250+ Best Fast Food Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

best fast food trivia questions

Fast food has permeated every aspect of contemporary life, luring millions of hungry consumers with its alluring smells and easy accessibility.

But there’s a universe of interesting facts waiting to be discovered beyond the delectable delights and well-known brands.

There are a ton of fascinating facts that will surprise even the most ardent fast food enthusiasts, from the beginnings of well-known menu items to the peculiarities of well-known fast food franchises.

From the simplest to the most difficult, we’ve compiled a thorough collection of 250 of the best fast food trivia questions and answers in this post.

It’s sure to test your knowledge and reveal obscure facts about everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure.

250+ Best Fast Food Trivia Questions and Answers

Here, we have grouped the Fast Food Trivia Questions from the easiest to the hardest. Check them out!

Easiest Fast Food Trivia Questions and Answers

1. For what food is the Scoville scale used to measure spiciness?

 Answer: chili peppers

2. Which bean is the foundation of chocolate produced in more than 50% of the world’s supply in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire?

 Answer: cocoa (cacao)

3. “It’s finger lickin’ good” was the catchphrase for what restaurant chain for more than 50 years before it was retired in the twenty-first century? Rather than an advertising agency, a franchise owner had come up with the tagline.

 Answer: KFC

4. A series of thirty-two paintings featuring the image of a red-and-white soup can from a certain business is among Andy Warhol’s most well-known pieces of art.

 Answer: Campbell’s

5. Which nation has a set of laws governing beer production known as the Reinheitsgebot?

Answer: Germany

6. Which chain restaurant is the St. Louis Bread Company better renowned for, outside of its hometown?

 Answer: Panera

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7. The well-known Humpty Dumpty character has been around for decades (particularly in works by Lewis Carroll). “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty in his place again.” What dish is Humpty Dumpty typically shown as?

 Answer: Egg

8. The edible species in the red algae genus Pyropia are known by their Japanese name, nori, and can be found on many varieties of sushi. What is the English name for this food item that is often used in dried sheet form?

 Answer: Seaweed

9. What kind of sea creature is lox, a fillet made from its brine? It’s not just any old fish; we’re hunting for a certain kind of fish.

 Answer: Salmon

10. Throughout its existence, the cooperative Ocean Spray has mostly focused on what other fruit, even though it extended to grapefruit producers in 1976? Following a 2020 TikTok that combined skating, Fleetwood Mac, and Ocean Spray juice, the brand had unprecedented viral success.

 Answer: Cranberries

11. Which English name for a distilled alcohol spirit comes from a shortened version of the Slavic word for water? This basically indicates that the phrase can mean “little water,” which makes sense considering that the beverage is believed to have its origins in Russia or Poland.

 Answer: Vodka

12. What big fruit, drastically different from the summertime sweets of today, was grown for hundreds of years just as a source of water and not as food?

Answer: Watermelon 

13. A certain kind of snack is frequently connected to a particular kind of entertainment venue. Although this food has been around for ages, it became much more accessible in the 1890s when a specialized machine was developed. Zea mays is the species used to make the snack. What kind of snack is this?

Answer: Popcorn

14. What’s the colloquial term for the dish that’s essentially steamed balls filled with crushed durum wheat flour? Its name repeats “C” and it was originally a Maghrebi dish served with a stew spooned over.

 Answer: Couscous

15. What food brand does it offer separate filters for “Chunky,” “Chunky Maxx,” “Slow Kettle Style,” and “Kid Fun” soups on their website as of 2019?

 Answer: Campbell’s

16. Which well-known condiment would you use as the foundation for a tartar sauce or remoulade?

 Answer: Mayonnaise

17. What fast-casual American restaurant opened in 1984 in Newton, Massachusetts under the name Boston Chicken? The chain continues to honor its proud Boston namesake heritage, even if the corporate offices have since relocated to Colorado.

Answer: Boston Market

18. A television sitcom centers on the titular tavern that has been a fixture on Boston’s Beacon Street for many years. Additionally, a replica of the bar that was housed in a Boston food hall that shut down in 2020 after 20 years of business was there. In October 2020, the recreation will sell off furnishings and equipment. What are the names of the TV show and these two bars? (They have the same name together).

 Answer: Cheers

19. What crop has historically been grown in North Carolina’s Piedmont region, where corporations like Lorillard, Reynolds American, and Phillip Morris still have a significant presence today?

Answer: Tobacco

20. Which fruit is the only one that has externally located seeds?

 Answer: Strawberry

21. There’s a dish called burnt cream, or Trinity cream, whose roots are a little unclear (is it from England, Spain, or France?). It is renowned for having a custard foundation with a layer of caramelized sugar on top that has set. What’s that?

 Answer: Crème brûlée

22. The Egg ______ is a famous breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s that looks like a mass-produced imitation of an eggs Benedict. Its name, which was first used in 1972, combines the words for the McDonald’s brand with the name of a little batter-filled cake with a dome. Complete the blank.

 Answer: Egg McMuffin

23. Which of the three bears’ food did Goldilocks consume?

 Answer: Porridge

24. What typical German side dish results from finely chopping cabbage and fermenting it with different lactic acid bacteria?

Answer: Sauerkraut

25. Which cheese is usually included in a caprese salad?

 Answer: Mozzarella

26. What well-known cereal mascot actually has Horatio Magellan as his first and middle name, even though he’s usually only known by his title and last name?

Answer: That’s Cap’n Crunch.

27. Which well-known two-word cable TV network, owned by Discovery, airs programs like Iron Chef America and Chopped?”

Answer: Food Network 

28. Originally known as the American Association of ______ ______, the organization AABB was established in the United States in 1947, albeit it currently has no official meaning. The organization accredits transfusion locations and collaborates closely with the FDA to give technical assistance with laws pertaining to blood donations and storage across the nation. Which two-word sentence completes the two gaps?

