200+ Family Feud Survey Questions and Answers for Kids and Adults

Family Feud Survey Questions

Ever wondered why families love Steve Harvey’s Family Feud? It’s all about guessing what other people say! The show asks folks questions like “Name things you find in a kitchen sink” and then families race to shout out the most common answers.

Family Feud’s engaging gameplay relies heavily on its survey questions. These questions tap into the popular responses and opinions of large audience groups, creating opportunities for hilarious and relatable guesswork.

Even workplaces are using these Family Feud Surveys to build teamwork – how cool is that? While the specifics remain veiled, understanding the general principles behind Family Feud’s survey process can enhance your gameplay and make you a more strategic contestant.

Let’s explore the different Family Feud game questions and answers available and get the fun started.

Facts about Family Feud surveys

  • Family Feud surveys are conducted with national representative samples. This ensures answers reflect the opinions of the general population, not just a specific demographic.
  • Sample sizes are typically large, ranging from hundreds to thousands of participants. This helps guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the results.
  • Surveys can be conducted online, in person, or via telephone, depending on the research firm and budget constraints.

How to answer survey questions for Family Feud

There are no official “survey questions” available for the public. The show conducts private surveys with diverse demographically balanced groups that represent the American population. However, you can get a similar experience by playing online or mobile Family Feud games which use pre-recorded surveys.

Here are some of the ways you can Answer Survey Questions:

  • Think broad and popular. Imagine what the majority of people would answer, not just your personal opinion.
  • Prioritize common, everyday terms and phrases. Avoid overly specific or technical language.
  • Be honest and spontaneous. Don’t overthink or try to be too clever. Your first instinct is usually the best answer.

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Where does Family Feud get survey questions?

The show conducts its surveys through research firms specializing in audience sampling and polling. These firms ensure a statistically representative sample of the American population across various demographics like age, location, social background, etc. Here is how Family Feud gets survey questions;

Professional survey research firms: These companies specialize in conducting surveys and analyzing data for various clients, including TV shows like Family Feud.

  • Internal research teams: Some TV shows may have dedicated research departments that conduct surveys in-house.
  • Publicly available data: Occasionally, shows might use publicly available data sources like government reports or academic studies to inform their questions.
  • Professional Writers: A team of writers crafts questions based on current events, pop culture, and everyday situations.
  • Online Submissions: Fans can submit questions through the Family Feud website or social media.
  • Audience Participation: During live tapings, the audience can suggest questions, adding a spontaneous element.

Benefits of Family Feud Game Questions

  • Fun and engaging: They provide a lighthearted and interactive way to learn new things and connect with others.
  • Team building: They can be used to encourage collaboration and communication within teams.
  • Icebreakers: They can be a great way to get people talking and comfortable in new situations.
  • Learning: They can be used to teach new information or test existing knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

How to Play Family Feud in the Workplace

  • Divide participants into teams.
  • Choose a moderator to ask questions and keep score.
  • Ask questions and award points based on the number of surveyed people who gave each answer.
  • The team with the most points at the end wins!

Who does Family Feud survey to get the answers to their questions?

Specific details about the surveyed population are usually not disclosed. However, the show aims for a broad and diverse audience representation, likely involving thousands of individuals across the US.

