250+ Best Math Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

math trivia questions

Math trivia questions is a way of puttng your knowledge into test. Even if you studied numbers extensively as a child, how much of it do you still recall as an adult? Try your arithmetic knowledge on these trivia questions below if you want to push yourself and pick up some new skills.

Mathematical Trivia Questions: The History of Numbers

1. What number sequence was found in AD 1202 and is frequently seen in nature?
Answer: Frequently found in nature is the Fibonacci Sequence.

2. Who created paint by number?
Answer: Paint by numbers was created by Leonardo Da Vinci.

3. When was the equal sign created?
Answer: The equal symbol was created by Robert Recorde in 1557.

4. Which culture initially represented numerals with dots?
Answer: The usage of dot patterns to depict numbers dates back to the Chinese.

5. What was the age of Isaac Newton at the time he created integral calculus?
Answer: His age was twenty-three.

6. Which human calculator is the fastest?
Answer: The Guinness World Record was taken home by Scott Flansburg in 2001.

7. When was the first use of the number googol?
Answer: The year 1938, when Milton Sirotta was just nine years old, is the answer.

8. In 600 A.D., who Indian astronomer discovered zero?
Answer: Brahmagupta found zero.

Math trivia questions

9. Which German woman developed theories related to relativity?
Answer: In order to comprehend relativity, Emmy Noether developed theories.

10. Which mathematician has the highest number of papers published during his lifetime among all mathematicians in history?
Answer: The mathematician with the most publications published is Paul Erdős.

11. How quickly has someone ever counted to one billion?
Answer: In 2007, Jeremy Harper posted a live webcast of his attempt. It was in effect for 89 days.

12. What Norse number was the origin of the hundred?
Answer: The term “hundrath” refers to 120.

13. What theory of mathematics accounts for nature’s randomness?
Answer: The butterfly effect, which meteorologist Edward Lorenz first identified.

14. The oldest known mathematical artifact was discovered where?
Answer: The Lebombo bone found in the Lebombo Mountains.

Difficult Math Trivia Questions and Answers

15. How did Eratosthenes calculate the diameter of the Earth?
Answers: The rule of three and a rod.

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16. The cartesian axes were created by whom?
Answer: The cartesian axes were invented by René Descartes.

17. What is the Pythagoras’ Constant, which was found approximately 500 BC by the first mathematician?
Answer: The square root of two.

18. Where were math games played for the first time that was documented?
Answer: Africa is the continent located south of the Sahara.

19. Which number is the only one whose letter count corresponds exactly to its meaning?
Answer: The letter count of four corresponds to its meaning.

20. What is the number of seconds in a day?
Answer: 86,400 seconds.

21. Which is Pi’s billionth digit?
Answer: The billionth digit of Pi is nine.

Math trivia questions

22. What is the pound sign (#) called in mathematics?
Answer: The term “octothorpe” refers to a pound sign.

23. Is there a number that lacks its Roman numeral?
Answer: There is no Roman numeral for zero.

24. Which even prime number is there?
Answer: The only even prime number is two.

25. Is the value of pi irrational or rational?
Answer: Pi cannot be reasonable. There is no way to write it as a fraction.

26. What is the smallest number that is perfect?
Answer: The smallest perfect number is six.

27. What is the foundation of our existing numerical system?
Answer: The Hindu-Arabic number system, is the response.

Fun Math Trivia Questions and Answers

28. Which number fits the definition of a “magic number”?
Answer: Nine is a lucky number.

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29. Which fortunate number is most commonly used?
Answer: The number seven is seen to be auspicious.

30. What two-digit number is the most widely used?
Answer: The number thirteen is a well-liked two-digit figure.

31. Which of the first 10 numbers is a prime number?
Since it cannot be divided or multiplied by the first ten, the Answer: Seven.

32. If you printed out the number Googolplex, how much would the paper weigh?
Answer: More than the entire world!

33. What is the only number that can be written in all capital letters?
Answer: The spelling of forty is done alphabetically.