 Answer: Blood Banks

29. Even though MCI used to be one of the biggest long-distance phone companies in the US, the “M” in the company’s name used to stand for what nine-letter word that’s more frequently connected to warming food?

Answer: Microwave

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Easy Fast Food Trivia Questions

30. What well-known two-word Thai cuisine is usually made with rice noodles, scrambled egg, peanuts, and meat, and is available both as street food and as a mainstay at Thai restaurants?

Answer: Pad thai

31. What culinary herb is used to make pizza margherita, a classic Neapolitan pizza cooked with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, salt, and extra virgin olive oil?

 Answer: Basil

32. Which British chocolate manufacturer creates creme-filled chocolate eggs that look and feel just like a soft-boiled chicken egg?

Answer: Cadbury

33. Which chocolate-flavored line of General Mills cereal has Sonny the Cuckoo Bird as its mascot, having been introduced in 1962?

 Answer: Cocoa Puffs

34. Which typical leafy green is indigenous to Persia and is connected to a certain cartoon figure that debuted in the nautical industry in 1929?

 Answer: spinach

35. Which bigger variety of “sweet” banana is most commonly used in cooking?

Answer: Plantains

36. Which coffee drink with ten letters has less milk than a latte? (This time, spelling *does* matter)

Answer: cappuccino

37. What kind of cheese is usually used with tomatoes, basil, and olive oil in a classic Caprese salad?

 Answer: mozzarella

38. What privately held company was established in Tacoma, Washington, in 1911 and is a conglomerate that offers pet food, animal care services, and its namesake bars, which are well-known worldwide?

 Answer: Mars

39. A delicious pastry called spanakopita is usually filled with feta cheese and spinach. This makes sense, since the local language of its native nation interprets “spanakopita” as “spinach pie” practically exactly. Which nation is this?

Answer: Greece

40. While there are other varieties of this cured meat, like as back, collar, and jowl, the most widely consumed variety is called “streaky,” which is made from the pork belly and is frequently eaten as an accompaniment to breakfast. What is this kind of salt-cured pork belly, named after the buttock-related Old High German word?

 Answer: Bacon

41. When it was revealed that the letters “tri” in the cracker’s name actually stood for “electricity” rather than “three,” what Nabisco-produced cracker caused a stir on social media in March 2020? The crackers’ initial marketing claimed to be “the only food on the market” that was “baked by electricity.”

Answer: Triscuit

42. What four-letter word, usually used exclusively when the mollusc is edible, is frequently used as the common name for a variety of bivalve molluscs?

 Answer: Clam

43. Which Pittsburgh-based enterprise packaged and sold horseradish as the first culinary item on a commercial scale?

Answer: Heinz 

44. The RP-VITA, from the company that makes Roombas and whose name sounds like a Will Smith film, is the first FDA-approved telemedicine robot that utilizes autonomous mobility technology.

Answer: an iRobot

45. What’s the informal name for a revolving tray that’s frequently set on a table to help with meal distribution?

 Answer: Lazy Susan

46. What staple of Indian cuisine can be broadly defined as meat or vegetable served in a strongly spicy sauce? It can take many different forms, such as powder, sauce, or even leaf from an Indian tree.

 Answer: Curry

47. What is a mainstay of Korean cuisine comprised primarily of fermented and salted vegetables, such as Korean radishes and cabbage?

 Answer: Kimchi

48. Which company makes the rectangular chocolate mint sweets that are produced in Delavan, Wisconsin, not South America?

 Answer: Andes

49. What cheesy communal dish was transformed into a chocolate version by Swiss chef Conrad Egli as part of a mid-1960s Toblerone promotion?

Answer: Fondue 

50. What all-encompassing term for a seasoning best describes the usual combination of ingredients: salt, toasted sesame seeds, dried onion, dried garlic, and poppy seeds?

 Answer: all seasoning

51. What is this product? In 1930, Chicagoan Jimmy Dewar, a manager at a Hostess factory, invented a banana cream pastry. When bananas were scarce during World War II, vanilla cream was used instead of banana filling.

Answer: Twinkies

52. Traditionally made from a mixture of wheat flour, cornmeal, pig wastes, and spices, what food mush is mostly produced by the Delaware-based company RAPA?

 Answer: Scrapple

53. Despite holding the moniker of the Lone Star State, what casual steakhouse brand has its corporate headquarters located in Louisville, Kentucky?

Answer: Texas Roadhouse 

54. Fill in the one word blank, a term for needing or exhibiting the need for food. “______ Jack’s” is the Australian name for the 1971-founded American chain “Burger King.”

Answer: hungry

55. What is the name of the bowl-like companion to the pestle? A pestle is one half of a common pair of culinary equipment used for grinding spices.

 Answer: mortar

56. What is it, a beer style steeped in the history of porters, and a dictionary word that might signify boldness, resoluteness, or bulkiness?

 Answer: Stout

57. Usually served cold as an appetizer, what is the hard-to-spell name of the dip or sauce made of strained yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, and other seasonings—considered a borrowed word from Greek?

 Answer: tzatziki

58. Which particular body region is the site of buccal cell collection, which is the most common DNA test used for paternity testing?

 Answer: cheek

59. What is the nut that is usually a prominent element in a Waldorf salad? The Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City is the name of the restaurant where the Waldorf salad was first developed for a charity ball in 1896.

 Answer: walnut

60. Which fast-food company features a grinning star as its emblem and serves dishes like the Famous Star and the Western Bacon Cheeseburger?

