250+ Best Nashville Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

Nashville Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the world of Nashville Trivia! Whether you’re a lifelong Nashvillian, a recent transplant, or just a curious visitor, testing your knowledge about Music City can be a fun and rewarding experience. Nashville, Tennessee, is a vibrant city steeped in history, music, and Southern charm. 

Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a curious visitor, testing your knowledge about Music City can be a fun and rewarding way to deepen your appreciation for this unique place. 

Are you ready to put your Nashville knowledge to the test? Dive into the world of Nashville trivia, where you’ll uncover fascinating facts, intriguing history, and hidden gems that make this vibrant city so unique.

About Nashvile

Nashville, Tennessee is one of the most eclectic and beautiful cities in the nation. It’s Music City, a hotbed for new businesses and eateries and experiential museums, it’s a place for young and old to tap their toes along to the most wonderful, twangy music. 

It’s the capital of Tennessee and one of the most beloved spots in the south. It’s a true tourist town but also manages to honor the age-old heart of the locals. If you’ve been to Nashville, then you most likely know about the shopping streets and the music strip, but oh how quirky the history of the city is, as well.

What is Nashville Trivia?

Nashville trivia is a fun and engaging way to explore the city’s rich tapestry. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge that goes beyond the iconic hot chicken and honky-tonk tunes. From historical tidbits to musical milestones, architectural wonders to quirky cultural quirks, Nashville trivia offers something for everyone.

How Important is it to Know Nashville Trivia Questions?

Knowing Nashville trivia isn’t just about bragging rights (although, let’s be honest, it’s pretty cool to impress your friends!). It’s about deepening your connection to the city. Every trivia nugget you learn adds another layer to your understanding of Nashville’s past, present, and future. It allows you to appreciate the city’s soul, its evolution, and the stories that resonate within its streets.

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Do Nashville Trivia Questions Show Your Level of Knowledge about the Town?

While knowing some trivia can definitely showcase your Nashville expertise, it’s not the ultimate test. The true Nashvillian spirit lies in your appreciation for the city’s energy, its creative pulse, and its welcoming embrace. Whether you’re a trivia whiz or a newcomer navigating your first honky-tonk adventure, the important thing is to embrace the Music City vibe and let it wash over you.

Best Nashville Trivia Questions and Answers

When was Nashville, Tennessee founded?

ANSWER: 1779.

When was it incorporated?

ANSWER: 1806.

Who was the city named for?

ANSWER: Francis Nash

What is Nashville’s Elevation?

ANSWER: 597 ft (182 m)

What are Nashville’s area codes?

ANSWER: 615 and 629

Nashville is the capital city of the U.S. state of Tennessee and the seat of what county?

ANSWER: Davidson County.

What was the population of Nashville at the 2020 U.S. census?

ANSWER: 689,447.

Nashville seceded with Tennessee during what?

ANSWER: The American Civil War.

In 1862 it was the first state capital in the Confederacy to be what?

ANSWER: Taken by Union forces.

Since 1963, Nashville has had what kind of government?

ANSWER: A consolidated city-county government, which includes six smaller municipalities in a two-tier system.

A major center for the music industry, especially country music, Nashville is commonly known as what?

ANSWER: “Music City”.

It is home to what three major professional sports teams?

ANSWER: The Predators, Titans, and Nashville SC.

Nashville is sometimes referred to as “Athens of the South” due to what?

ANSWER: Due to the large number of educational institutions.

By 1800, the city had 345 residents, including 136 what?

ANSWER: Enslaved African Americans and 14 free African Americans.

In 1806, Nashville was incorporated as a city and became what?

ANSWER: The county seat of Davidson County, Tennessee.

In 1843, the city was named as what?

ANSWER: The permanent capital of the state of Tennessee.

In 1831, the city government of Nashville owned how many slaves?

ANSWER:  24 slaves by, and 60 prior to the Civil War.

They were “put to work to build what?

ANSWER:  The first successful water system and maintain the streets.

The cholera epidemic that struck Nashville in 1849–1850 took the life of whom?

ANSWER:  Former U.S. President James K. Polk and resulted in high fatalities.

In the early 1960s, Tennessee still had racial segregation of what?

ANSWER: Public facilities, including lunch counters and department store fitting rooms.

Nissan Stadium (formerly Adelphia Coliseum and LP Field) was built after the National Football League’s (NFL) Houston Oilers agreed to do what?

ANSWER: Move to the city in 1995.

The NFL team debuted in Nashville in 1998 at what venue?

ANSWER: Vanderbilt Stadium.

When did Nissan Stadium open?

ANSWER: In the summer of 1999.

The Oilers changed their name to what?

ANSWER: The Tennessee Titans.

In 1997, Nashville was awarded a National Hockey League what?

ANSWER: Expansion team; this was named the Nashville Predators.

Between May 1 and 7, 2010, much of Nashville was extensively flooded as part of a series of what?

ANSWER: 1,000-year floods throughout Middle and West Tennessee.

Eleven people died in the Nashville area as a result of the flooding, and damages were estimated to be how much?

ANSWER: Over $2 billion.

When did Nashville elect its first female mayor, Megan Barry?

ANSWER: On September 25, 2015.

As a council member, Barry had officiated at the city’s first what?

ANSWER: Same-sex wedding on June 26, 2015.

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Nashville trivia is a fun and engaging way to learn about Music City. Whether you’re a trivia buff or simply curious about this special place, test your knowledge and see how much you know. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun, connect with others, and deepen your appreciation for Nashville’s rich history and vibrant culture.