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Easy Steps On How To Pass NNPC Recruitment Test in 2020


You can get excited when you learn that a company like NNPC is recruiting. However, you shouldn’t just plateau on that excitement alone, you should create a plan that ensures your name gets into the hiring list. But before you can get to the interview room, you must scale through the recruitment test. So, the whole gain of writing all this is to expose easy steps on how you can pass the NNPC recruitment test when you sit for it. Well, the answer to that question lies here.

According to Wikipedia, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is the oil corporation through which the federal government of Nigeria regulates and participates in the country’s petroleum industry. The NNPC business operations move through Strategic Business and Corporate Services Units (SBUs/CSUs) in diverse locations across Nigeria. In that case; The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) initiated a recruitment scheme. Since then until today, the NNPC recruitment has been a yearly scheme.

How Do I Apply For NNPC Recruitment Test?

Before you consider how to pass the NNPC recruitment test, you must properly apply for any of the open positions at the company. These open positions could need additional processes, however, we will discuss general procedure here. So, in applying for the NNPC recruitment test, you have to;

  • Log into the recruitment portal
  • Check out Recruitment Updates
  • Fulfill eligibility criteria and proceed to the registration link
  • Click on “Get Started” and key in every necessary detail
  • Click “Apply”
  • Open an account or log in to an already existing account
  • Open and completely fill the registration form
  • Upload necessary documents
  • Print your form and slip

When Is the NNPC Recruitment Test Starting?

NNPC recruitment is a yearly recruitment program. However, due to the pandemic outbreak, they are yet to announce a date for the recruitment test this year. So, you don’t need to worry as we will immediately update you when the recruitment process starts.

At What Cost Can I Get The NNPC Recruitment Test Form?

NNPC recruitment form is online. So, you don’t need to pay any amount at all to get the form. Instead, all you have to do is follow the instructions we outlined in the first section of this article regarding the registration process.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For The NNPC Recruitment Test?

Before you start your application process and go further to create strategies on how to pass your NNPC recruitment test, you must fulfill certain stipulations. These are general requirements which affect every single applicant. Hence, these requirements include;

  • Be a Nigerian citizen
  • Be less than 28 years old
  • Possess NYSC Discharge Certificate
  • Hold B.Sc or M.Sc
  • Have a minimum of Second Class Upper Honours

How To Pass the NNPC Recruitment Test

You need to understand how to pass yout NNPC recruitment test so that all the pain of registration can mean something. Indeed, it won’t be fair if you fulfil all the eligibility requirements, complete your registration and then flop your recruitment test.

So, we will be telling you three ways through which you can sweetly pass your recruitment test. They include;

1. Start Studying Early

You must have heard this a couple of times, however, you must understand the concept that guides it. As a student looking forward to completing their recruitment test, you must have a study program guiding everything you need to read. This program must be flexible, measurable and realistic as well.

Due to the type of questions you’ll encounter in your exam which are usually subjective, you must read on a wider scale. Furthermore, you must ensure you look into different ways of attempting the questions. The more ways you know how to solve a problem, the better your understanding of it.

2. Possess Knowledge of System Operations

Like other professional exams, you don’t sit for your NNPC recruitment exam with a pen and paper. Instead, the exam is conducted using the CBT. So, you must hold adequate knowledge of system operations. If you don’t hold that knowledge, you can learn in any computer training center.

3. Get the NNPC Recruitment Test Past Question

As good as the first two processes are, nothing can help you as much as the NNPC recruitment past question. This resourceful material has been the core reason behind the success a lot of applicants have experienced in the recruitment test. You can experience this success as long as you’re willing to take the bold step.

Unlike any other resource, the past questions material gives you insight into the type of questions you will see in your recruitment test. More so, you have the opportunity to use it and practice your own test in real-time while you gauge yourself using the exam time frame.

So, the biggest damage you can do towards yourself and your future at NNPC is when you fail to pick up the past questions material. But I believe you will make the smart choice, so click this link “I want the NNPC Recruitment Past Questions” to get your copy.


Preparing for any test or examination is not really a big deal. Well, I can say that because I believe it boils down to having the right resources that can help you scale in your test or exam. And in this case, it is accessible.

The NNPC Recruitment Test Past Questions guide is your one true power hold if you want to hit a very high score in the exam and seal an interview spot.

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