Answer: Carl’s Jr.

61. What is the widespread term for the disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus? It causes skin breakouts in children, and the FDA approved a vaccination to prevent its infection in 1995.

 Answer: Chicken pox

62. Which well-known dip gets its name from the Nahuatl terms “ahuacatl” and “molli”?While basil, pomegranate seeds, or peas are non-traditional ideas, typical versions for this dip call for lime juice, cilantro, and jalapeños.

 Answer: Guacamole

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63. What food brand collaborated with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to launch Macaroni & Cheese-flavored ice cream on July 14, 2021, in observance of National Macaroni and Cheese Day?

Answer: Kraft (but Kraft Heniz Company might also work)

64. What is the more common term for this type of plant, Humulus lupulus, which has been employed more and more in beer during the 21st century as a bittering, flavoring, or stability agent?

 Answer: hops

65. Which alcoholic liquor can be found in the Aviation, Gimlet, and Tom Collins cocktails?

 Answer: Gin

66. What is the eight-letter, hyphenated word for using a medication for purposes other than those that the FDA has specifically approved?

 Answer: off-label

67. What food “d”elivery service—the parent firm of Caviar—was established in San Francisco by Tony Xu in 2013?

Answer: DoorDash 

68. What medication was successfully created in 1899 by German chemist Felix Hoffman of the Bayer pharmaceutical business using salicylic acid, a substance present in willow bark?

 Answer: aspirin

69. What other East Asian nation is hat si-io, a stir-fried noodle dish with Chinese influences that is sometimes transliterated as pad see ew or pad siu, most frequently associated with?

 Answer: Thailand

70. The five “mother sauces” of French cooking, according to chef Auguste Escoffier, are béchamel, espagnole, tomate, velouté, and what fifth sauce, which is frequently used in eggs benedict?

 Answer: Hollandaise

71. What city-named cocktail features spicy ginger beer as one of its main ingredients, along with vodka and lime juice? The drink is commonly served in a copper mug and is technically a “buck” because it contains ginger beer, so it is also frequently referred to as a vodka buck.

Answer: Moscow Mule 

72. Which architectural style and creative trend of the 20th century are the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building in New York regarded as iconic representations?

 Answer: Art Deco

73. This popular Costa Rican morning dish, which usually consists of rice and beans with seasonings like cilantro or chiles, got its name from the color variations that give the rice a rooster-like speckled appearance.

Answer: Gallo Pinto

74. In the 2000s, Heineken was a significant sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, an athletic competition in which sport?

Answer: soccer

75. Which Yemeni city, formerly a hub of the coffee trade, is the name of this chocolate-flavored coffee drink?

 Answer: mocha

76. What kid-friendly food product, with variants featuring both meatballs and sliced Franks, is sold in hundreds of millions of units annually and was introduced by Campbell Soup Company with the slogan “less messy” than spaghetti?

 Answer: SpaghettiOs

77. Which brand of chocolate bars from Switzerland has red writing on a yellow mountain that secretly has a drawing of a white bear inside of it?

Answer: Toblerone 

78. Identify the Italian treat that has ladyfingers, mascarpone, and an unidentified ingredient meant to give you a boost.

 Answer: Tiramisu

79. What is the name of the 1968 snack brand whose separate pieces fit together properly in its vessel because they are shaped like hyperbolic paraboloids?

 Answer: Pringles

80. A pudding filling and chocolate frosting surround a round, solid (hole-free) doughnut called after the pie it most resembles. Which American city is named after this pie?

 Answer: Boston

81. What sauce is typically served with poutine, a Quebecer dish that consists of cheese curds and French fries?

 Answer: Gravy

82. What major pharmaceutical company manufactures the awkwardly named Comirnaty, the first COVID-19 vaccine to receive full FDA approval?

 Answer: Pfizer-BioNTech

83. What’s the name for sturgeon roe that has been salted?

Answer: Caviar 

84. Note: we require the name of a city in your response to mark it correct. What dish of deep-fried chicken with hot sauce and blue cheese dressing was purportedly originated at The Anchor Bar in a Northeastern state?

 Answer: Buffalo wings

85. Which fruit is used to manufacture craisins, which are a well-liked snack and a recognized trademark?

Answer: Cranberries

86. What meal, found in Spanish cuisine, is called after the kind of wide, shallow pan that is traditionally used to cook the dish over an open flame?

Answer: Paella

87. Which apple variety, which accounts for 19% of the state yield in Washington, goes by the name “fancy party”?

 Answer: gala

88. What kind of candy is being advertised when a character by the name of Mr. Owl gives a used candy stick back to a little child in numerous versions of the advertisement?

 Answer: Tootsie Pop

89. What animal’s eggs are frequently used to create this vaccine each year? The WHO and CDC suggest that almost everyone over the age of six months receive a flu shot annually.

 Answer: Hen/Chicken

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Moderate Fast Food Trivia Questions

90. What Sacramento museum was established in 1885 and is the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi? Its “C” name is the same as the last name of a fictional woman who appears in recipes and food-related advertisements.

 Answer: Crocker

91. What non-culinary behavior is the Austin location of Lebowski’s Grill known for its quick food?

Answer: bowling

92. Which particular chocolate product is almost universally associated with the Italian firm Ferrero in the United States?

Answer: Truffles with chocolate and hazelnuts

93. What kind of molecules would an ant leave behind as a fragrance trail to guide other ants to a food source?

Answer: Pheromones

94. Which fast-food restaurant brand made headlines in 2019 for running out of chicken sandwiches and announcing their Sunday return in an attempt to poke fun at Chick-fil-A rival?