Family Feud Questions and Answers

General Family Feud Game Questions and Answers

1.     Name a reason people might honk their horn.

·         Traffic jam

2.     What is something you might buy that could turn out to be a waste of money?

·         Lottery tickets

3.     Name something people might do before bed.

·         Brush teeth

4.     What is a common New Year’s resolution?

·         Lose weight

5.     Name something people often forget to do.

·         Turn off lights

6.     What is a popular dessert?

·         Chocolate cake

7.     Name a household chore people hate doing.

·         Washing dishes

8.     What is a common fear people have?

·         Heights

9.     Name a type of fruit.

·         Apple

10.   What is a popular hobby?

·         Gardening

Family Feud Survey Questions and Answers for Kids

11.   Name a game you play at recess.

·         Tag

12.   What is a favorite cartoon character?

·         SpongeBob SquarePants

13.   Name a type of candy.

·         Gummy bears

14.   What is your favorite subject in school?

·         Art

15.   Name something you find in a playground.

·         Swings

16.   Name something you might find in a treasure chest. Answer: Gold coins

17.   What’s a game you play at recess? Answer: Tag

18.   Name a popular cartoon character. Answer: SpongeBob SquarePants

19.   What’s something you do on a rainy day? Answer: Watch movies

20.   Name a flavor of ice cream. Answer: Chocolate

21.   Name a game you play with a ball. Answer: Soccer

22.   What’s a popular theme park ride? Answer: Roller coaster

23.   Name a color of the rainbow. Answer: Blue

24.   What’s something you might do at a birthday party? Answer: Blow out candles

25.   Name a popular children’s book. Answer: Harry Potter

Family Feud Survey Questions and Answers for Adults

26.   Name a popular vacation destination.

·         Hawaii

27.   What is a common stress-relief activity?

·         Yoga

28.   Name something people do to relax.

·         Read a book

29.   What is a common type of exercise?

·         Running

30.   Name a household appliance.

·         Microwave

31.   Name a common item people collect. Answer: Coins

32.   What’s a popular hobby? Answer: Gardening

33.   Name a type of music genre. Answer: Rock

34.   What’s a common topic of conversation at a dinner party? Answer: Weather

35.   Name a household appliance people often upgrade. Answer: Refrigerator

36.   Name a common household chore. Answer: Vacuuming

37.   What’s a popular vacation destination? Answer: Hawaii

38.   Name a type of exercise. Answer: Running

39.   What’s a common item found in a purse? Answer: Wallet

40.   Name a popular TV show. Answer: Friends

Family Feud Survey Questions and Answers for Home

41.   What is a typical item found in a living room?

·         Sofa

42.   Name something you use in the kitchen.

·         Knife

43.   What is something people do in their backyard?

·         BBQ

44.   Name a room in the house.

·         Bedroom

45.   What is a common item in a bathroom?

·         Toothpaste

46.   What’s something you use to clean dishes? Answer: Sponge

47.   Name a piece of furniture you might have in your living room. Answer: Sofa

48.   What’s a common item found in a bedroom? Answer: Bed

49.   Name a household appliance. Answer: Microwave

50.   What’s something you do to relax at home? Answer: Read a book

51.   What’s something you do before going to bed? Answer: Brush teeth

52.   Name a room in the house where people gather. Answer: Kitchen

53.   What’s something you use to decorate for a holiday? Answer: Lights

54.   Name a type of indoor plant. Answer: Fern

55.   What’s a common item found in a bathroom? Answer: Towel

56.   Name a reason people call in sick to work.

·         Flu

57.   What is a common office supply?

·         Stapler

58.   Name a workplace perk.

·         Free coffee

59.   What is a typical office event?

·         Holiday party

60.   Name a profession.

·         Doctor

61.   Name a common office supply. Answer: Pen

62.   What’s a typical task you do at work? Answer: Answering emails

63.   Name a type of profession. Answer: Teacher

64.   What’s something you might find in a cubicle? Answer: Computer

65.   Name a reason people call in sick to work. Answer: Flu

66.   Name a common office meeting topic. Answer: Budgets

67.   What’s something you might find on a desk? Answer: Paper clips

68.   Name a reason someone might get promoted at work. Answer: Hard work

69.   What’s a common office prank? Answer: Changing the desktop background

70.   Name a professional skill people often include on their resume. Answer: Communication

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Funny Family Feud Survey Questions and Answers

71.   Name something you wouldn’t want to find in your bed.

·         A monster

72.   What is a silly thing people do in public?

·         Dance randomly

73.   Name a funny movie.

·         Dumb and Dumber

74.   What is a funny word?

·         Banana

75.   Name something that makes you laugh.

·         Jokes

76.   Name a reason someone might give for being late. Answer: Got stuck behind a herd of turtles

77.   What’s something you shouldn’t do in a movie theater? Answer: Bring your pet elephant

78.   Name an animal that would make a terrible pet. Answer: Giraffe

79.   What’s something you wouldn’t want to find in your fridge? Answer: A penguin

80.   Name a ridiculous flavor of ice cream. Answer: Pickle flavor

81.   Name a reason someone might give for not doing their homework. Answer: Alien abduction

82.   What’s something you shouldn’t do at a wedding? Answer: Propose to someone else

83.   Name a ridiculous flavor of a potato chip. Answer: Sushi flavor

84.   What’s something you wouldn’t want to find in your bathtub? Answer: Octopus

85.   Name a silly name for a pet fish. Answer: Sir Swims-a-Lot

Christmas Family Feud Survey Questions and Answers

86.   Name a Christmas tradition.

·         Decorating the tree

87.   What is a popular Christmas song?

·         Jingle Bells

88.   Name a Christmas movie.

·         Home Alone

89.   What is something you find on a Christmas dinner table?

·         Turkey

90.   Name a Christmas decoration.

·         Wreath

91.   Name a popular Christmas carol. Answer: Jingle Bells

92.   What’s something people put on top of their Christmas tree? Answer: Star

93.   Name a traditional Christmas dessert. Answer: Fruitcake

94.   What’s a common Christmas decoration? Answer: Wreath

95.   Name something you might find in a Christmas stocking. Answer: Candy canes

96.   Name a popular Christmas movie. Answer: Home Alone

97.   What’s something people leave out for Santa Claus? Answer: Cookies

98.   Name a common Christmas tradition. Answer: Decorating the tree

99.   What’s a popular Christmas gift for kids? Answer: Toys

100.Name a festive holiday beverage. Answer: Eggnog

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Food and Drink Family Feud Game Questions and Answers

101.Name a type of pasta.

