NDLEA Recruitment Test Past Questions and Answer


Every organization is in search of the best fit to suit its vision. One way to choose the best fit is to organize a screening exercise. This makes it totally impossible for you to work for NDLEA without sitting for their recruitment test.

Every year, NDLEA receives tons of applications from eligible candidates. But, most people do not understand the mission statement of the organization while others just want a job. This makes it very necessary for a recruitment test to be held for shortlisted candidates.

While the test is difficult to pass, it is still possible if you prepare rightly and with the right materials. In fact, to even be interested, you must understand the organization, its vision, and its mission. The next step is to make sure you prove how employable you are bypassing the test.

Are you really employable? What exactly do you know about being a staff of NDLEA? Get a copy of the NDLEA recruitment test past questions and answers immediately.

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What is NDLEA Recruitment Test?

NDLEA recruitment test is one of the screening processes employed by the NDLEA in staff recruitment. All shortlisted applicants are mandated to write this test.

Because NDLEA is a Nigerian agency interested in eradicating the growing, processing, and even trafficking of hard drugs, candidates must be screened to find out if they truly understand the roles they have applied for.

For the NDLEA, getting an invitation is just an opportunity for candidates to prove they are the best fit for the organization. So, getting an invitation is great but securing the job should be your topmost priority.

And it is absolutely possible if you prepare for this exam with the NDLEA Recruitment Test past questions and answers.

Once you get an invitation, prove how qualified and employable you are for the role. In fact, if you study with these past questions, just arrive at the venue on time, brew confidence, and do justice to all questions.

Applying to more than one organization? See all past questions and answers for the recruitment test.

What is the Nature of the NDLEA Recruitment Test?

To sit for a recruitment test and pass is no piece of cake. People who can do that usually, understand the nature of the exam and prepare rightly for it.

It is important you know how to prepare and what to prepare with if you must excel in the NDLEA recruitment test. Below, is a summary of the NDLEA recruitment test;

  • Only eligible candidates can sit for the recruitment test.
  • The NDLEA recruitment test comprises four sections
  • You will answer questions from mathematics in section one
  • In section two, you will answer English Language questions
  • The third section will require you to answer general questions on drugs, their usage, and abuse
  • The fourth section comprises current affairs questions
  • General and Current affairs questions may cut across engineering, medical, and general test on the knowledge of drugs
  • If you pass this test, you may be invited for an interview
  • To increase your chances of passing, you need the NDLEA recruitment test past questions and answers.

Why Should I get NDLEA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Study Pack?

NDLEA is a federal agency with a federal salary structure. Once the application portal is re-opened, hundreds of thousands of people send in applications. The recruitment test is to sieve out those who don’t deserve a place in the organization.

So, you can’t risk losing the opportunity of landing a job once you get a test invite. A second one may not suffice. Only students who pass this test, will qualify for the next stage.

Over the years, NDLEA’s past questions and answers show that questions are usually repeated from previous tests. Getting a copy of NDLEA’s past questions simply means you are 70 percent ready for the test. The rest of the preparation lies in your ability to study past questions and answers intentionally.

The past questions will also help you critically analyze every question to understand the logic behind it and how best to answer the questions to meet the examiner’s expectations.

How do I get the NDLEA Recruitment test Past Questions and Answers?

The NDLEA past question cost N2,000 and to get it, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Select Your Payment Method

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If you choose Direct Bank deposit, make payment to the account details above, then send the following information to the phone number or email below:

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