 Answer: Popeyes

95. Which common herb is it that some people complain tastes like soap? Some people who eat this plant, which belongs to the Apiaceae family, have a mutation in their olfactory-receptor genes, which intensifies the taste of soap in the leaves of the plant.

Answer: Coriander, or cilantro

96. What soup, made with stock, seafood, and a thickener, incorporates the Cajun/Creole “holy trinity” of celery, bell pepper, and onions? This soup is the official state cuisine of Louisiana.

 Answer: Gumbo

97. Which common food bearing the scientific name Malus domestica shares the same first name as the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow?

Answer: Apple

98. In what hotel and casino with an ancient Rome theme are Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill and Hell’s Kitchen restaurants located?

 Answer: Caesars Palace

99. Started in 2011, what Food Network reality show has teams creating displays centered on what fall holiday? Fittingly, guest judges include celebs like Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark.

 Answer: Halloween Wars

100. Which city has regular early-morning tuna auctions at the renowned Tsukiji fish market?

Answer: Tokyo

101. Although “raw fish” and “sushi” are not synonymous, sushi is a more widespread term for a Japanese method of cooking and serving vinegared rice. Speaking of raw fish, what is the name for the raw fish salad that is served in a bowl and dates back to Hawaii?

 Answer: Poke

102. Name this fruit, which became the state berry of Maine in 1991. It is a wild variation that is actually deep purple because of antioxidants called anthocyanins. Maine is one of the world’s top growers of this fruit.

Answer: Blueberries

103. Which viral infection is treated with Cabenuva, a combination of rilpivirine and cabotegravir that the FDA approved in January 2021?

 Answer: HIV

104. What kind of animal with stripes Max, the adorable mascot of the Pfizer drug Zithromax, was?

Answer: Zebra, 

105. Because it also prevents the mumps and what other disease, the vaccine for measles prevention is frequently referred to as the MMR vaccine.

 Answer: Rubella

106. What 2005 Fox original reality television program is hosted by Gordon Ramsay, with narration by Jason Thompson and opening theme “Fire” by the Ohio Players?

 Answer: Hell’s Kitchen

107. Which four-letter word best describes the thick paste used in Japanese cooking, which is formed from fermented soybeans and barley or rice malt? It can also refer to a particular kind of soup that has been thickened with the paste.

 Answer: Miso

108. Ferrero has owned this food business since 2019; among of the elves who help promote its sweet goodies are Ernie, Elmer, Buckets, Ma, and Doc.

 Answer: Keebler

109. What is this animal? It’s a rodent, not a pig, despite what its name might imply. It can be used as food, a pet, or a study subject in a laboratory.

 Answer: Guinea Pig

110. Which European nation’s national food is haggis, a mixture of minced sheep’s heart, lungs, and liver combined with onions and oatmeal?

Answer: Scotland 

111. What BBC cooking competition did John Torode and Gregg Wallace send a participant packing because their chicken rendang wasn’t “crispy” enough?

Answer: MasterChef 

112. An “affogato” is a drink that falls somewhere between a coffee and a dessert. It is made with espresso poured over another star ingredient.

 Answer: Gelato

113. The deep-fried Spanish confection was the mystery Oreo flavor that Nabisco, the makers of Fig Newtons, disclosed in 2019.

 Answer: Churro

114. Named for founder Henry, this multi-variate food processing corporation with regional roots is the subject of the home stadium of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the collegiate Pittsburgh Panthers, both of which are situated on Art Rooney Avenue.

Answer: Heinz Field 

115. What dessert is this? The Android operating system had two nicknames: “Eclair” for the 2.0 version and “Gingerbread” for the 2.3 version. In between was the five-letter name of a cold dessert that became extremely popular with self-serve toppings in the 2000s.

 Answer: Froyo

116. Botanically speaking, what fruit is often called the alligator pear is a huge berry with a single seed that is produced in dozens of nations in both hemispheres and is said to have originated in South Central Mexico?

 Answer: avocado. avocadoes

117. What is the fermented, somewhat effervescent, sweetened tea drink that is frequently consumed for alleged health benefits—often attached with “tea” to distinguish it from a culture of bacteria and yeast—and whose roots are thought to be in China, while its exact origins are unknown.

Answer: Kombucha

118. What common food is the enormous metal “Cloud Gate” sculpture in Chicago called because of its oblong shape?

 Answer: Bean

119. Which province is home to the Nisga’a, an Indigenous tribe of people from Canada? Traditionally, the Nisga’a relied on the year-round collecting of “beach food,” which included fish, seaweed, oysters, limpets, razor clams, and mussels.

Answer: British Columbia

120. Which food products, including Rice-A-Roni, Cap’n Crunch, and Life Cereals, did PepsiCo acquire when it bought that company in 2001?

Answer: Quaker Oats Company, 

121. Regarding the use of the words “Water Resistant” and “Broad Spectrum” for which over-the-counter product, the FDA released new regulations in 2011?

Answer: Sunscreen, please.

122. Similar to mac and cheese, the traditional Italian meal “cacio e pepe” means “cheese and WHAT?”

 Answer: pepper

123. With a program named “Team ______,” Governor Andy Beshear is trying to encourage economic development in his state. Fill in the blank: the state where Yum Foods and Humana are located.

Answer: Kentucky, 

124. Putting lipstick on pigs is not covered by the FD&C Act, which covers food, pharmaceuticals, and what else?

 Answer: cosmetic

125. Which American city gives name to an omelette that is covered with cheese, loaded with diced ham, onions, and green peppers, and served with home fries or hash browns on the side?

Answer: Denver 

126. Name another chain that Yum! Brands owns. Yum! Brands is a publicly traded fast food operating corporation with its headquarters located in Louisville. It is well-known for owning KFC among many other chain restaurants.

