150+ Business Survey Questions for Questionnaires

Business Survey Questions

The business world thrives on data-driven insights. These insights are the product of strategic information collected from valuable stakeholders.

With the vast availability of information, business survey questions emerge as invaluable tools, unlocking the secrets of your target audience, employees, and market dynamics. 

These strategically crafted queries explore into the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of individuals, providing a clear picture of what drives success and fuels improvement.

As you dig deep into this content, you will be able to mine valuable Business survey questions for getting important data for your business decision.

What are Business Survey Questions?

Think of business questions as the compass guiding your exploration. They are tailored inquiries designed to gather specific information from a defined group of people.

Whether you’re seeking customer feedback, gauging employee satisfaction, or conducting market research, business survey questions act as your investigative agents, bringing back valuable data to empower informed decision-making.

Why is a Business Questionnaire Important?

In today’s competitive landscape, understanding your audience is paramount. Business questionnaires empower you to do just that, offering a window into:

  • Customer preferences: Gain insights into customer needs, preferences, and satisfaction levels, enabling you to refine your offerings and improve engagement.
  • Market trends: Identify emerging trends, analyze competitor strengths, and adapt your strategies to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Employee well-being: Assess employee morale, identify areas for improvement, and foster a positive workplace culture.
  • Brand perception: Measure brand awareness, gauge sentiment, and refine your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Types of Questions to Ask on a Business Survey

Your specific business questions will depend on your goals. However, some common types include:

  • Demographic questions: Gather basic information like age, location, and income to understand your target audience.
  • Likert scale questions: Measure agreement or disagreement on a scale (e.g., strongly agree to strongly disagree).
  • Multiple-choice questions: Offer pre-defined answer options for ease of response.
  • Open-ended questions: Encourage detailed feedback and uncover nuanced insights.
  • Rating scales: Assess satisfaction or importance on a numerical scale.

Methods to Deploy Surveys for Business

There are various ways to reach your target audience with your business survey questions:

  • Online surveys: Convenient and cost-effective, with platforms like SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, and Qualtrics.
  • Email surveys: Send surveys directly to your email list for targeted data collection.
  • Website surveys: Embed surveys on your website to capture visitors’ feedback.
  • Mobile surveys: Optimize surveys for mobile devices to reach users on the go.
  • In-person surveys: Conduct surveys at events or physical locations for immediate feedback.

Business Survey Questions

1. General Business Information

·         What is the name of your business?

·         How long has your business been in operation?

·         What industry does your business operate in?

·         How many employees does your business have?

2. Business Expansion

·         Have you considered expanding your business into new markets or geographic regions?

·         What factors would influence your decision to expand your business?

3. Financial Health

·         How would you rate the financial health of your business currently? (Scale: 1-5)

·         What measures are you taking to ensure the financial stability and growth of your business?

4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

·         How important is it for businesses to engage in CSR initiatives in your opinion?

·         Are you more inclined to support businesses that are socially responsible?

5. Customer Satisfaction

·         How satisfied are you with the products/services offered by our business? (Scale: 1-5)

·         What improvements would you like to see in our products/services?

·         How likely are you to recommend our business to others? (Scale: 1-10)

6. Market Research

·         What factors influenced your decision to choose our business over competitors?

·         What do you perceive as the strengths of our business compared to competitors?

·         What improvements do you think our industry needs as a whole?

7. Product/Service Feedback

·         How often do you use our products/services?

·         Are there any specific features of our products/services that you particularly like?

·         What aspects of our products/services do you think need improvement?

8. Marketing and Brand Perception

·         How did you first hear about our business?

·         What do you think sets our brand apart from competitors?

·         How would you rate our marketing efforts in terms of effectiveness? (Scale: 1-5)

9. Customer Service

·         How would you rate the level of customer service you received from our business? (Scale: 1-10)

·         Were your inquiries or concerns addressed satisfactorily by our customer service team?

·         In what areas do you think our customer service could be improved?

Business Survey Questions for Market Research

10.   Market Trends and Preferences

·         What trends do you see emerging in our industry?

·         What factors influence your purchasing decisions within our industry?

·         Are there any specific products/services you would like to see introduced in our industry?