34. Which letter appears in each odd number?
Answer: There is a “e” in every odd number.

35. Which prime integers only have the numbers 2 and 5 at the end?
Answer: Two and five.

36. What is the estimated lifespan of cats?
Answer: Nine.

Math trivia questions

37. In a baker’s dozen, how many cupcakes are there?
Answer: Thirteen.

38. To ensure that no border shares a color on a map, how many colors are required?
Answer: Four

39. Is four seen as an unlucky number anywhere?
Answer: The number four is seen as unlucky in Asia.

40. Regarding Thai text slang, how do you laugh?
Answer: 555.

Simple Math Trivia Questions and Answers for Young People

41. What’s the one temperature that’s the same in both Celsius and Fahrenheit?
In Celsius and Fahrenheit, the Answer: 40 Below.

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42. How many possible configurations are there for a Rubix cube?
Answer: There are forty-three quintillion potential combinations.

43. When the single digits are added together, what is the total of its multiples?
Answer: Nine.

44. What does the Roman letter “X” stand for?
Answer: Ten

45. What’s the term for a circle’s perimeter?
Answer: The circumference

46. When an angle exceeds 90 degrees, what is it called?
Answer: Obtuse.

47. What is the name of the highest number in a fraction?
Answer: Numerator.

Math trivia questions

48. What is the number that an incorrect fraction is always bigger than?
Answer: One.

49. Following 3 is which prime number?
Answer: Five.

50. What is a whole number?
Answer: Any integer devoid of a decimal point.

51. What is the meaning of a century?
Answer: One hundred years.

52. What are Integers?
Answer: They are similar to whole numbers except that they may contain negative numbers.

53. What is the fundamental mass unit in meters?
Answer: Kilogram.

54. Which mathematical concept best describes the probability that something will occur?
Answer: Probability.

55. Which is Pi’s first digit?
Answer: Three

Easy Maths Trivia

56. Which common math word in Latin means “for every one hundred”?
Answer: Percentage.

57. What may be vulgar, complicated, or mixed?
Answer: Fractions

58. What instrument was created to look into a shift in the natural sciences?
Answer: Calculus.

Math trivia questions

59. What was the most significant development in Islamic mathematics?
Answer: Algebra

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60. Which mathematician observed that the stars were the same in the morning and the evening?
Answer: Pythagoras

61. What is 1/1000 of a second in terms of time?
Answer: Quickly

Math Trivia Questions on Multiplication, Division, and Square Root

62. What is 144 times its square root?
Answer: Twelve

63. 64 divided by 8 equals what?
Answer: Eight

64. Five times five is what?
Answer: Twenty-five

65. Three squared is what?
Answer: Nine

66. 16 minus 8 is what?
Answer: Eight

67. 91 divided by 7 is what?
Answer: Thirteen

68. Five to the power of zero is what? Answer: One.

69. How much is 24 plus 11?
Answer: 35

70. What is 81 times its square root?
Answer: Nine.

71. To find out how many Legos Mark and Angelo have jointly, let’s say that Mark has 56 and Angelo has 24.
Answer: 80 Legos

72. If Andrew has 95 flowers and Lacey has 84 pink flowers, how many flowers do they have together?
Answer: 179 flowers.

73. Among 6, 8, and 12, what is the least common multiple?
Answer: Twenty-four

Math Trivia Questions and Answers in Multiple Choice

74. Is Pi a fractionable number?
Answer: No

75. In an isosceles triangle, are all of the sides equal?
Answer: No, only two are equivalent.

76. Which is bigger, a quadrillion or a googol?
Answer: A googol.

Math trivia questions

77. Is the number four negative in nature?
Answer: No

78. Which squared—100 or 10—is larger?
Answer: They are the same

79. Is the curvature of a convex shape outward or inward?
Answer: Outward

80. Albert Einstein struggled in school, passing most classes but not physics and math.
Answer: Sure.

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Math Trivia Questions and Answers on Shapes

