120+ Fun Team Trivia Questions & Answers For Team Building

team trivia

Use these entertaining team trivia questions and answers to strengthen bonds within your team and increase team engagement.

Team trivia games are a great way to foster teamwork and entertainment in addition to being amusing. It’s among the greatest methods to establish a bond with your group.

Have some fun and laugh together. Make them scratch their heads. Urge your teammates to depend on one another’s expertise in order to correctly answer the questions!

Trivia nights are entertaining whether a team member is a movie lover or an expert on cultural history. It facilitates everyone’s ability to unwind after a demanding workday.

For distant teams, virtual trivia is more inclusive. It brings people together virtually with little advance planning.

It’s also a fantastic way to introduce new members of the virtual team. Take a trivia quiz to hone your problem-solving and teamwork abilities.

Creating the ideal set of trivia questions and answers is easier said than done. We’ve put together an extensive list of team trivia questions to aid in your planning. Use this list of team trivia questions and answers for your next team game.

Categories for Questions and Answers on Team Trivia

Playing trivia frequently will teach you a lot about the world.

The thing we enjoy most about this game show is that there’s usually a universal theme. Below are a range of questions and answers, each with a multiple-choice answer that corresponds to the proper answer.

Broad Awareness Trivia: Your general knowledge will be tested by these quiz questions. A simple and enjoyable way to kick off game night!

World History Trivia: How well-versed in world history are you? Answer these international trivia questions.

Team trivia.

Pop Music Trivia: This quiz will gauge your familiarity with pop songs and musicians.

Animals & Nature Trivia: This trivia is excellent for those who enjoy the outdoors. Have fun, expand your animal kingdom knowledge, and learn something new and exciting.

Business Trivia: What level of familiarity does your staff have with well-known companies and businesspeople? Use this trivia to test your knowledge.

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Culture & Art Interesting facts and peculiarities abound in the fields of art and culture. This is the game to play with your coworkers if you’re looking for something entertaining to do.

Movie Trivia: Almost as much fun as a trip to the movies, this game is sure to amuse the entire team.

Engaging Trivia Questions for Team Building

Use these team trivia questions to assess the general knowledge of your team.

Trivia Questions about General Knowledge

1. In one of Andy Warhol’s most well-known pop art images, what brand of soup is featured? Answer: Campbell’s

2. We must not consume ocean water as it can lead to. Answer: Dehydration

3. Why do we refer to Italian, Spanish, and French as Romance languages? Answer: Their origins are in Latin, the language of the Romans.

4. Apart from the United States, which other nation recognizes the US dollar as its official currency? Answer: Mexico.

Team trivia.

5. What is the rainbow’s color count? Answer: Seven

6. Which of these was used in the construction of ancient Egyptian houses? Answer: Wood

7. Where did the mojito drink originate? Answer: Cub.

8. How much does the average human brain weigh? Answer: Four kilograms

9. Which planet in the solar system is the hottest? Answer: Venus,

10. What blood type is the rarest? Answer: AB-

Trivia Questions About World History

11. How many presidents of the United States have been killed? Answer: Four

12. The first female astronaut was who? Answer: Teresa Tereshkova.

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13. Which group of people formed the earliest human civilization? Answer: Mesopotamia

14. Which year was the fall of the Berlin Wall? Answer: 1948

15. Who made the discovery of Greenland? Answer: The Vikings

16. Which nation in Asia created fireworks? Answer: China

17. Where did Buddhism originate? Answer: India

18. What country does the ancient Mayan civilization currently reside in? Answer: Guatemala

19. The internet was created when? Answer: 1983

20. 1964’s Nobel Peace Prize winner? Answer: Martin Luther King Jr.

Pop Music Trivia Questions

21. Who reigns as the “King of Pop”? Answer: Michael Jackson

22. Which Temptations song starts with the lyric “I got sunshine on a cloudy day”? Answer: My Girl

23. Which Beach Boys song was covered by David Bowie? Answer: God Only Knows.

24. Which decade did Madonna come of age in? Answer: The 1950s

Team trivia.