11.   Competitor Analysis

·         How aware are you of our competitors?

·         What do you perceive as the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors?

·         How does our business compare to competitors in terms of pricing, quality, and customer service?

12.   Market Potential

·         What do you think are the growth opportunities for our business in the current market?

·         Are there any untapped market segments that our business could explore?

·         How do you envision the future of our industry?

13.   Consumer Behavior

·         How has consumer behavior within your industry changed in recent years?

·         What factors do you think influence consumer purchasing decisions the most?

14.   Brand Loyalty

·         How loyal do you think customers are to brands within your industry?

·         What strategies do you think businesses can employ to foster brand loyalty?

15.   Emerging Technologies

·         What role do you think emerging technologies (such as AI, IoT, blockchain) will play in shaping the future of your industry?

·         Are there any specific technological advancement you believe businesses in your industry should adopt?

Business Survey Questions Examples

16.   Business Growth and Expansion

·         Are there any areas or regions where you think our business should expand?

·         What new products/services would you like to see our business offer in the future?

·         How do you think our business should adapt to changing market conditions?

17.   Operational Efficiency

·         How would you rate the efficiency of our business operations? (Scale: 1-5)

·         Are there any bottlenecks or inefficiencies you have noticed in our operations?

·         What measures do you think our business can take to improve operational efficiency?

18.   Employee Satisfaction

·         How satisfied are you with your role and responsibilities within the company? (Scale: 1-10)

·         Do you feel that your skills and contributions are valued by the company?

·         What improvements would you suggest to enhance the working environment?

19.   Risk Management

·         How do you assess and mitigate risks within your business?

·         Have you faced any unexpected challenges or risks that significantly impacted your business?

20.   Supply Chain Management

·         How would you rate the efficiency of your supply chain management processes? (Scale: 1-5)

·         What improvements could be made to optimize your supply chain?

21.   Innovation

·         How innovative do you consider your business to be compared to competitors?

·         What steps are you taking to foster a culture of innovation within your organization?

Small Business Survey Questions

22.   Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

·         What do you perceive as the biggest challenges for small businesses in our industry?

·         Have you faced any specific challenges as a small business owner?

·         What support or resources do you think would be most beneficial for small businesses like yours?

23.   Growth Strategies for Small Businesses

·         What strategies have you found most effective for growing your small business?

·         Are there any particular marketing tactics that have yielded positive results for your small business?

·         How do you plan to scale your small business in the future?

24.   Networking and Collaboration

·         How important do you think networking and collaboration are for the success of small businesses?

·         Have you engaged in any partnerships or collaborations with other small businesses?

·         What opportunities do you see for collaboration within our local small business community?

25.   Resource Allocation

·         How do you prioritize resource allocation within your small business?

·         What areas of your business do you invest in the most?

26.   Success Metrics

·         How do you define success for your small business?

·         What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you track to measure the success of your business?

27.   Government Support

·         What support or resources do you think governments should provide to small businesses?

·         Have you taken advantage of any government programs or incentives for small businesses?

New Business Survey Questions

28.   Startup Challenges

·         What challenges did you encounter when starting your business?

·         How did you overcome these challenges?

·         What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs starting a new business?

29.   Market Entry Strategies

·         How did you identify your target market when entering the industry?

·         What marketing strategies did you employ to establish your presence in the market?

·         What lessons have you learned from entering the market as a new business?

30.   Future Plans and Growth

·         What are your plans for growing your business in the coming years?

·         Are there any new markets or demographics you plan to target?

·         How do you envision the future trajectory of your business?

31.   Adaptability

·         How do you stay adaptable and responsive to changes in the business environment?

·         Can you provide an example of a time when you had to pivot your business strategy due to changing circumstances?

32.   Customer Acquisition

·         What strategies do you use to acquire new customers for your business?

·         How do you determine the most effective channels for reaching your target audience?

33.   Learning from Failure

·         Have you experienced any failures or setbacks since starting your business?

·         What lessons have you learned from these experiences?

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Business Survey Questions to Ask

34.   Feedback Collection Methods

·         How do you prefer to provide feedback to businesses? (Online surveys, in-person interviews, etc.)

·         Are there any incentives or rewards that would encourage you to participate in surveys or provide feedback?

