250+ Best SpongeBob Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

spongebob trivia questions

These are spongebob trivia questions and answers for all Nickelodeon animated series SpongeBob SquarePants fans. This will keep you updated, especially for those who are somehow familiar with SpongeBob.

Our SpongeBob Trivia questions, will offer you a compilation of interesting facts about the creation of this well-known animation. SpongeBob Trivia Questions is a terrific resource for trivia games.

To perform well on our Hard SpongeBob Trivia, you must be a fan of the shows, as that is the focus of these questions.

How To Play The Spongebob Game

To participate, gather your friends and print the trivia questions listed below. To make this easier, use the free PDF resource. As the “game head” for the trivia quiz, designate one player. This individual will be reading the questions.

Make sure every participant has a pencil and a piece of paper. Ask the group 25 to 50 questions. The winner is the player with the most right points at the conclusion. Each Spongebob trivia questions answered correctly is worth one point.

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Spongebob Trivia Questions

To what extent are you a SpongeBob fan? We’ll test your knowledge of some lesser-known SpongeBob SquarePants production-related facts in this area.

To respond to these, you genuinely have to be a fan. Check your own performance, then set challenges for others.

Below is 250+ Best SpongeBob Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest)

1. What is the name of SpongeBob’s home?

  • Ans: A pineapple

2. Who is the girlfriend of SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Sandy

3. Who is King Neptune?

  • Ans: A Merman

4. What is the name of the daughter of King Neptune?

  • Ans: Mindy

5. What is the pet name of SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Gary

6. Who is Gary?

  • Ans: A snail

7. What kind of animal is Larry?

  • Ans: A lobster

8. What are Patrick and SpongeBob’s hobbies?

  • Ans: Go for jellyfishing

9. What kind of animal does Gary behave like?

  • Ans: A cat

10. Where does Sandy the squirrel come from?

  • Ans: Texas

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11. Patrick lives where?

  • Ans: Under a rock

12. What’s the name of the scallop that SpongeBob befriends

  • Ans: Shelley

13. What is the name of the Krusty Krab menu?

  • Ans: The Galley Grub

14. What does SpongeBob do for a living at the Krusty Krab?

  • Ans: A fry chef

15. Which topping causes SpongeBob the most concern when preparing Krabby Patties

  • Ans: The pickles

16. Where is SpongeBob employed?

  • Ans: The Krusty Krab

17. Who is employed at Krusty Krab?

  • Ans: Squidward and SpongeBob

18. What governs the life of Mr. Krabs?

  • Ans: Money 

19. Do adults or youngsters watch the show more often?

  • Ans: Children watch often.

