300+ Ireland Trivia Questions and Answers | History and Facts

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Discover the cool stories of Ireland’s history and present with our 300+ fun trivia questions and answers! You will learn awesome things about this magical place, from old stories to the recent developments in this country.

Guess what? Ireland has more than 30,000 castles, and each one has ancient tales to tell! Let’s explore the exciting history of Ireland together – from olden times to today!

Join us in unraveling the charm and mystery of Ireland through a fun-filled exploration of facts and history with our questions.

Ireland trivia awaits your curious mind!

Easy Trivia Ireland Questions and Answers

Discover Ireland with fun and simple trivia! Answer easy questions about Irish culture, history, and landmarks. From famous poets to iconic castles, it’s a delightful way to learn about the Emerald Isle’s fascinating facts.

  1. The capital city of Ireland? Dublin
  2. Famous Irish stout? Guinness
  3. Traditional Irish dance? Riverdance
  4. Irish flag colors? Green, white, orange
  5. Largest Irish River? Shannon
  6. Irish symbol associated with luck? Shamrock
  7. Famous Irish rock band? U2
  8. Traditional Irish bread? Soda bread
  9. Ireland’s patron saint? St. Patrick
  10. Irish folklore creature? Leprechaun
  11. Ireland’s highest peak? Carrauntoohil
  12. The official language of Ireland? Irish (Gaelic)
  13. Famous Irish writer of “Ulysses”? James Joyce
  14. Irish national sport? Hurling
  15. Irish currency? Euro
  16. Popular Irish holiday in March? St. Patrick’s Day
  17. Ireland’s northernmost point? Malin Head
  18. Irish Oscar-winning actor? Daniel Day-Lewis
  19. Ireland’s nickname? Emerald Isle
  20. Irish whiskey brand? Jameson

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Hard Trivia Ireland Questions and Answers

Challenge yourself with these tough Ireland trivia questions and answers. Explore intricate details of Irish history, literature, and geography.

From obscure facts to deep cultural insights, these questions will test your knowledge and take you on a rewarding journey through Ireland’s complexities.

  1. Site of the 1916 Easter Rising? General Post Office (GPO)
  2. Irish revolutionary leader executed in 1916? James Connolly
  3. Irish president with the longest term (14 years)? Éamon de Valera
  4. UNESCO City of Literature in Ireland? Dublin
  5. Irish physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1951? Ernest Walton
  6. Oldest university in Ireland? Trinity College Dublin
  7. Irish poet known for “The Second Coming”? W.B. Yeats
  8. Dublin-born writer of “Dracula”? Bram Stoker
  9. Irishman who founded the Argentine navy? William Brown
  10. Traditional Irish singing style? Sean-nós
  11. Founder of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA)? Michael Cusack
  12. Irish explorer who discovered Australia? Thomas Keneally
  13. Irish famine memorial in Boston? The Boston Irish Famine Memorial
  14. Irish architect of the White House? James Hoban
  15. Irish river known for its dark peaty water? Blackwater
  16. First woman president of Ireland? Mary Robinson
  17. Ireland’s largest island? Achill Island
  18. Irish mythological hero and warrior? Cú Chulainn
  19. Irish writer of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”? Oscar Wilde
  20. Dublin-born playwright and Nobel laureate? Samuel Beckett

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Kid-Friendly Ireland Trivia Quiz

Get ready for a super fun Ireland trivia quiz made just for kids! Answer easy questions about Ireland’s awesome culture, history, and special places. Let the adventure begin!

  1. Famous animated leprechaun in a cereal? Lucky Charms
  2. Ireland’s favorite bedtime snack? Irish Toast
  3. Colorful rock formation in Northern Ireland? Giant’s Causeway
  4. Irish dance with fast footwork? Riverdance
  5. Cartoon dog with an Irish accent? McGruff the Crime Dog
  6. Ireland’s mythical pots of gold location? End of the Rainbow
  7. Irish celebration with parades? St. Patrick’s Day
  8. The animated film about a magic forest in Ireland? “Song of the Sea”
  9. Irish festival featuring traditional music? Fleadh Cheoil
  10. Dublin’s famous castle? Dublin Castle
  11. Green-clad mischief-maker in folklore? Leprechaun
  12. Irish symbol of love and friendship? Claddagh Ring
  13. Irish singer known for “The Cranberries”? Dolores O’Riordan
  14. Animated movie about a young red-haired princess? “Brave”
  15. Irish dance shoes with hard tips? Ghillies
  16. Ireland’s friendly ghost in literature? Casper
  17. Irish Lake with a legendary monster? Lough Ness
  18. Animated leprechaun in a Disney film? Darby O’Gill (from “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”)
  19. Irish children’s author of “Artemis Fowl”? Eoin Colfer
  20. Famous Irish puppet twins? Bosco and Boscaí

