250+ Best Game of Thrones Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

best Game of Thrones Trivia Questions

You knew that George R.R. Martin’s novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire” inspired Game of Thrones, right? 

As a die-hard fan, you can test your knowledge with our comprehensive list of best Game of Thrones trivia questions or even attempt to answer some even if you have yet to watch the series. 

This comprehensive list covers everything about the iconic series, from the easiest facts to the most challenging details and it’s suitable for all skill levels, from newcomers to fans who are ardent followers.

From noble houses to epic battles, mystical creatures to complex characters. The questions are well-rounded. Check them out!

Is there a Game of Thrones Trivia Game?

Yes, fans of the popular television series and book saga can play a trivia game called Game of Thrones. 

More than 1200 questions based on the television series characters, settings, and events are included in the official Game of Thrones Trivia Game.

Interactively, this challenges friends and lets players put their knowledge to the test while honoring the rich history of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy universe.

Many fans have created versions of Game of Thrones trivia in addition to the official game, combining information from the book and the TV to provide a more thorough challenge for other fans. 

A fun and captivating quiz game that can keep ardent fans entertained for hours on end might be made out of the series’ complex plot lines, a wide range of character arcs, and meticulous world-building.

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How Do I Answer Game of Thrones Trivia Questions?

To respond to trivia questions, it’s necessary to be familiar with Game of Thrones’s characters, storylines, and setting. Here are some pointers for responding to trivia about Game of Thrones:

Watch the Show: The show is the best way to prepare for Game of Thrones trivia. Take note of the places, important events, character names, and relationships.

Read the Books: The “A Song of Ice and Fire” trilogy by George R.R. Martin, upon which the television program is based, can offer more information and perspective if you have the time.

Examine Character Relationships: Recognize the alliances, familial ties, and tensions between the characters. To respond to inquiries regarding character dynamics, this is essential.

Understand House Sigils and Mottos: Become acquainted with the different house sigils and mottos. In the show, houses are important, and questions may allude to their sayings or symbolism.

Memorize Important Events: Recall significant turns, fights, and plot points. This involves notable demises, treacheries, and changes in authority.

Keep an Eye on the Details: Game of Thrones’ elaborate storyline and meticulous attention to detail are well-known. Certain queries may center on the series’ subtly hint to the use of foreshadowing.

Remember Quotes: A few standout phrases from Game of Thrones have gained notoriety. Accurately answering trivia questions can be aided by knowing important quotes and the quotes’ sources.

Recognize Geography: Know the geography of Essos and Westeros. Knowing the whereabouts of important cities, areas, and landmarks can be quite helpful.

Keep up to speed: After my knowledge cutoff in January 2022, if there are any new developments or spin-off series, be careful to stay up to speed to respond to any inquiries about content published after that date.

Test Your Knowledge with Trivia Quizzes: Several websites provide Game of Thrones trivia questions. Use these to test and reaffirm your understanding.

250 BEST Game of Thrones Trivia Questions

Here is a collection of up to 250 Game of Thrones Trivia Questions grouped:

General Game of Thrones Trivia

1. Which clan is it offensive to call them “screamers”?

Answer: Dothraki

2. What was in the wedding pie during King Joffrey’s wedding?

Answer: doves

3. Who is the daughter of Cersei on the television series “Game of Thrones”?

Answer: Myrcella

4. ‘We Do Not Sow’ is the motto of which house?

Answer: Greyjoy

5. Who is Theon Greyjoy’s sister?

Answer: Yara

6. What is the title of Illyrio Mopatisis?

Answer: Magister

7. Which clan does the term “horselords” allude to?

Answer: Dothraki

8. Which house has “As High As Honor” as its motto?

Answer: Arryan

9. In the television series “Game of Thrones,” Brienne belongs to which House?

Answer: Tarth

10. Which house is in Brightwater Keep, please?

Answer: Florent

11. Where is Daario Naharis from, I wonder?

Answer: Tyrosh

12. Who did Jon Snow fall in love with from north of the Wall on the television series “Game of Thrones”?

Answer: Ygritte

13. Who said that being intoxicated all the time is difficult? Would it be so simple that anyone could do it?

Answer: Tyrion

14. What’s the name for bastards born on the Iron Islands?

Answer: Pyke

15. Whose sword is called ‘Needle’?

Answer: Arya

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Game of Thrones Characters Trivia

