250+ Best Hocus Pocus Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

hocus pocus trivia

Get ready to embrace the nostalgia and Halloween magic with our captivating collection of Hocus Pocus Trivia Questions! Step into the whimsical world of Salem and join us on a journey filled with spells, mischief, and memorable moments from this beloved cult classic.

Whether you’re a devoted fan or a casual admirer of the Sanderson sisters’ antics, our trivia is sure to delight and challenge you. From testing your knowledge of iconic quotes to recalling memorable scenes, get ready to put your Hocus Pocus expertise to the test.

So, grab your broomsticks and prepare for a spellbinding adventure through the enchanting world of Hocus Pocus!

Easy Hocus Pocus Trivia Questions and Answers

Question: How many sisters are there? 3

Question: What are the sisters’ names? Winifred, Sarah and Mary

Question: What is the name of the town where the story takes place? Salem

Question: On which special day are the witches resurrected? All Hallow’s Eve/Halloween

Question: What is Max’s little sister called? Dani

Question: Jay and Ice call Max by what nickname? Hollywood

Question: What did the three kids steal from the sisters’ house? The spellbook

Question: What colour is the cat in the movie? Black

Question: Who plays the role of the blond sister? Sarah Jessica Parker

Question: What will happen to the witches at dawn if they don’t steal the lives of children? They turn to dust

Question: Who gets resurrected to help the witches chase down the children. Billy Butcherson

Question: Who plays the role of the oldest witch sister? Bette Midler

Question: What does Max’s little sister dress up as for trick-or-treating? A witch

Question: What is the sister’s potion supposed to give them? Youth and beauty

Hocus Pocus Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

WHat needs to be added to the potion the sisters are making at the beginning of the movie? A dead man’s toe

At the beginning of the movie they abduct a girl, what is her name? Emily

Thackery is turned into an animal, what animal? A cat

What is Max’s surname? Dennison

What year was Hocus Pocus released? 1993

What is the sister’s surname? Sanderson

What colours is the potion Max drinks in the graveyard? Green

What colour is Winifred’s cloak? Green

Which ingredient does not belong in the sisters life potion? Rabbit’s ear

What does Max promise Dani he will dress up as if she visits the Sanderson House with him? Peter Pan

Which spell turns Thackery into a cat? Forever to be a little cat

What year were the witches executed? 1693

What are Max’s parents called? Dave and Jenny

What colour is the flame of the candle that can resurrect the sisters? Black

What did the sisters try to steal from Thackery’s sister at the beginning of the movie? Her youth

Hocus Pocus True or False Questions and Answers

Max’s love interest is called Andrea. False

The spell the sisters are trying to cast at the beginning of the movie is supposed to make them invisible. False

Max’s mum dresses up as Madonna on Halloween. True

The black cat is called Jinx. False

There has to be a full moon in order for the sisters to be resurrected. True

Winifred’s spellbook is made from human flesh. True

Mary wears a blue cloak. False

In order to light the candle the person has to be a virgin. True

The spellbook has a finger sticking out of it. False

The words Hocus Pocus are mentioned only twice in the whole movie. True.

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Medium Hocus Pocus Trivia Questions and Answers

Question: What instrument does Max play? Drums

Question: What is Winifred’s lover called? Billy Butcherson

Question: Which production studio released Hocus Pocus? Walt Disney

Question: Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler play two of the sisters, who plays the third? Kathy Najimy

Question: Who released the “Burning Rain of Death” on the sisters? Max

Question: What colour cape does Sarah wear? Purple

Question: What does Sarah fly around on after her broom gets damaged? A mop

Question: How are the sisters resurrected after they were executed? Max lights the Black Flame Candle

Question: How many years before they are resurrected were the sisters executed? 300 years

Question: What is Mary’s special power? She can smell children.

Question: What does Mary use as a broom? A hoover

Question: Who sings the song that makes all the children follow the witches? Sarah

Question: What do Ice and Jay steal from Max when they first bump into each other? His shoes

Question: What song does Winifred sing at the party? I’ve put a spell on you

Question: Why did Winifred curse her lover? He cheated on her with Sarah

Hard Hocus Pocus Trivia Questions and Answers

Question: What color smoke is rising from the sister’s chimney at the beginning of the movie? Pink/Purple

Question: What state did Max and his family move from? California

Question: What does Max tell his dad he’s dressed up as to take his sister trick-or-treating? A rap singer

Question: Who directed the Hocus Pocus movie? Kenny Ortega

Question: When the sisters first leave the house after being resurrected, they get scared by a noise, what noise? A siren

Question: Who does Max’s dad dress up as? Dracula

Question: What kind of spell does Winifred cast on the adults at the party? A dancing spell

Question: What is the name of the High School? Jacob Bailey High School

Question: After the kids burn the witches, what colour smoke escapes from the chimney? Green

Question: What is the name of the actor who plays Max? Omri Katz

Question: What is the only thing that can protect you from the witches? A circle of salt

Question: What happens to Binx at the end of the movie? He dies and is reunited with his sister

Question: What song are Jay and Ice singing at the end of the movie? Row row row your boat

Question: How did Max, Dani and Allison fake the sunrise at the Sanderson House? With car headlights

Question: What is Thackery’s friend called from the beginning of the movie? Elijah.