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Trivia Ireland Questions about Pop Culture

Have a blast with Ireland pop culture trivia! Answer questions about cool Irish music, movies, and famous people. From catchy tunes to awesome films, these questions make learning about Ireland’s pop scene loads of fun for everyone!

  1. Irish rock band with hits like “With or Without You”? U2
  2. Famous Irish actor who portrayed James Bond? Pierce Brosnan
  3. Irish singer known for “Take Me to Church”? Hozier
  4. Irish actress in “Brooklyn” and “Lady Bird”? Saoirse Ronan
  5. Irish folk-pop band with songs like “Breakeven”? The Script
  6. Dublin-set musical film featuring Glen Hansard? “Once”
  7. Irish comedian and TV host of “The Late Late Show”? Ryan Tubridy
  8. Irish TV series about a group of friends in Dublin? “Normal People”
  9. Irish animated film about a girl and a selkie? “Song of the Sea”
  10. Irish actor in “In Bruges” and “Seven Psychopaths”? Colin Farrell
  11. Irish author of “Angela’s Ashes”? Frank McCourt
  12. Irish director of the film “Room”? Lenny Abrahamson
  13. Irish actress in “The Tudors” and “Vikings”? Katheryn Winnick
  14. Irish music festival held annually in Stradbally? Electric Picnic
  15. Irish singer-songwriter with hits like “The A-Team”? Ed Sheeran
  16. Irish actor known for playing Professor X in X-Men? James McAvoy
  17. Irish animated film featuring a red-haired princess? “The Secret of Kells”
  18. Irish actor in “Harry Potter” as Mad-Eye Moody? Brendan Gleeson
  19. Irish musician and former member of The Corrs? Andrea Corr
  20. Irish comedian known for “Derry Girls”? Tommy Tiernan

Ireland Trivia Questions on General Knowledge

This is a very easy trivia on general knowledge about Ireland. Answer questions about history, geography, and famous people. It’s a fun way to learn interesting facts about Ireland, making it enjoyable for everyone!

  1. Ireland’s currency before the Euro? Irish Pound
  2. Ireland’s largest lake? Lough Neagh
  3. Irish Prime Minister, also known as Taoiseach? Micheál Martin
  4. Ireland’s national airline? Aer Lingus
  5. Irish Literary Prize founded in 1995? IMPAC Dublin Literary Award
  6. Famous Irish architect of St. Patrick’s Cathedral? James Hoban
  7. Ireland’s second-largest city? Cork
  8. Irish rock band known for “Zombie”? The Cranberries
  9. Ireland’s longest river? River Shannon
  10. Irish folk dance with quick footwork? Jig
  11. Irish Nobel laureate poet in 1923? W.B. Yeats
  12. Ireland’s ancient burial tombs? Newgrange
  13. Irish revolutionary leader executed in 1916? Padraig Pearse
  14. Irish island with a famous pilgrimage site? Skellig Michael
  15. Ireland’s famous coastal driving route? Wild Atlantic Way
  16. Irish writer of “Dubliners” and “Ulysses”? James Joyce
  17. Ireland’s largest university? University College Dublin (UCD)
  18. Irish whiskey region in the south? Cork
  19. Irish president, who served two terms in the 1970s? Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh
  20. Ireland’s first satellite launched in 2015? EIRSAT-1

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Ireland Trivia Questions and Answers on Geography and History

These easy trivia questions on Geography and History will help us explore Ireland! Answer fun and simple questions about ancient places, famous landmarks, and important events. It’s a great way to learn cool facts about Ireland!