1. Who gave their direwolf the Rhoynar Warrior Queen as their namesake?

Answer: Arya

2. Who assured Tywin that she could wed Prince Rhaegar?

Answer: Cersei

3. What House is in charge of the Northern Kingdom?

Answer: Stark

4. What House governs The Reach, please?

Answer: Tyrell

5. Which House is in charge of The Riverlands?

Answer: Tully

6. What House is in charge of the Reach Kingdom?

Answer: a gardener

7. What House governs Dorne, please?

Answer: Martell

8. Which House did Bran the Builder found?

Answer: Stark

9. What House are the Lords of Arbor members of?

Answer: Redwyne

10. Who ended House Tarbeck and House Reyne for defying Father Tytos?

Answer: Tywin

11. Who is Eddard Stark’s brother?

Answer: Brandon

12. What House is Catelyn from, exactly?

Answer: Tully

13. What is the title of Loras Tyrell’s renowned Knighthood?

Answer: flowers

14. Who was the mother of five children by Eddard Stark?

Answer: Catelyn

15. What part does Peter Dinklage play in “Game of Thrones”?

Answer: Tyrion

Game of Thrones Locations Trivia

1. What video game studio created the official “Game of Thrones” video game version?

Answer: telltale

2. What is the place of Robb Stark’s birth?

Answer: Riverrun

3. What House has Sunspear as its stronghold?

Answer: Martell

4. In which city did Strong Belwas receive his training?

Answer: Meereen

5. Which city is home to Illyrio Mopatisis?

Answer: Pentos 

6. What family was Braavos built solely to conceal?

Answer: Valyrian

7. What country are the Dothraki inhabitants of?

Answer: Essos

8. Which city in Westeros is the oldest?

Answer: Oldtown

9. In Westeros, which city is R’hllor called “the Red God”?

Answer: Westeros

10. What House’s primary opponent is the House Florent?

Answer: Tyrell

11. What is the title of Illyrio Mopatisis?

Answer: Magister

12. In which location is the Lannister House the dominant House?

Answer: Westeros

13. In what domain is the Marsh King in charge?

Answer: The Neck, 

14. What country was the initial home of the House Targaryen?

Answer: Essos

15. What free city is the pirate Sallador Saan from?

Answer: Lys

16. What city is Thoros, a red priest, from?

Answer: Myr

17. What region is referred to as The Shadow Lands alternatively?

Answer: Asshai

18. Where did Tyrion Lannister become a member of the Second Sons?

Answer: Essos

19. What is the location of the House of the Undying?

Answer: Qarth

20. After losing a mutiny against Robert, where did Jon Connington run to?

Answer: Essos

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Game of Thrones Creatures Trivia

1. What is the number of Daenerys Targaryen’s children? What are these “children” in reality?

Answer: dragons

2. What is the name of the Valyrian Steel blade that Eddard Stark carries?

Answer: ice

3. Which dragon forged the Iron Throne, and why?

Answer: Balerion

4. Which House’s emblem features a gold kraken?

Answer: Greyjoy

5. Who is Missandei’s translator, I wonder?

Answer: Daenerys

6. Who melted down the steel to make Eddard Stark’s sword, the Valyrian Steel?

Answer: Tywin

7. Which clan does a cannibal belong to?

Answer: then

8. What ship is Euron Greyjoy the captain of?

Answer: Quietude

9. Which House seized control of The Neck?

Answer: Stark

10. What island was taken over by Jorah Mormont with the assistance of his father?

Answer: Bear

11. Who took Jorah Mormont prisoner?

Answer: Tyrion

12. Who was the murderer of Viserys Targaryen?

Answer: Drogo

13. What is the term Westerosians use to refer to individuals who reside south of The Wall?

Answer: kneelers

14. Which House fought back against the invasion by Andal?

Answer: Stark

15. What is the father of Jorah Mormont?

Answer: Jeor

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Game of Thrones Houses & Sigils Trivia