20. Who invented SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Stephen Hillenburg

21. When Stephen proposed the show to Nickelodeon, what was his role?

  • Ans: Stephen worked as a marine biologist

22. What is the name of the instrument that Squidward plays?

  • Ans: Clarinet

23. What is the true name of Squidward?

  • Ans: Squidward Tentacles

24. In which episode does SpongeBob have the flu?

  • Ans: Suds

25. How many percent of adults without children watch the SpongeBob?

  • Ans: 25%

26. Who plays the voice of SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Tom Kenny

27. What role does Tom Kenny’s wife portray in trivia?

  • Ans: Karen the Plankton’s computer wife

28. Who is constantly pursues the secret formula known as Kabby Patty?

  • Ans: Plankton

29. Who is the model for Plankton’s computer wife?

  • Ans: Karen, Stephen Hillenburg’s wife

30. Before SpongeBob was chosen, what was the original name of the show?

  • Ans: SpongeBoy

31. What is the date of SpongeBob’s birthday?

  • Ans: July 14, 1986

32. Which episode’s conclusion was up for voting by viewers?

  • Ans: Shanghaied

33. From the “Employee of the Month” episode. How many honors does SpongeBob receive for Employee of the Month?

  • Ans: 26

34. What is the name of the place where SpongeBob goes swimming?

  • Ans: Bikini Bottom’s Goo Lagoon

35. What shape is Squidward’s home?

  • Ans: Squidward

36. Does SpongeBob wear glasses?

  • Ans: Sure he does

37. Who teaches SpongeBob how to drive

  • Ans: Mrs. Puff

38. How many possible outcomes were there for Shanghaied?

  • Ans: Three

39. How many times has the Krusty Krab been destroyed?

  • Ans: Twenty-five

40. Can you tell me how many times SpongeBob’s house has been destroyed?

  • Ans: Twenty

41. What is the number of times Squidward’s home has been destroyed?

  • Ans: Thirteen

42. What is the number of times Patrick’s home has been destroyed?

  • Ans: Ten

43. Which name does SpongeBob go by in German?

  • Ans: SpongeBob Schwammkopf

44. What does SpongeBob Schwammkopf stand for?

  • Ans: SpongeBob SpongeHead

45. What is the name of Mr. Krabs’ ship, trivia question?

  • Ans: S. S. Cheapskate

46. Which of the following was done by SpongeBob the first time on Nickelodeon?

  • Ans: Provide more than 200 episodes

47. What is the real name of SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Robert Harold SquarePants Sr.

48. What is Sandy’s true name?

  • Ans: Sandra Jennifer Cheeks

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49. What date did Nickelodeon premiere the first episode?

  • Ans: July 17, 1999

50. How many seasons does the show have?

  • Ans: 22

51. How many SpongeBob episodes are there right now?

  • Ans: 262

52. What is the basis behind SpongeBob’s characters?

  • Ans: The unpublished comic book by Stephen Hillenburg

53. What is the date of Mr. Krabs’ birthday?

  • Ans: November 30, 1942.

54. In Stephen’s life, who is Mr. Krab modeled after?

  • Ans: His former supervisor

55. Which is true, according to Stephen Hillenburg, about the Krusty Krab and Krabby Patties?

  • Ans: The Krusty Krab is entirely vegetarian.

56. What is the number of limbs on Squidward?

  • Ans: 6

57. Which famous people appeared as special guests on SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Scarlett Johannson, Johnny Depp, David Hasselhoff, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, LeBron James, and David Bowie.

58. Name the superheroes that SpongeBob is most excited about

  • Ans: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

59. Who is the voice of the Mermaid Man?

  • Ans: Ernest Borgnine

60. Who does Barnacle Boy’s voice belong to?

  • Ans: Tim Conway

61. Why did Stephen object to celebrities appearing on SpongeBob?

  • Ans: He objected to comparisons between the program and other programs like The Simpsons.

62. What was the premiere date of the first film?

  • Ans: 2004

63. Which famous person made an appearance in the first SpongeBob film?

  • Ans: David Hasselhoff

64. Which song gained popularity as a result of the show?

  • Ans: Sweet victory

65. Which episode featured the song “Sweetheart Victory”?

  • Ans: Band geeks

SpongeBob Trivia Questions and Answers

66. Which episode of the show is regarded as the best?

  • Ans: Band geeks

67. What was the original name of the soundtrack for the show?

  • Ans: The yellow record SpongeBob SquarePants

68. What was the release date of the Yellow album?

  • Ans: November 15, 2005

69. Which scientific discovery bears SpongeBob’s name?

  • Ans: A new fungus

70. Which trivial item did David Hasselhoff retain from the film?

  • Ans: A 12-foot-tall double of himself.

71. What is the weak point of SpongeBob?

  • Ans: His deficiency in physical power

72. Why does SpongeBob wind up working at The Chum Bucket?

  • Ans: Because Mr. Krabs is defeated in a card game.

73. In which episode does SpongeBob work at the Chum Bucket?

  • Ans: Greetings from the chum bucket

74. What is the complete name of Plankton?

  • Ans: Sheldon J. Plankton

75. Which college friend of Flats the Flounder attended?

  • Ans: Patrick

76. What is the location of Mermaid Man’s residence?

  • Ans: Shady Shoals Rest Home

77. Which character is a well-known news reporter, according to trivia?

  • Ans: Perch Perkins

78. At what time does SpongeBob wears his glasses?

  • Ans: When jellyfishing

79. What is Mrs. Puff?

  • Ans: A blowfish

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80. Which ability does Barnacle Boy possess that Mermaid Man does not?