Answer: The Habit Burger Grill, WingStreet, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut

127. What is this baked or fried pastry with filling that derives from the Spanish verb which means “to enbread? ” If you order this Latin American or Filipino meal, you’ll generally see it spelled in Spanish, but if you truly wanted to translate it into English, it would probably be patty, pie, or turnover.”

Answer: empanada

128. Actress and comedian Nora Lum is best known for her roles in the films The Farewell, Ocean’s Eight, and Crazy Rich Asians. However, her stage name, which is a homophone of a bottled water brand, is what people know her by when she releases rap songs.

 Answer: Awkwafina

129. Zuo Zongtang was a statesman and leader of the Qing empire in the 19th century, but he is most recognized in North America for what dish? You can find the romanized form of his name on millions of restaurant menus.

Answer: General Tso’s Chicken

130. Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery produces a number of well-known beer brands, but only one of them had a run of over ten years of television commercials featuring Jonathan Goldsmith, whose anonymous character became so famous that it was featured in numerous internet memes during the 2000s. Name the beer brand OR the persona.

 Answer: Dos Equis (the World’s Most Interesting Man)

131. What tiny cousin of the orange is the main product of the “Cutie” brand of produce?

 Answer: Clementine

132. Which US state is the home state of Tyson Foods and Dillard’s Department Stores, as well as the location where Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart?

Answer: Arkansas

133. Even though the two businesses recently merged in 2017, PetSmart made the announcement that it would be separating from which online pet supply and food retailer in October 2020?

Answer: Chewy

134. What anise-flavored spirit, sometimes known as “the green fairy,” is rubbed in a traditional New Orleans Sazerac cocktail?

 Answer: Absinthe

135. And if you’re in an aisle comparing Scotts, Vigoro, and Schultz, you’re probably looking to purchase an essential agricultural “ingredient” that’s vital to traditional food systems.

 Answer: Fertilizer

136. In a parody of which song from “The Sound of Music” does Anna Kendrick sing about “bags of Tostitos with salsa and queso” in a Frito-Lay commercial?”

Answer: My Favorite Things, 

137. What fruit is also known by the name “Chinese gooseberry”? It is also the name of a bird that cannot fly and a widely recognized derogatory term for a nationality of the Eastern Hemisphere.

 Answer: Kiwi

138. What kind of highly sought-after fungus is seeded into pine seedlings by a company named Mycorrhiza Biotech, called for its bianchetto variety?

Answer: Truffle

139. Which fast food chain’s pizza boxes included Google’s “baked” Pixel 4 phones as a limited-edition promotion for Cyber Monday in the US in 2019?

Answer: Dominos

140. In a 2021 Super Bowl commercial for what company, Ashton Kutcher questions his wife Mila Kunis—who sports a noticeable orange smear around her mouth—about if she has taken his food.

Answer: Cheetos

141. What varied food product, known by the names abertam, camembert, and casu marzu, has been produced since the beginning of recorded history?

Answer: Cheese

142. Previously known as Kraft Foods, this Chicago, Illinois-based “M” food conglomerate controls brands like Cadbury, Chips Ahoy, and Oreo. Its name is a combination of the Latin words for “world” and “delicious.”

Answer: Mondelez International

143. When rumors circulated about a deliberately subpar drink that the firm had created to boost demand for its original product, Donald Keough, the president of what drink producer, said, “The truth is, we’re not that dumb, and we’re not that smart”?

Answer: Coca-Cola

144. What traditional British dessert often consists of layers of fruit, sponge cake, custard, and whipped cream? This word is also used to refer to something of small worth.

Answer: Trifle 

145. On what sitcom is Paunch Burger, a fictitious fast-food restaurant, a staple in Pawnee residents’ diets?

Answer: Parks & Recreation 

146. What seafood restaurant in Boston has a legitimate claim to be the oldest in the city, is housed in a building that dates back to the early 1700s, is close to Faneuil Hall, and is designated as a National Historic Landmark?

Answer: Union Oyster House, 

147. What is the dairy product that is “dressed” with cream and is sometimes referred to as curds and whey? It is drained to keep the curds loose rather than squeezed like Paneer.

 Answer: cottage cheese

148. What American sprinter was suspended from the Tokyo Olympics as a result of the US Anti-Doping Agency’s recent declaration that they cannot unilaterally amend rules?

149. Sha’Carri Richardson, 

150. What Nestle candy bar claims to be “crispy, crunchety, peanut-buttery?” on its orange and blue box.”

 Answer: Butterfinger

151. Which ring-shaped pasta, often stuffed with cheese or meats, gets their name from their navel-like form and is sometimes called “belly buttons”?

 Answer: Tortellini

152. What kind of dish is specific to Cincinnati and is frequently served with spaghetti and hot dogs?

 Answer: chili

153. Which country in North Africa, with its capital located in Rabat, is known for its national dish of couscous mixed with beef and vegetables in a “tagine”?

Answer: Morocco, 

154. What soda did the beverage business Keurig add to its lineup in 2018 after acquiring the parent company of that particular soda?

 Answer: Dr. Pepper

155. What is the six-letter name of the Vietnamese one-serving sandwich that is often served on a baguette and consists of a combination of native Vietnamese meats and veggies including cucumber, selected carrots, pork sausage, and coriander leaves?

 Answer: Bánh mì

156. What is the name for a British-style sweet pie that is frequently filled with “meat,” which is a blend of spices and dried fruits?” The pie is traditionally served during the Christmas season and was originally known as “mutton pie.”

 Answer: mincemeat pie

157. Which two most popular bacteria are utilized to make the grocery store staple that gained enormous appeal in the United States throughout the 2000s? Lactobacillus delbrueckii and Streptococcus thermophilus.