1. Which House is known for its slogan, “Fire and Blood”?

Answer: Targaryen

2. What House is in charge of the Stormlands Kingdom?

Answer: Durrandon

3. What House is in charge of the Rock Kingdom?

Answer: Lannister

4. Which House’s seal features a golden field with a crowned black stag on it?

Answer: Baratheon 

5. Which house has “Hear Me Roar” as its motto?

Answer: Lannister

6. Which House’s seal features a golden field with a crowned black stag on it?

Answer: Baratheon 

7. Which House governs Storm’s End?

Answer: Baratheon 

8. What House is the primary adversary of the Lannister House?

Answer: The Dreadfort

9. Which House resides in the castle Harrenhal?

Answer: House Bolton 

10. What House is in charge of the Isles and Rivers Kingdom?

Answer:  Hoare

11. What House is in charge of the Reach Kingdom?

Answer: a gardener

12. Which House’s seal features a golden kraken?

Answer: Greyjoy

13. What House governs Dorne, please?

Answer: Martell

14. Which House has a three-headed dragon on its seal?

Answer: Targaryen

15. Which House is in charge of The Riverlands?

Answer: Tully

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Game of Thrones Storyline Trivia

1. Who is the builder of the Harrenhal monument?

Answer: Harren the Black

2. Who did Jeor Mormont join, I wonder?

Answer: Night’s Watch

3. What band was Ygritte with when she went on a wildling scouting expedition and met Jon Snow?

Answer: Rattleshirt

4. Which knight did Bronn vanquish on Tyrion’s behalf?

Answer: Vardis Egen 

5. Which Lord stood up for Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark against the Mad King?

Answer: Jon Arryn

6. What location is Evenfall Hall a part of?

Answer: The Stormlands

7. What is the moniker by which Davos Seaworth is recognized?

Answer: Onion Knight

8. After Ser Jorah Mormont, who was the next Lord of Bear Island?

Answer: Maege Mormont

9. Which castle features a room named The Hall of a Hundred Hearths?

Answer: Harrenhal

10. What organization is Jon Snow a part of?

Answer: Night’s Watch

11. What is the Aegon the Conqueror’s Valyrian Steel blade?

Answer: Blackfyre

12. Which family did Daenerys come from during the birth?

Answer: Targaryen

13. At what point in its history did the Night’s Watch have the most staffed castles?

Answer: seven

14. In what location was Jorah Mormont taken prisoner?

Answer: a brother

15. What castle is the birthplace of the bastards with the surname Hill on the television series “Game of Thrones”?

Answer: Casterly Rock 

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Game of Thrones Groups Trivia

1. In the War of the Five Kings, which battle was the biggest?

Answer: Blackwater

2. In what way was Roose Bolton kept from switching sides by Vargo Hoat?

Answer: Had Jaime’s hand amputated

3. What role does Daniel Portman play?

Answer: Podrick Payne

4. What kind of warriors are known as eunuchs?

Answer: The Unsullied

5. Who took Brandon Stark’s life?

Answer: The Mad King, 

6. Who gave the Iron Throne its commission?

The Mad King, 

7. How did King Balon pass away?

Answer: Toppled From A Bridge

8. What sellsword association did the Great Bastard Bittersteel found?

Answer: The Golden Company

9. What type of wine is regarded as the best in all of Westeros?

Answer: Arbor Wine 

10. Who took over Casterly Rock, I wonder?

Answer: Lannisters

11. What is the main religion practiced in the Seven Kingdoms?

Answer: The Seven Faiths

12. What was the age of Cersei and Jaime at Tyrion’s birth?

Answer: eight

13. What other name does King’s Landing’s City Watch go by?

Answer: gold cloaks

14. What is the true name of Arstan Whitebeard?

Answer: Ser Barristan Selmy

15. Who added lyrics to the music during an Emmy Awards spoof of the “Game of Thrones” theme?

Answer: Weird Al Yankovic 

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Game of Thrones Actors Trivia

1. Who is portrayed by Mark Stanley?

Answer: Grenn

2. Who is the character that Lena Headey plays?

Answer: Cersei

3. Who is the character Sibel Kekilli portrays?

Answer: Shae

4. Who is the character that Natalia Tena plays?

Answer: Osha

5. Who is the character that Jerome Flynn plays?

Answer: Bronn

6. Who is the character that Gwendoline Christie plays?

Answer: Brienne

7. Who is portrayed by Sophie Turner?

Answer: Sansa

8. What character does Maisie Williams play?

Answer: Arya

9. What character does Kristian Nairn play?

Answer: Hodor

10. Who is the character Michelle Fairley plays?

Answer: Catelyn

11. Miscellaneous Game of Thrones Trivia

12. What is the name of the northern Neck stronghold of the First Men?

Answer: Moat Cailin 

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13. In what location did the Children of the Forest and the First Men reach a peace agreement?