81. What is the number of sides on a nonagon?
Answer: Nine

82. What is the number of equal sides in an isosahedron?
Answer: Twenty

83. What is the name for an eight-sided shape?
Answer: An octagon.

84. What is the number of sides in a dodecahedron?
Answer: Twelve,

85. What is the number of sides in a hexagon?
Answer: Six,

86. What is the name of a polygon that has four uneven sides?
Answer: Quadrilateral.

87. What is the number of sides on an enneadecagon?
Answer: 19

88. An eight-sided polygon is what?
Answer: An octagon.

Math trivia questions

89. What is the term for a right triangle’s longest side?
Answer: Hypotenuse

90. What is the number of equal sides in an icosahedron?
Answer: Twenty

91. What is the term for a polygon with three sides?
Answer: Triangle.

Additional Engaging Math Questions and Answers

92. Which flat image has a 3D display capability as well?
Answer: A hologram,

93. What is the meaning of a giga?
Answer: A billion,

94. What prefix denotes the number 10?
Answer: Deka

95. What does a composite number have?
Answer: One element, to be precise.

96. What is two times the total of its digits?
Answer: The number is eighteen.

97. What mathematical symbol has the shape of a lemniscate?
Answer: The infinite symbol

98. What was the initial name of the number zero?
Answer: Cipher

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99. What does quantity, structure, space, and change study entail?
Answer: Mathematics!

100. What is the mathematical equivalent of the Fields Medal?
Answer: The Nobel Prize,

101. From where did Archimedes originate?
Answer: Syracuse, Greece.

Math trivia questions

102. What is the number of moves required to solve a Rubik’s cube?
Answer: No more than 20 moves.

103. When is Pi Day observed?
Answer: March 14.

104. Which number does the letter D stand for in Roman numerals?
Answer: 500

105. Where did Arabic numerals originate from?
Answer: India

106. Which number contains the letter A the first time?
Answer: One thousand,

107. When numbers are ordered alphabetically, which one is first?
Answer: Eight

108. What is the number of digits in pi?
Answer: Infinity,

109. What is the significance of the number four in Chinese and Japanese cultures?
Answer: Death.

110. What’s the name of the division symbol?
Answer: Obelus.

Engaging Math Trivia Questions

111. What are Pi’s first four numbers?
Answer: 3.141

112. What is the total degree of a circle?
Answer: 360

113. The equal sign was created by whom?
Answer: Robert Recorde.

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114. What is the only prime number that is even?
Answer: Two.

115. When did humans start doing mathematical operations on animal bones?
Answer: 30 000 BC

116. In 1614, what did John Napier invent?
Answer: 50 logarithms.

Math trivia questions

117. What is the term for a situation when two individuals in a group of 23 have a 50% probability of having the same birthday?
Answer: Birthday Paradox

118. What does crore stand for?
Answer: Ten million.

119. How many postcards remain in the store after you purchase six of the seventeen available?
Answer: Eleven postcards

120. How many popsicles would each student receive if there were sixteen pupils and sixty-four popsicles? Answer: 4 Popsicles,

121 Out of her 38 pages, Jamie reads 14 of them. What number of pages remain?
Answer: Twenty-four pages.

122. Chris eats three of the nine chocolate bars; how many are left?
Answer: Six chocolate bars.

Math Theories

123. Which theory addresses data analysis and trends and patterns interpretation?
Answer: Statistics

124. Which theory examines the characteristics, behavior, and graphs of functions?
Answer: Function theory

125. Which theory examines linear equation systems and their solutions?
Answer: Linear algebra

126. Which theory investigates the connection between a triangle’s sides and angles?
Answer: Trigonometry

127. Which theory examines how vectors behave and what their properties are in mathematical spaces?
Answer: Vector Theory

128. Which theory examines the characteristics of complex numbers?
Answer: Complex analysis.

129. Which theory emphasizes the study of infinitesimal calculus, continuity, and limits?
Answer: Real Analysis,

130. Which theory addresses the mathematical modeling of uncertainty and the investigation of random phenomena?
Answer: Probability theory.