  • Ans: Sulfur eyesight

81. What is Patrick’s weight?

  • Ans: two ounces

82. Which superhero was not a part of the Super Acquaintances League of the International Justice League?

  • Ans: Sea Cow Commando

83. Who is the owner of a shell emporium?

  • Ans: Angry Jack

84. Which Krusty Krab patron pays Mr. Krabs his millionth dollar?

  • Ans: Sandals

85. What was the destination of Plankton and Karen’s honeymoon?

  • Ans: They never had one.

86. What is Tom’s occupation?

  • Ans: Mattresses salesperson

87. Which character is it that doesn’t have a heart?

  • Ans: Karen

88. What is the pet name of Mr. Krabs?

  • Ans: Mr. Doodles

89. What was the premiere date of SpongeBob?

  • Ans: First of May 1999

90. Where was the SpongeBob episodes’ completed animations produced?

  • Ans: South Korea

SpongeBob Trivia Questions and Answers

91. Who is the muscular movie star that starred in the first SpongeBob film?

  • Ans: David Hasselhoff

92. Who used to work as a fry cook in a seafood restaurant before creating SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Stephen Hillenburg

93. Which SpongeBob SquarePants episode was the first?

  • Ans: “Help Wanted”

94. After leaving his refrigerator open, SpongeBob contracted which illness?

  • Ans: The suds

95. What is it that makes Squidward more attractive?

  • Ans: Someone slams a door in his face.

96. How many teeth is Patrick showing when he laughs?

  • Ans: A single

96. Which of Sandy’s animals transforms into the “monster” and causes Bikini Bottom to lose control?

  • Ans: Wormy

97. What is the license plate number on SpongeBob’s mobile boat?

  • Ans: IM-RDY

98. What do Patrick and SpongeBob call their bivalve?

  • Ans: Junior

99. How much does the mustache the Strangler wears cost in the “SpongeBob Meets the Strangler”?

  • Ans: Five cents

100. In which one and only episode does Larry the Lobster go by “Big Larry”?

  • Ans:  “Ripped Pants”.

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101. With Patrick’s assistance, SpongeBob skips school in the episode “Ditchin'”. Which of the following justifications is true?

  • Ans: He waited until tomorrow to use the restroom.

102. Which greeting does Sandy typically use?

  • Ans: “Hey everyone.”

103. When is the ideal moment to wear a striped sweater, according to SpongeBob’s song?

  • Ans: At all time

104. Was this Rocky a snail after all?

  • Ans: He wasn’t a snail, but rock.

105. What kind of stomach talent does Patrick have?

  • Ans: He plays it like a drum kit.

106 . What hue is SpongeBob’s eye color?

  • Ans: Blue

107. What is the noteworthy item that SpongeBob wears at the Krusty Krab?

  • Ans: A tall white hat with a tiny blue anchor on it

108. Which episode of the show is regarded by many as the best?

  • Ans: “Geeks with Bands”

109. What’s the name of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s underground hideout?

  • Ans: Mermalair

110. What’s the name of the enormous animal that consumes Sandy’s tail?

  • Ans: Alaska Bull Worm

Hard SpongeBob Trivia Questions and Answers

111. Which dish at Krusty Krab is their signature dish?

  • Ans: Krabby Patty

112. Which color shirt does SpongeBob typically wear?

  • Ans: White

113. What kind of animal is Pearl, the daughter of Krabs?

  • Ans: A whale

114. Before SpongeBob started working at Krusty Krab, what was the name of the previous fry cook?

  • Ans: Jim

115. Patrick works where?

  • Ans: He is not employed

116. Where is SpongeBob’s residence?

  • Ans: Under the water, in a pineapple

117. A customer asks, “Is this the Krusty Krab?” to Patrick as he answers the phone at Krusty Krab. And Patrick’s reaction?

