20 Frequently Asked Facility Management Interview Questions

facility management interview questions

Facility management interview questions cuts across various topics. This not surprising given how difficult facility management has become. This why is important to do a quality study before appearing at the interiew hall, to save yourself embarassement.

As a potential FM, you are expeted to demonstrate a broad range of competencies. You must also show that you possess a good problem-solving and leadership abilities needed for the role.

Whatver be your case we’re here to help. In this post we will give you access to our 20 frequently asked facility management interview questions. This will help you get ready for your interview. Also, below are some advice on how to properly respond to questions.

What is Facility Management?

The field of facilities management, or FM, is committed to helping people. It makes sure that the structures in which we live, work, and play, as well as the infrastructure that surrounds them, are efficient, safe, sustainable, and functional.

Facility management is an organizational function that enhances people’s quality of life and boosts the productivity of the main business by integrating people, places, and processes within the built environment.

This arrangement of job duties facilitates each organization’s operations and creates an atmosphere in which all of the systems, from the parking lot to the executive suite, function flawlessly together.

By organizing the procedures that result in a successful constructed environment, facility managers ensure that we have the safest and finest experience possible.

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What Are The Importance of Facility Management?

People need to work in safe, friendly, and effective structures in order to feel involved in their surroundings and perform at their best. Everything that surrounds people within buildings and on the grounds is influenced by facilities management. It should be sustainable, productive, and comfortable for them to live, work, play, and study.

Effective facilities management affects the short- and long-term value of real estate, buildings, and equipment, which will benefit your company’s bottom line. Your work may be essential to:

  • Spatial optimization
  • Directing large-scale initiatives
  • Maintenance and management of energy
  • Accounting for leases
  • Experience at work.

How to Get Ready for an Interview

A thorough examination of the job description, the hiring company’s background, and its mission statement can provide you with a wealth of information regarding potential interview questions for facility managers. After conducting your study, make a list of potential inquiries and rehearse your answer.

Make sure your replies highlight all of your qualifications because sometimes it just takes one incorrect response to lose the job. It might provide you an advantage in this cutthroat work market.

Skills Required of a Facility Managers?

The field of FM is diverse. One day an FM may be managing an HVAC system, the next working on a maintenance budget, and the day after that they may be making real estate decisions. Facility managers need to be aware of the 9 FM Core Competencies to stay current in their field.

  • Project Management
  • Leadership & Strategy
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Finance & Business
  • Sustainability
  • Good Communication Skill
  • Performance & Quality
  • Facility Information Management & Technology Management
  • Risk Management.

20 Frequently Asked Facility Management Interview Questions

You can anticipate the standard questions about your skills and shortcomings when you go for an FM interview, just like you would with any other employment. inquiring about your long-term professional objectives, the reasons behind your most recent job departure, and the ways in which your prior employment and experiences shaped who you are.

These next 20 facility management interview questions are tailored to certain roles. During your FM interview, you should anticipate a lot of these. On how to respond to them, we also provide some advice.

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#1. Tell me about yourself

This is your chance to show that you are a capable facilities manager and dependable issue solver. You also possess the required motivation and pertinent professional experience to establish yourself as a useful team player right away. Make sure to discuss your goals, abilities, education, and personality. Concentrate on your qualifications for the role.

#2. What are your aspirations for a facilities management career?

These kinds of interview questions for facility managers could be asked in a variety of ways, such “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” or “What are you looking for in a job?” The interviewer always wants to know if you can make the connection between the company and your professional objectives.

In order to demonstrate that you have done your homework and are knowledgeable, directly tie your short- and long-term goals to the job features.

Include any information you have on why you are leaving your current job or what you do not want in a position. Just be careful not to disparage your present employer, thus that will make you look bad.

For instance, you are a member of the facility management team and your objective is to advance to the position of assistant facilities manager over the next two years, then regional facility manager within the next five.

What not to say: Avoid stating objectives in your response to any of these facility manager interview questions that are unrelated to the position you are interviewing for. For instance, let’s say your professional objective is to become the head of marketing within the next five years, and you are seeking for a job on the facilities management team.

#3. Which qualities do you possess?