·         Spaghetti

102.What is a common vegetable?

·         Carrot

103.Name a type of soup.

·         Chicken noodle

104.What is a popular fast-food chain?

·         McDonald’s

105.Name a type of cheese.

·         Cheddar

106.Name a popular type of pizza topping. Answer: Pepperoni

107.What’s a common ingredient in spaghetti sauce? Answer: Tomatoes

108.Name a type of fruit. Answer: Apple

109.What’s something you might order at a coffee shop? Answer: Latte

110.Name a type of soda. Answer: Coca-Cola

111.Name a common type of sandwich. Answer: Peanut butter and jelly

112.What’s a popular type of breakfast cereal? Answer: Cheerios

113.Name a flavor of potato chip. Answer: Barbecue

114.What’s a common ingredient in a salad? Answer: Lettuce

115.Name a type of pasta. Answer: Spaghetti

Disney Family Feud Game Questions and Answers

116.Name a Disney princess.

·         Cinderella

117.What is a Disney movie?

·         The Lion King

118.Name a Disney character.

·         Mickey Mouse

119.What is a Disney theme park?

·         Disneyland

120.Name a Disney villain.

·         Maleficent

Pop Culture Family Feud Game Questions and Answers

121.Name a popular singer.

·         Taylor Swift

122.What is a famous TV show?

·         Friends

123.Name a celebrity couple.

·         Beyoncé and Jay-Z

124.What is a trending social media platform?

·         Instagram

125.Name a popular movie franchise.

·         Marvel Cinematic Universe

126.Name a recent hit song.

·         “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo

127.What is a popular streaming service?

·         Netflix

128.Name a famous actor.

·         Leonardo DiCaprio

129.What is a trendy fashion accessory?

·         Chunky sneakers

130.Name a viral internet challenge.

·         The Ice Bucket Challenge

131.What is a popular video game?

·         Fortnite

132.Name a famous reality TV show.

·         Keeping Up with the Kardashians

133.What is a current trending meme?

·         “Distracted Boyfriend”

134.Name a famous talk show host.

·         Ellen DeGeneres

135.What is a recent blockbuster movie?

·         Avengers: Endgame

136.Name a popular social media influencer.

·         Kylie Jenner

137.What is a well-known book series?

·         Harry Potter

138.Name a famous stand-up comedian.

·         Kevin Hart

139.What is a popular fitness trend?

·         CrossFit

140.Name a popular celebrity fragrance.

·         Rihanna’s “Fenty Beauty”

141.What is a trending slang term?

·         “Slay”

142.Name a popular late-night TV show.

·         The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

143.What is a current trending hashtag?

·         #TBT (Throwback Thursday)

144.Name a famous celebrity feud.

·         Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West

145.What is a popular meme format?

·         “Woman Yelling at a Cat”

146.Name a famous music festival.

·         Coachella

147.What is a popular dance craze?

·         The Floss

148.Name a famous superhero.

·         Spider-Man

149.What is a trending viral dance challenge?

·         Renegade

150.Name a popular celebrity chef.

·         Gordon Ramsay

151.What is a famous Broadway musical?

·         Hamilton

152.Name a hit reality competition show.

·         The Voice

153.What is a popular dating app?

·         Tinder

154.Name a well-known fashion designer.

·         Chanel

155.What is a trending TV streaming series?

·         Stranger Things

156.Name a famous pop band.

·         BTS

157.What is a popular celebrity gossip magazine?

·         People

158.Name a blockbuster movie franchise.

·         Star Wars

159.What is a famous social media challenge?

·         The Mannequin Challenge

160.Name a popular music streaming platform.

·         Spotify

161.What is a trending makeup brand?

·         Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

162.Name a famous Instagram influencer.

·         Kylie Jenner

163.What is a hit Netflix original series?

·         Stranger Things

164.Name a popular animated movie.

·         Frozen

165.What is a trending meme character?

·         Baby Yoda

166.Name a famous celebrity power couple.

·         Beyoncé and Jay-Z

167.What is a popular YouTube channel?

