250+ Best Sports Trivia for Kids Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

sports trivia questions for kids

Are you prepared to have some fun and put your sports knowledge to the test? The 250 Best Sports Trivia for Kids Questions and Answers is the perfect resource to test and amuse, whether you’re a young sports fan or a parent searching for an interesting game for your kids.

These Questions are sure to challenge their competitive spirits over these various sports. It will certainly liven up your family’s game night!

This extensive selection spans a wide spectrum of sports, with something for every kid fan or athlete, from basketball to soccer, baseball to gymnastics.

How to Answer Sport Trivia Question

Being prepared is essential when it comes to responding to sports trivia questions. Learn about various sports, from well-known ones like basketball and football to obscure ones like rugby or curling. 

When the questions arrive, you’ll feel prepared and able to cover all the bases thanks to this expertise. In addition, keep abreast of noteworthy incidents, historical records, and current sports-related occurrences.

Maintaining concentration throughout the match is crucial to participating in sports trivia. Distractions can easily cause one to miss important details or have trouble remembering important information. 

Thus, locate a peaceful area where you can focus and give each question your whole attention. Lastly, when it comes to making educated predictions, don’t be hesitant to do so. Even when unsure, intuition and seeing patterns may lead to the right solutions.

250+ Best Sports Trivia for Kids Questions and Answers

1. In a baseball field, how many bases are there?

Answer:  four

2. What shape does a football take on?

Answer: Oval

3. In football, what color are the goalposts?

Answer: Yellow

4. What is the maximum number of baseball players on the field simultaneously?

Answer: Nine

5. What is the maximum number of football players on the field simultaneously?

 Answer: 11

6. What is the maximum number of basketball players on the court simultaneously?

 Answer: five

7. In which sport is a birdie possible?

 Answer: golf

8. What does the NBA stand for, may I ask?

Answer: The National Basketball Association.

9. What does NFL stand for, may I ask?

Answer: National Football League.

10. What is the name of the line judge in tennis?

Answer:  umpire

11. What is the maximum number of clubs a golfer can carry in their bag?

Answer: 14.

12. What’s the name of the place where baseball players wait?

Answer:  dugout

13. What is the name of the section of the field where touchdowns are scored?

 Answer: End Zone

14. What kind of sport is played at the World Cup?

 Answer: Soccer

15. What is the name of the top division in auto racing?

Answer: IndyCar.

16. Which ice sport uses a puck and is played on it?

Answer: Hockey

17. What is the basketball team’s name that plays in gold and purple?

Answer: Lakers

18. What is the football team’s name with a Bronco as its mascot? 

Answer: Denver Broncos 

19. Who was the 1996 PGA Rookie of the Year winner? 

Answer: Woods Tiger

20. In soccer, what is the term for a score?

Answer: Objective

21. In baseball, what is the term for a score?

Answer: Run

22. What is the name of the circular board fired darts at?

Answer:  Target

23. what do you call the start of a game in football or soccer?

Answer:  kickoff

24. What kind of banner is flown at the end of a competition?

Answer:  Checkered Flag

25. What is the term for the player who raises the ball to the quarterback?

Answer: Center

26. What is the term for the player who drives the ball down the court?

Answer: Point Guard.

27. What kind of sport involves hitting a ball over a net and can be played in the sand?

Answer: Volleyball

28. In ice hockey, how many periods are there?

Answer: Three

29. What is the name of the center of an archery target?

Answer: Bullseye

30. What kind of golf club is utilized for long drives?

Answer: Driver

31. What is the minimum number of strikes required for a baseball player to record an out?

Answer: Three strikes

32. Which state is the home of the Dodgers?

Answer: California

33. Which NFL team has its home base in Atlanta, Georgia?

Answer: The Atlanta Falcons 

34. What state is the home of the NBA Jazz?

Answer: Utah

35. In soccer, what do you name the player that tries to block the ball?

 Answer: Goalie

36. In football, what do you name the player who catches the ball?

Answer: Wide Receiver 

37. What is the term for a maneuver in which a player uses the ball but does not dribble?

Answer: Traveling

38. In volleyball, how many players can be on the court at once?

 Answer: six

39. In volleyball, what is the maximum number of hits allowed on one side?

Answer:  three

40. In volleyball, what is the term for the person who sets the ball?

 Answer: Setter

41. What is the name of the person who tosses the ball to the batter while perched on the mount?

 Answer: Pitcher

42. What term do you use to describe the players who face the goalie?

Answer: Defenders

43. what is the term for the player who protects the goal in hockey?

 Answer: Goaltender

44. What do you name the team member who is tallest and plays close to the basket?

Answer:  center

45. What is the term for a player who intercepts a football pass from the opposing team?

Answer:  Interception

46. What is the name of the trophy that the winning Super Bowl team receives?

Answer:  Lombardi Trophy

47. What location are the Yankees?

Answer:  New York

48. Before taking a shot, what does a golfer put on the ball?

Answer:  Peg

49. What is the name for it when the hitter hits a home run?

Answer: Homerun

50. What is the term for the play that occurs when the football is caught in the end zone?

Answer: Touchdown

51. In what game is the word ‘love’ used?

Answer: Tennis.

