130+ Frequently Asked Questions About God With Answers

questions about god

There are certain questions about God that people ask, you just know where they are coming from.The Bible is a readily available source of information on subjects and inquiries that confound both believers and unbelievers alike.

However, how can you even start looking for the answers? As a matter of fact, how can we be certain that the Bible will supply the solutions we need?

Notwithstanding, this blog post answers some frequently asked questions about God that will help you know more about God.

Questions About God With Answers

1. Grace: What is it?
Answer: Grace is God’s beauty manifested in a man.

2. How can one work on their own salvation?
Answer: The fundamental element of redemption is not acknowledging your transgressions, but rather accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

3. Does sin have an impact on salvation?
Answer: Because God is in you, you cannot sin; you can only make mistakes. You cannot lose your salvation.

4. You and the Holy Spirit, how do you fellowship? How do you hear or listen to the Spirit of God? Answer: Pray, reading the Bible.

5. The devil is who?
Answer: Anything that brings accusations against you from the inside out is the Devil’s doing.

6. Is everything nasty or negative the work of the devil?
Answer: Yes, he does occasionally use demons to manipulate his human operatives in order to carry out his sinister schemes.

7. How should one interpret the Bible?
Answer: This is a spiritual book, not a storybook. Don’t read it that way.

8. Doctrine: What is it? Answer: It is a recognized collection of values, teachings, beliefs, or guidelines that are followed, taught, and practiced by a particular group of people. The majority of doctrines are ideas that can be applied to ourselves. Example: prosperity, holiness, and righteousness.

9. Is moral correctness vital, given that we are sinless? Answer: Sure! It is crucial. You are an internal being. The laws of man and their consequences also play a part in this. Your issues with mankind arise from immorality, not from God.

10. Describe intuition. Answer: The capacity to comprehend something without the aid of conscious thought.

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11. How does the Spirit of God communicate with your gut feeling?
Answer: Through your union with the Holy Spirit and your submission to the word, which is God’s will, His vision, and His word.

12. Does it really matter if you know the meaning of a verse from the Bible or not?
Answer: It is better to be aware of what it says because you can only succeed in life by understanding the word.

13. What does the phrase “offer spiritual sacrifice” really mean?
Answer: It implies making a spiritual sacrifice and putting God first.

What is Conscience?
Answer: Morality, whether good or terrible, is determined by the voice of the human spirit. The consciousness of a newborn is empty. It was necessary to train them.

Deep Questions About God

A collection of thought-provoking queries concerning God is provided here. Happy reading!

14. Why does God permit suffering in the lives of good people?

15. Will God eventually have second thoughts?

16. Is the biological and chemical makeup of God the same as that of humans?

17. What obligation did God have prior to the creation of the universe?

18. What is God’s unchangeability?

19. For what reason does God require faith?

20.Is God’s body made of bones?

21. Did God really create evil?

22. Is God fallible?

23. What will does God want?

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24. What is God’s age?

25. What kind of person is God?

26. Why did God make Satan knowing he would turn against him?

27. What is the aseity of God?

28. Is Satan loved by God?

29. Is there a mother God like anyplace?

30. Is there a soul in God?

31. Is there a wife for God?

32. What is the size of God?

33. Why is it that God desires our worship?

34. Does God have a sex?

35. Is God aware of what lies ahead?

Hard Questions About God

36. Is God a feeling being?

37. Is there a God of preference?

38. Is there a favored child of God?

39. Is there a throne for God?

40. Does God forbid enjoyment?

41. Does God tell lies?

42. Does God have a personality?

43. Why is faith necessary for God?

44. Why did God in the Bible decree the eradication of the Canaanites?

45. Do God’s children fall prey to sin? What transpired in Genesis 22 concerning Abraham?

46. Is there a throne for God? What does God’s throne look like?

47. Does God possess free will?

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Questions About God and Faith

48. How may historical and theological evidence support the Bible’s veracity?

49. Faith is otherworldly. What is meant by this sentence?

50. How does my faith relate to free will?

51. When God gives us trials, how do we respond to them?

52. Does pride get in the way of our faith?

53. Have I got my own beliefs?

54. What does it mean to have saving faith?

55. Are faith and belief synonymous?

56. Can our faith save us?

57. Which is stronger, love, hope, or faith?

58. Which are the primary means of evangelization?

59. What good is it to follow Jesus?

60. Am I putting my faith to work for someone else?

61. The Holy Spirit is who?

62. How do Christians reconcile politics and faith?

63. What sets Christianity apart from other faiths?

64. How will your friends’ choices impact your faith?

65. Which are the principal forms of intercession?

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Difficult Questions About God

Here are a few challenging questions about God that will force you to consider some of your preconceived notions about him more carefully.