  • Ans: “No, this Patrick

118. Sandy Cheeks live where in Bikini Bottom?

  • Ans: The trio of Sandy

119. Which amusement park is SpongeBob’s favorite?

  • Ans: Glove World

120. Which fictional character shares your belief in Magic Conch?

  • Ans: Ranger

121. Which character, other than himself, believes that everyone else is a fool?

  • Ans: Squidward Tentacles

122. Which superhero is your favorite, Bikini Bottom?

  • Ans: Man with a Mermaid Tail

123. Who is the lone terrestrial creature in Bikini Bottom?

  • Ans: Sandy Cheeks

124. Who is the best friend of SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Patrick Star

125. Who is the administrator of the boating school that SpongeBob goes to?

  • Ans: Mrs. Puff

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126. What is the name of the owner of Chum Bucket and the primary antagonist of the show?

  • Ans: Plankton

127. Who prevails in the snail race?

  • Ans: Rocky

128. Which club is led by Kevin C. Cucumber?

  • Ans: The Jellyspotters, the Jellyfishing club

129. Who takes the crown from King Neptune?

  • Ans: Plankton

130. Even though Mr. Krabs and Plankton are rivals, what is the one thing they have in common?

  • Ans: Their birthday

131. Name the two things that SpongeBob finds frightening.

  • Ans: Clowns and darkness

132. What do Patrick and SpongeBob drink when they’re depressed in the SpongeBob Squarepants movie?

  • Ans: Shakes made with milk

134. What is the name of Mr. Krabs’ pet worm?

  • Ans: Doodles

135. What is the aim of Mr. Krabs’s life?

  • Ans: Make as much money as you can

136. What is Patrick’s parent’s name?

  • Ans: Margie and Herb

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137. What is the last name of Patrick?

  • Ans: Starfish

138. What kind of animal is the Sandy Cheeks?

  • Ans: A squirrel

139. What is the name of the boat that SpongeBob drives that is invisible?

  • Ans: Boaty

140. Where in SpongeBob do the peanut worms usually eat?

  • Ans: In the veggie garden of Mrs. Puff

141. What kind of schooling is SpongeBob now pursuing?

  • Ans: Mrs. Puff’s Boating School

142. What kind of thing is Chip Plankton II?

  • Ans: A calculator

143. What is the line from the show that SpongeBob uses a lot?

  • Ans: I’m prepared

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144. What type of fish is SpongeBob’s driving teaceher?

  • Ans: A puffer fish

145. In the “Graveyard Shift” episode, Squidward creates a fictional character named _ to frighten Spongebob.

  • Ans: Hash-Slinging Slasher

146. Which episode did Bubble Bass appear in after 12 years?

  • Ans: Plankton’s Good Eye

147. At what temperature does Mr. Krabs maintain Krusty Krab in “Krabs A La Mode”?

  • Ans: 62 degrees

148. When does SpongeBob say, “I got diarrhea!” in which episode?

  • Ans: “The Bully”

149. Which character on the beach in “Ripped Pants” wasn’t a loser?

  • Ans: Melted cones of ice cream.

150. In the “The Secret Box” episode, the box contains a string. Pulling this rope will reveal what item?

  • Ans: Picture of SpongeBob from the holiday celebration.

151. Who oversees SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Eugene Krabs

152. Which two episodes is Bubble Buddy featured in?

  • Ans: “Bubble Buddy” and “Bubble Buddy Returns” 

153. In the “Sun Bleached” episode, who is the tanned celebrity?

  • Ans: Craig Mammalton

154. What did SpongeBob say for the first time?

  • Ans: “May I take your order?” 