  1. Oldest city in Ireland? Waterford
  2. Irish battle in 1014 led by Brian Boru? Battle of Clontarf
  3. Irish island with puffin colonies? Skellig Michael
  4. Irish port city famous for the Titanic’s departure? Cobh
  5. Ireland’s westernmost point? Dunmore Head
  6. Irish leader during the 1916 Easter Rising? Padraig Pearse
  7. Northern Ireland’s capital? Belfast
  8. Irish ancient ritual site in County Meath? Tara
  9. Ireland’s longest mountain range? MacGillycuddy’s Reeks
  10. County known as the “Kingdom”? Kerry
  11. Irish explorer who discovered Newfoundland? John Cabot
  12. Ireland’s first president? Douglas Hyde
  13. Irish city with medieval city walls? Kilkenny
  14. County hosting the Giant’s Causeway? Antrim
  15. Irish War of Independence leader? Michael Collins
  16. Ireland’s southernmost point? Mizen Head
  17. Irish uprising against British rule in 1798? Rebellion of 1798
  18. County hosting the Cliffs of Moher? Clare
  19. Irish province without a land border? Munster
  20. Hill of Tara is associated with which ancient Irish kingship? High Kingship

Ireland Politics Trivia Questions and Answers

Discover Ireland’s political world with easy trivia questions! Answer simple questions about leaders, events, and government. It’s a fun way to learn about how Ireland is run and the people who make important decisions!

  1. Ireland’s center-right political party? Fine Gael
  2. First female president of Ireland (1990-1997)? Mary Robinson
  3. Sinn Féin leader as of 2022? Mary Lou McDonald
  4. Number of houses in the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament)? 2 (Dáil Éireann and Seanad Éireann)
  5. Irish revolutionary leader and statesman in the 20th century? Éamon de Valera
  6. Ireland’s Prime Minister as of 2022? Micheál Martin
  7. Political party advocating for Irish reunification? Sinn Féin
  8. The official residence of the President of Ireland? Áras an Uachtaráin
  9. Irish voting system for presidential elections? Single Transferable Vote (STV)
  10. Year of the Good Friday Agreement? 1998
  11. Minister responsible for foreign affairs in Ireland? Minister for Foreign Affairs
  12. Irish proclamation declaring independence in 1916? Proclamation of the Irish Republic
  13. Irish policy of neutrality in international conflicts? Irish Neutrality
  14. Left-wing political party founded in 1912? Labour Party
  15. Term for Ireland’s gradual independence process? Home Rule
  16. The symbol on the Presidential Standard of Ireland? Harp
  17. Age requirement for a candidate in the Irish presidential election? 35 years
  18. Irish revolutionary leader executed in 1916? Padraig Pearse
  19. Title of the head of the Irish Senate? Cathaoirleach (Chairperson)
  20. Agreement leading to power-sharing in Northern Ireland? Good Friday Agreement

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Trivia Ireland Quiz for Immigrants

Enjoy a special Ireland trivia quiz just for immigrants! Answer easy questions about Irish customs, traditions, and famous places.

It’s a fun way to learn more about your new home and feel connected to Ireland!

  1. Largest Irish River? River Shannon
  2. Famous Irish celebration in March? St. Patrick’s Day
  3. Traditional Irish dance with fast footwork? Riverdance
  4. Ireland’s nickname? Emerald Isle
  5. Irish symbol associated with luck? Shamrock
  6. The capital city of Ireland? Dublin
  7. Traditional Irish bread? Soda bread
  8. Irish currency? Euro
  9. Famous Irish stout? Guinness
  10. Irish folklore creature known for hiding gold? Leprechaun
  11. Ireland’s national sport? Hurling
  12. Irish Nobel laureate poet? Seamus Heaney
  13. The official language of Ireland? Irish (Gaelic)
  14. Ireland’s famous rock band? U2
  15. Irish festival with music and arts in County Laois? Electric Picnic
  16. Irish actor known for “In Bruges”? Colin Farrell
  17. Ireland’s second-largest city? Cork
  18. Irish explorer who discovered Australia? Thomas Keneally
  19. Irish literary figure who wrote “Dracula”? Bram Stoker
  20. Ireland’s patron saint? St. Patrick

Ireland Trivia Questions and Answers for Students

You can engage students with this Ireland trivia! These questions cover a range of topics—history, geography, and culture. From famous writers to landmarks, students can explore Ireland’s fascinating details, making learning both enjoyable and educational.

