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Graduating with a Bachelors in Education doesn’t make you a licensed teacher. Also, knowing how to write a lesson note doesn’t make you a teacher. In fact, government schools and most private institutions will not offer you a place if you are not registered with the teacher’s council.

Well, it is not an easy task to pass the TRCN test. And, there is absolutely no form of refund for as many times as you register and fail. On the other hand, practicing with TRCN past questions and answers means writing the TRCN exam in 2022 once.

Fortunately, it costs almost nothing to get a copy. If you follow the step below, you get a copy immediately.

Pay the sum of Two thousand Naira into this bank detail to get a copy of TRCN Past Questions and Answers immediately.

Account Name: Silicon Africa Tech Limited
Account Number: 0546392167
Bank Name: GT BANK
CONTACT DETAILS: 07012040283

It is really important, however, that you read this article to the end to get other vital information.

What Is The Nature of the TRCN Examination?

The first step to success in any examination is understanding its nature. In fact, it is only by understanding its nature that you will be able to know how best to study.

Generally, the TRCN test examines candidates on their knowledge of teaching skills required to succeed in the 21st century. It goes beyond normal classes in higher institutions to test practical skills.

First, the teachers’ council expects a different level of teaching abilities and skills from applicants from different levels of education. So, there are categories for each of the levels. While category A will refer to applicants with a Ph.D., B is for a master’s degree, C for a bachelor’s, and D for NCE.

Secondly, it is a computer-based test and questions will be drawn from at least 23 subject areas with the emphasis being led on your discipline. In a lifetime, applicants can attempt TRCN just three times.

And, to pass the TRCN exam, applicants must score 50% and above in the examination. Those who score less than 50% can re-sit as long as they have not sat for the exam more than thrice.

Why You Should Get the TRCN Examination Past Questions

It costs five thousand Naira to register for the TRCN exam each time you apply. Though this price is specific to category A candidates, category C will still pay the sum of three thousand Naira.

Well, that is a whole lot of money to pay twice. Especially, when you can sit for it once and excel. Over 70 percent of applicants each year who sit and pass this exam all attest to the fact that the TRCN past questions and answers to a great extent were of great help.

So, you need this study pack to pass your exams with flying colors. Basically, over 80% of the questions you will encounter in the exam hall will be familiar and easily answered if you study with the past questions and answers.

Hence, downloading the TRCN examination past questions and answers is not just necessary but your best bet to ensuring you don’t pay the registration fee twice.

How to Download the TRCN Examination Past Questions and Answers PDF

The TRCN Past Questions and Answers cost N2,000 for your subject combination and to get it, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Select Your Subject Combination

Therefore, all you need do is specify the course you applied for in the description of your payment.

STEP 2: Select Your Payment Method

There are three methods of purchasing our original TRCN past questions and answers. They are:

Debit card,
Bank Transfer, and
Direct Bank Deposit.

Debit Card Payments

Bank Transfer & Direct Bank Deposit

For other payment methods above (Bank Transfer & Direct Bank Deposit), you’ll be paying into the account details below:

Account Name: Silicon Africa Tech Limited
Account Number: 0546392167
Bank Name: GT BANK

STEP 3: Confirmation of Payment

If you choose the Debit Card option, you’ll get a PDF file downloaded to your device immediately.

If you choose Direct Bank deposit, make payment to the account details above, then send the following information to the phone number or email below:

1. Depositors’ Name
2. Teller Number
3. Amount Paid

CONTACT DETAILS: 07012040283


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