

95. What hospital is the main setting of Grey’s Anatomy?

  • Answer: Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

96. What is the name of the high school in Stranger Things?

  • Answer: Hawkins High School

97.  Who won the first season of Survivor?

  • Answer: Richard Hatch

98. What is the name of the Kardashian sister who has her own law firm?

  • Answer: Kim Kardashian

99. What show involved Cylons as evil robots?

  • Answer: Battlestar Galactica

100. What is the name of the singing competition show where contestants perform anonymously?

  • Answer: The Masked Singer

101. What is the name of the show where contestants renovate distressed properties?

  • Answer: Fixer Upper

102. What is the catchphrase of SpongeBob SquarePants?

  • Answer: I’m ready!

103. What is the name of the blue cat in Dora the Explorer?

  • Answer: Boots

104. What is the name of the princess in Adventure Time?

  • Answer: Princess Bubblegum

105. What is the name of the family in Rick and Morty?

  • Answer: The Smiths

106. What is the name of the town in South Park?

  • Answer: South Park

107. What is the longest-running scripted television series in the United States?

  • Answer: Gunsmoke

108. What is the name of the award given to outstanding television programs?

  • Answer: Emmy Award

109. What was the first color broadcast television show?

  • Answer: The Mickey Mouse Club

110. What is the name of the company that owns many popular cable channels like CNN and TBS?

  • Answer: WarnerMedia

111. What year was the first television broadcast?

  • Answer: 1927

112. What is the name of the theme song from Cheers?

  • Answer: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

113. What is the name of the iconic yellow taxi from the show Taxi?

  • Answer: Sunshine

114. What is the name of the alien in Mork & Mindy?

  • Answer: Mork

115. What is the name of the detective in Twin Peaks?

  • Answer: Dale Cooper

116.  What is the name of the robot in Lost in Space?

  • Answer: B-9

117. The Love Boat was set on which cruise ship?

  • Answer: MS Pacific Princess

118. In the movie M*A*S*H, Donald Sutherland played the same role as which star in the TV series?

  • Answer: Alan Alda

119. Which character’s catchphrase was “pop pop!” on Community?

  • Answer: Magnitude

120. Who pooped in the bed on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?

  • Answer: Frank Reynolds

121. Joseph Gordon-Levitt got his big break on what sitcom?

  • Answer: Third Rock From the Sun

122. What is the name of Toby’s daughter on The Office?

  • Answer: Sasha

123. In which borough of New York City do the vampires live in What We Do In the Shadows?

  • Answer: Staten Island

124. Which character filled in for Liz Lemon, then showed up wearing the same outfit as her on 30 Rock?

  • Answer: Frank Rossitano

125. Juno Temple’s Ted Lasso character is based on which of her real-life co-stars?

  • Answer: Keeley Hazell

126. Which Roseanne cast member went on to star in Scrubs?

  • Answer: Sarah Chalke

127. Which Modern Family character is Claire Dunphy’s half-brother?

  • Answer: Joe

128. Which Grown-ish character is a political science major?

  • Answer: Analisa “Ana” Patricia Torres

129. Which of the core male That ’70s Show characters is the only one who never dated Jackie Burkhart?

  • Answer: Eric Foreman

130. Family Matters began as a spinoff of which sitcom?

  • Answer: Perfect Strangers

131. In Bob Hearts Abishola, Bob works where?

  • Answer: Compression sock company

132. How did Charlie Sheen’s character Charlie Harper die in Two And A Half Men?

  • Answer: He was pushed in front of a train

133. The biggest rival company to the Bluths’ in Arrested Development is what?

  • Answer: Sitwell

134. What color is Martin Crane’s recliner on Frasier?

  • Answer: Green

135. What is the Huangs’ restaurant named in Fresh Off the Boat?

  • Answer: Cattletown Ranch

136. On The Good Place, Jason Mendoza is a fan of which NFL team?

  • Answer: Jacksonville Jaguars

137. Issa’s boyfriend Lawrence wants to develop an app called What on Insecure?

  • Answer: Woot-Woot

138. On The Big Bang Theory, Penny is a waitress at which restaurant?

  • Answer: Cheesecake Factory

139. Which character on Everybody Loves Raymond has a “crazy chin?”

  • Answer: Robert

140. Maxwell Sheffield frequently complains about his professional rivalry with whom?

  • Answer: Andrew Lloyd Webber

141. What does Victoria do for a living on Mike & Molly?

  • Answer: Funeral home beautician

142. Which M*A*S*H character served during the Korean War?