35.   Frequency of Feedback

·         How often do you think businesses should solicit feedback from customers?

·         Do you prefer to provide feedback proactively or only when prompted by businesses?

36.   Feedback Utilization

·         Do you feel that businesses genuinely listen to and act upon customer feedback?

·         Have you seen any examples of businesses effectively implementing changes based on customer feedback?

37.   Feedback Channels

·         Which communication channels do you prefer businesses to use when seeking feedback? (Email, social media, website, etc.)

·         Are there any specific platforms or forums where you expect businesses to be active in gathering feedback?

38.   Transparency

·         How important is transparency in business operations and decision-making to you as a customer?

·         Do you feel that businesses are transparent enough about their practices and policies?

39.   Long-Term Relationships

·         How do you think businesses can build and maintain long-term relationships with customers?

·         Have you experienced any businesses that excel in building customer loyalty and retention?

Online Business Survey Questions

40.   Online Presence and Visibility

·         How important do you think having a strong online presence is for businesses today?

·         What online platforms or channels do you use most frequently when researching businesses or products/services?

·         What improvements would you suggest for our business’s online presence?

41.   E-commerce Experience

·         Have you ever made a purchase from our business’s online store?

·         How would you rate your experience with our e-commerce platform? (Scale: 1-5)

·         Are there any features or functionalities you would like to see added to our online store?

42.   Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

·         How concerned are you about the security of your personal information when making online transactions?

·         What measures do you think businesses should take to protect customer data and ensure privacy?

43.   User Experience (UX)

·         How would you rate the overall user experience of our website or online platform? (Scale: 1-5)

·         Are there any usability issues or areas for improvement you have noticed?

44.   Mobile Optimization

·         How often do you access our website or online services via mobile devices?

·         How satisfied are you with the mobile responsiveness and performance of our online platform?

45.   Data Security

·         How confident are you in the security measures implemented by our business to protect your personal information online?

·         What additional steps could our business take to enhance data security and privacy?

Business Survey Questions for Students

46.   What aspects of business are you most interested in learning about?

·         Sample answer: “I am interested in learning about marketing strategies and entrepreneurship.”

47.   How do you prefer to learn about business concepts?

·         Sample answer: “I prefer hands-on activities and case studies.”

48.   What do you hope to achieve through studying business?

·         Sample answer: “I hope to gain practical skills that will help me in my future career.”

49.   Have you participated in any business-related extracurricular activities? If so, which ones?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, I was part of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club.”

50.   What challenges do you anticipate facing as you pursue a career in business?

·         Sample answer: “I anticipate challenges related to competition and adapting to changes in the market.”

51.   How do you plan to apply the knowledge and skills gained from your business studies in your future career?

·         Sample answer: “I intend to pursue entrepreneurship and apply the principles I’ve learned to start my own business venture.”

52.   What specific areas of business would you like to delve deeper into in your studies?

·         Sample answer: “I’m particularly interested in learning more about digital marketing strategies and the latest trends in e-commerce.”

53.   Would you be interested in participating in internships or work placements to gain practical experience in the business field?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, I believe hands-on experience would complement my academic studies and provide valuable insights into real-world business operations.”

Good Follow-Up Business Survey Questions

54.   How satisfied were you with the response time to your inquiries?

·         Sample answer: “I was very satisfied. Responses were prompt and helpful.”

55.   Did the resolution of your issue meet your expectations?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, the issue was resolved to my satisfaction.”

56.   Would you recommend our business to others based on your recent experience?

·         Sample answer: “Absolutely, I had a great experience and would highly recommend your services.”

57.   How likely are you to continue doing business with us in the future?

·         Sample answer: “I’m very likely to continue doing business with you.”

58.   What suggestions do you have for improving our customer service?

·         Sample answer: “Perhaps offering more support channels such as live chat would be beneficial.”

59.   How likely are you to provide feedback on our services again in the future?

·         Sample answer: “I would definitely provide feedback again if needed, as I appreciate your commitment to improving customer satisfaction.”

60.   What incentives or rewards would encourage you to participate in future surveys or feedback initiatives?

·         Sample answer: “Offering discounts on future purchases or entries into a prize draw would motivate me to participate in future surveys.”

