Top 125+ Customer Feedback Questionnaire

customer feedback questionnaire

Do you have the best customer support system? Do you have the best product features in the industry? To get excellent customer service, you must pose the appropriate customer feedback questionnaire.

You’ll get the most out of your customer feedback questionnaire if you ask the appropriate questions and have a plan in place.

This compilation of 125 customer feedback questionnaires can be used for every aspect of your organization, ranging from market research to customer service.

What is Customer Feedback Questionnaire?

Customer Feedback Questionnaire is a set of printed or written questions with a choice of answers that is used to gather data about your consumers’ opinions of your business.

This could be a reference to a particular good or service, or it could be about how they see your brand in general. Both open-ended and closed-ended questions are included in these surveys.

Best Ways to Collect Customer Feedback Data Effectively

Numerous techniques, including focus groups, social media monitoring, questionnaires, and more, can be used to get input from your clientele.

The greatest and most efficient techniques to get pertinent input are as follows:

1. Make use of Surveys and Questionnaires

Did you know that 73% of businesses are using surveys and other forms of instantaneous feedback collection more frequently?

Customer questionnaires and surveys have numerous benefits, from unique personalizations to simple creation.

2. Ask Them Straight Questions

Here is a classic method of gathering feedback from customers. To find out what your customers think, you can either reach out to them directly through an interview or by making a phone call.

Getting immediate and real-time feedback is one of these strategies’ main advantages. Their gestures, body language, tone, and eye expressions all make it easy to deduce how they feel.

The procedure is drawn out and time-consuming, which is a drawback of this feedback collection approach. An enormous amount of data can be difficult to manually examine as well.

3. Set Up Focus Groups

A focus group consists of individuals with comparable demographic characteristics. You can frequently wind up gathering input from the incorrect group of people. It consumes a significant amount of your time and resources.

However, you have a better chance of getting more focused and trustworthy inquiries about consumer feedback when you use a focus group. Even though your audience is tiny, they are aware of the purpose of the survey and fairly answer your questions.

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4. Examine Sales Calls

You may estimate the quantity of leads generated and the lead conversion rate by looking at your company’s sales history. Understanding the distinction between these two factors can help you determine which feature of your product most appealed to your intended market.

Should there be a decline in lead conversion, it may be necessary to make changes to certain elements of your offerings. Therefore, this is a roundabout method of developing solutions based on user feedback.

5. Keep an Eye on Social Media Sites

Did you realize that recommendations from social media affect 49% of consumers? As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye out for conversations about your company on social media. more good word-of-mouth, enhanced brand recognition, and more opportunities for customer acquisition.

Identify the clients who are dissatisfied with your products as well. To learn about their difficulties and ensure a positive client experience, try getting in touch with them directly.

Why is Customer Feedback so Important?

Customer feedback reviews help in providing your company’s insight and customers’ perceptions about your product. You’ll find out what appeals to them about your offer and where you might make improvements.

You can’t tell if you’re meeting the needs of your consumers, who are the reason you’re in business, without this input. It will be unknown to you whether they wish to go on doing business with you or if they use your product as intended.

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The Advantages of Customer Feedback

1. You Gain more insight into the audience through customer feedback.

To understand your target demographic and their relationship to your business, your company probably undertook in-depth buyer persona and market research. Even if you most likely gained insightful information, nothing is more beneficial than information obtained directly from your clients, which is what customer feedback consists of.

They’ll tell you more about themselves, their use of your goods and services, and their expectations of you. Gaining deeper insight into their identity and requirements will enable you to design experiences that resonate with them.

Consumers already anticipate that the companies they do business with are aware of their needs and actively work to meet them. Example:

Personalized experiences result in almost half of consumers saying they will become repeat customers. 

80% of company leaders stated that customers spend an average of 38% more when they receive a personalized experience. 

73% of consumers globally expect organizations to understand their individual needs and expectations.

2. You can learn more about customer satisfaction levels by reading customer comments.

The degree to which customers are content with your goods, services, and interactions with your company is known as customer satisfaction. It’s a crucial indicator that aids in resolving client concerns, reducing attrition, and cultivating a foundation of devoted clients.

You may find out exactly how your consumers feel and how satisfied they are by using specific methods of gathering feedback, such as customer satisfaction surveys. Senior Customer Onboarding Specialist Katie Cort states, “Retention will not improve if the company does not have a way of knowing whether or not their customers are happy.”

3. Support teams can improve their expertise by using customer feedback.

Your ability to assist clients has a direct bearing on how well they use your goods or services. Because it can offer particular insight into representative performance, customer feedback helps you make sure that your support teams can assist consumers in succeeding.

