You have only one attempt to prove yourself to the Jim Ovie bank. Yes, you read correctly. Unlike most tests and exams out there, Zenith bank allows you just one opportunity to prove you deserve a place with them.

Obviously, the red and white color bank is one of the highest paying banks in recent times. Unfortunately, you would have to scale through the Zenith bank aptitude test in 2020 to be part of this commercial bank. I won’t scare you but the truth is you need all the hacks you can get to pass this test.

Hence, this article on how to pass the Zenith bank aptitude test is both a plea, an admonition, and a guide on how best to prepare and excel in your first and only Zenith bank aptitude test.

About Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank Plc was established in May 1990 and commenced operations in July of the same year as a commercial bank. The Bank became a public limited company on June 17, 2004, and was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on October 21, 2004, following a highly successful Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Zenith Bank Plc currently has a shareholder base of about one million and is Nigeria’s biggest bank by tier-1 capital. In 2013, the Bank listed $850 million worth of its shares at $6.80 each on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

What is the Nature of Zenith Bank Aptitude Test?

Just before we delve into how best to prepare, it is very important you understand the nature of the exam. This will aid see why you should put in more effort towards studying and applying all tips.

Basically, once your application is processed and accepted, Zenith invites all shortlisted candidates to an aptitude test section. It is usually a computer-based test and your time starts counting once you log in.

In total, candidates are expected to answer 100 questions. There are 4 sections with 25 questions in each. What this implies is that applicants will answer 25 questions each from quantitative reasoning, logical reasoning, and comprehension passage.

Applicants have just one hour to answer all questions. Basically, if you must attempt at least 80 questions, you will have to spend 45 seconds on each question.

You must, however, pay close attention to the logical reasoning which tests your ability to identify patterns.

Who is Eligible for Zenith Bank Aptitude Test?

The first eligibility criteria is receiving an invite for the aptitude test. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted after all applications have been reviewed. Depending on the position being applied for, applicants are expected to have relevant degree qualifications.

For instance, Zenith Bank Aptitude Test is managed by PeoplePlus Management Services and the recruitment is for Graduate Trainee positions. So, applicants must have a Bachelor of Science degree from a recognized and accredited institution. In a nutshell, eligibility for Zenith Bank Aptitude Test include:

  • Application
  • Invite from PeoplePlus Management Services
  • Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited institution
  • NYSC discharge certificate,
  • Birth Certificate
  • O’Level results with at least a ‘C’ in Mathematics and English in not more than two sittings
  • Nigerian citizens or foreigners with necessary work permit to work in Nigeria

How Can I Apply for Zenith Bank’s Recruitment?

To apply to Zenith Bank you must stay in the know of available vacancy publications. Once a vacancy is published or a call for application is made, first confirm the basic requirements and eligibility criteria for such a position.

Then, follow the step below to apply:

When is Zenith Bank Application Closing Date?

The application date for Zenith Bank 2020 recruitment exercise is not specified. However, you can frequently visit this site to know when the application portal reopens and the application deadline.

It is important to note that PasteQuestionsandAnswers does not have any form of influence on the Zenith Aptitude Test. So, applicants can confirm dates on the official Zenith webpage.

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Easy Steps on How to Pass the Zenith Bank Aptitude Test in 2020

Well, if you are reading this article then you are essentially lucky.

“A year ago, I sat for the Zenith Bank recruitment test. Ninety percent of the questions appeared foreign to me, so, your guess is as good as mine.

Yes, I couldn’t scale through to the interview stage because I failed. Don’t get it missed up. I actually studied, yea I thought I did. However, I studied with GMAT past questions and answers and truly I wish I had known better”.

This explains why I consider you lucky because based on my experience you definitely will not miss this opportunity. Basically, the right material for the Zenith Bank recruitment test is the Zenith bank Aptitude test past questions and answers. And, interestingly, you can get a copy immediately.

Aside from studying with the right material, below are a few steps to aid you to pass Zenith Bank aptitude 2020 easily.

#1: Send in Application before closing date

Applications sent in before the deadline have a higher chance of getting an invite from PeoplePlus management services. Obviously, your passing the test begins with your getting an Invite.

#2: Study with the Right Material:

Whether you are looking to apply to Zenith bank or you have got an invite already. The best thing you can do for yourself is to begin studying early enough and with the right material.

Let it be clear that you have just one opportunity to prove you deserve a place in the red and white bank. What you must not do is mess it up. In fact, even if you don’t make it through the interview stage, you can still reapply as long as you have passed this aptitude test initially.