154. How much money does Patrick take from SpongeBob in “Sing a Song of Patrick”?

  • Ans: $100.00

155. What are the given names of Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man?

  • Ans: Tim and Ernie

156. What does Patrick win an award for in the “Big Pink Loser” episode?

  • Ans: For doing nothing

157. What is the name of Squidward’s greatest enemy?

  • Ans: Squilliam Fancyson

158. First name of Plankton is what?

  • Ans: Sheldon

159. Which street is SpongeBob’s home?

  • Ans: Conch street

160. Which is the name of the fabled ghost who appears frequently on the show?

  • Ans: Flying Dutchman

161. What is the name of the evil artwork that, when done with a magic pencil, comes to life?

  • Ans: Doodlebob

162. What is the name of the purple shell that Patrick and SpongeBob interrogated?

  • Ans: Magivcal Conch Shell

163. In the “Ripped Pants” episode, SpongeBob gives Larry the Lobster a nickname.

  • Ans: Larry Big

164. Who in Bikini Bottom has the best deals on crabs?

  • Ans: mr. Krabs

165. What is the name of SpongeBob’s hometown?

  • Ans: Bikini bottom

166. What is the name of the elder sister of Patrick Star?

  • Ans: Sam star

167. What is the full name of SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Spongerobert Rectanglepants

168. Which character in different episodes always says, “My leg!”?

  • Ans: Fred

Spongebob trivia questions

169. What are the names of the pirate forefathers of Mr. Krabs?

  • Ans: King Krabs and Redbeard Krabs

170. Which episode features Patrick and SpongeBob selling chocolate bars?

  • Ans: “Chocolate with Nuts”

171. Which location is it that Mr. Krabs and Plankton first discovered the secret recipe?

  • Ans: Dumpster behind “Stinky Burgers” Restaurant

172. Which of the primary characters from the original TV series is not present in the “SpongeBob SquarePants Movie”?

  • Ans: King Neptune

173. What’s the name of the snail Squidward owned?

  • Ans: Snellie

174. What is the name of SpongeBob’s mother?

  • Ans: Margaret SquarePants

175. What name was given to the health inspector in the episode “Nasty Patty”?

  • Ans: Health Inspector Yellowtail

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176. What’s the name of the prison where Mrs. Puff winds up each time SpongeBob fails his driving test?

  • Ans: The Bikini Bottom Prison

177. What year did SpongeBob SquarePants aired there first episode of ?

  • Ans: 1999

178. Who is this cheerful, spectral, green character that only shows up around Christmastime?

Ans: Patchy the Pirate

179. What does SpongeBob define as the meaning of F.U.N. in the episode “F.U.N.”?

Ans: Friends who Work Together: N is for wherever, at any time; U is for you and me.

180. In the episode “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V,” what superhero identity does Patrick assume?

  • Ans: The Elastic Waistband

181. What is the number of spots on SpongeBob?

  • Ans: Forty spots

182. What is the name of the resort where Patrick and SpongeBob go to deliver pizza?

  • Ans: It’s a customer’s house in the middle of nowhere, not a resort

183. Who is the SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Club President?

  • Ans: Patchy the Pirate

184. Which episode did nematodes devoured SpongeBob’s pineapple house?

  • Ans: “Sweet Pineapple Home.”

185. In the “Ripped Pants” episode, what song did SpongeBob performed during the talent show?

  • Ans:”Ripped Pants.”

186. What kind of animal is Gary?

  • Ans: A sea snail

187. In the “Krabs vs. Plankton” episode, who is the judge?

  • Ans: Horace A. Whopper

188. What color pants does Patrick Star have?

  • Ans: Green

189. What typical household pet most closely resembles Gary, aside from being general in nature?

  • Ans: Cat

190. In “Life of Crime,” Patrick queries SpongeBob on how a campfire may be lighted while submerged. When he asks this, what happens?

  • Ans: The fire quickly goes out.

SpongeBob Trivia Questions

191. What is the middle initial of Mr. Krabs?

  • Ans: H

192. And what DID NOT happen to the regular dollar in the “Clams” episode?

  • Ans: Split open in two halves

193. How many fingers does SpongeBob have including thumbs?

  • Ans: Eight

194. How did the mermaids get everything into the Bikini Bottom Triangle?

  • Ans: They sang

195. How long did it take Plankton to finish college?

  • Ans: Complete 4 years

More Spongebob Trivia Questions

196. What pattern is on the shell of SpongeBob’s snail?

  • Ans: A big swirl

197. What line from “Funny Pants” makes SpongeBob laugh?

  • Ans: “Another day, another nickel.”