 Answer: Yogurt

158. Which animal, a very common home pet in the United States, belongs to the order Rodentia, and which New York City sued sellers at an Ecuadorian festival in 2004 to stop them from selling its meat?

Answer: Guinea Pig

159. What California-based chocolate company named after an Italian immigrant was acquired by Lindt in the 1990s, allowing them to grow their chocolate empire?

Answer: Ghirardelli 

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Hard Fast Food Trivia Questions

160. What was the first food to go through this technique for long-term, cold-temperature preservation? Coffee.

Answer: Using freeze-dried food

161. What upscale shop was started by John Mackey and Renee Lawson in 1978 in Austin? At first, the modest store was dubbed SaferWay, a parody of Safeway.

Answer: Whole Foods Market, 

162. Jerry challenges Elaine to eat what dish off of a stranger’s plate as they wait for a seat at a Chinese restaurant.

 Answer: egg rolls

163. The intellectual property abbreviation FTO, declared by medical device manufacturers in every market in which they want to launch a new product, stands for “freedom to” WHAT?

 Answer: perform

164. Which pop diva collaborated with Oreo to provide her “little monster” fans with a limited-edition themed pink cookie with green filling that will be available in January 2021?

Answer: Lady Gaga 

165. One pound of each of the following four ingredients is called for in a conventional recipe for pound cake: flour, sugar, butter, and WHAT?

 Answer: eggs

166. What line of cake mixes, pie fillings, and other confections is currently owned by ConAgra Foods and is named for a guy who was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1880?

Answer: Duncan Hines

167. Which salty vegetarian snack goes by the motto “The Snack That Smiles Back”?

 Answer: goldfish

168. “Nasi” refers to a staple food, while “goreng” means “fried” in the Indonesian cuisine nasi goreng.

Answer: rice

169. “Where is the meat?”is a catchphrase that was first used by which fast-food company in the United States and Canada in 1984? The phrase subsequently made its way into popular culture as a multifunctional way of challenging the fundamentals of a notion.

 Answer: Wendy’s

170. Which “B” berry was crossed between the European raspberry, European blackberry, American dewberry, and loganberry, and named for the California gardener who cultivated it?

Answer: Boysenberry

171. What dish of boiled cornmeal originated from a 16th-century Native American Muskogee tribe recipe? It was used as a punishment in the 2018 film “The Secret Life of Bees” and was a major plot piece in the 1992 film “My Cousin Vinny.”

Answer: grits

172. Satirical writer Jonathan Swift claimed that “he was a bold man that first ate” a particular bivalve that is available in Kumamoto and Bluepoint kinds.

 Answer: oyster

173. What is the name of the Japanese snack that was originally offered for sale in 1966 and was initially referred to as a “biscuit stick covered in chocolate”?More flavored coatings, like almond, strawberry, milk, green tea, banana, and coconut, are now available.

 Answer: Pocky

174. Count the arms and tentacles on a squid. What is the total? A hint: squids are cephalopods belonging to the superorder Decapodiformes.

Answer: ten

175. Given an Indian meal that includes chana, you will be served a legume that is often known by two different names in English. Name one of these names.

Answer: Chickpeas or garbanzo beans, please

176. Which President appointed Harvey Washington Wiley, the FDA’s first commissioner, to the position in 1907?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt, 

177. What dish, typically spiced with nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and powdered ginger, is considered a harvest time symbol? The largest known dessert in the world weighed 3,699 pounds and measured 20 feet in diameter.

Answer: pumpkin pie

178. What cruciferous plant had a surge in popularity in the 2000s and was originally called “peasants cabbage”?

 Answer: Kale

179. Which of the four compartments of the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum in ruminant animals aids in the fermentation of food before to digestion?

Answer: stomach

180. What volume of ice cream, in accordance with FDA regulations, needs to weigh 4.5 pounds or more to be referred to be “ice cream”?”

Answer: Gallon, 

181. This mystery fruit is called the “king of fruits” in some parts of the world. It has a thorny rind and a powerful smell. If you were to take one letter out of its name and repeat it, you would get the name of an incredibly popular 80s band.

 Answer: durian

182. Which common vegetable is the most widely grown member of the Allium genus, is thought to be harmful to cats and dogs, has an unknown nation of origin, and has been used by humans for at least 7,000 years?

Answer: onion

183. What English word is used to describe a cylindrical piece of sushi that is normally wrapped in nori?

Answer: seaweed

184. What leafy vegetable is the Boston cultivar specifically called? It’s also referred to as Butterhead or Bibb lettuce.

 Answer: lettuce

185. ”Aloo” is a ubiquitous, starchy meal that appears in many popular Indian cuisines like Aloo gobi.

 Answer: potato

186. What is the name of the Latin American confection, which literally translates as “candy from milk,” that is made by slowly heating sweetened milk to a brown consistency that is then used as a topping or dessert?

 Answer: Dulce de leche

187. What scientific study of the characteristics and behavior of matter was incorporated into the name of the FDA between 1862 and 1927? This “C” word can also refer to interpersonal relationships.

Answer: Chemistry

188. Joey Chestnut, who holds numerous world records and is involved in the MLE community, broke the record for the most hot dogs ingested in ten minutes (76) at the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating competition in 2021.

Answer: Major League Eating 

189. “A dish made from leavened batter or dough that is cooked between two plates that are patterned to give a characteristic size, shape, and surface impression” is a good way to explain what dish, according to Wikipedia.

Answer: waffle

190. What sandwich chain’s top seller was formerly called the B.M.T., which stood for Brooklyn Manhattan Transit, but is now formally known as “Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest”?

