How To Prepare For GRE Exam In Less Than 3 Weeks

how to prepare, apply for and pass gre exam in less than 3 weeks

While many students prepare for their GRE exams for more than 3 months, you can actually prepare for it in less than 3 weeks and still get a great score. Yes, it is very possible! If your job is not making it easy for you to study, this post is especially for you. Here are the sure tips which you will use to learn how to prepare for and pass the GRE exam in two weeks.

Oftentimes, what determines success is not the length of preparation for a thing but preparing right. This entails so many things including the right materials to use, style of studying, and lots more.

We have carefully outlined all that is necessary for you to know in other to pass your GRE exam even with your busy schedule and less time available for studies.

How To Prepare for GRE Exam

Whether you are writing the GRE exam at home, or you are going to write in the CBT test centers, you must prepare adequately to pass. This gives the game plan on how to prepare for the GRE exam in less than 3 weeks.

Step 1: Get a Study Schedule or Plan

In other to prepare and pass the GRE exam, you need to plan your study schedule. The trick here is first to write out your vision. By this I mean, the scores you want to get for each subject you are writing and the GRE score required by your intending school.

Having these details in your study plan will make you committed to achieving it.

Now, the study plan is going to be daily since we have less than 3 weeks to write the exam. Every day there will be a portion to study.

Step 2: Get GRE Study Materials

You’ll need to start gathering your study materials. Some of the study materials are Kaplan’s Adaptive GRE Qbank. This gives questions and explanations. Also,  ETS’s Official Guide to the GRE book and  ETS’s Free PowerPrep Tests:

In the same vein, get complied practice questions, the one we recommend is from Kaplan, including online apps. Any material you can get hold of. Don’t be afraid to purchase some. With the right study materials, you can prepare for GRE in less time.

Step 3: Take a Class

Learning can be made faster when there is a tutor. The time you will use to understand a subject will be shortened. This may be an online or offline class depending on your preference.

You also get to cover the strategies and skills that you will need to succeed on the GRE, the things to study, and how to conduct yourself on the test date.

Step 4: Take Practice Tests

Taking a practice test helps you know the areas of weakness, and strength, and where to focus on.

Also, intermittently, as you study, take a practice test to see if you are improving or not.

The POWER PREP Test Preview Tool. This gives an overview of the test, the kind of questions to expect, and the tools available on the test day.

Likewise, ETS’ POWERPREP Online, Kaplan’s 4-hour GRE practice test, and  ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice provides free practice tests on actual GRE exams that are timed.

Taking these practice tests at the beginning of your GRE preparation will bring to your consciousness what you need to work on.

Step 5: Last Practice:

Five days or 10 days prior to the exam, retake a practice test on the ETS website. If you feel like you are not ready, cancel the registration so you don’t waste your registration fee.

Following these steps written above on how to prepare for the GRE exam in less than 3 weeks will give you a very good grade with less time study time. You pass the GRE Exam in less time.

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How To Apply for the GRE Exam?

Before we start with the registration, I hope we are aware that there are GRE subject tests that include 6 subjects namely: Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.

The GRE general test tests subjects comprising Verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Almost all top graduate schools take the general GRE exam.

Registration for the GRE exam is online. The GRE general test is written offline for the countries where the exam is not online for. The computer-based test is written all year round.

The application fee for the general GRE is $205 and the subject-based exam is $150.

To register, create an account on the ETS website. You may also apply by visiting the regional office in your state and filling out the application form manually.

Before you finish your test registration, review the test, test date, time, and test center location information. If any of the information on how to apply for the GRE exam is wrong or you want to change something, edit the test information.

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Sure Tips On How To Pass the GRE Exam

We will give you tips on how to pass the GRE exam. It will include tips that you will need both inside and outside of the examination as some of these things will affect you’re getting result.

Firstly, some students are not even allowed into the hall because their identification card doesn’t bear the name they used to register. Make sure they align. This is one of the things you should know when it comes to how to apply for the GRE exam.

Arrive at the exam venue early on. Once the test is started, no one is allowed in. Even those that are writing online, on your date, once the exam commences you can’t log in.

If before the exam you feel like you are not ready, feel free to reschedule or cancel the registration so you don’t forfeit the entire test fee. But, this must be done later than four days before the exam and 10 days in China.

You can take the GRE General Test once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period (365 days). This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously.

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Sample Study Plan to Pass GRE in 3 Weeks

As a giveaway for this post; here is a sample plan for you to use in studying for the GRE in 3 weeks. Make you know how to apply for the GRE exam correctly as it is the footnote to your passing.

Goals:Master’s degree from a major public university. Target scores are 154 Quantitative, 154 Verbal. Ph.D. in Management from a top national school. Target scores are 166 Quantitative, 158 Verbal.
Baseline scores:148 Quantitative, 150 Verbal148 Quantitative, 150 Verbal
Week 1Practice test + review, 4 days studying 3 hours per day Practice test + review, 2 GRE prep classes, 2 days studying for 3 hours
Week 2Very busy at work, 5 days studying for 3 hours2 GRE prep classes in 2 days, 3 days studying for 2 hours
Week 3Practice test+ review, 4 days studying for 3 hours2 GRE prep classes, 2 days studying for 3 hours, Practice test+ review
Week 4Week before exam practice test onlyWeek before exam practice test only

FAQ On How To Prepare For GRE Exam In Less Than 3 Weeks

It is very important and necessary to take practice tests. This gives you an overview of the kind of questions you will see in the GRE exam hall. It also gives a hint on the areas you need to study more on.

Lastly, you will go into the exam hall with confidence, as you have taken a timed test which is exactly as it is in the exam hall. The questions you will see also will not be strange.

There are many resources online you can download for free or GRE the paid resources. However, one of the trusted sites for the GRE study pack is Kaplan.

On the ETS website, some resources are there as well. They are the official GRE providers.

The GRE test score is valid for five years. This means you can use it for admission within a period of five years.


We have brought to you a simplified way how to prepare for the GRE exam in less than 3 weeks and still pass. The work is yours to be done, so, make hay while the sun shines. Don’t forget to get back to us in the comment section if this article helps you.


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