Hence, it is important you study and study right. To get a copy of the right material, click here.

In addition, questions from previous years are usually repeated. So, you should aim at covering all the questions in this updated Zenith Bank Aptitude Test past questions and answers.

This means the more questions you solve, the more likely questions you encounter on the test date will be familiar. Especially, the section that has to do with the recognition of patterns.

#3: Arrive Aptitude Test Center Early

Once you get an invite and you have judiciously studied with past questions and answers for Zenith Recruitment Test, the next thing is to confirm your location and time.

Basically, the aptitude test is written in batches within a period of 5-7 days. Most times, the aptitude test is written in Lagos, Portharcourt, and Abuja. During application, especially in your application letter, it is best to choose an address that will be convenient for you.

Yes, the application letter address is usually considered in assigning a test center to applicants.

Be punctual, arrive at the test center on time, and check in properly. Receptionists will likely ask you to produce a test message for the invitation. This is to avoid gate crashes and only applicants who are able to present one are allowed in.

The recruitment agency reserves the right to deny you entry into the hall if you arrive even a minute late. So, arrive at the venue in time if possible 30 minutes before your stipulated exam time.

#4: Bring Along or relevant Document

There will be an assessment of all documents before applicants are allowed into the computer test room. So, to easily pass the Zenith test 2020 be sure to carry your credentials along.

Most times, these documents are sent as text messages and will usually include your original birth certificate, O’level results, degree certificate or statement of result, NYSC discharge certificate, and Work permit for Non-Nigerians.

The recruitment agency still reserves the right to deny you access to the exam hall if you don’t have one or all of your credentials.

#5: Attempt All Questions

You have just 60 minutes to answer all questions. Access to the test will be denied at the expiration of the given time. Though questions are drawn from four subject areas, they will randomly appear on your screen.

Well, don’t spend so much time on any questions. Within 45 seconds, you should be able to answer each question. Especially, if you studied with Zenith Bank Aptitude Test past questions. If by chance, one or two of the questions on your screen appear difficult or unfamiliar, just skip.

Though it will intermittently reappear, it will give you more time to answer more questions. To answer any question, click the button with the right option and submit. Once your time is up, you will be logged out.

Why Must I Pass Zenith Bank Aptitude Test with Ease?

There are numerous benefits accrued to working with Zenith Bank. And, you can only access these benefits if you pass the recruitment test. Unfortunately, there may be no second chance to re-write this test.

So, you must do all you can to pass the Zenith test. Below is a list of reasons why you must pass the Zenith Bank Aptitude Test with Ease.

  • Applicants who scale the interview stage will work as a graduate trainee
  • The graduate trainee (Contract position) will earn a minimum of one hundred thousand monthly for a period of two years.
  • Depending on performance, graduate trainees may become executive trainees at Zenith Bank
  • You will get the opportunity to work in a very professional workplace with top-notch management.
  • Series of personal development training and career advancement options.
  • You will get the opportunity to attain the peak of your career in one of the fastest-growing commercial banks in Nigeria, the Giant of Africa.

How to Pass Zenith Bank Aptitude Test FAQs

What makes Zenith Bank stand out?

Zenith bank is known nationally for its outstanding Superior Service Quality. They have clearly distinguished themselves in the banking industry through superior service quality, unique customer experience, and sound financial indices.

How Many questions are in Zenith Aptitude Test?

There are four sections in the Zenith Aptitude test. Each section has 25 questions making it a total of 100 questions.

How Long Do I Have to Answer Zenith Aptitude Test?

Applicants have 60 minutes to answer all questions in Zenith Aptitude Test.

Why is the Zenith Aptitude Test hard?

Zenith Aptitude test is not necessarily hard. All you have to do is prepare with the right study materials. Get a copy of the Zenith Aptitude Test past questions and answers or Foreign GMAT copy to stand a higher chance.

How many Times Can I write Zenith Aptitude Test?

In a lifetime, you are allowed to sit for Zenith Aptitude Test just once. If you pass the first time, you can always work with Zenith bank. However, failing it once means you may never get an opportunity to work with Zenith bank.


To pass the Zenith Bank Aptitude Test with ease is quite possible. Considering the fact that applicants have just one opportunity to sit for this exam and pass, it is best you take all precautions to excel.

Well, you met this article at the right time if you just applied or you have at least 48 hours before your test date. this article summarizes all you need to know about the Zenith bank recruitment test, what you stand to gain if you pass this exam and how to pass the Zenith bank Aptitude test with ease.

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