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Download IELTS Past Questions & Answers For 2021 | PDF


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IELTS has become one of the most popular English language assessment tests taken by study abroad aspirants. A recent report shows that a total of 3.5 million tests were taken in the year 2018 alone.

As you may already know, it is not an easy task to pass the IELTS test for either Academics or General. And, there is absolutely no form of refund for as many times as you register, write the exam, and fail. But practicing with this updated IELTS past questions and answers means writing the IELTS exam in 2021 once.

Fortunately, it costs almost nothing to get a copy. If you follow the step below, you’ll get a copy in less than one hour.

Pay the sum of Four thousand Five Hundred Naira into this bank detail to get a copy of IELTS Past Questions and Answers immediately.

Account Name: Silicon Africa Tech Limited
Account Number: 0546392167
Bank Name: GT BANK
CONTACT DETAILS: 07012040283

If you would like to download the past questions with your ATM card, click on the button below:

What is the Nature of the IELTS Examination?

The first step to success in any examination is understanding its nature. In fact, it is only by understanding its nature that you will be able to know how best to study.

Actually, IELTS can be taken on Paper or Computer: The paper-based test requires you as a candidate to sit at a desk with the question papers and answer sheets for the Reading, Listening, and Writing tests in an official IELTS test center. You will write their answers in either pen or HB-pencils. The Speaking test is carried out face-to-face with a trained IELTS examiner. 

On the other hand, the computer test requires you as a candidate to sit the Reading, Listening and Writing tests in front of a computer with the questions presented on the screen in an official IELTS test center. You then submit your answers through the use of a keyboard and a mouse. The Speaking test is not on the computer and is carried out face-to-face with a trained IELTS examiner. 

Furthermore, the IELTS test is in two categories

  • Academics
  • General

The Academic test is the IELTS test you take for proof of English proficiency when you want to study abroad while the General Test is for proof of English proficiency for those who want to work abroad.

The two tests are different when it comes to reading writing, and speaking. Listening, on the other hand, is the same for both Academics and General.

Therefore, the IELTS past questions and answers PDF file for Academic is different from that of General. However, their audio files are the same.

Why You Should Get the IELTS Examination Past Questions

The IELTS exam costs about $225. However, this is subject to change. Be sure to inquire about fees and other details with your nearest testing center in advance.

The exam fee is such a large amount of money that you don’t want to pay twice for. This is the major reason why you need this pack. It pays more to pay the token to get the comprehensive and updated IELTS past questions and answers now and pass the exam once than to resit for the exam and pay twice. Over 70 percent of applicants each year who sit and pass this exam all attest to the fact that the IELTS past questions and answers was of great help to a great extent.

So, you need this study pack to pass your exams with flying colors. Basically, over 80% of the questions you will encounter in the exam hall will be familiar and easily answered if you study with the past questions and answers.

Hence, downloading the IELTS examination past questions and answers is not just necessary but your best bet to ensuring you don’t pay the registration fee twice.

How to Download the IELTS Examination Past Questions and Answers PDF

The IELTS Past Questions and Answers cost N4,500 for your subject combination and to get it, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Select Your Payment Method

There are three methods of purchasing our original IELTS past questions and answers. They are:

Debit card,
Bank Transfer, and
Direct Bank Deposit.

Debit Card Payments

Simply click your preferred button to download the IELTS Past Questions and Answers in either naira or dollar.

Bank Transfer & Direct Bank Deposit

For other payment methods above (Bank Transfer & Direct Bank Deposit), you’ll be paying into the account details below:

Account Name: Silicon Africa Tech Limited
Account Number: 0546392167
Bank Name: GT BANK

STEP 2: Confirmation of Payment

If you choose the Debit Card option, you’ll get a PDF file downloaded to your device immediately.

If you choose Direct Bank deposit or transfer take a screenshot or picture of your payment and send to the WhatsApp number or email below:

WHATSAPP NUMBER: 07012040283

Sitting for other Professional Exams? Download Other Professional Exams Past Questions and Answers Here.

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