Regardless of the position you applied for, this is one of the most often asked questions during facilities management interviews. You should be ready with an answer even if the interviewer does not ask this particular question because it will help you with other inquiries.

The interviewer’s goals are to find out whether your talents complement the needs of the organization and what unique traits, abilities, and/or experience you have that make you stand out from the competitors. Make a note of your strengths when you take a seat. After that, go back and whittle down your list to just the most pertinent ones, and be ready to provide instances of each strength in action.

For instance: “I believe that my ability to solve problems is one of my strongest suit. Am able to look at a topic from several angles and complete my work even in the face of challenging challenges. I also think I have excellent communication skills. I feel equally at ease settling a dispute between junior team members as I do giving a presentation to top executives. Because I worked in human resources, I was able to obtain important insight into the needs of my coworkers.

What not to say: A lot of applicants select qualities that don’t draw attention. Make sure your response to these kinds of facilities manager interview questions sticks out in the interviewer’s head and relates back to why you are most appropriate for the role.

#4. What is your greatest weakness?

Almost all job interviews include this question, which is meant to gauge your capacity for critical thought and self-awareness. This is an elimination question meant to screen out applicants who are not good under pressure, so be ready to respond to it.

Whenever possible, try to provide a vulnerability that anybody can identify with, and never give an example that demonstrates improper behavior at work. Provide a sincere, self-assured response and consistently demonstrate how you have addressed these problems, in part or in full.

Example: “I find it challenging to delegate because I’m a perfectionist at heart. However, I’ve discovered that in order for my team and the organization to grow, everyone in the firm needs to have a wide range of task experience.

What not to say: “Because I strive for perfection, I hardly ever think that someone can perform as well as me. I refrain from giving significant work to other people as a result.

#5. What drives you to become the most effective facilities manager?

No matter what field you work in, motivation is what propels you to success. You alone are qualified to respond to such a personal inquiry. The following are inspiring instances: success, challenge, and acknowledgement.

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Examples of what motivates people include “I want to succeed in my job, not only for my employer and our customers, but also for my own satisfaction and the challenge of finishing projects on time.”

#6. Why are you the best candidate for this FM position?

Another question the interviewer might ask is, “Why do you think you would do well at this job?” You must have the ability to sell yourself in order to respond appropriately to these kinds of facilities manager interview questions.

Make a list of all your strong points and how they apply to the FM industry and the field the company works in as you get ready for the interview. (For instance, you have outstanding communication abilities and/or are a quick learner).

Highlight your aspirations for your career, including your drive and commitment to the field of facilities management and your job. Always draw attention to the parallels between the position you are applying for and your current one.

As an illustration, “I pick things up quickly and work best under pressure.” I take great satisfaction in inspiring my colleagues to strive for the company’s shared objectives and I am a good adapter to change.

What not to say: Don’t list every positive quality you have; instead, restrict it to those that are pertinent to the job you are interviewing for.

#7. In what ways would you assist our company’s digital workplace?

Workplace leaders’ expectations are rising in tandem with the shift of organizations toward digital. It is the facility manager’s duty to plan ahead for “the change in mobility, the layout of the offices, and contact with suppliers,” according to a Deloitte research.

It is important to demonstrate your understanding of the components of the digital workplace and how you can contribute to them. Be ready to discuss the digital workplace and its implications for connectivity, mobility, and flexibility in an informed manner.

Consider how your plan and vision fit in with these components. How would you create a secure atmosphere that promotes cooperation and communication among staff members? How would you create a welcoming environment? By workers with various personalities and methods of operation?

For instance: “I would begin by making sure each worker had access to the digital tools they require in order to be productive and stay connected wherever they work. Workers anticipate that the apps they use at home and the technologies they use at work should be equally simple to use.

Furthermore, according to a 2018 CBRE survey, 59% of executives planned to introduce mobile apps that would help staff members discover the tools they need and navigate the workplace more easily. For that reason, I would start there.

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Creating a digital workplace: Do not say, the job description does include that.

#8. How have you used datain decision making?

These days, data is the new oil in the workplace. Facilities managers must be proficient in gathering, analyzing, and applying workplace data for development.