  1. Ireland’s easternmost county? Dublin
  2. Famous Irish playwright of “The Importance of Being Earnest”? Oscar Wilde
  3. Irish astronaut who spent 161 days in space? Chris Hadfield
  4. Ireland’s largest national park in County Kerry? Killarney National Park
  5. Dublin-born author of the “Artemis Fowl” series? Eoin Colfer
  6. Irish bridge connecting Dublin’s north and south sides? Ha’penny Bridge
  7. Irish mathematician known for Boolean algebra? George Boole
  8. Ireland’s traditional handball-like sport? Gaelic Handball
  9. Irish folk instrument often seen in traditional music? Tin Whistle
  10. Dublin’s famous literary pub district? Temple Bar
  11. Irish female pirate queen in the 16th century? Grace O’Malley
  12. Ireland’s oldest University, founded in 1592? Trinity College Dublin
  13. Irish female president from 1997 to 2011? Mary McAleese
  14. Irish children’s TV show featuring Bosco? “Bosco”
  15. Traditional Irish boats used for fishing? Currach
  16. Irish engineer known for designing the Titanic? Thomas Andrews
  17. Ireland’s famous limestone region in the Burren? The Burren
  18. Irish traditional farmhouse cheese? Cashel Blue
  19. Dublin’s iconic theatre for plays and performances? The Abbey Theatre
  20. Irish festival celebrating the arrival of summer? Bealtaine

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Music and Literature Trivia Ireland Quiz

Explore Ireland’s awesome music and literature with this easy trivia quiz! Answer simple questions about famous literature authors and musicians. It’s a fun way to learn about the cool beats and amazing words that make Ireland special!

  1. Irish rock band known for “Sunday Bloody Sunday”? U2
  2. Author of “Dubliners” and “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”? James Joyce
  3. Irish singer-songwriter with hits like “Galway Girl”? Ed Sheeran
  4. Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet of “The Tower”? W.B. Yeats
  5. Irish folk band with the hit “Fisherman’s Blues”? The Waterboys
  6. Author of the Artemis Fowl series? Eoin Colfer
  7. Irish singer known for “Nothing Compares 2 U”? Sinéad O’Connor
  8. Irish writer of “Dracula”? Bram Stoker
  9. Lead singer of The Cranberries? Dolores O’Riordan
  10. Irish playwright of “Waiting for Godot”? Samuel Beckett
  11. Irish singer-songwriter, “The Lonesome Boatman”? Finbar Furey
  12. Author of “Angela’s Ashes”? Frank McCourt
  13. Irish rock band with hits like “Zombie”? The Cranberries
  14. Irish novelist of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”? Oscar Wilde
  15. Lead vocalist of the Irish band Snow Patrol? Gary Lightbody
  16. Irish poet known for “The Second Coming”? W.B. Yeats
  17. Irish singer and member of Boyzone? Ronan Keating
  18. Author of “The Commitments”? Roddy Doyle
  19. Irish musician known for playing the uilleann pipes? Liam O’Flynn
  20. Irish writer of “Brooklyn”? Colm Tóibín

Cars and Sports Ireland Trivia Questions and Answers

Get ready for a fun ride through Ireland’s cars and sports trivia! Answer easy questions about famous athletes, cool teams, and awesome cars. It’s a super exciting way to learn about Ireland’s sports and automotive scene!

  1. Irish carmaker known for the DeLorean? DeLorean Motor Company
  2. Ireland’s national sport played with a small ball and a stick? Hurling
  3. Dublin-based soccer team in the League of Ireland? Shamrock Rovers
  4. Irish Formula 1 driver with the nickname “Flying Finn”? Kimi Räikkönen
  5. Irish boxer who became a world champion in 2015? Andy Lee
  6. Popular Irish golf course hosting the Ryder Cup in 2006? The K Club
  7. Irish rugby team competing in the Six Nations? Ireland (Irish Rugby Football Union)
  8. Irish rally driver, four-time World Rally Champion? Sébastien Loeb
  9. Dublin’s iconic stadium hosting Gaelic football and hurling? Croke Park
  10. Irish professional footballer known for his time at LA Galaxy? Robbie Keane
  11. Irish cyclist who won the Tour de France in 1987? Stephen Roche
  12. Irish jockey with multiple wins at the Grand National? Ruby Walsh
  13. Irish racecourse hosting the Galway Races? Ballybrit Racecourse
  14. Irish soccer team’s nickname in green jerseys? The Boys in Green
  15. Irish Olympic gold medalist in boxing at London 2012? Katie Taylor
  16. Irish motorsport event held in County Donegal? Donegal International Rally
  17. Irish professional footballer nicknamed “Super Kev”? Kevin Doyle
  18. Irish sports commentator, known for his horse racing coverage? Ted Walsh
  19. Irish soccer stadium in Belfast? Windsor Park
  20. Irish-American UFC fighter, former featherweight and lightweight champion? Conor McGregor

