15 Frequently Asked Nahco Oral Interview Questions In Nigeria

Nahco Oral Interview Questions

One of Nigeria’s top providers of ground handling services is NAHCO (Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc). NAHCO uses oral interviews as a component of their hiring process to evaluate applicants for a range of roles inside the organization.

In addition to vital details on the various NAHCO interview formats, this article attempts to give you a thorough list of commonly requested oral interview questions and the answers to them.

About Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc, or NAHCO

With its superior ground handling services and logistical solutions, NAHCO (Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc) has made a name for itself in the aviation sector.

For airport operations in Nigeria, NAHCO has continuously set high standards with an emphasis on efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. The company has established itself as a vital partner for airlines and other aviation industry stakeholders thanks to its dedication to ongoing improvement and investment in state-of-the-art technology.

Through strategic alliances with international companies, NAHCO has improved its ability to manage a wide range of cargo and aircraft types, guaranteeing smooth operations at major airports around Nigeria.

With its unwavering pursuit of excellence and its growth into new markets, NAHCO is well-positioned to take advantage of these opportunities as the demand for air travel in Africa continues to rise.

NAHCO is well-positioned to continue influencing the direction of aviation services in Nigeria by establishing new standards for customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. This is thanks to its committed staff and forward-thinking methodology.

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What is the Objective of Nigeria’s Nahco oral interview?

In Nigeria, the oral portion of the NAHCO interview is intended to evaluate applicants beyond their written qualifications.

Its objectives are to assess the candidates’ capacity to communicate, solve problems, adjust, and fit in with NAHCO’s culture and values.

During the oral interview, the firm can assess candidates’ prospective fit for the organization, their ability to handle situational questions, and their interpersonal skills.

It assists NAHCO in identifying people who not only have the appropriate abilities for the jobs inside the organization, but also have the appropriate attitude and mindset.

Frequently Asked Nahco Oral Interview Questions In Nigeria

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

You have the chance to introduce yourself in response to this question by stressing the appropriate education, training, and work history that make you a strong fit for the role.

2. Why do you wish to be employed by NAHCO?

Answer: You can use this question to show that you are genuinely interested in working for NAHCO and that you are knowledgeable about the organization. Mention particular factors like the company’s standing, room for expansion, or compatibility with your professional objectives.

3. How do you respond to pressure?

In response, highlight your capacity to maintain composure and concentration under duress. Give instances from your past experiences where you handled pressure well and got results that worked.

4. What are your knowledge of NAHCO’s guiding principles?

One way to prepare for an interview is to study NAHCO’s key values in advance and bring them up. Stress the ways in which the company’s ideals and your own are compatible.

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5. How would you deal with a challenging client?

Answer: Emphasize your ability to provide excellent customer service as well as your patience and empathy. Give an instance from the past where you handled a challenging customer issue successfully.

6. What is your task hierarchy?

Give an explanation of how you prioritize tasks, taking into account the impact on overall goals, determining urgency, and setting deadlines. Give an example of how you were able to successfully handle several tasks at once.

7. In your opinion, what are the essential attributes of an effective team player?

In response, mention attributes like effective communication, teamwork, flexibility, and an optimistic outlook. Give instances of how you have carried out these traits in a collaborative environment.

8. How do you keep abreast of developments in the industry?

Answer: Talk about the ways you keep informed, including reading trade journals, going to conferences, or engaging in pertinent internet forums.

9. How would you resolve a disagreement with a colleague?

In your response, highlight your aptitude for productive dialogue, attentive listening, and problem-solving that benefits both parties. Give an instance of a prior disagreement that you were able to settle.

10. Tell us about an instance where you went above and beyond for a client.

Provide a concrete instance of a time you went above and beyond what the customer expected, along with the satisfying consequence of your efforts.

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11. How do you respond to criticism and comments?

Resolve: State that you are receptive to criticism and that you are able to grow from it. Give an instance where you took criticism and used it to get better at what you were doing.

12. How can you make sure that every element in your work is noticed?

Answer: Talk about how you go over your work twice, make checklists, and pay special attention to directions. Give an instance of a circumstance in which your careful attention to detail paid off.

13. How do you manage short notice?

Provide an explanation of your time management techniques, including how you prioritize your work, divide it up into manageable chunks, and ask for help when needed. Give an instance of a time you handled a tight deadline well.