61.   Do you have any additional comments or suggestions you would like to share with us?

·         Sample answer: “Overall, I’m impressed with the level of service provided, but I would suggest exploring ways to further streamline the ordering process for greater efficiency.”

Construction Business Survey Questions

62.   How satisfied were you with the quality of our construction work?

·         Sample answer: “I was extremely satisfied. The craftsmanship was top-notch.”

63.   Did the project meet your expectations within the agreed-upon timeframe?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, the project was completed on schedule.”

64.   Were there any challenges or issues encountered during the construction process?

·         Sample answer: “There were a few minor delays due to weather, but overall, everything went smoothly.”

65.   How would you rate the professionalism of our construction team?

·         Sample answer: “The team was very professional and courteous throughout the project.”

66.   Would you consider hiring our construction company for future projects?

·         Sample answer: “Absolutely, I was very impressed with the quality of work.”

67.   How satisfied were you with the communication and project updates provided throughout the construction process?

·         Sample answer: “We appreciated the regular updates and clear communication from your team, which helped us stay informed about the project’s progress.”

68.   Were there any areas where you felt our construction team could have improved?

·         Sample answer: “While overall, we were satisfied with the construction work, there were a few instances where attention to detail could have been better.”

69.   What measures do you think our company could take to enhance safety protocols on construction sites?

·         Sample answer: “Implementing regular safety training sessions and ensuring strict adherence to safety guidelines would be beneficial for both workers and clients.”

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Economic Development Business Survey Questions

70.   How would you rate the current business climate in your area?

·         Sample answer: “I believe the business climate is favorable and conducive to growth.”

71.   What factors do you believe are most important for stimulating economic development?

·         Sample answer: “I think investment in infrastructure and support for small businesses are crucial.”

72.   Do you feel that your local government is supportive of economic development initiatives?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, I believe they are actively working to support business growth.”

73.   What challenges do you think businesses in your area face in terms of economic development?

·         Sample answer: “Access to funding and skilled labor are significant challenges.”

74.   How do you think your business contributes to the economic development of your community?

·         Sample answer: “We provide jobs and contribute to the local economy by supporting other businesses.”

75.   In your opinion, what initiatives could local authorities undertake to further promote economic growth in the area?

·         Sample answer: “Investing in workforce development programs and providing incentives for small businesses could be beneficial.”

76.   Do you feel that the current regulatory environment is conducive to business growth in your region?

·         Sample answer: “There are some regulations that could be streamlined to make it easier for businesses to operate.”

77.   What role do you see businesses playing in contributing to the economic development of your community?

·         Sample answer: “Businesses can create jobs, stimulate local spending, and contribute to community development projects.”

Software Business Survey Questions

78.   How satisfied are you with the user interface of our software?

·         Sample answer: “I find the user interface intuitive and easy to navigate.”

79.   Have you encountered any bugs or technical issues while using our software?

·         Sample answer: “I haven’t encountered any major issues, but there were a few minor bugs.”

80.   How responsive is our customer support team to your inquiries or issues?

·         Sample answer: “The customer support team has been very responsive and helpful.”

81.   Does our software meet all of your business needs? If not, what improvements would you like to see?

·         Sample answer: “It meets most of our needs, but additional customization options would be beneficial.”

82.   Would you recommend our software to other businesses in your industry?

·         Sample answer: “Absolutely, it has been a valuable asset to our operations.”

83.   How would you rate the level of customization options available in our software?

·         Sample answer: “While the software is functional, additional customization options would be appreciated for our specific needs.”

84.   Have you experienced any challenges with software compatibility or integration with other systems?

·         Sample answer: “We encountered a few issues with integration initially, but they were resolved with assistance from your support team.”

85.   What new features or functionalities would you like to see added to our software in future updates?

·         Sample answer: “Adding a mobile app version and enhancing reporting capabilities would greatly improve the software’s usefulness for us.”

Food Business Survey Questions

86.   How would you rate the quality of the food served at our establishment?

·         Sample answer: “The food was excellent, and the presentation was top-notch.”

87.   Were you satisfied with the variety of options on our menu?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, there were plenty of choices to suit different preferences.”

