Easy Steps On How To Pass The UBA Aptitude Test In 2022

Easy Steps on How to Pass the UBA Aptitude Test
Easy Steps on How to Pass the UBA Aptitude Test

If you have submitted your UBA recruitment application and you are preparing yourself in case you will be called for the UBA Aptitude Test, My question is, How sure are you that you will scale through when invited? Even If you are sure or not too sure, You can avail yourself of the opportunity to check out these Easy Steps on How to Pass the UBA Aptitude Test and you will be glad you did.

UBA is among the leading banks in Nigeria and it will end in hot tears for you if you have the hack that can help you work with them and you just let it slip through your finger. With these steps, you can be sure of moving to the next stage which is the interview stage.

I will advise you carefully read this post word to word without skimming because here you will get relevant information on how the UBA Aptitude test works, Format, and even hack on how to pass the UBA bank aptitude test.

Read on!

About UBA Bank

UBA which is known as United Bank for Africa Plc is a Nigerian pan-African financial services provider founded in 1949. Its headquarter is in Lagos Nigeria.

UBA has subsidiaries in 20 African countries and offices in some of the top world countries like London, Paris, and New York.

Currently, this leading bank group’s financial assets are valued at NGN:5,604 billion (US$14.6 billion), with shareholders’ equity of NGN:597.97 billion (US$1.56 billion) with over 13,355 staff of which 9,787 were Nigerians.

Why Does UBA Bank Conduct Aptitude Test?

Just like other establishments and organizations, UBA Bank sees aptitude test exercises as tools used for selecting the best personalities to work for them.

Every recruitment year, the bank receives thousands of applications. These applications are majorly from people with high educational qualifications and even experience which if all are considered can bring congestion to the bank system.

So as a way of avoiding that and also selecting the right candidates for the right jobs, they use aptitude tests to shortlist applicants.

This not only saves them time but also provides a cost-effective means of getting the best. With the Aptitude test, the applicant’s performance is evaluated and assessed both in the way he/she reasons or thinks.

On the other way round, as an applicant, this is the only time you can express and display your skills and ascertain if you can make it to the interview stage.

What Is The Nature Of the UBA Bank Aptitude Test?

Generally, Aptitude tests come in different formats- numerical, verbal, abstract, spatial, mechanical, personality, etc. and are usually timed, so the faster (and more correct) you are, the higher your chance of being shortlisted.

For UBA, the aptitude test format changes often time, but the pattern and test difficulty basically do not change. It usually involves Numerical ability tests, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal ability test, and Diagrammatic reasoning ability.

Another thing you must note is that the Bank uses a computer-based test system. That means you must be computer literate first.

In total, candidates are expected to answer 100 questions. There are 4 sections. what this implies is that applicants will answer 25 questions each from the Numerical ability test, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal ability test, and Diagrammatic reasoning ability

How To Qualify For UBA Bank Aptitude Test

The first eligibility criterion are receiving an invite for the aptitude test. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted after all applications have been reviewed. Depending on the position being applied for, applicants are expected to have relevant degree qualifications.

So, as an applicant, you must have a Bachelor of Science degree from a recognized and accredited institution. Aside from that, other requirements that can make you eligible for the aptitude test include;

  • Application
  • Invite from the bank
  • NYSC discharge certificate,
  • Birth Certificate
  • O’Level results with at least a ‘C’ in Mathematics and English in not more than two sittings
  • Nigerian citizens or foreigners with necessary work permit to work in Nigeria

And to apply, you must follow the steps below:

How To Apply For UBA Bank aptitude Test Screening?

Before you will be able to Apply for United Bank For Africa Plc aptitude test 2022, work on the following;

  • Be time conscious: This is very important if you really want to scale through this stage. You will be given a specific time to write the test which won’t be enough. but effective management of that time will surely help you attempt as many questions as possible. And since its CBT Format, you can be logged out once your time elapses.
  • Then, study Past Questions and Answers: This is also important. If you want to pass any United Bank For Africa Plc recruitment, you’ll need to have the previous questions and answers.

How to know if you’ve been Shortlisted for UBA Aptitude Test recruitment?

You’ll need to log in to your e-mail address if you want to know your application status.