 Answer: Subway

191. Which celestial-named company is the sixth largest privately held (by revenue) in the United States? It is a well-known provider of pet food and confectionaries.

Answer: Mars

192. What three-letter acronym, which was first used in the American Revolutionary War, best represents food that is made specifically for soldiers to eat on the battlefield? It sounds a little bit like a scan you may have at the hospital.

Answer: MRE 

193. What other name is commonly used in East Asia to refer to the classic South Asian dish momo, which combines a filling of meat or veggies with a coating high in carbohydrates?

Answer: dumpling

194. A can of “fruit cocktail” must contain, in the words of the USDA, 25–45% pears, 6–16% pineapple, 6-20% grapes, 2-6% cherries, and, in the maximum amount, 30–50% of what fruit?

 Answer: peaches

195. Which Italian city, third in terms of population, has the highest number of Michelin stars out of all Italian cities, and is also widely regarded as the origin of contemporary pizza?

 Answer: Naples

196. Eight Treasure Rice is a traditional New Year’s treat in China and Taiwan. The “eight treasures” could be the black and golden types of what kind of dried fruit?

Answer: raisins

197. Technically, City Island is part of which borough? City Island is an island in New York City with around 4,000 residents, and it’s well-known for its abundance of seafood restaurants and fishing and boating environment reminiscent of New England?

Answer: The Bronx 

198. Provolone or American cheese are the standard (though not always) ingredients of Philly cheesesteaks, but they can also include what Kraft processed cheese sauce?

Answer: Cheez Whiz

199. This pasta, called “orecchiette” because of its shape, derives its name from which area of the body in Italian?

Answer: ears

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Hardest Fast Food Trivia Questions

200. What Colorado-based craft brewery pours their flagship beer, Fat Tire, a Belgian-style ale, across the country in bottles?

 Answer: New Belgium

201. The Hatch green chilies range in heat from roughly 1,000 to 8,000 SHU. Which S-word last name belongs to an American pharmacist?

 Answer: Scoville

202. Which London-based conglomerate produces well-known food brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Klondike, and PureLeaf?

 203. Unilever

204. The four Iron Chefs from the first season were experts in Japanese, Italian, French, and what other Asian cuisine?

Answer: Chinese

205. What kind of animal is utilized in the breakdown of vegetation, foods, wastewater, and even sewage sludge? Vermicast is the end product of procedures like vermifiltration and vermicomposting. European nightcrawlers are a species of what kind of animal?

 Answer: worm

206. Long before “Animal House,” the whole class of 1818 Harvard sophomores was expelled for fighting what kind of war?

Answer: Hunger War

207. Which salty snack brand’s “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One” slogan was created by Young & Rubicam Advertising Agency?

Answer: Lay’s Potato Chips

208. What six-letter culinary term today refers to a Mexican dish that features grilled meat served as a taco on a wheat or corn tortilla, but it originally referred to skirt steak, the original cut of beef used in the recipe?

 Answer: Fajita

209. An Arnold Palmer is a concoction of lemonade and iced tea; add vodka to make it into a cocktail named for the 1991 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year winner.

Answer: John Daly 

210. What is the name of the pure spirit made from wine and typically used as an after-dinner drink? It is typically caramel in color, and the most well-known brands are from France.

Answer: Brandy

211. At the conclusion of the beloved children’s song “The Farmer in the Dell,” what food item “stands alone”?”

 Answer: Cheese

212. What snack company was first known as the American Cone and Pretzel Company and was established in 1917 in Philadelphia? Frito-Lay has held the brand since the 1960s.

Rold Gold

213. What well-known beverage was first sold at a drugstore in 1893 under the name “Brad’s Drink” in New Bern, North Carolina? Five years later, the product was renamed after the Greek “p” word for “digestion.”

Answer: Pepsi Cola

214. Give the English name for at least one of the three most popular tree varieties used to make maple syrup: Acer saccharum, Acer rubrum, and Acer nigrum.

 Answer: sugar, red, and black maples

215. What yellow-white sort of cheese is commonly called in the United States when it resembles Emmental cheese?

 Answer: Swiss cheese

216. What brand’s name, which originally featured the contours of two states in which some of their initial potato farms were located, is a “syllabic abbreviation” of those two states? The brand’s logo has evolved throughout time to become more simplistic, and it is currently a part of the Kraft Heinz snack food empire.

Answer: Ore-Ida 

217. What well-known homemade cheese with the term “refined” in Italian requires just three ingredients—whole milk, lemon juice, and salt—and thirty minutes of preparation time?

Answer: Ricotta

218. In what DECADE did Bangladesh’s separation from Pakistan take place and the FDA begin to regulate the manufacturing process of microwave ovens?

 Answer: The 1970s

219. What snack (cookie?) made by Nabisco that had primarily yellow packaging was named for a town close to Boston?

Answer: Fig Newton 

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220. What brand of coffee was the highest-selling coffee in the United States for nearly a century? It was started in 1892 by grocery store Joel Owsley Cheek, who later named the brand after a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee (the brand’s largest customer). The brand often uses the phrase “good to the last drop” in its logo.

 Answer: Maxwell House

221. What kind of chemical does an ant leave behind to direct other ants toward a food source?

Answer: Pheromones.

222. What powdered drink mix was the official state soft drink of Nebraska when it was first introduced in 1927?

 Answer: Kool-Aid

223. Which fruit- or spice-flavored yogurt beverage is India’s favorite?

Answer: Lassi

224. What snappy name is used in Australia to describe a slice of white bread covered with butter and a scattering of small sprinkles, often known as nonpareils?

Answer: fairy bread

225. The Mission is not only a popular district in San Francisco, but it’s also home to a popular sort of cuisine item that is noted for its steamed outer layer and extra rice addition.