  • Answer: Jamie Farr Klinger

143. Which actor who starred in Seinfeld also voice-acted in The Hunchback of Notre Dame as Hugo’s voice?

  • Answer: Jason Alexander

144. Friends of Mine was the original title of what sitcom show?

  • Answer: Ellen

145. Where did Laverne & Shirley live?

  • Answer: 730 Hampton Street

146. In My Two Dads, what were the dad’s names?

  • Answer: Michael Taylor and Joey Harris

147. Who won an Emmy for portraying a marriage counselor in the show Cheers?

  • Answer: John Cleese

148. How many episodes did Happy Days have?

  • Answer: 255

149. What is the title of the final episode of M*A*S*H?

  • Answer: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

150. Dream On first aired on what cable channel?

  • Answer: HBO

151. Who was president during the setting of Laverne & Shirley?

  • Answer: Eisenhower

152. Who was the primary star of My Mother The Car?

  • Answer: Jerry Van Dyke

153. What record-breaking amount of Emmys did the Mary Tyler Moore show win?

  • Answer: 29

154. What sitcom based itself on an older show called Love American Style?

  • Answer: Happy Days

155. Who else did Ted Cassidy play in The Addams Family?

  • Answer: Thing

156. What actress played Janet Treago, the bank secretary in The Beverly Hillbillies?

  • Answer: Sharon Tate

157. What character on Friends often yells, “We were on a break”?

  • Answer: Ross

158. In the Andy Griffith Show, Barney Fife keeps what in his shirt pocket?

  • Answer: Bullet

159. What causes George Costanza’s wife to die in Seinfeld?

  • Answer: Licking Envelopes

160. Which character in The Office becomes a fugitive in the final season?

  • Answer: Creed

161. Who wore fake teeth when filming Full House?

  • Answer: Mary-Kate and Ashley

162. What actress lied about her age to get a part in That ’70s Show?

  • Answer: Mila Kunis

163. Steve Urkel from Family Matters made a guest appearance on what sitcom?

  • Answer: Full House

164. What actor received a nomination for an Emmy playing the same character on three different sitcoms?

  • Answer: Kelsey Grammer

165. In Boy Meets World, how many actors played Topanga’s parents?

  • Answer: 5

166. Where is Cheers set?

  • Answer: A bar in Boston

167. Which comic book featured the title character from Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

  • Answer: Archie’s Madhouse

168. What nickname do the M*A*S*H characters give the tent quarters for the senior surgical staff members?

  • Answer: The Swamp

169. Who has selective mutism in The Big Bang Theory?

  • Answer: Raj

170. What character on Cheers is the resident con artist?

  • Answer: Harry the Hat

171. Who has a bed-wetting problem as a child in Everybody Loves Raymond?

  • Answer: Robert

172. What actress was never nude in any Sex and the City scenes?

  • Answer: Sarah Jessica Parker

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Hardest TV Trivia Questions and Answers

173. Who leads Edith Cranwinkle’s quilting circle in Bob’s Burgers?

  • Answer: Lillian

174. George Costanza appears in every Seinfeld episode except which one?

  • Answer: “The Pen”

175. What does Captain Holt’s husband do for a living in Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

  • Answer: Columbia University Classics Department Chair

176. What’s the name of Al Bundy’s grandfather in Married… With Children?

  • Answer: Jebediah Bundy

177. What is Alex Dunphy’s middle name on Modern Family?

  • Answer: Anastasia

178. On House, the title doctor’s wife is a fan of which singer?

  • Answer: Amy Grant

179. On That ’70s Show, Red Foreman admits he only stuck his foot in someone’s ass during what time?

  • Answer: When he served in Iwo Jima

180. Who sings the Baywatch theme “I’m Always Here?”

  • Answer: Jimi Jameson

181. Step By Step takes place in Wisconsin, but their opening credits sequence was filmed where?

  • Answer: Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California

182. How did Eddie get the nickname “Eddie Spaghetti” on Frasier?

  • Answer: He had worms!

183. How much did Leslie Bluth think a banana costs on Arrested Development?

  • Answer: $10

184. Which is the only male roommate on The Big Bang Theory without a doctorate?

  • Answer: Howard

185. Kalinda Sharma was married under what name on The Good Wife?

  • Answer: Leela Tahiri

186. Harold Gould played not one, but two of Rose Nylund’s boyfriends on The Golden Girls. Which role was first?

  • Answer: Arnie

187. Who played John Wayne Gacy in American Horror Story: Hotel — and which other serial killer did he play in another project?