198. What is the home order in SpongeBob’s neighborhood, starting from the left?

  • Ans: The houses of Patrick, Squidward, and then SpongeBob’s house

199. What was the name Spongebob gave to the seahorse he made friends with?

  • Ans: Mystery

200. What does the introductory song about SpongeBob say?

  • Ans: porous, yellow, and absorbing

201. What date of birth does Mr. Krabs’s driver’s license indicate?

  • Ans: November 30, 1942

202. Where can SpongeBob purchase the kit for “Plan Your Own Party”?

  • Ans: Barg N-Mart

203. Gary briefly replaces SpongeBob with Patrick in one episode. What does Gary want with Patrick’s?

  • Ans: A cookie

204. What is the THIRD thing SpongeBob did in “Sun Bleached” to get tan?

  • Ans: He covered himself in caramel

205. Where was the man who ate Gary’s shoe in his dream?

  • Ans: Peru

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206. Which song does Mr. Krabs like to hear again in the “Krab Borg” episode?

  • Ans: Electric zoo

207. What does Patrick dig for in the “Battle of Bikini Bottom” episode?

  • Ans: Booger

208. What is NOT one of Patrick’s suggested actions in “I Had an Accident” to get SpongeBob out of his house?

  • Ans: “Trampoline!”

209. In the beginning, Sandy helped Spongebob battle a massive clam. Whichfrom te following does Sandy not fit the bill?

  • Ans: Her preferred sport is judo

210. Why was Patrick often tripping over the Krusty Krab hat?

  • Ans: He was heavy on the top

211. Which of these scenes doesn’t feature Patrick?

  • Ans: Reef Blower

212. What is the name of Plankton’s ancestor in the “Pest of the West” special episode?

  • Ans: Dead-eye plankton

213. How much is a Krabby Patty in “The Curse Of The Hex”?

  • Ans: $4.50.

Spongebob trivia questions

214. Which of these quotes DOES NOT come from Squidward?

  • Ans: “I love you.”

215. Why did Patrick give up the crown in the “Rule of Dumb” episode?

  • Ans: He noticed a frightful face in a mirror.

216. When SpongeBob invades Patrick’s dream, what did he lose?

  • Ans: Twenty-five cents

217. Was Mr. Krabs a member of the armed forces?

  • Ans: Yes, Navy

218. What is the first episode in which Sandy Cheeks appears?

  • Ans: Tea at the Tree Dome

219. Who told Spongebob that he was not normal?

  • Ans: Squidward

220. Which SpongeBob episode referred to the Flying Dutchman as “Dutchy”?

  • Ans: “Ghost Host”

221. What was Karen’s first job in the “Friend or Foe” special episode?

  • Ans: Security System,

222. In “Pest Of The West”, how much does Mr. Krabs charge to tread on Dead Eye Plankton?

  • Ans: $1.00

223. What was the ‘major thing’ that was going to happen in “Truth or Square”?

  • Ans: Eleventy Seventh Anniversary

224. Which of these four personalities has the greatest love for money?

  • Ans: Mr. Krabs

225. What was the Navy nick name of Mr. Krab?

  • Ans: Armor Abs Krabs

226. The fry cook before SpongeBob was who?

  • Ans: Jim

227. Why does Gary want to stay with Patrick in the “Dumped” episode?

  • Ans: Because of his cookie

228. Who has been paying Nat to consume Plankton’s chum, as was disclosed at the end of “Plankton’s Regular”?

  • Ans: Karen

229. In the “Ugh” special episode, Spongar and Patar learned how to use fire. How were they able to find it?

  • Ans: By manipulating the rain

230. How did Plankton and his family open Mr. Krabs’ safe in “Plankton’s Army”?

  • Ans: One half becomes an ear and the other half a hand.

231. Who is the wife of Plankton?

  • Ans: Karen the Mark II Univac “W.I.F.E.” Computer

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232. On the program, who does Squidward’s voice?

  • Ans: Rodger Bumpass

233. Squidward’s opponent, Squilliam Fancyson, discredits him for working in a diner. What material makes up the lake at his house?

