150+ Scattergories Lists | Rules and Variations

150+ Scattergories Lists

Scattergories is a lively game that sparks your imagination and quick thinking because you have to list out some things. In this game, players brainstorm words that fit specific categories within a time limit.

Sounds easy, right? Well, there’s a twist! Your answers must be unique, adding a dash of challenge to the excitement.

Imagine racing against the clock to come up with unique answers that fit specific categories—all starting with a chosen letter.

Do you want to host a family game night or a lively party? Our Scattergories Lists ensure laughter, creativity, and a memorable gaming experience. Let the games begin!

How to Play Scattergories

Here are basic instructions for the game Scattergories.

  • Give each player a list of categories.
  • Roll an alphabet die or use a generator to choose a letter for the round.
  • Set a timer for three minutes. (Note, if playing with twelve categories in a list, use three minutes. For five categories, do one minute.)
  • Have each player share their answers at the end of the round.
  • Players receive one point for each unique answer.
  • Participants who answered the same as other players must cross out that answer, and neither player receives points for that response.
  • The player with the most points at the end of the game or round is the winner.

You can play Scattergories on paper or Zoom.

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Printable Scattergories Lists for Kids

Have fun with these cool Scattergories lists made for kids. They cover things like animals, colors, superheroes, and fruits. Kids can think up words that match the categories in a set time.

You can use them at parties, during family game trivia nights, or in classrooms. These lists help kids learn more words, think strategically, and have a lot of fun.

  1. Animals
  2. Colors
  3. Cartoon Characters
  4. Shapes
  5. Sports
  6. Fruits
  7. School Supplies
  8. Disney Movies
  9. Superheroes
  10. Things You Find in a Park
  11. Modes of Transportation
  12. Types of Weather
  13. Snack Foods
  14. Ocean Creatures
  15. Insects

These lists are designed to engage kids playfully and educationally, sparking their creativity while promoting quick thinking within various categories. Enjoy the game!

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Holiday Scattergories Lists

Make holiday parties better with these fun Holiday Scattergories Lists, great for celebrating the season.

They make people laugh and compete in a friendly way, sparking fast thinking and creativity.

  1. Christmas Songs
  2. Hanukkah Traditions
  3. Winter Activities
  4. New Year’s Resolutions
  5. Festive Foods
  6. Holiday Movies
  7. Decorations
  8. Gift Ideas
  9. Famous Holiday Characters
  10. Winter Clothing
  11. Holiday Destinations
  12. Traditions Around the World
  13. Seasonal Treats
  14. Festive Colors
  15. Holiday Symbols

These lists add a festive touch to your Scattergories game, making it perfect for holiday gatherings and celebrations. Enjoy the seasonal fun!

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Funny Scattergories Lists

Add laughter to game nights with these Funny Scattergories Lists, made to make you laugh.

Great for parties or relaxed get-togethers, these Scattergories lists guarantee lots of laughs while making you think quickly and be creative.

Get, print, and prepare for a night of fun as players try to be funnier than each other with their hilarious answers.

  1. Ridiculous Excuses for Being Late
  2. Absurd Superpowers
  3. Silly Names for Pets
  4. Unusual Ice Cream Flavors
  5. Crazy Inventions
  6. Weird Sounds
  7. Outrageous Hairstyles
  8. Bizarre Phobias
  9. Hilarious Movie Quotes
  10. Strange Uses for Duct Tape
  11. Funny Dance Moves
  12. Comical Celebrity Names
  13. Odd Sock Colors
  14. Laughable Excuses for Homework
  15. Unlikely Superhero Sidekick

These lists are designed to bring laughter and creativity to your Scattergories game, making it a hilarious and entertaining experience for players of all ages. Enjoy the laughs!

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Bible Scattergories Lists

Get more connected to your faith with these helpful Bible Scattergories Lists, made to make games more uplifting.

They’re great for church groups, Sunday schools, or family gatherings, helping you understand the Bible better and bringing people closer together.