“As one of the many pieces for measuring team members’ performance, customer feedback is a very important tool for managers to get anecdotal feedback directly from the customer,” says Caleb King, an inbound consultant.

4. Your products and services can be improved with the help of customer feedback.

Sometimes, in their feedback, customers discuss a bad experience they had. Even though it could sound discouraging, this input can help you improve your goods and business processes—especially if you take the necessary action to address it.

Customers who frequently bring up a problem with your onboarding procedure, for instance, may be alerting you to the need for you to update and provide more information to make sure everything goes as planned.

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By using this kind of consumer feedback, you can be sure that any changes you make are based on the real opinions and sentiments of the people who matter most, not just conjecture.

Customer Feedback Questionnaire for Restaurant

Measuring customer feedback as a restaurant manager, promoter, or owner is critical to your business’s success. By using a restaurant feedback questionnaire and asking the appropriate questions, you can gain important information about your customers’ likes and dislikes, favorite dishes, opinions about your staff and their services to customers, and as well get suggestions.

Below are a few Customer Feedback Questionnaires for Restaurants:

1. What level of satisfaction did you have with your dining experience in general?

2. On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to suggest this restaurant to a friend or business associate?

3. How simple was it for you to locate what you were looking for on the menu?

4. How pleased are you with the restaurant’s location?

5. How soon after arriving were you seated?

6. What would you think of the restaurant’s level of cleanliness?

7. Did the server give you a prompt and cordial greeting?

8. How likely are you, on a scale of 1 to 10, to go back to this restaurant?

9. How pleased were you with the meal’s flavor?

10. What would you say as touching the freshness of the items in your dish?

11. How would you rank the food’s presentation on a scale of 1 to 5?

12. How successfully did the cuisine satisfy your dietary requirements?

13. When your meal arrived, what was the temperature like?

14. What is your assessment of the menu’s diversity of options?

15. How flexible was the restaurant when it came to your requests or order changes?

16. How would you rank the sizes of the portions you eat, on a scale of 1 to 5?

17. In what way would you rank this restaurant’s overall meal quality?

18. What is the food’s value for money, in your opinion, on a scale of 1 to 5?

19. To what extent are you happy with the service’s speed?

20. In what way would you rank the staff’s friendliness?

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Restaurant Service Feedback Survey Questions

The service has the power to make or ruin a meal. Incorporate these guest-focused restaurant service survey questions into your evaluations to find out how well your service staff are performing and where they may need improvements.

21. To what extent did the staff fulfill your wishes and needs?

22. How well did the restaurant meet your seating preferences?

23. What would you rank the staff’s level of attentiveness from 1 to 5?

24. How effectively did the staff members explain the specials and menu to you?

25. How pleased were you with your order’s accuracy?

26. What is your opinion of the staff’s level of professionalism?

27. How well-suited was the restaurant to your unique requirements?

28. How pleased were you with the degree of care and consideration your party received at our restaurant?

27. Do you think that during your visit, the personnel handled your complaints or issues well?

30. Based on the quality of the service, how likely are you to visit this restaurant again?

31. How many times did staff check on you while you were eating?

32. In what way would you rank the staff’s ability to take and deliver your order efficiently?

33. How well-lit was the eatery restaurant?

34. What would you say about the restaurant’s loudness level?

35. What is your opinion of the restaurant’s decor?

36. How evenly spaced out were the restaurant’s tables?

37. What would you think of the restaurant’s atmosphere?

38. What would be your overall assessment of the restaurant’s restrooms’ condition and cleanliness?

39. How simple was the reservation process?

40. How much time did it take you to receive a reservation confirmation?

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Customer Feedback Questionnaire

A feedback survey is the most effective technique to evaluate the customer experience and determine customer satisfaction.

41. How would you rank your overall experience with our brand, on a scale of 1 to 5?

42. What would you say you thought of today’s in-store visit?

43. On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to tell others about our brand?

44. How likely are you to make another purchase from us?

45. What aspects of our brand appeal to you or not?

46. Please give a personal account of your interaction with our brand.

47. What is the most difficult thing for you to conduct business with us?

48. How can we make your interaction with the firm even better?

49. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rank your level of satisfaction with the product?

50. What features of our product do you like best or least?

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51. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to suggest us to others based on your experience with our products?