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Measurement Trivia

131. My spice rack holds thirty-two pots of spices. If I have 224 pots, how many racks will I need?
Answer: 7.

132. During the course of a workday, a fishmonger sells 72 fish. What is the number of sales in the afternoon if he makes 13 in the morning?
Answer: 59

133. June has 23 people in her knitting group. Over the course of the year, how many people show up for monthly meetings?
Answer: 276

134. Hugh reports to work at 9.15, works seven hours, and then takes a half-hour break. When is he going to finish?
Answer: 4.45 p.m.

135. Every day Ian cycles five miles to school, but twice a week he receives a lift home. In a school week, how far does he bike overall?
Answer: 40 miles.

Math trivia questions

136. A quantity of eight prawns is served to each diner in a restaurant. For 54 portions, how many does the chef need to order?
Answer: 432

137. Paul measures his daily calorie intake: 860 for dinner, 450 for lunch, and 250 for breakfast. What is the sum for the day?
Answer: 1560

138. I take a shower for seven minutes every day. If it’s not a leap year, how long do I spend in the shower each year?
Answer: 2555 minutes

139. Bread loaf yields eighteen slices. For 108 slices of toast, how many loaves would I need?
Answer: Six

140. 245 liters of whiskey are produced daily by a distillery. To what extent could 700ml bottles be filled?
Answer: 350.

141. Four football games take how long to complete, without counting breaks or overtime?
Answer: Six hours

Math Measurement Trivia

142. A room contains fifty-six individuals. Nine more go soon after the other half of them. How many people are still in the room?
Answer: 19

143. Elliott receives three pints per from the half of his 96 cows that he milks. How much milk is in his drink?
Answer: 144 quarts

144. Seven objects fit inside each box. For 168 things, how many boxes are required?
Answer: 24

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145. Add 334×7 and 335 to find the total.
Answer: 2673

146. What does 1203+806+409 equal?
Answer: 2418

147. A stationer places an order for 25 boxes, each containing 40 envelopes. How many show up?
Answer: 1000

148. Parcels make up one-eighth of a postman’s bag’s 256 contents. What is the number of parcels he has?
Answer: 32

Math trivia questions

149. All told, a manufacturer produces 1575 units every week. On average, how many does it make every day?
Answer: 225

150. A big pizza costs £18 and comes with 12 slices. At six slices per, how much would it cost to feed six people?
Answer: £54

151. Cora’s monthly gym membership costs £44. What is the annual price? Answer: £528

152. Which of these does not belong in the field of mathematics?
Answer: Hypotenuse

153. Ben includes three 500-piece jigsaw puzzles and two 1500-piece puzzles. In total, how many parts are there?
Answer: 4500

154. Which shape’s area can be calculated using the formula 1/2 base times height?
Answer: Triangle

155. What is the number of sides on a rhombus?
Answer: Four

156 What is the term for rectangles with sides that have a specific ratio, say 1.6 to 1?
Answer: Golden rectangle

157. The’m’ in E = mc squared is what?
Answer: Mass

Mathematics Basic Trivia Questions

158. In a set of data, what is the value that shows up the most frequently?
Answer: Mode

159. Squared is something increased to the second power. Something raised to the third power is what?
Answer: Cubed.

160. What do you call a figure that is completely contained within another figure?
Answer: Embedded

61. What is a sphere’s one half?
Answer: Hemisphere,

162. What is the name of the distance encircling a circle?
Answer: Circumference

163. What does the symbol + indicate?
Answer: Addition

Math trivia questions

164. One thousand times one is what?
Answer: 1,000

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165. What mathematical term describes something’s relative size?
Answer: Scale

166. What phrase in math means to be as precise and accurate as possible?
Answer: Accurate

167. 5 seconds is what fraction of a minute?
Answer: One twelfth

168. What fraction of 40 is 20%?
Answer: Eight

169. 10 to the power of 6 is what?
Answer: One million

170. What is a fraction that is greater in the numerator than the denominator?
Answer: Correct

Basic Trivia Math Problems

171. For her science exam, Millie receives 68 out of 80. What percentage is her mark?
Answer: 85%

172. There are 82 units in every biscuit pack. To provide 738 people with a biscuit apiece, how many packs are required?
Answer: 9

