20 Frequently Asked Security Guard Interview Questions

Frequently Asked Security Guard Interview Questions

Landing a security guard role can be a good entry point into a variety of fields, while also offering stability and purpose. But to secure that position, acing the interview is crucial. Security guard interview questions offer an opportunity to go beyond resumes and credentials to find the right candidate with the necessary skills, qualities, and fit for the specific role and security landscape of the organization. 

This writing will equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the security guard interview process confidently.

Preparing to conduct a Security Guard Interview

Pre-interview Preparation:

Define your needs: Clearly define the responsibilities and required skills for the specific security guard position. Identify essential skills like problem-solving, communication, de-escalation, observation, and physical fitness.

Review candidates: Thoroughly review resumes and cover letters to shortlist candidates who meet your criteria. Look for relevant experience, certifications, and qualifications.

Prepare interview questions: Develop a mix of questions to assess skills, experience, and personality. Include general questions about motivation and interests, security-specific questions about procedures and emergency response, and scenario-based questions to gauge judgment and decision-making skills.

Choose the format: Decide whether to conduct individual interviews, group interviews, or a combination. Individual interviews offer more personalized assessment, while group interviews can save time and assess candidate behavior in a group setting.

Schedule interviews: Select suitable interview times and inform candidates promptly. Confirm their attendance and provide any necessary directions or information about the interview process.

Conducting the Interview:

Create a welcoming environment: Choose a quiet, professional space for the interview and greet candidates warmly. Introduce yourself and explain the interview process.

Ask your prepared questions: Follow your interview guide but remain flexible to adapt questions based on the candidate’s responses. Ask clarifying questions to gain deeper insights.

Give candidates a chance to ask questions: Allocate time for candidates to ask their own questions about the position, company, and work environment. This demonstrates their interest and initiative.

Observe non-verbal cues: Pay attention to the candidate’s body language, tone of voice, and overall presentation. These can reveal anxiety, nervousness, or confidence.

Take notes: Make detailed notes during the interview to help you compare candidates later.


Thank candidates: Send a thank-you email to all candidates, regardless of their performance. This shows professionalism and courtesy.

Evaluate candidates: Compare your notes and discuss the interviews with other team members involved in the hiring process.

Select the best candidate: Choose the candidate who best meets your criteria and demonstrates the potential to excel in the role.

Make an offer: Contact your chosen candidate and offer them the position if they are the right fit.

What is the purpose of a Security Guard Interview Questions 

Security guard interview questions serve several important purposes during the hiring process:

Assessing suitability for the role:

Skills and experience: The questions help evaluate whether the candidate possesses the necessary skills and experience for the specific job duties. This might include questions about de-escalation techniques, emergency procedures, knowledge of security systems, or physical fitness.

Personality and judgment: The questions can reveal the candidate’s personality traits, such as their ability to remain calm under pressure, their attentiveness, their communication and interpersonal skills, and their ability to make sound decisions in challenging situations.

Motivation and commitment: The questions can help assess the candidate’s motivation for applying, their understanding of the role, and their level of commitment to the job and the company.

Ensuring safety and compliance:

Integrity and ethics: The questions can help identify any potential red flags regarding the candidate’s integrity, such as a history of theft or violence, or a disregard for safety regulations.

Compliance with regulations: The questions can assess the candidate’s awareness of relevant security regulations and procedures, such as fire safety protocols or access control policies.

Overall fit and culture:

Communication and teamwork: The questions can give the interviewer a sense of the candidate’s communication skills and ability to work effectively with others, both within the security team and with other employees or visitors.

Professionalism and presentation: The interview itself allows the interviewer to assess the candidate’s presentation, professionalism, and overall demeanor, which can be important in a role representing the company.

20 Frequently Asked Security Guard Interview Questions

Security guard interviews can be nerve-wracking, but with the right preparation, you can ace them. Here are 20 frequently asked security guard interview questions with tips on how to answer them:

General Questions:

Tell me about yourself.

Briefly introduce yourself and highlight your skills and experience relevant to security work.

Why are you interested in this position?

Express your enthusiasm for the role and the company. Mention what specifically drew you to the job.

What do you consider to be the main responsibilities of a security guard?

Show that you understand the core duties of the job, such as patrolling, access control, and emergency response.

How would you describe your previous employer?

Focus on the positive aspects of your previous workplace and highlight what you learned there.

Do you consider yourself an attentive person?

Provide examples of how you have demonstrated attentiveness in the past.

What are your interests and hobbies outside of work?

Share activities that showcase your positive qualities, like teamwork or leadership.

Experience and Qualifications:

Explain your previous experience as a security guard.

If you have no prior experience, focus on transferable skills from other jobs.

What skills make you qualified for this position?

Highlight relevant skills like communication, de-escalation, problem-solving, and first aid.

Are you familiar with any security systems or equipment?

Mention your experience with CCTV, access control systems, or alarm systems.

Do you have any security licenses or certifications?

List any relevant certifications or training you have received.

Scenario-Based Questions:

Describe a time you had to deal with a difficult person.

Explain how you used your communication and de-escalation skills to resolve the situation calmly.

What would you do if you saw suspicious activity on the premises?

Outline your steps for reporting the incident and following protocol.

How would you handle a medical emergency?

Demonstrate your knowledge of first aid and emergency procedures.

What would you do if you had to evacuate a building?

Show your understanding of evacuation procedures and the importance of staying calm.

Describe a time you had to work as part of a team to solve a security problem.

Highlight your teamwork skills and ability to collaborate with others.

Job-Specific Questions:

What are your salary expectations?

Research the average salary for security guards in your area and be prepared to negotiate.

When are you available to start work?

Be flexible and express your willingness to start as soon as possible.

Do you have any questions for us?

Prepare thoughtful questions about the role, the company, or the workplace.

What is your availability for the next round of interviews?

Be proactive and express your interest in moving forward in the interview process.

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Briefly reiterate your interest in the position and thank the interviewer for their time.

How to prepare for a Security Guard Interview

Research the company and position: Understand the security needs, values, and responsibilities of the role. This demonstrates initiative and shows you’re genuinely interested.

Practice common interview questions: Prepare answers for questions about your experience, skills, and ability to handle difficult situations. (See examples below)

Dress professionally: First impressions matter. Wear clean, appropriate attire that reflects professionalism and preparedness.

Be confident and articulate: Speak, maintain good posture, and make eye contact. Project confidence and enthusiasm for the role.

Prepare questions for the interviewer: Asking thoughtful questions shows your interest and initiative. Inquire about training, team dynamics, and career progression.

How long does a Security Guard Interview last?

Interview duration can vary depending on the company and position. Typically, security guard interviews last 30-45 minutes, but some may extend to an hour. Be prepared to answer various questions about your experience, judgment, and ability to handle diverse situations.


By thoroughly preparing, researching the company, and practicing your responses, you can approach your security guard interview with confidence and increase your chances of landing the job. Remember, be articulate, demonstrate professionalism, and highlight your ability to ensure the safety and security of people and property.


How can I introduce myself in the security guard interview?

Tell about yourself and the skills, qualities, and experience you have that will be a perfect match for the role of Security Officer

What are the 5 qualities of a security guard?

Honesty, reliability, clear communication, quick thinking, and leadership.

What is the weakness of a security guard?