  • Answer: John Carroll Lynch, who played the Zodiac Killer in Zodiac

188. In Blue Bloods, what does Jamie keep in his hat?

  • Answer: A photo of his late brother, Joe

189. Alfonso Ribeiro’s famous “Carlton Dance” was inspired by which two other notorious sets of moves?

  • Answer: Eddie Murphy’s “White Boy Dance” and Courteney Cox in the music video for Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In the Dark”

190. Kesha appeared in what reality series before she became famous?

  • Answer: The Simple Life

191. What actor was considered for Gibbs on NCIS before casting Mark Harmon?

  • Answer: Scott Bakula

192. In Seinfeld, Kramer’s name was actually what in the pilot?

  • Answer: Kessler

193. How old does Michael Scott think Pam’s mother is on The Office when they celebrate her birthday?

  • Answer: 54

194. Which regular Law & Order: SVU cast member first appeared on the show as a sexual assault survivor?

  • Answer: Kelli Giddish

195. The first toilet flush ever heard on American television occurred on which show?

  • Answer: All In the Family

196. Approximately what is Jed Clampett’s fortune at the end of The Beverly Hillbillies adjusted for inflation?

  • Answer: $878 million

196. What is the name of Dana Scully’s dog in The X-Files?

  • Answer: Queequeg

197. Bill Murray appeared as the first guest of what late-night talk show in 1982?

  • Answer: Late Night Show with David Letterman

198. What actor plays Marty Byrde in Ozark, the drama series?

  • Answer: Jason Bateman

199. Princeton Plainsboro Teaching hospital is the set of which successful medical drama?

  • Answer: House

200. What is the name of Michael Fox’s character in Family Ties?

  • Answer: Alex Keaton

201. The Connor family of the television show Roseanne lives in what state?

  • Answer: Illinois

202. What science fiction series won acclaim for an episode titled “San Junipero”?

  • Answer: Black Mirror

203. Who played The Penguin in the original Batman TV series?

  • Answer: Burgess Meredith

204. What TV show led to the spinoff, Mork and Mindy?

  • Answer: Happy Days

205. What 90s sitcom usually obscured Earl Hindman’s face with a fence?

  • Answer: Home Improvement

206. Who began hosting the Tonight Show in 1962?

  • Answer: Johnny Carson

207. What actor in The Big Bang Theory has a real-life neuroscience Ph.D.?

  • Answer: Mayim Bialik

208. What is the name of the stock sound used for men screaming in many TV shows?

  • Answer: The Wilhelm Scream

209. What long-running American TV series featured a homicide detective played by Peter Falk?

  • Answer: Columbo

210. What class of planet is earth in the Star Trek universe?

  • Answer: M Class

211. Which Beatle narrated the first two seasons of Thomas the Tank Engine?

  • Answer: Ringo Starr

212. What popular boy band includes singers who all auditioned for The X Factor as soloists?

  • Answer: One Direction

213. Who was the youngest person to ever host Saturday Night Live?

  • Answer: Drew Barrymore at age 7 in 1982

214. Who began hosting The Price is Right after Bob Barker’s retirement?

  • Answer: Drew Carey

215. What parting catchphrase decorates the tombstone of voice actor Mel Blanc?

  • Answer: That’s all folks

216. Who hosted No Reservations, an American travel and food show?

  • Answer: Anthony Bourdain

217. Reginald VelJohnson’s character in Die Hard had what occupation?

  • Answer: Police Officer

218. What actor plays Frank Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

  • Answer: Danny Devito

219. Which Star Trek: Next Generation actor hosted Reading Rainbow?

  • Answer: LeVar Burton

220. What are adult fans of the My Little Pony tv series called?

  • Answer: Bronies

221. Where did the main characters of the Wizard of Oz go to find the Wizard?

  • Answer: The Emerald City

222. Who starred in Magnum P.I., a popular 80s crime drama?

  • Answer: Tom Selleck

223. Where does Oscar the Grouch from the muppets live?

  • Answer: In a trash can

224. What is the dog’s name in The Jetsons cartoon?

  • Answer: Astro

225. Who played Miley Stewart on the Disney show Hannah Montana?

  • Answer: Miley Cyrus

226. What former model founded the reality show America’s Next Top Model?

  • Answer: Tyra Banks

227. What animated sci-fi sitcom documents the misadventures of a scientist and his grandson?

  • Answer: Rick and Morty

228. How many castaways were there on the show Gilligan’s Island?

  • Answer: Seven

229. Who is the lead actress of the thriller series The Blacklist?

  • Answer: Megan Boone

230. What year did Star Trek: The Next Generation initially debut?

  • Answer: 1987

231. On December 1, 2021, Amy Schneider became the first openly transgender contestant to qualify for the Tournament of Champions on what classic TV quiz show?

  • Answer: Jeopardy!

232. Initially airing as a television show in 1976, how many Angels are typically represented by “Charlie’s Angels?”

  • Answer: Three

233. Premiering in 1999 as the second series in the successful “Law & Order” franchise, what does the SVU stand for in “Law & Order: SVU?”