·         PewDiePie

168.Name a well-known celebrity fashion icon.

·         Rihanna

169.What is a trending mobile app game?

·         Among Us

170.Name a famous late-night TV host.

·         Jimmy Fallon

171.Name a popular celebrity endorsement.

·         Kim Kardashian for SKIMS

172.What is a famous reality TV family?

·         The Kardashians

173.Name a trending workout routine.

·         High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

174.What is a popular celebrity workout trend?

·         SoulCycle

175.Name a famous celebrity couple breakup.

·         Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

176.What is a trending viral TikTok challenge?

·         The Savage Love Dance

177.Name a well-known celebrity charity initiative.

·         Red Nose Day

178.What is a hit Netflix documentary series?

·         Tiger King

179.Name a popular celebrity fragrance line.

·         Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next”

180.What is a famous celebrity skincare brand?

·         Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner

181.Name a viral internet sensation.

·         “Damn, Daniel!”

182.What is a trending hairstyle?

·         The “Lob” (Long Bob)

183.Name a famous celebrity plastic surgery rumor.

·         Kylie Jenner’s lip fillers

184.What is a popular celebrity fashion trend?

·         Athleisure wear

185.Name a well-known celebrity fitness program.

·         Tracy Anderson Method

186.What is a trending social media challenge involving pets?

·         The #CuteAnimalsChallenge

187.Name a famous celebrity autobiography.

·         “Becoming” by Michelle Obama

188.What is a hit Broadway musical soundtrack?

·         Hamilton

189.Name a famous celebrity-owned restaurant.

·         Nobu

190.What is a trending podcast series?

·         “Serial”

191.Name a famous celebrity makeup collaboration.

·         Kylie Cosmetics x Jordyn Woods

192.What is a popular celebrity workout app?

·         Peloton

193.Name a trending celebrity baby name.

·         Luna (daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend)

194.What is a famous celebrity perfume line?

·         Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell”

195.Name a well-known celebrity fashion designer collaboration.

·         H&M x Balmain

196.Name a popular reality TV dating show.

·         The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

197.What is a trending celebrity workout challenge?

·         The 30-day squat challenge

198.Name a famous celebrity tattoo artist.

·         Kat Von D

199.What is a hit Netflix comedy series?

·         The Office

200.Name a well-known celebrity YouTube vlogger.

·         PewDiePie

201.What is a popular celebrity fashion collaboration with a retailer?

·         Beyoncé’s Ivy Park x Adidas

202.Name a trending viral dance challenge on TikTok.

·         The “WAP” Dance Challenge

203.What is a famous celebrity-owned beauty brand?

·         Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner

204.Name a hit HBO series.

·         Game of Thrones

205.What is a trending social media platform among teenagers?

·         TikTok

206.Name a famous celebrity-owned alcohol brand.

·         George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila

207.What is a popular celebrity fitness influencer on Instagram?

·         Kayla Itsines

208.Name a trending celebrity fashion accessory.

·         Oversized sunglasses

209.What is a famous celebrity pet?

·         Boo the Pomeranian

210.Name a hit animated TV series for adults.

·         Rick and Morty

211.What is a trending Netflix documentary about a controversial figure?

·         Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

212.Name a famous celebrity makeup artist.

·         Pat McGrath

213.What is a popular celebrity workout trend on Instagram?

·         Yoga challenges

214.Name a trending social media platform known for its short videos.

·         Snapchat

215.What is a famous celebrity-owned fashion line?

·         Rihanna’s Fenty Fashion Line

216.Name a hit Netflix true crime series.

·         Making a Murderer

217.What is a trending fashion trend inspired by a specific decade?

·         ’90s fashion revival

218.Name a famous celebrity music collaboration.

·         Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain on Me”

219.What is a popular celebrity workout trend involving dance?

·         Zumba

220.Name a trending social media challenge promoting body positivity.

·         The #BodyPositivityChallenge

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How do you take surveys for Family Feud?

The show uses a polling firm called Applied Research-West. The firm calls people randomly to ask them questions. 

What questions do they ask in Family Feud?

Family Feud is a game where players must guess the most popular survey answers.

How many people are in a Family Feud survey?

two families, each with five family members on their team

How many questions do you need for Family Feud?

In a two-player game, one player uses both sides. After all five questions, the points are then added and placed in the Total section. 


Family Feud’s survey questions are central to its entertaining gameplay. While access to the actual surveys isn’t available, understanding the process behind them adds a layer of intrigue and appreciation for the show’s humor and insight into popular opinions.

Using Family Feud questions in the workplace can be a fun and engaging way to boost team spirit, communication, and morale.