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Ireland Trivia Quiz on Health

Discover Ireland’s health secrets with this easy trivia quiz! Answer simple questions about health and wellness traditions, medical facts, and healthy habits in Ireland. It’s a fun way to learn how the Irish stay healthy and happy!

  1. Traditional Irish dish with mashed potatoes and cabbage? Colcannon
  2. Irish government health insurance program? Medical Card
  3. Major Dublin hospital and medical school? St. James’s Hospital
  4. Irish seaweed-based skincare brand? Voya
  5. Irish health initiative promoting physical activity? Operation Transformation
  6. Irish term for a general practitioner? GP (General Practitioner)
  7. A national program providing free dental care for children? PRSI Dental Scheme
  8. Irish company known for Botox production? Allergan
  9. County Clare destination known for holistic health? Dromoland Castle
  10. Irish anti-smoking initiative? QUIT
  11. Irish martial art involving stick-fighting? Bataireacht
  12. A major maternity hospital in Dublin? The Rotunda Hospital
  13. Famous Irish spa town with mineral-rich waters? Lisdoonvarna
  14. Irish organization promoting mental health awareness? See Change
  15. Traditional Irish healing practice using herbal remedies? Seanfhear
  16. Annual Irish campaign for breast cancer awareness? Paint it Pink
  17. Ireland’s annual 5k charity run? Operation Transformation 5K
  18. Irish organization addressing alcohol misuse? Alcohol Action Ireland
  19. Irish Foundation supporting heart health research? Irish Heart Foundation
  20. Irish initiative promoting a smoke-free workplace? QUIT4Life

Ireland Trivia Questions and Answers on Science and Technology

Test your knowledge of groundbreaking discoveries, technological advancements, and notable Irish contributions. From inventors to innovations, these questions about Science and Technology offer a captivating exploration of Ireland’s influence in this field.

  1. First Irish woman in space? Dr. Niamh Shaw
  2. Ireland’s national space agency? None (Ireland does not have a space agency)
  3. Irish-born scientist, who discovered the element rhodium? William Hyde Wollaston
  4. Irish Nobel laureate physicist known for the discovery of the neutron? Ernest Walton
  5. Irish technology entrepreneur, co-founder of Stripe? Patrick Collison
  6. Irish university with a strong focus on science and technology? Dublin City University (DCU)
  7. Dublin-based science and technology museum? Science Gallery Dublin
  8. Irish mathematician and logician, who developed Boolean algebra? George Boole
  9. Irish computer scientist, a key contributor to the development of C and Unix? Dennis Ritchie
  10. Ireland’s largest research funding agency? Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
  11. Irish chemist awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951? Ernest Walton
  12. Irish-born astronomer known for his observations of double stars? William Parsons, 3rd Earl of Rosse
  13. Irish innovation hub and co-working space in Dublin? Dogpatch Labs
  14. Irish geneticist known for his work on the Human Genome Project? Maurice Wilkins
  15. Irish company known for its energy-efficient LED lighting solutions? Nualight
  16. Irish physicist and Nobel laureate who worked on wave mechanics? E.T.S. Walton
  17. Irish technology conference held annually in Dublin? Web Summit
  18. Irish engineer and inventor of the modern tractor? Harry Ferguson
  19. Irish software company known for its project management tools? Teamwork
  20. The Irish-born mathematician who contributed to the development of computer science? John von Neumann

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Fashion and Design Ireland Trivia Questions

Have fun exploring these easy Ireland quiz questions on fashion and design! Answer simple questions about stylish designers, cool trends, and awesome creations. It’s a fantastic way to discover the chic side of Ireland!