  • Answer: Special Victims Unit

234. A very popular sitcom that ran from 1952 to 1966 was “The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet,” starring what real life “N” family? It is also the surname of country singer Willie, as well as British naval hero Horatio.

  • Answer: Nelson family

235. The running joke that the TV family was so wholesome they never used the bathroom started because the network wouldn’t allow a toilet to be shown on screen. What was the title of the groovy 1969 sitcom?

  • Answer: The Brady Bunch

236. A male collie named Pal was the first dog to portray what legendary (and female) title character on television?

  • Answer: Lassie

237. In a 1965 TV cartoon special for what comic strip character does he get small Christmas tree with almost no leaves on it?

  • Answer: Charlie Brown Christmas Special

238. A statue outside New York’s Port Authority bus station honors Jackie Gleason’s irascible bus driver from what classic TV program?

  • Answer: The Honeymooners

239. Which of the Golden Girls actresses was named the honorary Mayor of Hollywood in 1955?

  • Answer: Betty White

240. “Car 54, Where Are You?” was set and shot on location pretty far north of 54th Street, in which New York borough?

  • Answer: The Bronx

241. Which 1989 scifi series starred Scott Bakula as a time-hopping physicist who finds himself in the position of correcting history’s mistakes?

  • Answer: Quantum Leap

242. An H-13 Sioux made frequent appearances on the popular TV series M*A*S*H*. What type of transportation vehicle is an H-13 Sioux?

  • Answer: Helicopter

243. “The Fall Guy” starred Lee Majors as Colt Seavers, a sometime bounty hunter with a career working what unsung Hollywood job?

  • Answer: Stuntman

244. In what classic cop show, started in 1951, did Jack Webb star as Joe Friday, a straitlaced policeman who caught criminals by the book? Its “D” name comes from a police method of systematically searching for something, like a criminal.

  • Answer: Dragnet

245. On “The Roy Rogers Show,” what joyful duet did Roy and his wife Dale Evans sing as the end credits rolled?

  • Answer: Happy Trails

246. Desi Arnaz didn’t just play Lucille Ball’s husband in “I Love Lucy,” but was also her real-life husband. In what country was Arnaz born as Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III?

  • Answer: Cuba

247. Bob Denver, famous for being on “Gilligan’s Island,” was also Maynard G. Krebs on what sitcom of the late ’50s and early ’60s? When Maynard showed up in the 1980s reunion movie, he explained that he had been marooned on a desert island, a nod to the actor’s role as Gilligan.

  • Answer: “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”

248. On the classic tv series “The Brady Bunch,” when the credits rolled (with the exception of the first season), which character was featured in the center square?

  • Answer: Alice

249. Agent Dale Cooper declares the coffee at the Double R Diner “a damn fine cup” in the first episode of what cult classic TV show?

  • Answer: Twin Peaks

250. The sleepy town of Mount Airy, North Carolina was the inspiration for what fictional town and its famous sheriff, both of whom appeared on TV for the first time in 1960?

  • Answer: Mayberry

251. Which American sitcom that debuted in 1984 starred Harry Anderson as NYC judge (and magician) Harry T. Stone?

  • Answer: Night Court

252. Mary Tyler Moore caused friction with the network while filming The Dick Van Dyke show, for insisting on wearing what?

  • Answer: Pants

253. With 14 years on NBC, the second-longest running Western in U.S. TV history shares its name with a word meaning “a situation or event that creates a sudden increase in wealth, good fortune, or profits.” What is this “B” show?

  • Answer: Bonanza

254. The highest-rated daytime talk show in American TV history was a syndicated show that aired for 25 seasons and was filmed in what American city?

  • Answer: Chicago (Oprah Winfrey show)

255. Which actress from “The Carol Burnett Show” was only in her early 30s when she brought her 60-something-year-old character, Thelma Harper, to the spin-off “Mama’s Family” in 1983?

  • Answer: Vicki Lawrence

256. Lalo Schifrin wrote and composed the title theme for what TV show that has gone on to produce an entire billion dollar multimedia franchise? If you’re “hunting” for another clue, the working title for Schifrin’s instrumental theme was “Burning Fuse.”

  • Answer: Mission: Impossible

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of TV trivia questions?

TV trivia questions serve as a fun and engaging way to test one’s knowledge of television shows, characters, and plotlines.

How can TV trivia benefit social gatherings?

TV trivia can spark conversations, create a lively atmosphere, and bring people together by tapping into shared memories of popular TV shows.

How can TV trivia contribute to team-building activities?

Incorporating TV trivia into team-building events fosters camaraderie, encourages collaboration, and adds an element of fun to the overall team experience.


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