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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two methods of paying for your past questions and answers. 

1. Using the download link on the site

2. Bank transfer.

To use the download link option, click on it and input your ATM card details, after which the past questions will automatically download to the ‘DOWNLOAD’ folder of your device.

For bank payment to our bank account, you can make a transfer using the Mobile app, USSD code, POS service, or direct deposit to the bank.

Pay into the details below:

Bank name: GT Bank

Account Number: 0546392167

Account name: Silicon Africa Tech Limited

Pay to the details below:

Bank name: GT Bank

Account Number: 0546392167

Account name: Silicon Africa Tech Limited

If you don’t have a bank account, you can pay through POS service. Go to the nearest POS with our account details and the amount for past question and make a deposit. Take a photo of the printout you’ll receive from the POS operator and send it to our WhatsApp number.

The WhatsApp number is 07012040283

Definitely, someone can pay for you. Just send the person our account details to make a transfer with. Also, take a screenshot of their payment and send to our WhatsApp number.

If you paid through a bank transfer, send an evidence of payment which can either be a screenshot of your debit alert or receipt of payment.

If you paid through a bank deposit, send a clear photo of the customer’s copy of your teller.

If you paid using a POS, send a screenshot of printout.

Alongside the evidence of payment, send us a message stating the past question you paid for as well as your email address.

If you paid through your ATM card which is the download link, you don’t have to send any evidence of payment since the past question will download automatically.

However, if you’re transferring to the bank, there are 3 options.

Where you paid through bank deposit, take a clear photo of your teller and send to our WhatsApp number.

Through transfer, send the debit alert or the receipt got from your bank after making payments.

Through POS, send a photo of the print out 

If you paid for past questions by clicking on the download link and it doesn’t automatically download, have no fear. Using the download link shows you paid through Paystack and they send a receipt for every transaction in your mail.

Take a screenshot of the receipt in your mailbox and forward it to either this mail address or our WhatsApp  number with the query “I bought the past question and couldn’t open it”. We will resend you the past question immediately we see it.

Typically you get the past question in less than 5 minutes of making payment. But, during the weekends, when we are not fully online, it could take between a few hours to a day.

The latest time we send a past question is a day but at best we send it 5 minutes after receiving payments.

No. At the moment, the past questions is only available in soft copy in a pdf format.

A pdf document is an electronic document which can be opened through your phone or laptop.

How does this work?

Download the pdf file and open it with a pdf reader.

Yes, you can get it in your WhatsApp.

Traditionally, we prefer to send the past questions and answer through email because it is safer and there are lesser chances of losing it.  However, we still send past questions to your WhatsApp if you desire.

In a situation where the pdf refuses to open, there is a possibility that you don’t have a pdf reader.

If you’re an Android user, head to Google Play Store, search and download ‘Adobe Reader’. Re-open the past questions with the reader.

If you’re an IOS user, go to Apple Store and search for any pdf reader and download. It will open the pdf.

Note: Don’t try to open the pdf with WPS Office, it scatters the font of the past question.

In addition, if the pdf refuses to open because of other errors not relating to application, send us a message on our WhatsApp number and we will resend the past questions to you.

Our refund policy is enforceable only when you receive a past question you didn’t request for. If you’ve paid for a past question but don’t want it anymore, we cannot offer a refund.

The past questions we sell are legit and gotten directly from the sources.  For the post-utme past question, we got the past questions from the school.

For jobs, the past questions were gotten from trusted vendors in the organizations.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the past questions will be repeated in the actual exam because the organization or school can decide to change them. Besides, our vendors are not without errors but we trust them.

But for the originality and quality, we deliver quality to you.

The past questions is a sure guide to see what the school or organization has been setting over time. We do not work with them, so, we cannot assert if they’ll choose to repeat the questions for your exams.

The past question basically guides you on questions and subject areas that come out in exams.

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