Answer: The Isle of Faces, 

14. Which group did the First Men choose to fight alongside The Others?

Answer: Children of the Forest, 

15. Who made Jaime Lannister a knight?

Answer: Arthur Dayne

16. Who gave Arya Stark her sword fighting training?

Answer: Syrio Forel

17. What name does the Free Folk that reside north of the Wall go by in the Seven Kingdoms?

Answer: wildlings

18. What is Westeros’ biggest castle, if any?

Answer: Harrenhal

19. Who is the first husband of Daenerys?

Answer: Khal Drogo

20. Who is the King Who Lives Outside the Wall?

Answer: Mance Rayder 

21. Who are the people of Nymeria?

Answer: The Rhoynar 

22. What name are the Others known by as well?

Answer: White Walkers

23. Who was the murderer of Eddard Stark?

Answer: Ser Ilyn Payne

24. Which regions of Westeros did the Golden Company conquer and depose the Lannisters?

Answer: The Riverlands

25. Who did Rhaegar Targaryen defeat at the Harrenhal Tournament?

Answer: Ser Barristan Selmy

26. How many children were born to Elia Martell and Prince Rhaegar?

Answer: two

27. What was Bronn’s age when he committed his first murder?

Answer: Twelve

28. Who was the Kingsguard’s creator?

Answer: Aegon

29. What mystical artifact makes Mance appear during Rattleshirt’s execution?

Answer: Ruby, 

30. What was the age of Jaime Lannister at the time of his knighthood?

Answer: 15 

31. What is the name given to the Others’ victims?

Answer: Wights

32. After King Joffrey dies, who reigns as King of Westeros?

Answer: Tommen

33. Which city was the birthplace of House Targaryen?

Answer: Valyria

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Hard Game of thrones trivia questions?

1. Who are the two brothers of the Night’s Watch Sam must fight to protect Gilly when she is nearly raped?

Answer: Brant and Derek

2. Daenerys is traded away as a bride to a “savage” in season one. Who selfishly treats her like a means to an end?

Answer: Viserys

3. The Night King has so far been the series’ main villain. After season 7, he destroys part of the Wall. He can accomplish this by using one of Daenerys’ dragons to burn a hole in the wall. Which dragon does he kill?

Answer: Viserion

4. After season 7, Cersei Lannister commands Euron Greyjoy to sail across the sea to pick up an elite group of sellswords. What is the name of the group?

Answer: The Golden Company

5. What is the name of Jon’s direwolf?

Answer: Ghost

6. Which name is given to the bastards of The Reach?

Answer: Flowers

7. What is the main religion of the Seven Kingdoms?

Answer: Faith of the Seven

8. Jon Arryn’s sudden death brought Ned Stark to King’s Landing, where he sought the truth behind Lord Arryn’s demise. Who killed Robert’s first “Hand of the King?”

Answer: Lysa Arryn

9. Which is the main color of House Tarly’s sigil?

Answer: Green

10. Which House is a direct vassal of House Baratheon of King’s Landing?

Answer: Stokeworth

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FAQs on Game of Thrones Trivia Questions

1. How many seasons of Game of Thrones are there?

   – There are 8 seasons of Game of Thrones.

2. Who is the author of the Game of Thrones book series?

   – George R.R. Martin authorizes the Game of Thrones book series.

3. What is the Iron Throne made of?

   – The Iron Throne is made from the swords surrendered by Aegon’s enemies.

4. How many dragons does Daenerys Targaryen have at the beginning of the series?

   – Daenerys Targaryen has three dragons at the beginning of the series: Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal.

5. What is Jon Snow’s real name?

   – Jon Snow’s real name is Aegon Targaryen.

6. Who kills King Joffrey Baratheon at his wedding?

   – Olenna Tyrell poisons King Joffrey Baratheon at his wedding.

7. Who becomes King or Queen in the end after all battles and wars conclude?

   – Bran Stark becomes King in the end after all battles and wars conclude.

8. How did Hodor get his name?

   – Hodor got his name due to a traumatic event that affected him mentally, causing him only to say Hodor.


The popular series’ casual viewers and ardent fans will find various problems in selecting the Best Game of Thrones Trivia Questions and Answers. This list offers people the chance to test their knowledge and learn more about the complex world that George R.R. Martin has built, ranging from simple questions to the most minute minutiae. This selection is meant to captivate and amuse while encouraging a deeper understanding of the rich history and people within the Game of Thrones universe, whether used for individual enjoyment or as a component of a group activity.