Demonstrate your expertise in this area by giving concrete instances of how you’ve increased workplace productivity with data. Give a thorough explanation of the kinds of information you used and the methods you used to obtain it. Employers should see that you can make data-driven, unbiased decisions rather than relying solely on gut feelings.

This is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate the kinds of workplace technology you have employed (IWMS, for instance).

Being up to date on the newest technological trends and having experience in this field will definitely set you apart. Talk about the latest technological advancements that assist workplace leaders in organizing a safe return to work, such Space-RightTM.

Example: “In my previous position, we gathered data on space use using IoT sensors, and it turned out that many of our private offices were only in use half the time. We turned those private offices into small conference rooms that individuals could book as needed as a consequence. Our space usage increased by over 50% as a result.

What not to do: These kinds of facility management interview questions shouldn’t take you off guard. Even if you haven’t had much experience in this field, you must give evidence that you recognize the value of using data and discuss your prior experiences.

This is your chance to demonstrate that you’re a flexible learner who welcomes change. Additionally, it’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate how your innovative ideas will make you an invaluable asset to the firm. Be ready to discuss any conferences you’ve attended at work, as well as any pertinent blogs or podcasts you listen to.

Example: “I often attend meetings as a member of the IFMA chapter in my community. I also like to listen to the podcast hosted by Workplace Innovator.

What not to do: Show your interest in the FM community by showing a smile in response to these kinds of queries during a facility manager interview!

Facility management interview questions.

#10. What made you quit your previous job?

Be ready to respond to this as it’s one of the most often asked questions throughout the facilities manager interview process. Provide an honest response, but omit anything that could reflect poorly on you or your work.

Example: “I am prepared to take on new opportunities and challenges, but I do not see any room for advancement in my current position.”

What not to do: Steer clear of any responses that disparage your former employer, business, or coworkers. Even if everyone has experienced setbacks in their career, now is not the time to talk about your problems from a former job.

#11. How much do you know about our business?

It will be expected of you as a facilities manager to lead in every area of the company. You need to be completely informed about the business you work for and the sector it belongs to in order to perform your duties effectively.

Additionally, you have to demonstrate a constant desire to learn and develop. This is your first chance to apply those abilities. The company’s mission statement is available for reading and can be found on the “About Us” page. Look for more details and connect the company and role to your interests and background.

For instance, if you discover that the business is actively involved in generating funds for animal rights, discuss how you are a either a 5K race in the area that generated money for animals or fosters for the Humane Society.

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#12. Why do you seek this position?

Once again, the interviewer is trying to find out how well you understand the role and everything that it requires, how well you would fit the job criteria, and what about the position most appeals to you. This is an example of a facility manager interview question. You should show that you understand the responsibilities of the position by focusing your response on how you can help the organization.

For example, “I’m thrilled about this role because it gives me the opportunity to apply my facility management skills more broadly and take on more challenging assignments.”

Do no say: “I like your salary and benefits package,” OR “This job will enable me to take on a higher degree of responsibility in my career.” Focus on how your professional experience may benefit the organization rather than why you are doing it.

Facility management interview questions.

#13. In what ways would you enhance the work environment at our organization?

Investing in all stakeholders, including employees, has supplanted creating wealth for shareholders as a corporation’s main goal. According to 97.2% of top CEOs in a recent Fortune 500 CEO study, maintaining safe and productive workplaces is their top priority, ranking first among all concerns.

Facilities managers should place a high premium on safety and employee experience, just as business executives do. Best-selling author Jacob Morgan claims that there are three components to the employment experience:

  • The actual office
  • Technology in the workplace
  • The policy-influenced corporate culture

Facilities managers have the power to significantly enhance the work experience by selecting frictionless workplace technologies and fostering an atmosphere that encourages productivity and teamwork.

If a facilities manager asks you one of these kinds of questions during an interview, you should provide an example of a change you made in a prior position that may be used in this one.

For instance: “At my previous job, scheduling conference rooms had grown to be a major cause of annoyance. We introduced a desk booking system, which greatly facilitated guests’ ability to locate vacant rooms and make last-minute reservations.

