Preparing for your GRE exam can be a lot of work. Most times, you’re confused when it involves necessary materials to read and when to read them. Well, while we will briefly consider the materials you should read, we will largely consider how long you should study for your GRE exam and that pattern you should follow.

However, while you’re studying or planning your study program, it’s important you understand how you can boost your GRE score. This way, you can gain a superior advantage in your preparation for your exam.

Are there Online Resources to Help You Study for GRE?

Preparing for your GRE will basically demand that you use certain resources. In essence, these resources were developed to help students better prepare for their GRE exams. According to QSLeap, five of the best resources for GRE online preparation include;

How Long Should I Study for the GRE?

As you may know, there are three subject areas which you have to tackle in your GRE exam. They include; Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. As a student preparing for GRE, you must ensure that your reading plan covers these areas adequately.

So, in showing you how long you should study for your GRE exam, we will be breaking it down into three sections. These three sections include;

How To Study a Year Before Your GRE Exam

GRE is an important examination if you want to enter graduate school. So, before you sit for your GRE exam, you must understand that your preparation must be ahead by a year. Hence, a year before your GRE exam, you must read in a certain way that will help you scale in your exam.

To be precise, your study program must be general. In essence, you have to study every material or book that represents any of the subjects you’re will write. More so, you have to practice every type of writing from analytical to creative and much more.

How you study a year before your GRE exam should basically be wide, encompassing, and not very structured. The general idea of preparing like this is to open your mind to those subject areas in a way that allows you easily label them.

How to Study Three Months Before Your GRE exam

After you must have completed study for nine months, you will need to make very serious changes to yor study routine. These changes aren’t totally different from how you study for your GRE exam when preparing a year ahead but they are more strategic.

So, three months before your GRE exam, you must not focus on general reading but you must focus on the structure of the questions that have come out in previous GRE exams. The truth remains that the GRE examination has a structure that guides the way the setting of their questions.

You can start by checking out GRE past questions. In each past question, identify the pattern of question they used and read as many materials as possible which have that pattern.

How to Study A Month Before Your GRE exam

Once it’s a month to your GRE exam, you have to change your aproach to the examination preparation. While the change might look easy, it’s sure boring as well unless you love being stuck to a routine.

So, immediately it’s a month to your GRE exam, you have to basically focus on GRE past questions. You’ll find past questions and gradually work through their solutions going from year to year.

While you might be tempted to find their answers before attempting them, you should understand you’re only harming yourself. You must set yourself in the exam mode wherein you answer all the questions within the required exam time frame.


Majority of the time, how long you study for your GRE exam can tilt the scales in your favour. You’ll have the benefit of reading very wide and practicing as many tests as possible which will eventually help you.

So, you can simply follow the routine we have outlined in this article to ensure that you scale in your exam.

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