173. Audrey had sales of 88, 65, 67, and 98 books in a row. What is the entire amount of her sales?
Answer: 318

174. Between them, Omar and Jean own 78 acres of land. How many acres does Omar own if Jean has thirty-two?
Answer: 46 acres

175. Betty made half as many cookies as Alice did, baking thirty. What was Betty’s production?
Answer: 45

176. An NFL game drew eighty thousand spectators. Each ticket cost forty dollars. How much money were made from ticket sales overall?
Answer: $3.2 million

177. In the final three months of the year, how many days are there?
Answer: 92

Math trivia questions

178. How many years is a 60-month credit agreement valid for?
Answer: Five

179. Every morning when I take a shower, I use 15ml of shampoo. What’s the shelf life of a 360ml bottle?
Answer: Twenty-four days

180. On a series of days, Jack walked for 65, 54, 37, and 89 minutes. In total, how many minutes did he walk?
Answer: 245

181. Throughout the year, Fiona’s class grades have been 50, 60, 54, 66, and 70. What is her mean?
Answer: 60

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182. A timber frame was being built by a carpenter. Three yards of the timber were on hand. He required forty yards in total. He had to order how many lengths?
Answer: 14

183. Helen purchases fifteen 250g balls of yarn for a project. How much wool weighs in total?
Answer: 3.75 kilograms

184. Mac divides his jelly beans into eighteen groupings of thirteen beans apiece. What is the total number of beans he owns?
Answer: 234

185. How many meters long are the sides of a square room 81 square meters in size?
Answer: 9m

186. What was the previous measurement system called before we switched to metric?
Answer: Imperial

187. In May, Darren downloaded fifty songs; the next three months, he downloaded sixty. How many songs have been downloaded overall?
Answer: 230

188. A marathon with 200 competitors took place. A third of them left before the completion. What percentage of runners finished the course?
Answer: 130

189. Of the 312 sun loungers on the beach, 75 percent are in use. How many are vacant?
Answer: 78

Miscellanious Math Trivia

190. The bowling alley has six lanes that can hold persons each. How many lanes are required to accommodate 84 bowlers?
Answer: 14

191. There are 88 Switch games, 101 PlayStation games, and 44 X-Box games available at a computer store. How much was sold overall?
Answer: 233

192. Kara is assembling a 2,500-piece jigsaw puzzle. She’s completed in three quarters. What number of pieces are left to be placed?
Answer: 1000

193. How many students are enrolled in the drama class if 25% of the 260 students in the school take the course?
Answer: 65

194. Liam shows up at the theater at 2:15 to see a 90-minute movie. When does he depart?
Answer: 3.45

195. The zoo entrance fee is £8. What is the price of admission for Tom and his four friends?
Answer: £40.

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Number Operation Trivia

196. Which C is a solid shape with a plane with a circular base that is joined to a vertex point? Answer: Cone.

197. Given the equation ‘5X + 6 = 45,’ what is X? Answer: A variable

198. What does 81’s square root mean? Answer: Nine

199. Of these, which isn’t an operation? Answer: Square Root.

200. In 1972, Mary was born. In 2020, what birthday does she celebrate? Answer: 48th

201. There are 14 rows on a roller coaster, each with five seats. What is the ride’s capacity? Answer: 70

Frequently Asked Questions on Math Trivia Questions

What kind of quiz questions are asked in math?

This math quiz consists of multiple choice questions (MCQs) of this type. There will be four options for these questions, and students must choose the right one within the allotted time in order to pass.

Which math question is the most difficult?

Often referred to as the “Millennium Prize Problem,” the Riemann Hypothesis is arguably the hardest math topic of all time.

Which arithmetic fact is the hardest?

Most modern mathematicians would generally concur that the Riemann Hypothesis represents the most important unsolved issue in mathematics. One of the seven Millennium Prize Problems, the answer to which will earn a $1 million reward.

Who discovered zero?

Brahmagupta was an Indian mathematician and astronomer who employed zero in addition and subtraction calculations. Zero was first used in computations by Aryabhatta in the fifth century and by Brahmagupta in approximately 628 AD.


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