  1. Irish fashion designer known for his elaborate couture creations? John Galliano
  2. Dublin-born fashion designer, creative director for Louis Vuitton? Marc Jacobs
  3. Irish fashion retailer with a focus on sportswear and athleisure? O’Neill’s
  4. Irish fashion designer and founder of the Simone Rocha brand? Simone Rocha
  5. Traditional Irish woven fabric often used in fashion? Tweed
  6. Irish fashion designer, creative director for Alexander McQueen? Sarah Burton
  7. Irish jewelry designer known for the Claddagh Ring? Richard Joyce
  8. Irish fashion designer, founder of the Joanne Hynes brand? Joanne Hynes
  9. Dublin-based department store known for its luxury fashion? Brown Thomas
  10. Irish fashion designer famous for her knitwear designs? Louise Kennedy
  11. County Kerry town known for its annual fashion festival? Dingle
  12. Irish handbag designer with a popular Orla Kiely brand? Orla Kiely
  13. Irish fashion retailer specializing in vintage and second-hand clothes? Siopaella
  14. Irish fashion designer and judge on “Project Runway Ireland”? Una Burke
  15. Irish fashion designer, known for her sustainable fashion approach? Natalie B. Coleman
  16. Irish eyewear company known for its stylish frames? O’Sullivan Optical
  17. Irish fashion magazine focusing on trends and style? IMAGE
  18. Irish designer label founded by Paul Costelloe? Paul Costelloe
  19. Irish fashion and lifestyle brand, founded by Pippa O’Connor? POCO by Pippa
  20. Irish textile artist known for her innovative knitwear designs? Úna Burke

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Ireland Trivia Facts

Learn cool facts about Ireland with these easy trivia tidbits! From famous places to interesting details, these facts show how awesome and unique Ireland is. It’s a fun way to discover more about this amazing country!

  1. Ireland’s official languages? Irish (Gaelic) and English
  2. The tallest mountain in Ireland? Carrauntoohil
  3. Ireland’s oldest university? Trinity College Dublin
  4. Irish flag colors symbolize? Green for Catholics, orange for Protestants, white for peace.
  5. Number of counties in Ireland? 32
  6. Famous Irish rock band formed in 1976? The Boomtown Rats
  7. Ireland’s largest island? Achill Island
  8. Irish province known for its rugged coastline? Connacht
  9. Ireland’s highest pub? The Ponderosa in County Tyrone
  10. Famous Irish castle hosting the Blarney Stone? Blarney Castle
  11. Dublin’s iconic river? River Liffey
  12. Ireland’s currency before the Euro? Irish Pound
  13. County known as the “Garden of Ireland”? Wicklow
  14. Irish traditional boat? Currach
  15. Ireland’s patron saint? St. Patrick
  16. Irish symbol of love and friendship? Claddagh Ring
  17. Ireland’s most famous pilgrimage site? Croagh Patrick
  18. Irish island with a famous bird sanctuary? Skellig Michael
  19. Dublin’s famous brewery? Guinness Brewery
  20. Ireland’s mythical female spirit? Banshee

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What is Ireland best known for?

Ireland is famous for its gorgeous, diverse landscapes. It’s known as the Emerald Isle for good reason.

How old is Ireland’s history?

Since that first human settlement in 6000 BC Ireland has had many periods of invasion and change in its civilian populations. This rich history and heritage have helped to shape Ireland (both north and south) into the unique country it is today.

Who was in Ireland first?

The earliest confirmed inhabitants of Ireland were Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, who arrived sometime around 7900 BCE.

How did Ireland get its name?

Between ancient history and the famous country, the name Ireland originates from the old Irish word Eire for “land of abundance” and “fertile land”. The word has also been derived from the Goddess Eriu who was a heroic figure and queen in Irish mythology.

What is the national symbol of Ireland?

The official State emblems of Ireland are the Harp and the Shamrock. The National Flag is not a State emblem but is protected under the Irish Constitution.


So, there you have it – Ireland’s amazing history in a nutshell! From ancient stories to modern wonders, the journey through 300+ Ireland trivia questions was quite a ride.

We hope you had fun discovering the charm of Ireland. Stay curious, and who knows what fascinating facts you’ll uncover next?