14. What distinguishes NAHCO from its rivals, in your opinion?

Investigate NAHCO’s rivals and emphasize the special attributes or benefits that set NAHCO apart from them. This could involve elements like outstanding customer service, creative problem-solving, or a solid reputation.

15. Do you need to ask us any questions?

Answer: Before the interview, prepare a few insightful questions to ask about the culture of NAHCO, prospects for professional development, or any particulars of the position you are looking for.

What are the Different Types of NAHCO Interviews

NAHCO uses a variety of interview techniques in their hiring process. These could consist of:

Preliminary Interview

This is typically the initial round of interviews, during which candidates are evaluated according to their credentials and background.

Technical Interview

During this interview, candidates are assessed according to their technical expertise in the role for which they are applying.

Behavioral Interview

In order to forecast a candidate’s performance in the future, this kind of interview focuses on evaluating their behavior and prior experiences. It entails posing queries regarding the candidates’ prior handling of particular circumstances.

Panel Interview

In a panel interview, a number of interviewers evaluate a candidate’s suitability for the position as a whole. Representatives from many organizational departments or levels may be present.

Last Interview

Senior management or executives usually conduct the last interview in order to determine the recruiting selection. It can entail going over expected salaries, specifics of the job offer, and any unanswered questions or worries.

How to Answer Questions During a NACHO Oral Interview

It is necessary to pay close attention to certain aspects when getting ready for an oral interview with a company such as NAHCO (Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc). Here are some pointers:

Investigate NAHCO to learn about its goals, services, operations, and any recent successes. Knowing a good deal about their past demonstrates your interest and commitment.

Know the Job Description

Go over the job description in detail to comprehend the duties and requirements. Customize your responses to highlight how your knowledge and expertise meet their needs.

Practice Typical Interview Questions

Be prepared to answer questions about your background, qualifications, shortcomings, and approach to different scenarios. Get comfortable speaking with confidence and clarity when you respond.

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Recognize the Aviation sector

Become acquainted with the major actors, trends, and obstacles in the aviation sector. This information can help you demonstrate how well-versed you are in the field you want to work in.

Emphasize Relevant Skills

Prepare samples from your prior work to highlight your abilities that are pertinent to the aviation and handling sector. To organize your responses, use the STAR approach (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

Act with professionalism:

Make sure you’re dressed adequately for the interview. Aim for a polished look that complies with accepted business practices.

Ask intelligent questions concerning the position, the company’s culture, potential for advancement, and the difficulties facing the sector. Posing questions demonstrates your involvement and interest.

Practice Confidence:

Throughout the interview, keep a straight spine, make eye contact, and talk with clarity and assurance. Possessing confidence can have an impact that lasts.

Demonstrate Your Adaptability:

Emphasize your capacity to deal with difficult circumstances, adjust to changes, and work under pressure. Workers with the ability to function in dynamic circumstances are in high demand in the aviation sector.


After the interview, you might want to send a quick email or letter of appreciation for the chance and to reiterate your interest in the job.

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Why is the Nahco oral interview in Nigeria being conducted?

The goal of the Nahco oral interview is to evaluate candidates’ expertise, communication abilities, and fit for a certain position within the organization.

What can I anticipate from the oral interview with Nahco?

You should anticipate answering questions on your background, experience, capacity for problem-solving, and behavioral scenarios during the Nahco oral interview.

How do I get ready for the oral interview at Nahco?

Do some study on the business, rehearse frequently requested interview questions, and be prepared to talk about your accomplishments and relevant experiences in order to ace the Nahco oral interview.

What kinds of questions are frequently asked in an oral Nahco interview?

In a Nahco oral interview, situational, behavioral, technical, and motivational questions are frequently asked.

How much time is allotted for an oral Nahco interview?

Depending on the role being interviewed for, a typical Nahco oral interview lasts anywhere from thirty to an hour.

In Nigeria, who leads the Nahco oral interviews?

In Nigeria, Nahco usually uses a panel of interviewers that includes HR specialists and department leaders to conduct the interviews.

What should I dress for a Nigerian Nahco oral interview?

When attending a Nahco oral interview, it is advised to dress professionally in business clothes, such as a suit or formal dress.


Planning carefully, conducting extensive study, and communicating clearly are all necessary when preparing for an oral interview with NAHCO. You can improve your chances of success and prove that you are qualified for the desired position by becoming familiar with often asked interview questions and comprehending the various formats of NAHCO interviews. Don’t forget to dress professionally, highlight your relevant experiences and talents, and make sure your responses reflect the standards and core values of NAHCO.