  1. Books of the Old Testament
  2. Names of Biblical Prophets
  3. Miracles in the Bible
  4. Places in the Holy Land
  5. Women in the Bible
  6. Names for Jesus
  7. Biblical Animals
  8. Parables of Jesus
  9. Events in Genesis
  10. Types of Prayers
  11. Commands in the Ten Commandments
  12. Names for God
  13. Things Found in the Ark of the Covenant
  14. Names of Disciples
  15. Biblical Festivals

These lists are crafted to enhance knowledge and spark discussions about the Bible in a fun and engaging way. Enjoy your Bible Scattergories game!

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Science Scattergories Lists

Spark your interest in science with these exciting Science Scattergories Lists, made to encourage thinking and exploration. They ask players to come up with ideas in physics, biology, and astronomy.

Use them in classrooms, science clubs, or during family game nights – these Scattergories sheets make learning fun and hands-on.

  1. Chemical Elements
  2. Planets in our Solar System
  3. Parts of a Cell
  4. Types of Rocks
  5. Scientific Instruments
  6. Phases of the Moon
  7. Kingdoms in Biological Classification
  8. Laws of Motion
  9. Human Body Systems
  10. Types of Clouds
  11. Scientific Discoveries
  12. Renewable Energy Sources
  13. Famous Scientists
  14. Properties of Matter
  15. Types of Fossils

These lists are designed to stimulate scientific thinking and knowledge, making your Scattergories game a delightful way to explore various branches of science. Enjoy the scientific challenge!

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Scattergories Lists for Christmas

Bring a joyful touch to your holiday festivities with these Happy Christmas Scattergories Lists. They make gatherings more lively, encouraging players to think of Christmas words quickly.

Great for family reunions, office parties, or cozy nights by the fireplace, these Scattergories lists improve your word knowledge while embracing the holiday spirit.

  1. Holiday Traditions
  2. Christmas Movies
  3. Festive Foods
  4. Decorations
  5. Stocking Stuffers
  6. Winter Activities
  7. Christmas Carols
  8. Nativity Characters
  9. Gift Wrapping Supplies
  10. Holiday Colors
  11. Santa’s Reindeer
  12. Types of Ornaments
  13. Gingerbread House Decorations
  14. Names for Santa Claus
  15. Christmas Eve Activities

These lists will add a festive and joyful touch to your Scattergories game, making it perfect for holiday gatherings and celebrations. Enjoy the holiday-themed fun!

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Halloween Scattergories Lists

Boost the spooky fun of Halloween with these scary Halloween Scattergories lists. They make players think of creative answers in a spooky time frame.

These lists are created to bring a chilling challenge to gatherings, encouraging fast thinking and a bit of scary enjoyment.

Use them at costume parties, in classrooms, or during family game nights—these Scattergories lists take players into a world of ghostly delight.

  1. Spooky Creatures
  2. Halloween Costumes
  3. Horror Movies
  4. Creepy Candy
  5. Haunted Places
  6. Ghostly Sounds
  7. Monster Names
  8. Witchy Spells
  9. Scary Stories
  10. Pumpkin Carving Ideas
  11. Halloween Decorations
  12. Supernatural Beings
  13. Black and Orange Things
  14. Halloween Party Games
  15. Things Found in a Witch’s Cauldron

These lists are sure to add a spooky and entertaining twist to your Scattergories game during Halloween celebrations. Enjoy the eerie fun!

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Easy Scattergories Lists

Simplify the fun with these Easy Scattergories Lists, tailor-made for a relaxed and enjoyable gaming experience. This category is accessible for players of all ages and skill levels.

These lists are perfect for family game nights, icebreakers, or casual gatherings, providing a stress-free way to engage in lively competition.

Encouraging quick thinking without overwhelming complexity, these Scattergories sheets are designed to bring laughter and camaraderie without the need for extensive brainstorming.