 Answer: burrito

226. What double-Z word describes the enlarged muscles in a bird’s digestive tract that grind up food, frequently with the help of swallowed stones?

Answer: Gizzard 

227. Designed to facilitate minimally invasive surgery, this widely used robotic surgical system, manufactured by the company Intuitive Surgical, was first approved by the FDA in 2000. It is fully controlled by a surgeon from a console, and it bears the name of which famous man?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci, 

228. Why not? Some guy played Snow’s “Informer” on a pan flute in commercials for what brand of mouth-ruining chips that is spicy and Dinamitas?

 Answer: Doritos

229. Called after the body of water that lies beneath the Celtic Sea between Spain and France, this smooth, creamy, seasoned soup of French provenance is usually made from a strained broth of crustaceans.

 Answer: bisque

230. Which fast food establishment in Pawnee is attempting to purchase Lot 48 in order to construct a new restaurant?

 Answer: Paunch Burger

231. What phrase for a group salute before consuming alcohol literally comes from putting food into one’s glass?

Answer: toasting

232. What food manufacturing corporation was established in Austin, Minnesota in 1891 and is the owner and manager of the brands Applegate, Columbus Craft Meats, Dinty Moore, Jennie-O, and Skippy?

Answer: Hormel

233. What is the common meal that is part of the design of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, which was created in the 1980s by husband and wife pair Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen?

Answer: Cherry (Spoonbridge and Cherry) 

234. Often called the national meal of Canada, poutine is made out of french fries, gravy, and what else?

Answer: cheese curds

235. What do the initials WFP stand for? The World Food Programme (WFP) is the food assistance department of the United Nations, providing food assistance to over 90 million people across more than 80 countries annually.

Answer: World Food Programme

236. After a failed merger attempt with Uber, the food delivery business Grubhub agreed in June 2020 to be acquired by what other delivery-focused software company?

Answer: Just Eat Takeaway.com

237. What is the FDA designation that expedites the development and review of drugs that treat serious or life-threatening conditions?

Answer: Breakthrough therapy

238. What American chain localizes its fare with offerings such as Turkish coffee in the Republic of Georgia and versions of its signature product stuffed with kimchi in South Korea and topped with fish flakes in China?

Answer: Dunkin’ Donuts

239. New Haven’s Frank Pepe routinely leads rankings of the greatest restaurants in the U.S. for what food?

Answer: Pizza

240. Although the term is often used by cosmetic companies, the FDA has explicitly said that what 13-letter portmanteau has no legal meaning? Generally speaking, this word describes a combination of a drug and a cosmetic.

Answer: Cosmeceutical

241. In 2012, what fast-food chain promoted a new line of menu items using QR codes made from lemons and avocados, along with their slogan “Live Mas?”

Answer: Taco Bell

242. Among recent threats to the UN’s Agenda 2030 “Zero Hunger” goal is a swarm of what Biblical pest threatening East African and Indian food supplies?

Answer: Locusts

243. In contrast to THC, what three letters are used to refer to the chemical compound in cannabis that is the non-psychoactive portion of the plant, which has been shown to have some relaxing and pain-relieving properties?

Answer: CBD

244. The FDA’s ability to test drug safety was strengthened by amendments in 1962 sponsored by representative Oren Harris and what senator from Tennessee? Known for his fight against organized crime, he was the also the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate in 1956.

Answer: Estes Kefauver

245. Before its name was shortened in 1930, the FDA’s full name was the Food, Drug, and what Administration, which highlighted its work ensuring the safety of chemicals put on crops?

Answer: Insecticide

246. According to Sec. 135.110 of the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, ice cream is considered to be frozen custard if its weight is made up more than 1.4% by what ingredient?

Answer: Egg Yolk

247. According to FDA, what no-no is defined as “violations involving improperly labeled or deceptively packaged products?”

Answer: misbranding

248. Made with milk, butter, flour, eggs, and sugar and traditionally eaten on Easter, paska is what type of food?

Answer: Bread

249. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, what successful PepsiCo subsidiary makes and sells corn and potato chips? Their name is in part as a combination of a discount brand of tortilla strips that come in chili cheese, and a potato chip that comes in a yellow bag and has a number of flavor varieties.

Answer: Frito Lay

250. What popular cereal brand was introduced in 1941, and released its popular “Honey Nut” spin-off in 1979?

Answer: Cheerios

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What is fast food?

Fast food refers to easily prepared and quickly served meals, typically available at restaurants or drive-throughs.

What are some popular fast food chains around the world?

A: Popular fast food chains include McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway, and many others.

How did the concept of fast food originate?

The concept of fast food originated in the United States in the early 20th century, with the proliferation of hamburger stands and drive-in restaurants.

What are some interesting facts about the history of specific fast food items?

Interesting facts about specific fast food items include the origins of the Big Mac at McDonald’s and the creation of the Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell.

Can you find vegetarian or vegan options at most fast food restaurants?

Yes, many fast food chains now offer vegetarian or vegan options such as veggie burgers or plant-based meat substitutes.

What are some common ingredients used in fast food preparation?

Common ingredients used in fast food preparation include beef, chicken, potatoes (for fries), lettuce, tomato, cheese, and various condiments.


Fast food trivia can be a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge of popular fast food chains and their history. Whether you’re hosting a trivia night with friends or simply looking to expand your fast food expertise, these questions and answers provide an enjoyable challenge for all.

By delving into the fascinating world of fast food, you can gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural impact and evolution of this ubiquitous industry. So, next time you find yourself enjoying a quick bite from your favorite chain, consider the rich history and interesting facts behind the menu items.