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Who says these Hocus Pocus Quotes Answers

“Follow those children you maggot museum!” Winifred

Come on. It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!” Max

“Bubble Bubble I’m in trouble.” The bus driver 

“Amok, Amok, Amok, Amok…” Sarah

“This cat here, Binx. He can talk. My brother’s a virgin.” Dani

“I smell scrod. Scrod. It’s a bottom dweller.” Mary

“Welcome to High School hell, I’m your host, Boris Karloff Junior.” Max

“You’re going to turn me into one of those fat useless, contented house cats.” Binx

“Yo Witch! Get your face off my shoe!” Ice

“Come, little children, I’ll take thee away. Into a land of enchantment.” Sarah

“Fill the sky. Bring the little brats to die.” Winifred

“You’re the ugliest thing that’s ever lived and you know it!” Dani

“You know I’ve always wanted a child, now I think I’ll have one. On toast!” Winifred

You buck-toothed, mop-riding, firefly from hell!” Billy

“I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle.” Binx

Other hocus pocus trivia

Question: Can you recall the family name of the witches?

Answer: Sanderson.

Question: What are the names of the Sanderson sisters?

Answer: Sarah, Winnie and Mary.

Question: Which character spoke these lines: “You buck-toothed, mop-riding, firefly from Hell!”

Answer: Billy.

Question: Which Sanderson sister was the first to die?

Answer: Winnie.

Question: Which character spoke the last line of the movie?

Answer: Thackery Binx.

Question: Who spoke the line: “Hag? Sisters, did you hear what he just called you?”

Answer: Winifred (Winnie).

Question: Which Sanderson sister will you find riding the vacuum?

Answer: Mary Sanderson.

Question: At the end of the movie, who drinks the potion?

Answer: Max.

Question: Guess the speaker of these lines: “Amok! Amok, amok, amok, amok, amok!”

Answer: Sarah Anderson.

Question: Which character will you find playing the drums?

Answer: Max.

Question: Who sings the song ‘Comes Little Children’?

Answer: Sarah Sanderson.

Question: Which character dressed up as Madonna for the Halloween party?

Answer: Max and Dani’s mother.

Question: Which Sanderson sisters did Billy date?

Answer: Winnie and Sarah.

Question: Can you guess who the speaker of this line is? “Come on! It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!”

Answer: Max.

Question: What was the name of Winnie’s ex-boyfriend whom she summoned as a zombie?

Answer: Billy Butcherson.

Question: Who speaks these lines? “Legend has it that the bones of a hundred children are buried within these walls.”

Answer: Allison.

Question: Who lit the Black Flame Candle that ended up bringing the Sanderson sisters back?

Answer: Max Dennison.

Question: By what nickname do Jay and Ice call Max?

Answer: Hollywood.

Question: Who said these lines? “I smell, I smell, scrod.”

Answer: Mary.

Question: Which Sanderson sister was the smartest among the three of them?

Answer: Mary.

Question: Which Sanderson sister turned to stone before turning to dust?

Answer: Winnie (Winifred).

Question: When the Sanderson sisters got off the bus to head to the master’s house, whose broom was unusual?

Answer: Sarah.

Question: What was the name of Thackery Binx’s sister?

Answer: Emily.

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The Ultimate ‘Hocus Pocus’ Trivia Quiz  Questions Based On The Storyline

The movie has been a cult favorite for years because of its fun storyline that never fails to make you laugh and keep you on the edge at the same time. Do you remember how clever the children were while trying to escape the Sanderson sisters?

Let’s test your memory and find out how much of the storyline you can recall with these ‘Hocus Pocus’ trivia and answers about Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Thackery Binx. Enjoy this ‘Hocus Pocus’ trivia game!

Question: Which mythical creatures do the movie ‘Hocus Pocus’ feature?

Answer: Witches.

Question: Which kitchen item can be used to be protected from the witches?

Answer: A circle drawn from salt.

Question: In which state are the events of the movie based?

Answer: Massachusetts.

Question: How did Max trick the witches when he first tried to escape from them?

Answer: He activates the sprinklers by using a lighter.

Question: How are the Sanderson sisters chased out of the house of the Devil?

Answer: By a dog.

Question: What does Max use to look like the sun when he goes to rescue Dani?

Answer: Car headlights.

Question: When Sarah found her broom was broken, what did she use to fly around?

Answer: A mop.

Question: To protect them from the witches, what did Alison take from Max’s house?

Answer: Salt.

Question: Where were Max and his friends when they thought that they had killed the Sanderson sisters?

Answer: At high school.