52. What is the largest obstacle you face when utilizing our product?

53. Does the product assist you in reaching your objectives?

54. Which tool or feature of the good or service is your favorite?

55. What is the one thing you would like to see in our product, or what would you improve if you could?

56. In your own words, how would you characterize your level of satisfaction with our product?

57. Please indicate how satisfied you are with our team’s handling of your problem.

58. Did you think our staff responded to your question right away?

59. To what extent are you in agreement or disagreement with this statement? The customer support staff made it simple for me to resolve my problem.

60. What more can we do to make your experience with our customer service better?

61. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rank the agent’s performance?

62. What aspects of today’s customer service encounter with us did you find most satisfactory or unsatisfactory?

63. If you had to rank our website from 1 to 5, how would you go?

64. To what extent would you suggest our website to others?

65. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rank your online buying experience?

66. What aspects of our website did you find appealing or unappealing when making a purchase?

67. Please describe your experience using our website in your own words.

68. It appears that you did not finish your transaction. How can we make this website better so you can complete your purchase today?

69. When you use a product like ours, what is your top priority?

70. Why did you select our product instead of one from our competitors?

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Retail Customer Feedback Questionnaire

For your retail business, customer input is essential. It enables you to tackle more complex problems and make rapid advancements. These advantages are only increased if you get feedback from customers through retail customer surveys.

A retail survey is a questionnaire distributed to customers by a retail establishment. Customers’ opinions on their most recent shopping experience or their experiences with the company in general might be gathered through a retail survey.

To find out what people think of your store, ask your customers to complete this expert-certified retail customer feedback questionnaire.

To be more precise, the answers to the online retail customer feedback questionnaire will assist you in responding to inquiries such as “Do customers think our prices are fair?” “Are our staff members helpful?” and “Is parking easy to find?” Subsequently, you can utilize the survey data to implement modifications that might enhance your clients’ buying experience.

Questions about Retail Pricing and Products

Use these questions to assess how the perceived value of the things you sell compares to their cost. To support the price tag, you can discover that you need to modify your products’ quality or communicate it more effectively.

71. How happy are you with the [services/product]?

72. In comparison to similar retailers, how fair are the prices?

73. How pleased are you with the purchase’s value for the money?

74. How should our [product/service] be improved?

Product Choice and Inventory

Make sure the supplies your clients require are constantly available. By asking these kinds of questions, you can also determine whether new things are on the docket that your clients would be interested in buying from you and grow your product range.

75. I had no trouble finding what I was looking for thanks to the [store/website].

76. Were you able to find what you were looking for?

77. What is the frequency of our stock having what you are looking for?

78. To what extent are you happy with the options in [product category]?

79. Finding anything in my size wasn’t too difficult for me.

80. Which further goods from us would you be interested in buying?

81. Was there anything we advertised that we didn’t carry in-store?

82. Why did you decide not to purchase from us?

83. Which one of our products would you want to see available?

84. How did you learn about our offering?

85. If you were unable to utilize our product or an aspect of it, how disappointed would you be?

86. Which good or service would you suggest replacing ours?

87. On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied are you overall with dealing with our organization?

88. To what extent would you say that this is a nice place to work, on a scale of 0 to 10?

89. What aspects of this organization appeal or offend you?

90. To what extent do you think our organization’s employees receive training and opportunity for growth?

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Retail Customer Feedback Questionnaire Sample

Retail Customer Feedback Questionnaire Sample

Customer Feedback Questionnaire to Improve Your Business

Know Your Customer Better

It’s critical to understand your target audience’s demographics, attention spans, and response patterns when it comes to marketing and advertising. Knowing this allows you to send them relevant and enjoyable communications.

91. What is your name, age, gender, and occupation?

92. Do you read newspapers, magazines, and print books on paper or online?

93. Which do you use most often, your laptop, smartphone, or TV?

94. Which would you rather have, detailed and personalized or quick and easy?

95. Do you make use of freebies, discounts, or trials?

Acquire Knowledge about Competitors

The majority of us don’t always get the answer immediately. This suggests that your clients have most likely dealt with your rivals at some point, and they can provide you with insider knowledge.

96. What did you use before discovering us?

97. What aspect(s) of the prior offering(s) did you find appealing?

98. What made you decide to go?

99. What makes our company more successful?

100. What aspects of the prior product or service(s) did you find lacking?

Make Improvements on Your Website

If your company doesn’t have a functional website, millions of potential clients aren’t finding you online every day. Customer feedback inquiries might assist you in determining the reason behind a website’s malfunction.

