How To Start IELTS Coaching Center In 2022 | Full Guide

how to start IELTS coaching center

Before you think of starting an IELTS Coaching Center, there are certain things you need to do. In this article, we’ll be looking at the requirements and necessary steps to be taken before starting an IELTS Coaching Center.

According to the British Council, more than 5 million people across 140 countries take the IELTS each year. The cost to take the IELTS ranges from $215 – $250. Having an IELTS Coaching Center won’t be a bad idea after all!

Before we go on and on to list the steps to be taken in order to start an IELTS Coaching Center, it is important you know the duties of an IELTS teacher, the requirements to become an IELTS teacher, and how to get an IELTS teaching certificate. Stay with me!

What Do IELTS Teachers Do?

IELTS teachers equip students and candidates who intend to write the International English Language Testing System exam with the necessary knowledge.

This test is designed to assess the English language ability of non-native English language speakers and English speakers in some cases who want to further their studies or work in a native English-speaking country. This helps non-native English language speakers improve their English generally.

The four sections of the IELTS exam which are, Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking are designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication. Therefore, it is now the duty of IELTS teachers in IELTS centers to prepare the candidate for the exam.

There are two types of  IELTS:  Academic and General Training. Listening and Speaking are the same for both tests, but the subject matter of the Reading and Writing sections differs depending on which test you take. Academic training is designed for candidates who wish to further their studies while general training is designed for those who intend to migrate to a native English-speaking country for work or any other related reason.

Lastly, IELTS coaches are people who have the correct type of instruction to prepare candidates for IELTS exams. They teach students the right pronunciation of vowel sounds and English words in general. It, in effect, makes students communicate confidently, understand more, and write better English to pass the English test.


What are the Requirements to Become an IELTS Trainer?

Oftentimes, qualified and experienced ESL teachers often seek opportunities beyond their teaching routine. One of these opportunities is becoming an IELTS Examiner. It’s both financially and intrinsically satisfying. 

There are no strict requirements to become an IELTS teacher. But, basically, you should have a sufficient command of the English language. You can’t afford to teach what you don’t know to avoid messing yourself. Hence, it is only necessary that you are good enough to score at least a band 8 if you sit for IELTS yourself.

Although there is no prerequisite for IELTS trainers, it is very pertinent that IELTS trainers undergo some form of English language training.

Also, aspiring IELT trainers can practice with past IELT exam papers. In addition, reading good IELT books and visiting the Cambridge English Teacher platform to take online IELT training courses will be highly valuable.

Succinctly put, to become an IELTS trainer, you need to have a good grasp of the English Language, a sense of responsibility, commitment to teaching, and particularly consistency.

Full Guide On How Start IELTS Coaching Center

After you must have gained the necessary knowledge and qualifications to teach IELTS, the next step might be knowing how to start IELTS Coaching Center. An IELTS Coaching Center represents a place or forum where intended IELTS candidates are taught and trained for the IELTS exam. To set up a standard IELTS center, there are certain steps to be taken.

The key requirements for an IELTS Coaching Center are;

  • Trained Teaching Staff
  • Spacious Study Environment
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Strong Marketing
  • Active Management

Trained Teaching Staff

In order to sustain the idea of setting up an IELTS Coaching Center, you need the services of well-trained teaching staff. With a trained teaching staff, your candidates will perform well in the test and their amazing performances will speak volumes which will, in turn, bring more students to your center.

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Spacious Study Environment

If you want to set up an IELTS study center, you need to consider the environment and location. It will be in your best interest if you set up the IELTS Coaching center in a place where students can learn comfortably. This will help the overall learning process.

Audio-Visual Equipment

In addition, you need to get audio-visual learning equipment to facilitate the teaching and learning process. With audio-visual equipment, students will get more involved and practical in the learning process. It will help in the reading, writing, speaking, and listening sections of the test.

Strong Marketing

In order to gain a good number of students, you have to engage in strong marketing services. This will help you publicize and advertise the services you render. Without strong marketing, you won’t get enough students to teach.

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Active Management

While the first 4 points might be easy to figure out, most IELTS institutes considerably lack proper management is one of the factors, that differentiates a good IELTS institute from an amateur one. Therefore, it is very vital you put proper management in place. To solve the problem of management, you can use the software – Your Class Manager.

Therefore, I’d like to recommend a software solution to the IELTS management problem:

Your Class Manager:

This software helps in keeping the daily tasks of an IELTS institute such as fee collection, attendance, progress tracking, etc under your control. The software is an online SaaS App and just like you log in to Facebook, you can log in and control your institute from end-to-end using Your Class Manager.

Its key features include;

  • Dashboard
  • Admission Manager
  • Fee Manager
  • Track Student Progress
  • Attendance Manager
  • Send SMS Notifications

Most IELTS coaching Centers start with a small batch of 5-10 students and grow upwards while some IELTS Coaching Centers hit it big. Whichever way, the idea is to get the necessary facilities in place and take it up gradually. A well-set-up IELTS Coaching Center will always grow in strength as time goes by.

FAQs On How To Start IELTS Coaching Center

The key requirements for an IELTS Coaching Center are; Trained Teaching Staff, Spacious Study Environment, Audio-Visual Equipment, Strong Marketing, and Active Management.

There are no strict requirements to become an IELTS teacher. But, basically, you should have a sufficient command of the English language.

IELTS teachers equip students and candidates who intend to write the International English Language Testing System exam with the necessary knowledge.

To become an IELTS coach you need to satisfy the following:

  • A TEFL/TESOL qualification from a recognised institution (certificate level or above).
  • A degree in education (if supported by an undergraduate degree which includes studies focused on English Language).
  • Substantial relevant teaching experience, the majority of which must relate to adult students (16 years and over).


We hope, we provide you with the relevant information you are searching for. All the above-mentioned are the basic requirements to start an IELTS coaching center. Cheers!

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