Question: What do Jay and Ice steal from Max the first time he meets them?

Answer: Sneakers.

Question: Which spell do the Sanderson sisters put on the adults when they arrive at the Halloween party?

Answer: A dancing spell.

Question: Can you remember what Max and Dani’s father dressed up as for Halloween?

Answer: Dracula.

Question: One of Max’s bullies had a word shaved on his head. Can you remember the word?

Answer: Ice.

Question: From which city did Max move to Salem?

Answer: Los Angeles.

Question: Thackery Burn is turned into which animal by the Sanderson sisters?

Answer: Cat.

Question: What does Max promise Dani to dress up as for next Halloween?

Answer: Peter Pan.

Question: What did Dani tell the bullies that Max was dressed up as?

Answer: A “Little Leaguer”.

Question: Back in 1693, which spell did the Sanderson sisters use on Thackery Binx’s sister Emily?

Answer: A spell to steal her youth.

Question: Thackery was cursed by the witches. What did he have to spend his unending life as?

Answer: Cat.

Question: What will happen to the Sanderson sisters if they fail to steal a child’s youth before dawn?

Answer: They will disintegrate at sunrise.

Question: How can the Sanderson sisters be resurrected after they were executed?

Answer: If someone lights the Black Flame Candle on Halloween.

Question: What is the color of the flame of the particular candle that leads to the resurrection of the Sanderson sisters?

Answer: Black.

Question: What does Binx instruct Max to take from the Sanderson house before escaping?

Answer: Spell Book.

Question: Where did the Sanderson sisters think that they have caught the kids to burn them?

Answer: High School Kiln.

Question: For the Sanderson sisters to be resurrected, how should the moon be?

Answer: A full moon.

Question: What did the Sanderson sisters wish to accomplish by stealing the youth of children?

Answer: Eternal youth and beauty.

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‘Hocus Pocus’ Trivia Questions Based On The Cast

The 1993 movie, directed by Kenny Ortega, features the faces of many actors that made our childhood more colorful with their unique characters. These actors like Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler still manage to impress us in their magic with their impeccable performances. These ‘Hocus Pocus’ trivia questions and answers are dedicated to their contribution to making an unforgettable Halloween movie.  

Question: Who plays the role of Sarah?

Answer: Sarah Jessica Parker.

Question: Who plays the role of Winifred?

Answer:  Bette Midler.

Question: Which actress plays the role of the third Sanderson sister?

Answer: Kathy Najimy.

Question: Which character does the actress Thora Birch play?

Answer: Dani Dennison.

Question: Who plays the role of Max Dennison?

Answer: Omri Katz.

General ‘Hocus Pocus’ Trivia Facts Quiz Questions

Here are some general trivia questions that you might be able to guess if you have watched the movie religiously. You will find the answers to these questions hidden in the movie (and given in our article!).

If you think that you have memorized the movie from the first scene to the end credits, then test your knowledge of this ultimate Halloween movie through this ‘Hocus Pocus’ trivia.

Question: How many times was the phrase “hocus pocus” used in the entire movie?

Answer: Two.

Question: On Winifred’s book of spells, which is the most noticeable facial feature?

Answer: Eye.

Question: Which is the last ingredient to be added to the potion?

Answer: Tongue.

Question: Max stops Dani from drinking the witches’ potion at the last minute by pointing out that one thing has changed from 1693. Can you guess what it is?

Answer: Daylight Saving Time.

Question: What happens to Binx once the witches are destroyed?

Answer: Binx dies and his soul is reunited with Emily.

Question: What is the name of the school attended by Max?

Answer: Jacob Bailey High School.

Question: Which color is associated with Mary Sanderson?

Answer: Red.

Question: Which color is associated with the witch Sarah Sanderson?

Answer: Purple.

Question: Which song is sung by Winnie Sanderson at the Halloween Party?

Answer: ‘I Will Put A Spell On You’.

Question: Which color is associated with Winnie Sanderson?

Answer: Green.

Question: What did Max call the water falling from sprinklers when the Sanderson sisters first came back to life?

Answer: Burning rain of death.

Question: What kind of candy did the Master, who turned out to be the Devil, give out?

Answer: Clark Bars.

Question: Who did Max ask for the microphone from to announce that the Sanderson sisters were back to life?

Answer: A skeleton.

Question: Which word does Winnie (Winifred) hate being called?

Answer: Ugly.

Question: What is the material used for the cover of Winifred’s Book of Spells?

Answer: Human flesh.

Question: Who got kidnapped at the end of the movie?

Answer: Dani.

Question: Who was the most dimwitted among the sisters?

Answer: Sarah.

Question: Which song does Sarah sing to lure the children?

Answer: ‘Come Little Children’.

Question: Why is Max called Hollywood sometimes?

Answer: Because he is from Los Angeles.

Question: Who called the witches a hag?

Answer: Binx.

Question: Who was the first actor considered for the role of Max?

Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio.

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