If you applied with the right phone number, UBA Bank careers teams may send you your aptitude test screening venue, time, and date.

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Easy Steps on How to Pass the UBA Bank Aptitude Test in 2022

Aside from studying with the right material, below are a few steps to aid you to pass UBA Bank aptitude 2022 easily.

#1: Submit your application on or before the Application Deadline

This is the first step to qualifying for the UBA aptitude test. If you submit your application after the deadline, your application might not be considered. So, to be on the safe side, it’s wise you submit your application one week before the deadline date.

#2: Study the Past Questions and Answers:

Practice they say makes perfect. even if you were the best graduating student from your school, if you don’t prepare very well with the right material, you might not come out successfully.

You know, UBA repeats questions almost every year, which means studying the past questions and knowing how the answers come will really give you a head-start over other applicants.

Let it be clear that you have just one opportunity to prove you deserve a place in the red and white bank. What you must not do is mess it up. In fact, even if you don’t make it through the interview stage, you can still reapply as long as you have passed this aptitude test initially.

This means the more questions you solve, the more likely questions you encounter on the test date will be familiar. Especially, the section that has to do with the recognition of patterns.

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#3: Be at the Venue Latest 2 hours before Time

Once you are opportune to come for the UBA aptitude test, it will be wise that you get to the centre or venue at least 2 hours before the test time.

You know that traffic has been one common thing in Nigeria, especially in some major states like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, and Lagos. Although the test will be conducted in batches, it’s important you come in time.

Aside from you not missing out on the test because you came late, coming in time will always help you to relax on time. So, be punctual, arrive at the test centre on time, and check in properly.

Note, the recruitment agency reserves the right to deny you entry into the hall if you arrive even a minute late. So, arrive at the venue in time if possible 30 minutes before your stipulated exam time.

#4: Have a copy of all your Credentials

Normally, at every aptitude test exercise, applicants’ credentials are checked to make sure that it corresponds with what they submitted before. Make sure you go with your CV, Statement of Result, Waec Certificate, Birth Certificate, NYSC discharge certificate, and Work permit for Non-Nigerians.

Note: You might be denied the right to sit for the test if you don’t present these documents.

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#5: Attempt All Questions

You have just 60 minutes to answer all questions. Access to the test will be denied at the expiration of the given time. Though questions are drawn from four subject areas, they will randomly appear on your screen.

Well, don’t spend so much time on any questions. Within 45 seconds, you should be able to answer each question. Especially, if you studied with UBA Aptitude Test past questions. If by chance, one or two of the questions on your screen appear difficult or unfamiliar, just skip.

Though it will intermittently reappear, it will give you more time to answer more questions. To answer any question, click the button with the right option and submit. Once your time is up, you will be logged out.

Why Must I Pass the UBA Bank Aptitude Test With Ease?

Passing the UBA Bank Aptitude test is very important if you must work as a staff in the Bank. It comes with so many advantages that you shouldn’t think of missing at all. Here are some of the reasons you must pass the UBA Bank Aptitude Test this 2022.

So, it is very expedient and necessary you study hard so that you can pass this test.

Chances are that if you performed very well you can become a graduate trainee at the Bank. And as a Trainee, you are entitled to a salary of #100,000 monthly for 2 years. Also, passing the UBA aptitude Test makes you eligible to come for the interview which is the next stage of recruitment.

More so, you can work in a very professional workplace with top-notch management. Series of personal development training and career advancement options. You will get the opportunity to attain the peak of your career in one of the fastest-growing commercial banks in Nigeria, the Giant of Africa.

When Is UBA Bank Application Closing Date?

The application date for UBA Bank 2022 recruitment exercise is not specified. However, you can frequently visit this site to know when the application portal reopens and the application deadline.

UBA Bank Aptitude Test FAQs

To submit your application, visit the career center at https://uba.jb.skillsmapafrica.com/.

You should expect to see 100 questions.

To qualify, you must submit your application, get an Invitation from the bank, have your NYSC discharge certificate, O’Level results with at least a ‘C’ in Mathematics and English in not more than two sittings, and Nigerian citizens or foreigners with necessary work permit to work in Nigeria

If you prepare with the right materials, the UBA aptitude test becomes easier.

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