25. Which Icelandic band did Bjork lead vocal for before deciding to pursue a solo career? Answer: The Sugarcubes

26. Who was the winner of the Best New Artist Grammy Award in 2001? Answer: Amy Winehouse.

27. Which Beatles song features a harmonium and three separate pianos playing the same chord at the end? Answer: A Typical Day in the Life

28. Harry Styles played in what band prior to One Direction? Answer: White Eskimo

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29. Which singer was offered “Wrecking Ball” before Miley Cyrus recorded it? Answer: Beyoncé

30. Which song’s music video features Billie Eilish crying black tears? Answer: When the festivities end

Questions About Nature & Animals Trivia

31. Which nation is home to the largest known T. Rex skeleton? Answer: Canada

32. Which animal is renowned for having the world’s strongest bite? Answer: A hippocampal

33. Which layer shields the planet from UV radiation from the Sun? Answer: The stratosphere

34. Which area of a dog’s body sweats most? Answer: Paws

35. Which plant parasitizes other plants and only consumes their sap while lacking leaves and roots? Answer: Dodder

36. Which animal has the loudest sound, audible at a distance of 800 kilometers? Answer: Blue whale

37. How can one ascertain a tree’s age? Answer: The number of the yearly rings.

38. What kind of bug has three-way flight ability? Answer: The dragonfly

39. What is the height of a newborn giraffe? Answer: Six feet

40. How far away is a wolf able to scent its meal? Answer: Nearly two miles.

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41. How many years apart do the Olympics take place? Answer: Four years

42. Which sport holds the title of “king of sports” the most? Answer: Soccer

43. What was China’s medal total from the 2008 Beijing Olympics? Answer: 100

44. In football, what color are the goalposts? Answer: Yellow

45. Which sport most resembles softball? Answer: Baseball

46. The Tour de France is a race of what kind? Answer: Cycling competition

47. What is a marathon’s duration? Answer: 26.2 miles

Team trivia.

48. What is the number of players on a baseball team? Answer: Nine players

49. When Tiger Woods won the Masters, what was his age? Answer: 21

50. Which winter sport uses the phrases “mule kick” and “stale fish”? Answer: Snowboarding

Business Trivia Questions

51. Who is the world’s wealthiest investor? Answer: Warren Buffett

52. Which year was Steve Jobs killed? Answer: 2011

53. Who serves as Google’s CEO? Answer: Sundar Pichai

54. What is Apple Inc.’s slogan? Answer: Adopt a Different Perspective

55. Which business in the world is the most profitable? Answer: Apple

56. What is Nike’s annual sales volume? About: 900 million

57. Which is the largest food sector company? Answer: Nestle

58. Which brand’s emblem is the most recognizable? Answer: Apple

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59. Which investment from the past ten years has been the most profitable? Answer: Bitcoin

60. Which company was founded by Bill Gates? Answer: Microsoft.

Film Trivia Questions

61. In Les Misérables, who did Anne Hathaway play? Answer: Fantine.

62. Which culinary recipes provide the code seen in The Matrix? Answer: Sushi recipes

63. What location did the Lord of the Rings films take place? Answer: New Zealand

64. In which well-known Pulp Fiction scene was the filming reversed? Answer: The site of Mia’s overdose

65. What is present in every scene of Fight Club? Answer: A Starbucks cup

66. Which film didn’t have Tim Burton directing it? Answer: Snow White

67. What was the original Woody from Toy Story? Answer: A ventriloquist dummy.

68. What is the name of the figure that Paramount debuted in the theater short “The Friendly Ghost” in 1945? Answer: Casper

69. What planet is the story of the 1968 movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” centered around? Answer: Mars

70. Which Harry Potter movie has earned the most money? Answer: Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two

Questions on Art and Culture Team Trivia

71. Who created the “The Last Supper” mural? Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

72. Which artist had his ear severed famously? Answer: Vincent Van Gogh?

Team trivia.

