Easy Steps on How to Pass the GTBank Aptitude Test in 2022

how to pass GTBank Aptitude Test
how to pass GTBank Aptitude Test

GTBank has turned out to be one of the highest-paying banks in Nigeria. Not only that, but the bank services also are top-notch especially in Nigeria, and citizens hold this bank in high esteem all over the world.

These two reasons alone attract a lot of applicants to the bank. Personally speaking, I will say that securing a job at GTBank is a great privilege because it will boost your CV, due to their high reputation.

As much as working at GTBank is so interesting, there are a lot of hindrances to securing a job in this prominent bank. You have to pass through a series of tests that the GTBank Aptitude is the beginning of the bank screening. Frankly, the GTBank Recruitment is very competitive but this is not in a bid to scare you.

In this article, we will show you how to pass the GTBank Recruitment Aptitude Test with ease. Even though it might seem so difficult, following these outlined steps we have here, you will secure a job at GTBank.

About GTBank

The Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. (GTBank) is a multinational banking institution that provides individuals, businesses with a wide range of financial services. These bank cuts across Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and the United Kingdom. However, it has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

In 2019, GTBank got worldwide recognition as the Best Bank in Africa and Best Bank in Nigeria by World Finance Magazine.

In that same year, GTBank also was nominated as the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Electronic Payment Incentive Scheme (EPIS) Efficiency Awards. They finally went home 8 of the 12 awards for banks, occurring consecutively three times in a row.

Currently, the bank employs over 12,000 professionals and has Total assets and Shareholders’ Funds of ₦4.057 trillion and ₦661.1 Billion respectively.

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Who is Eligible for GTBank Aptitude Test

The first step to being eligible for the GTBank Recruitment Aptitude Test is by having the necessary documentation and then completing the online registration. Doing this is the only way you will get an invitation to participate in the upcoming GTBank Aptitude Test.

Also, applicants are expected to have relevant degree qualifications, though it all depends on the position you are going for. To be precise, no matter the position you are going for, to be eligible applicants must possess the following qualities. GTBank criteria for Entry level Programme (ELP) is as detailed below. Candidate must:

Be a graduate with a minimum of second class lower division from an accredited UniversityHave completed the compulsory NYSC and possess an NYSC certificate have completed WAEC/NECO with at least 5 credits including Mathematics and English, at no more than two (2) sittings must be no more than twenty-six (26) years of age

You will be invited to go through the Bank’s five-step recruitment process, summarized below:

How to Apply for GTBank Recruitment

To apply to GTBank, you must first be eligible, then after that, you have to follow the steps below:

Visit the career center and Submit your CV. Ensure to read every entry carefully

GTBank Recruitment Aptitude Test Format

If you succeed in your application for GTBank Job, you will receive an email inviting you for an aptitude test. But before going for this aptitude test, if you are not prepared, there is every possibility you will not make it.

And how can you prepare if you don’t know what the test will be like? That is the more reason we will be enlighting you on the nature of the GTBank Job Aptitude Test.

The GTBank Recruitment Aptitude Test format is in three different categories. On the day of the aptitude test, you will see questions from:

Spatial Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Data Interpretation

While taking the test, you need to be smart because all you need is your accuracy and being ability to think in a spot. This is because you just have 40mins for 80 questions for the exam.

Also, the GTBank Job Aptitude Test now uses the SHL format which means you have 20 mins for the verbal reasoning and 10 mins to answer the numerical, and 10 mins for the graphical representation.

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How To Prepare For GTBank Aptitude Test

GTBank gets thousands of applicants who apply for aptitude tests. Hence, screening is one of the ways they use to save time and also provide a cost-effective means of selecting the best candidates.

With today’s technology, applicants to GTBank do not have to converge at a place, you can now write an aptitude test in the confines of your home. The GTBank aptitude test aim is to assess individual thinking performance when they compare your result with other candidates and make their choice.

So as a candidate, this will be the best time to display your professional skills and make a good impression as it will determine your movement to the interview stage.

That is the more reason why you should have the right strategies to cross the aptitude test. Here is a good tip you can follow to excel in any GTBank job aptitude test:

#1 Tip: Start Preparing Early

Sending your application, and registering on time is one of the ways to start preparing on time. It doesn’t matter the kind of position you want to go for, it is always good to start preparing early.

It is in the course of preparing early that you will see the need of taking a practice test. This will help you know your weak areas and work on them. Make sure the tests are related to the actual one you want to write. If the actual one will be a personality test, do not waste time practicing mechanical tests.

#2 Tip: Get and Study GTBank Past Question

At the moment you get an invitation from the GTBank recruitment aptitude test, then the next stage is to study and prepare very well. And you can only approve.

Our GTBank Past Questions and Answers are the best study pack to aid you in preparing for any GTBank job. Our GTBank Recruitment Past Questions and Answers will help you know your weak areas and them ai you to diligently work on them.

Get a copy HERE

#3 Tip: Learn to Manage Your Time

The GTBank Aptitude test is always on timing. Whether you choose to start immediately they approve you to begin the test or now, it all depends on you.
You should always bear in your mind that the exam is always timed.

This means you should learn how to manage your time to attempt all questions. Also, you have to think and write fast.

In case you have difficulty answering one question, kindly leave it and move on to another question.

It won’t be nice to lose the opportunity of clicking on the right answers just because you spent a lot of time on the ones you don’t know.

Remember, time waits for no man!

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#4 Tip: Follow Instructions

It will pay you well if you learn how to adhere to instructions. Do not answer when they have not said so. Start answering if you have gotten approval from them.

As it is called an aptitude test, they will be invigilating you to know how well you keep to instructions. So please do not start unless you are told to do so.

#5 Tip: Be Punctual

If you have ever written an exam, you get to be tense whenever you are about to begin. Though it is a normal response, yet, this scenario happens when the candidate is late to the exam venue.

Therefore to have a relaxed mind and body, you need to be punctual to the exam venue. Then you can go far to take a deep breath before beginning. These actions will help you relax your mind and brain. It is at this point, you can be able to write effectively.

#6 Tip: Attempt All Questions

You have approximately 60 minutes to answer all questions.

Make sure you don’t spend so much time on any questions. Within 45 seconds, you should be able to answer each question. Especially, if you studied with our GTBank Aptitude Test past questions. If by chance, one or two of the questions on your screen appear difficult or unfamiliar, just skip.

To answer any question, click the button with the right option and submit. Once your time is up, you will be logged out.

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