  1. Colors
  2. Shapes
  3. Animals
  4. Fruits
  5. School Subjects
  6. Family Members
  7. Things in the Kitchen
  8. Days of the Week
  9. Numbers
  10. Clothing Items
  11. Types of Transportation
  12. Types of Weather
  13. Hobbies
  14. Snack Foods
  15. Seasons

These simple lists are designed to make Scattergories accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages, creating a relaxed and fun gaming experience. Enjoy the easygoing challenge!

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Music Scattergories Lists

Turn up the tunes at your game night with these Musical Music Scattergories Lists, designed to resonate with music lovers. They make players showcase their music knowledge within a time limit.

These lists change any get-together into a concert of fun, pushing quick thinking and creative songwriting.

Use them at parties, in music clubs, or during family gatherings—these Scattergories lists find the sweet spot between fun and exploring music.

Download and print these lists for a night full of laughter, friendly competition, and a harmonious celebration of the universal language of music.

  1. Music Genres
  2. Famous Musicians
  3. Song Titles with Colors
  4. Instruments
  5. Album Titles
  6. One-Hit Wonders
  7. Music Festivals
  8. Lyrics from Love Songs
  9. Bands from the 80s
  10. Grammy Award Winners
  11. Songs with Numbers in the Title
  12. Musical Terms
  13. Songs about Nature
  14. Musical Duos
  15. Songs from Disney Movies

These lists will bring a musical twist to your Scattergories game, offering a diverse range of categories for players to explore their knowledge of the world of music. Enjoy the melodic challenge!

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Printable Scattergories Lists

Upgrade your games with these different and Printable Scattergories Lists, made for lots of fun. Adjust your game night to your likes or mix them for an exciting challenge.

These flexible lists give you a customizable and easy way to start thinking creatively and strategically. Great for family get-togethers, classrooms, or themed parties, these Scattergories lists guarantee a good time for players of any age.

  1. Things Found in a Park
  2. Historical Figures
  3. Vacation Destinations
  4. School Supplies
  5. TV Shows
  6. Types of Desserts
  7. Types of Flowers
  8. Countries
  9. Outdoor Activities
  10. Book Titles
  11. Types of Trees
  12. Kitchen Appliances
  13. Modes of Transportation
  14. Sports Equipment
  15. Famous Landmarks

Download, print, and let the fun begin as these lists add a unique twist to your next game night or event.

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Are there different versions of Scattergories?

Since first hitting the market in 2010, Scattergories Categories has been entertaining quick-witted Scattergories fans everywhere with its fun twist on the original game. This unique iteration of the classic game includes all new word challenges. Each round starts with a word and phrase.

How many categories are there in Scattergories?

Players have a specific time limit to think of a word that fits each of the 12 Scattergories categories on the list that begin with the letter rolled. Every word a player chooses has to be unique and creative because if another player says the same word that you’re thinking first, you do not get any points.

How many lists are there in Scattergories?

In new versions of the game, each card has two lists of 12 unique categories, for a total of 16 lists and 192 categories. All players must agree on the list to use. One player rolls a 20-sided letter die to determine the first letter used. The timer is set for up to three minutes.

What is the rule for names in Scattergories?

When answering with a proper name, you may use the first or last name, as long as the key letter is the first letter of your answer. For example, if the key letter is G and the category is PRESIDENTS, your answer could be George Bush or Garfield, James. Creative answers can be acceptable.

How does the scoring work in Scattergories?

In Scattergories, only unique answers score a point. The person leading the activity should read out the first category and each team, pair, or individual player should read out their answer. If people have the same answer, they score zero points.


Scattergories is a quick and simple game that works great for team bonding. You can play in person or on Zoom, and the challenge makes a fun team-building exercise or way to start a meeting. Feel free to add your categories to this list, too.

With our 150+ Scattergories Lists, the fun never ends! Explore the countless possibilities, unleash your creativity, and enjoy the laughter.