52. True or false: a golf ball have a fixed amount of dimples?

Answer: False. The number of dimples on a golf ball can vary.

53. What type of race is the Tour de France?

Answer: Cycling race (specifically, a road bicycle race).

54. How many players are in a cricket team (on the field at any time)?

Answer: 11.

55. As of 2016, who is the fastest man in the world at the 100-meter sprint?

Answer: Usain Bolt.

56. Which three sports form a triathlon?

Answer: Swimming, cycling, and running.

57. Which sport uses the lightest ball?

Answer: Table Tennis (ping pong).

58. In which sport can you score a bullseye?

Answer: Archery or Darts.

59. Where are the 2020 Summer Olympics going to be held?

Answer: Tokyo, Japan.

60. How often is the football World Cup held?

Answer: Every four years.

61. What city hosts the Wimbledon Tennis Championships?

Answer: London, United Kingdom.

62. What type of sport is the name Mo Farah associated with?

Answer: Long-distance running/Athletics.

63. How many athletic events form a decathlon?

Answer: 10.

64. In which country is it a tradition for rugby teams to perform a war dance known as the haka before a match begins?

Answer: New Zealand.

65. How many rings form the Olympic logo?

Answer: Five.

66. What is the diameter of a professional basketball player’s hoop?

Answer: 18 in (45.72 cm) 

67. In American football, how many points is a touchdown worth?


68. What is the basketball’s circumference?

Reply: 29.5 inches (75 cm).

69. In a football game, how many players are on each team?

Answer: 11

70. After how many years do the Olympics take place periodically? 

Answer: four.

71. In bowling, what is the term for three consecutive strikes?

Answer: A turkey 

72. How many players are on the field in a cricket match?

Answer: 500 

73. What athletic event occurs on Memorial Day each year?

Answer: The Indianapolis 

74. How many players are on a baseball team?

Answer: Nine, 

75. What sports are the national sports of Canada?

Answer: Lacrosse and ice hockey

76. what number is adjacent to (on the right) 20 on a typical British dartboard?

Answer: One, 

77. What is the name of the African nation that qualified for the FIFA World Cup first on the continent?

Answer: Egypt, 

78. In baseball, which club gets the first bat advantage?

Answer: The visiting team

79. What is the typical number of dimples on a golf ball?

Answer: 336 

80.  What is the average number of minutes a baseball game has in action?

81. What was the year that tennis was included in the Olympic program?

Answer: 1896.

82. Where is England’s most renowned tennis tournament located?

Answer: Wimbledon, 

83. What prizes were given to the winners of the first modern Olympics?

Answer: Silver medals, 

84. What was the total number of medals China won at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Answer: 100 

85. How many Olympic Games have been hosted in extinct nations since 2022?

Answer: Three, 

86. In what sport do athletes use equipment like uneven bars and balance beams to accomplish routines?

Answer: Gymnastics 

87. What is England’s national sport?

Answer: Cricket, 

88. What player in Major League Baseball has hit the most home runs in his career?

Answer: Barry Bonds, 

89. What basketball team has the most NBA titles under its belt?

Answer: The Boston Celtics

90. What sport permits participants to engage in on-ice combat?

 ice hockey.

91. What sport at the Summer Olympics has thrilling plays and spectacular dunks?

Answer: Basketball

Hard Sports Trivia Questions For Kids

92.  Michael Jordan was nicknamed after which basketball player as a young high school basketball enthusiast?

Answer: Magic Johnson.

93.  What is the most watched sport in the world?

Answer: Soccer.

94.  The former basketball player nicknamed ‘Dr. J’ is a well-known figure, but what is his real name?

Answer: Julius Erving.

95.  True or false? Ice hockey pucks are frozen before each game.

Answer: True.

96.  Who was the first player in the NBA to score 2,000 points in a season?

Answer: George Yardley.

97.  How many minutes are issued for a minor penalty in ice hockey?

Answer: Two.

98.  What is the name of the ice surface that ice hockey is played on?

Answer: Rink.

99.  Which country won the FIFA World Cup in 1966?

Answer: England.

100.  What is a plate appearance in baseball?

Answer: A batter’s turn.

101.  Which player holds the record for the most career touchdowns in NFL history(as of 2022)?

Answer: Jerry Rice.

Interesting Trivia About Sports

102.  Which American football team was Michael Sam drafted by?

Answer: St. Louis Rams.

103.  What was the most significant margin of victory ever (as of 2022) in a Triple Crown race?

Answer: 31 lengths.

104.  Who was the last MVP selected from a losing basketball team (as of 2022)?

Answer: Chuck Howley.

105.  Who is the most decorated Olympian ever (as of 2022)?

Answer: Michael Phelps.

106.  Which NFL player legally changed his name to match the number on his jersey?

Answer: Chad Johnson.

107.  What is the record for the most red cards given in a single soccer game (as of 2022)?

Answer: 36.

108.  Which team has scored the most points in a single Super Bowl (as of 2022)?

Answer: San Francisco 49ers.