What not to do: Avoid the error of believing that HR is largely in charge of the employee experience. Assume responsibility for your part in it!

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#14. What qualities would you search for if you were the recruiting manager for this position?

Consider carefully what this work would require and how you would define success before answering this question. Questions like this one are intended to be used as a trap in facility management interviews in order to eliminate applicants who are unclear about what their responsibilities will be.

Facilities managers (FM) are being pushed to assume greater strategic duties as the position of FM is evolving. Facility management indicators that show they are optimizing space use, cutting expenses, and raising workplace productivity must be able to back up their claims.

Their proficiency with workplace technology, such as IWMS software, is essential for both accomplish the task at hand and improving the working environment.

Example, suppose you were hiring the top applicant for the position or someone who met the requirements you had stated to the interviewer. Without stating it out loud, you position yourself as the applicant you would hire by acting in this way.

Make sure to highlight traits that are particularly important at this particular moment. Highlight your organizational prowess, agility, conscious decision-making skills, and communication prowess—all attributes that will be crucial for companies navigating both present and future problems.

What not to do: Don’t claim to be the best applicant for the position because you don’t know what qualifications the other applicants have.

Facility management interview questions.

Technical Questions for a Facilities Manager

You should be ready to respond to more detailed inquiries concerning your training and prior experience as a facility manager in addition to these. Listed below are a handful:

#15. How would you go about safeguarding our networks and conducting security assessments?

FMs are in charge of the general security of their office space whether or not they have direct control over security in IT networks or building automation systems. To guarantee that these systems are safe and secure, they must collaborate closely with IT as well as any outside contractors.

It’s a good idea to talk about how you’ll make sure the hybrid workforce is just as secure as employees who work in offices, which naturally includes setting up a secure digital workspace.

#16. Which information is most crucial to facilities management?

You have the chance to discuss which workplace indicators you believe are most crucial to monitor in this question, as well as how you utilize them to inform your decisions.

This will often include occupancy rate information, portfolio reports, and any other information that will help FMs make better use of their space.

Interview Questions for a Building Management Facilities Manager

These kinds of inquiries center on the actual facilities and provide you the chance to inform the interviewer about your particular experience paying attention to the buildings.

#17. How do you go about maintaining the facilities?

Predictive and preventative maintenance is a major offering of facilities management services. This specific topic in the facilities manager interview gives you the chance to discuss proactive and reactive problem-solving strategies you have implemented or would implement, including how well you can collaborate with outside contractors as necessary.

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#18. How do you go about risk assessment?

Your prospective employer is interested in knowing if you will manage with competence, safety, and initiative.

You could wish to discuss the preventive maintenance checklist for the facility that you would develop and adhere to in order to maintain everything operating securely and efficiently.

Keep in mind that risk assessment in today’s setting might include consider your approach to health and safety issues. Because of this, you might want to be ready to discuss how you would support staff members in upholding social distancing and simplifying adherence to ever evolving local health laws.

#19. What background do you have in dealing with suppliers and contractors? In which ways would you handle these relationships?

In relation to contractors, exhibit your strong interpersonal abilities and your capacity to evaluate vendors appropriately. Make sure to emphasize that while building relationships with others will be your objective, your employer’s demands will always come first in the end.

#20. How well can you organise yourself?

Your interviewer will undoubtedly be searching for someone who is well-organized, even though there isn’t a right or incorrect answer in this situation.


What does facility management entail?

Buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate that support the sustainability, safety, and functionality of these elements are together referred to as facilities. Lease administration, including accounting and administration, is a part of facilities management. Planning and management of capital projects.

What is the role of facilities management?

Keeping an environment’s systems operating in harmony with one another is the main duty of a facilities manager. Their importance stems from the fact that they put the core and the areas where people work and spend the majority of their time first in terms of sustainability, comfort, safety, and productivity.

What is an explanation of facilities management?

Facility management is an organizational role that enhances people’s quality of life and the productivity of the main business by integrating people, location, and process within the built environment.

Which two methods of facilities management are the most common?

Soft FM applies when the service has to do with controlling how a facility is used. Hard FM is used when a service has to do with overseeing a facility’s physical aspects.