66. Why does the Old Testament portray God as being so cruel?

67. Are pastors and other clergy members necessary for us to communicate with God?

68. What distinguishes the God of the Old Testament from the God of the New?

69. How can I be positive that God exists?

70. What is meant by the will of God?

71. Can one ask God to answer them?

72. Why does God have to reveal himself to a particular human group, the Israelites?

73. God has no apparent form. How is it possible for people to believe in the invisible?

74. Does God really care about anyone?

75. Why does God permit suffering among humankind?

76. Can one ask God for a thing and get an answer?

77. Why are there over 4,000 different religions if there is only one god?

78. Don’t we have free will if God’s will is what ultimately succeeds?

79. Does God make mistakes?

80. Where is the dwelling place of God?

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Questions About God for Youth

The Faith Mini-Bundle has twenty other faith-based items, including twenty-three Bible verses that every youngster should know. You can download these faith questions for youth as printable cards.

81. How does one become a Christian?

82. Do dogs make it to heaven?

83. Heaven is where?

84. What is the appearance of God?

85. Does being a Christian require saying certain things?

86. Are there any prerequisites for becoming a Christian?

87. Is baptism a requirement for Christian membership?

88. What is the origin of God?

89. Do miracles still occur nowadays?

90. And what about decent and decent individuals who reject Jesus?

91. Does Hell Exist?

92. Is everyone forgiven by God?

93. Are animals allotted to heaven?

94. Exist any other deities?

95. What is the appearance of Heaven?

96. Can a Christian remain agnostic and not go to church?

97. Does it automatically make you a Christian if your family is?

98. Are all religions pointing toward the same God, or is there only one path to Him?

99. What are your thoughts on the Big Bang Theory and evolution?

100. What place do dinosaurs have in the Bible?

Good Questions About God

There are numerous ways to understand God, and there is a great deal of diversity in the definition of God. These are a few starter questions if you’re considering questioning your beliefs or if you’re just interested in learning more about the idea of God.

Religions’ Concept of God

101. In what ways are the various religions portraying God?

102. Which beliefs about God are similar to and different from one another?

103. Do various religions all view God in the same way?

104. What differences exist between the conception of God in monotheistic and polytheistic religions?

105. Religions: how can they explain the reality of evil while maintaining their belief in a single God?

106. How may adherents in various religions contact with God?

107. Do different faiths have different ideas about how God rewards and punishes people?

108. Which myths concerning gods from different religions are most common among people?

109. What meaning does God’s will have in many religions?

110. Are there afterlife beliefs with God shared by all religions?

111. Do religious traditions all value a personal relationship with God?

112. Individual Thoughts about God

113. What does God mean to you personally?

114. How do you imagine God?

115. How has your conception of God changed over time?

116. Does God have a big influence on your daily life?

117. Have you ever experienced a direct relationship with God?

118. What does it mean to you to have a connection with God?

119. Do you think that prayers are heard by God?

120. What is your attitude toward God when things are hard?

121. Which qualities do you think God is endowed with?

122. How do you balance your acceptance or rejection of God?

123. Do you believe that God has any expectations of us?

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The Existence of God

124. Have you ever doubted God’s existence?

125. What causes you to accept or reject the existence of God?

126. How can the existence of God and the material world be reconciled?

127. Do you believe that faith in God and science can coexist?

128. What effect does the presence of evil and suffering have on your faith in God?

129. Is your belief in God based on reason, fear, or faith?

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130. Have your personal experiences strengthened or undermined your faith in God?

131. Even if you have never seen God, do you still think that He exists?

132. Can the existence of God ever be shown or refuted?

133. Does skepticism about God’s existence diminish one’s faith?

FAQs Questions About God

Which questions about seem difficult?

“Why is there evil and suffering in the world?” was the most common reaction. Philosophers have debated this issue for millennia. How come innocent people are the victims of horrible things? Why does God not intervene to end evil in the world if he is so good? What prevents him from making the world right?

Which five questions should one ask God?

You can ask God anything you want, but remember that some questions are usually more beneficial than others. And among the finest are these five: “Who am I?,” “What if?,” “How long?,” “What can I offer?,” and “What must I do?”

What is the definition of God?

God is the ultimate reality, the supreme being. In Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, for example, he is the Being that is worshipped as the creator and ruler of the universe, and who is perfect in power, knowledge, and kindness.

Who baptized Jesus in water?

John the Baptist
John the Baptist was baptizing people in the Jordan River when Jesus visited him. In response to John’s attempts to persuade him otherwise, Jesus said, “In this way, we will do all that God requires.” John consequently concurred. Jesus emerged from the water immediately following his baptism.