109.  In 1982, how many games was the NFL regular season schedule made up of?

Answer: Nine games.

110.  Who won the first night-time American football game?

Answer: Philadelphia Athletics.

111.  Which NFL player debuted as a professional wrestler in 2004?

Answer: Brian Urlacher.

112.  Who holds the best rookie passer rating in the entire NFL (as of 2022)?

Answer: Dak Prescott.

113.  Who caused a sensation in his American football rookie season thanks to a skilful one-handed catch?

Answer: Odell Beckham Jr.

114.  Which is the only NFL team with the logo on one side of their helmet (as of 2022)?

Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers.

115.  Who was the first player in the USA to rush 1000 yards in a single football season?

Answer: Beattie Feathers.

116.  Which NFL teams have won three Super Bowls in a row (as of 2022)?

Answer: Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills.

117.  Which NFL team was initially called the New York Titans?

Answer: New York Jets.

118.  The nickname ‘Dr. Which NBA player was Dunkenstein given to?

Answer: Darrell Griffith.

119.  Who was the first player to miss more than 5000 free throws in his basketball career?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

120.  What is the actual name of basketball player ‘Nate The Great’, who holds the record for the first quadruple-double in basketball?

Answer: Nate Thurmond.

121.  What is the name given to the three-point shooter duo from the Golden State Warriors?

Answer: The Splash Brothers.

122.  What was the last team Stephen Curry’s father played professional basketball for in his career?

Answer: Toronto Raptors.

123.  What is the name of the blood test taken by athletes before the Olympics?

Answer: EPO test.

124.  What does the tattoo on Scottie Pippen’s forearm say?

Answer: Pip.

125.  Which hockey player won Sportsman Of the Year in 1970?

Answer: Bobby Orr.

126.  In the 20th century NBA, who was the youngest player to achieve 10,000 points in a regular season?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

127.  How many fouls result in a player being sent off from an NBA basketball game?

Answer: Six personal fouls.

128.  What is the official name of the ball used in soccer?

Answer: Football.

Easy Sports Trivia For Kids

129. True or false? There are more than 8000 sports in the world.

Answer: True.

130. How many winning racers has the UK produced in Formula One (as of 2022)?

Answer: 10.

131. Where is the NHL Hockey Hall Of Fame located?

Answer: Toronto, Ontario.

132. Which Williams sister has won more Grand Slam titles?

Answer: Serena Williams.

133. In 1976, Nadia Comaneci became the first-ever gymnast to score a perfect 10 in the Olympics. What country was she representing?

Answer: Romania.

134. True or false? ‘Raging Bull’ was a movie about boxing.

Answer: True.

135. How many NBA championships did the Chicago Bulls win with Michael Jordan on their team?

Answer: Six.

136. What is the only country to play in every soccer World Cup (as of 2022)?

Answer: Brazil.

137. Who was the first President to give the ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game?

Answer: William Howard Taft.

138. How long is the free skate in figure skating competitions?

Answer: Four and a half minutes for men, four minutes for women.

139. In what year were women first allowed to compete in the modern Olympic games, and in what sport?

Answer: 1900, in tennis.

140. When was hockey introduced as an Olympic sport?

Answer: 1908.

141. What team does Tristan Thompson play basketball for currently (2023)?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers.

142. In 1980, which Major League Baseball team did Steve Carlton pitch for?

Answer: Philadelphia Phillies.

143. The 1980 film ‘Raging Bull’ was about which real-life boxer?

Answer: Jake LaMotta.

144. Which NHL team does a particular group that owns and operates Toronto FC also own?

Answer: Maple Leafs.

145. Which positions did Hall of Fame baseball player Tony Perez play?

Answer: First base and third base.

146. In baseball, how many strikes does a batter get before being called out?

Answer: Three strikes.

147. In motorsports, what does the checkered flag symbolise?

Answer: The end of a race.

148. Which sporting event made a historic decision in 1900 by allowing women to compete for the first time?

Answer: The Summer Olympics.

149. In which sports league do you find teams like the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys?

Answer: NFL (National Football League).

150. Which country has won the most FIFA World Cup titles in soccer (as of 2022)?

Answer: Brazil.

151. In basketball, which athlete is often regarded as one of the greatest players of all time?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

152. In which sport do players use rackets to hit a ball over a net?


Are the sports trivia questions suitable for kids of all ages?

Yes, the questions are designed to be engaging and accessible for kids of varying ages.
How many different sports are covered in the trivia questions?

Can these trivia questions be used for educational purposes?

Absolutely, these questions can be used to promote learning about sports history and rules.

Do the answers to the trivia questions provide detailed explanations?

Yes, each answer is accompanied by a brief explanation to enhance understanding.

How many different sports are covered in the trivia questions?

The trivia includes a wide range of sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, and more.


The Sports Trivia for Kids questions and answers provide a comprehensive and engaging resource for children to enhance their sports knowledge in an enjoyable manner. The structured organization from easiest to hardest ensures that kids can start with questions they are likely to know and gradually challenge themselves as they progress. This collection encourages curiosity and fosters a deeper appreciation for various athletic disciplines by exposing children to a wide range of sports trivia.