101. Have you made use of or come upon our website?

102. Was it simple to locate?

103. What did you want to find on the webpage? Have you managed to locate it?

104. Was it simple to make use of the website?

105. What aspects of it would you modify?

Put a Product, Service, or Strategy to the Test

It can be dangerous to introduce a new good or service to your company, but you can make well-informed decisions with the correct client feedback.

106. Do you think [new feature] will be helpful?

107. If we had [new product], would you purchase it?

108. Would you be prepared to try [new feature/product] if we introduced it?

109. Would you take advantage of [a rewards program, discounts, or other offer] if we offered it?

110. What price would you put on [new feature/product]?

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Get Knowledge about the Buying Process

The greatest strategy to close a transaction if a customer has already made up their mind to buy is to make the process as simple as possible. Errors in this procedure can potentially drive away clients, undoing all of your hard work to capture their attention in the first place. Inquiries about customer feedback that highlight issues at this point are very beneficial.

111. How simple or complex was the process of finishing your purchase?

112. Were you able to leave on time?

113. What aspects of the check-out procedure would you change?

114. Were you required to stand in line?

115. Did you find what you were searching for?

Compile Measurable Information/Data

Numerous customer feedback answers have been demonstrated to be correlated with other critical company indicators, such as lifetime customer value, customer loyalty, and the likelihood of a repeat purchase.

These inquiries were created by business analysts with the express purpose of gathering quantifiable information regarding consumer mood. The Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Net Promoter ScoreTM (NPS) are some examples of these measurements. To obtain this information, you could ask the following questions about consumer feedback.

116. How likely are you to tell a friend about this company? (Score for Net Promoter)

117. What level of satisfaction would you say you have with our company overall? (Score on customer satisfaction)

118. In general, how satisfied are you with [certain product or service]? (Score on customer satisfaction)

119. How much do you agree with this statement: It was easy to complete my order? (Effort Score for Customers)

120. How simple or complex was the solution offered for your query or issue? (Effort Score for Customers).

Raise NPS Level

When evaluating your overall performance year over year, NPS data and other quantitative measures are crucial, but you also need to be ready to take action based on this knowledge. Use these questions as a follow-up to your NPS, CSAT, or CES survey to see where your improvement efforts are most effective.

121. How can we streamline the checkout process for you?

122. What could we alter to improve the usability of our offering?

123. Was there anything you anticipated but weren’t given?

124. Which feature, if included, would you find most enjoyable?

125. In what ways could we facilitate the resolution of your queries?

Customer Feedback Questionnaire Sample

customer feedback questionnaire sample

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Customer Feedback Questionnaire Form

Customer Feedback Questionnaire Software

There are lots of customer feedback questionnaire software tools for surveys, but we have 4 mentioned in this post.

1. Zoho CRM Plus

You can create brand champions out of your customers by providing them with extraordinary experiences using Zoho CRM Plus. To learn about Zoho CRM Plus click here.

2. Custify

Custify is a SaaS solution that helps B2B companies improve Customer Lifetime Value and decrease attrition. Learn more

3. LiveAgent

With LiveAgent, you can start for free and offer top-notch customer support with the best help desk solution available to businesses of all sizes. Visit website fr more.

4. SurveyMonkey

The SurveyMonkey is an industry-leading platform for surveys. Learn more.

FAQs on Customer Feedback Questionnaire

What kind of questionnaire would you use for feedback?

The Best Feedback Samples Questionnaires for surveys. How would you rank your overall brand experience, on a scale of 1 to 5? What would you say about your current in-store visitation experience? On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to suggest our brand to others?

Which three questions does effective feedback aim to answer?

To what destination am I heading? (What are the objectives?) How am I doing? (How far are we getting toward the objectives?) What should I do next? (What actions must be made to advance more quickly?)

How should a questionnaire be created?

At least nine different steps are involved: determine the necessary information; specify the intended respondents and choose the technique or methods of contact with them; ascertain the content of the query; phrase the inquiries; order the inquiries; verify the length of the questionnaire; Create the final questionnaire and do a pre-test.

What exactly is a customer service questionnaire?

Top Customer Service Survey Items to Assess Business Achievement
A customer service survey isn’t just a list of questions. It’s a helpful way to find out whether your customers are satisfied with your company, merchandise, or services.


Choosing could seem difficult with so many options available. Thankfully, your organization is not limited in the amount of client feedback surveys it can do.

Just make sure you have a plan for your surveys. To reduce response rates, it would be terrible to send out survey after survey to your clients. Additionally, be sure that they are timed appropriately.

For some models, it may be best to send them out right away, but in others, it may be better to wait until the customer has had a chance to consider how well your items have performed.