  • Ans: Gold material

234. What was added to Plankton’s menu during “The Inside Job” that was included in the Chum Bucket?

  • Ans: Chum Balaya

235. Which of the following descriptions of the episode “Overbooked” is TRUE?

  • Ans: The first time we see Mr. Krabs in the Treedome is at the end of the episode.

236. Which SpongeBob episode features the line “I got diarrhea!”?

  • Ans: “The Bully”

237. Which character on the beach in “Ripped Pants” wasn’t a loser?

  • Ans: Melted ice cream cones

238. Which school was Mr. Krabs enrolled in?

  • Ans: Poseidon Elementary

239. Which episode featured Bubble Bass’s appearance after a 12-year absence?

  • Ans: Plankton’s Good Eye

240. When Sandy questioned Patrick in “Suds” about the origins of his house’s feet, he responded with what?

  • Ans: It was his mobile home

241. What did Squidward give Mr. Krabs in the “Skill Crane” episode once he had spent all of his money?

  • Ans: The deed to his home

Spongebob trivia questions.

242. Which of these quotations from Patrick is NOT true?

  • Ans: “Good grief!” He’s nude!”

243. In the “Money Talks” episode, Mr. Krabs performs a song. The sentence “If I could talk to money” finishes with?

  • Ans: “How amazing my life would be”

244. Which guy’s name was everyone’s dream to be in the “Sun Bleached” episode?

  • Ans: Craig Mammalton

245. What is the thing that SpongeBob takes from Mermaid Man in “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV”?

  • Ans: His belt

246. Which two episodes is Bubble Buddy featured in?

  • Ans: “Bubble Buddy” and “Bubble Buddy Returns”

247. What is the second item that SpongeBob brings to Mr. Krabs’ office in “Krab-Borg”?

  • Ans: Toaster

248. What did SpongeBob say for the first time?

  • Ans: “May I take your order?”

249. Name the band that Spongebob was in the “Krabby Road” episode.

  • Ans: The Patty Stealers and Plankton

250. What did Plankton experience in the “The Inside Job” episode after taking in too much SpongeBob emotion?

  • Ans: Warm and fuzzy

251. What is the difference in the number of foul words mentioned in “Sailor Mouth” between Squidward’s and Mr. Krabs’ counts?

  • Ans: Six foul words

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252. The movie “Chum Caverns” follows Plankton as he burrows his way into the incredibly beautiful and picturesque underground caverns, hoping to steal the Krabby Patty formula. What kind of object may one find in the Chum Caverns?

  • Ans: Toxic sea urchins

253. Why do SpongeBob and his pals enter the air vent in “Truth or Square”?

  • Ans: The door was locked.

254. What is SpongeBob’s height?

  • Ans: Four inches

255. Who takes the pearl from the clam in the episode “The Smoking Peanut”?

In response, nobody

  • Ans: Nobody

FAQs On Spongebob Trivia Questions

Who did SpongeBob adore?

In spite of this, advertising and early episodes suggested that SpongeBob might harbor romantic feelings for Sandy, if not outright crushes. He’s envious of Sandy’s adoration for Larry in “Ripped Pants,” and the episode’s hit song even suggests that “no girl ever wants to dance” with the guy wearing ripped pants.

Which SpongeBob fact is interesting?

Unbelievably, SpongeBob was initially supposed to be called SpongeBob, but the name had to change because of copyright issues. The rumor mill went into overdrive, with some people holding the still-current assumption that it was caused by a mop.

What makes a trivia question entertaining?

The unpredictable nature of trivia is one of its enjoyable aspects. Using cryptic information and haphazard understanding increases the game’s excitement. But make an effort to stay on subject. Answers to questions that delve too far into specialized areas may be difficult for teams to come up with.

What terrifies SpongeBob the most?

As SpongeBob’s biggest fear is darkness, we learn this from the episode “Night Light.” When the lights go out, he gets nervous because he fears the dark. The two things that scare Spongebob the most are: * Losing his job as a fry cook at Krusty Krab; and * Finding the recipe for getting into Plankton’s clutches.


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