88.   Did our staff provide attentive and friendly service during your visit?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, the staff was very friendly and attentive.”

89.   How likely are you to recommend our restaurant to friends and family?

·         Sample answer: “I would definitely recommend it. I had a great experience.”

90.   What suggestions do you have for improving the dining experience at our restaurant?

·         Sample answer: “Perhaps offering seasonal specials or rotating menu items could add variety.”

91.   How satisfied were you with the portion sizes and value for money at our restaurant?

·         Sample answer: “The portion sizes were generous, and we felt that the prices were reasonable for the quality of food.”

92.   Did our restaurant meet any dietary restrictions or preferences you may have had?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, we appreciated the variety of options available for different dietary needs, including vegetarian and gluten-free choices.”

93.   What promotional activities or events would entice you to visit our restaurant more frequently?

·         Sample answer: “Special discount nights, loyalty programs, or themed events would definitely pique our interest in visiting more often.”

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Business to Business Survey Questions

94.   How satisfied are you with the quality of products/services provided by our company?

·         Sample answer: “We are very satisfied. Your products have consistently met our expectations.”

95.   How would you rate the reliability of our deliveries and/or services?

·         Sample answer: “Deliveries have been timely, and services have been reliable.”

96.   Have we been responsive to your business needs and inquiries?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, your team has been very responsive and attentive to our needs.”

97.   How likely are you to continue doing business with us in the future?

·         Sample answer: “We plan to continue our partnership with your company.”

98.   What areas do you think we could improve upon to better serve your business?

·         Sample answer: “Perhaps offering more flexible payment options would be beneficial.”

99.   How effective do you find our communication channels for resolving issues or inquiries promptly?

·         Sample answer: “Your communication channels are efficient, and we appreciate the timely responses from your team.”

100.In your experience, how does our company differentiate itself from competitors in the industry?

·         Sample answer: “Your company stands out for its exceptional customer service and willingness to tailor solutions to our specific needs.”

101.What additional support or resources would you find beneficial in our partnership?

·         Sample answer: “Providing regular updates on industry trends and offering training sessions for our team would add value to our partnership.”

Photography Business Survey Questions

102.How satisfied were you with the quality of the photos delivered?

·         Sample answer: “We were extremely satisfied. The photos exceeded our expectations.”

103.Did the photographer capture the essence and vision you had for the project?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, they understood our vision and executed it perfectly.”

104.How would you rate the professionalism and demeanor of our photography team?

·         Sample answer: “The team was very professional and easy to work with.”

105.Did the project meet your budget and timeline expectations?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, everything was within our budget and completed on schedule.”

106.Would you recommend our photography services to others?

·         Sample answer: “Absolutely, we had a great experience and would highly recommend your services.”

107.Did the final photos align with your brand/image expectations?

·         Sample answer: “Yes, the photos captured the essence of our brand perfectly.”

108.How likely are you to use our photography services for future projects?

·         Sample answer: “We would definitely consider using your services again in the future.”

109.What suggestions do you have for improving our photography services?

·         Sample answer: “Perhaps offering more package options or discounts for repeat customers would be beneficial.”

Best Practices for Writing Good Survey Questions for Business

Effective business questions must be clear, concise, and unbiased. Here are some key tips:

  • Keep it simple: Avoid complex wording and jargon.
  • Focus on relevance: Every question should contribute to your overall goal.
  • Offer balanced answer choices: Include neutral options and avoid leading questions.
  • Test and refine: Pilot your survey with a small group to ensure clarity and ease of use.


Mastering the art of business survey questions unlocks a treasure trove of valuable information. By asking the right questions and deploying them effectively, you can unlock insights that fuel growth, build stronger relationships, and navigate the ever-evolving business landscape with confidence.

So, unleash the power of business questions and embark on a journey of discovery that propels your business forward.

What types of questions can you use in a survey questionnaire?

The main types of survey questions: most survey questions are classified as open-ended, closed-ended, nominal, Likert scale, rating scale, and yes/no.

What questions make a good questionnaire?

The best questions are those which most easily elicit a clear and honest response from the person who is completing your questionnaire. 

How do you start a survey questionnaire?

Write an introduction with the assumption that respondents don’t know much, if anything, about the topic of your survey.