73. What were the first known paintings to depict? Answer: Animals

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74. Which painter worked with Jean-Michel Basquiat? Answer: Andy Warhol

75. Which artist is most recognized for her expansive poppy paintings? Answer: Georgia O’Keeffe

76. After Picasso moved to Paris, what is the name of the painting style that he and Braque created? Answer: Cubism

77. In ballet, how many foot positions are there? Answer: Five

78. Though it began in Italy, futurism had a particularly significant impact on which other nation? Answer: Russia,

79. What’s the name of the traditional dance and music of Argentina? Answer: Tango

80. Which Norse deity was known as the God of Ravens? Answer: Odin

Team Trivia Questions About Well-Known Personalities

81. Which of the following was said to be opposed by Barack Obama in October 2004? Answer: Education vouchers.

82. What was Elon Musk’s age when he began studying computer programming? Answer: 10

83. Which well-known English scientist and mathematician gained notoriety for his law of gravitation? Answer: Isaac Newton

84. Which Hong Kong actor, compared to Bruce Lee, has acted in forty films since 1976? Answer: Jackie Chan

85. Which US President attended Mick Jagger’s London university? Answer: John F. Kennedy

86. In 1996, who was Givenchy’s head designer? Answer: Alexander McQueen

87. What city in the UK is Banksy from? Answer: Bristol

88. In 1959, a British prime minister was elected to the legislature. That person was employed by an industry as a research chemist before to entering politics. Specifically, who is it? Answer: Margaret Thatcher

89. Who is the Italian explorer who asked the Spanish monarch and queen for a ship so he might discover America in 1492? Answer: Christopher Colombus

Team trivia.

90. “Let Us Have Faith,” “Out of the Dark,” and “The Story of My Life” were written by a deaf and blind American woman author. What’s her name? Answer: Helen Keller.

Team Trivia on World Geography

91. Which sea is the only one without a coast? Answer: Sargasso Sea

92. Which location on Earth is the driest? Answer: McMurdo, Antarctica

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93. Which nation has the finest tap water in the world? Answer: Switzerland,

94. Which city is the oldest in the world? Answer: Damascus.

95. Which country in the Middle East has Riyadh as its capital? Answer: Saudi Arabia

96. Which nation on Earth is the smallest to remain independent? Answer: Vatican City

97. Which mountain is nearest to the lunar surface? Answer: Mount Chimborazo

98. Which nation possesses the greatest land area globally? Answer: Russia

99. Which mountains made up part of the ancient border between Europe and Asia? Answer: The Ural Mountains

100. The Pacific Ocean’s name belongs to who? Answer: Ferdinand Magellan.

101. In how many nations is the shilling still used as money? Bonus point: Which nations? Answer: Four countries—Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania

102. Who is the person that created eBay back in 1995? Answer: Pierre Omidyar

103. What is the name of South Korea’s largest technological company? Answer: Samsung

104. Which creature appears on the Porsche emblem? Answer: A horse

105. In 1537, which monarch formally declared Valentine’s Day to be a holiday? Answer: Henry VIII

106. In 1903, who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize? Answer: Marie Curie.

107. Who authored the first dictionary? Answer: Robert Cawdrey

Team trivia.

Questions about Food and Drink Trivia

108. Which Religious Faith observes worship of Krishna? Answer: Hinduism

109. What is the name of the biggest ocean in the world? Answer: Pacific Ocean

110. What year was the Berlin Wall that divided East and West Germany starting to fall down? Answer: 1989

111. What word for “moon” is used in Romanized Arabic? Answer: Qamar

112. Who was the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic on a solo flight? Answer: Amelia Earhart.

113. Which soft drink was sent into space first? Answer: Coca-Cola

114. Which manufactured beverage is drunk worldwide the most? Answer: Tea

115. What is the one consumable food item that is always fresh? Answer: Honey

Frequently Asked Question on Team Trivia

Which questions are trivial?

Interesting facts with definitive solutions make up trivia questions. Common knowledge questions are ones that are appropriate for inclusion in a general knowledge test and cover topics that most people are familiar with.

What is a trivia game?

(ˈtrɪvɪə ɡeɪm) is a noun for trivia quiz. In a trivia game or tournament, participants are given questions concerning numerous subjects’ fascinating but irrelevant information.

Is trivia a game for teams?

Trivia is a great way to bond with your coworkers and have fun, which makes it a perfect team-building exercise. This subject overlaps with online quiz games and virtual trivia. These are great games for various trivia subjects and team trivia nights.

Why is it called trivia?

The word “trivia” is derived from the Latin “trivialis,” which means “commonplace, found everywhere.” “Trivia” can refer to “unimportant matters,” for example. Even while scholarly information has its value, trivia occasionally get a poor rap.