120+ Roblox Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

Roblox trivia questions and answers

Remember the thrill of conquering your first Obby course, the joy of building your dream house in Bloxburg, or the laughter with friends while exploring new Roblox experiences?

Roblox has become a beloved online playground for millions to create unforgettable moments. Now, let’s see how well you remember these memories with our collection of Roblox trivia questions and answers.

With over 120 questions, we will cover the Roblox game’s beginnings, secrets, and iconic games to put your knowledge to the test. Our questions span various difficulty levels, allowing you to rekindle the fun and relive cherished memories.

So, gather your friends and fellow Roblox enthusiasts to rediscover the magic of Roblox through these engaging questions and discussions.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a multifaceted online platform that combines aspects of gaming, social interaction, and creation. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:


  • Massive library of user-created games: Roblox boasts millions of games created by its community, covering diverse genres like obstacle courses, role-playing games, simulations, and more.
  • Play with friends or explore solo: Players can join existing games with friends or explore the vast library individually, discovering new experiences constantly.

Social Interaction:

  • Avatars and customization: Players create and personalize their avatars with various clothing, accessories, and animations.
  • Interact and chat with others: Players can communicate through chat functions, voice chat, and emotes while playing and exploring the platform.


  • Roblox Studio: This free tool allows users to design and build their games, fostering creativity and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Share and monetize creations: Creators can share their games with the community and potentially earn Robux through various methods (adhering to Roblox’s guidelines).

Roblox offers a unique and evolving experience for players of all ages. It provides a platform for entertainment, social interaction, and even creative expression through game development.

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What are the Features of a Good Roblox Trivia?

Here are some features of a good Roblox trivia quiz:

Variety and Difficulty:

  • Cater to different knowledge levels: Include a mix of easy, medium, and hard questions to challenge players of various skill levels and Roblox experience.
  • Diverse categories: Cover a range of topics within Roblox, including gameplay mechanics, specific games, Roblox history, creators, and the overall platform.
  • Balance between factual and engaging: Aim for a balance between factual questions testing knowledge and creative or thought-provoking questions that spark discussion and engagement.

Accessibility and Presentation:

  • Clear and concise questions: Ensure questions are well-worded, easy to understand, and avoid ambiguity.
  • Multiple-choice or open-ended: Choose a suitable format for the quiz, balancing multiple-choice options for ease with open-ended questions for deeper exploration.
  • Engaging visuals: Consider adding relevant images, video clips, or audio snippets to enhance the experience and cater to different learning styles.

Engagement and Fun:

  • Interactive elements: Include interactive elements like polls, quizzes with immediate answer reveals, or team-based puzzles to keep players engaged.
  • Factual accuracy: Ensure all information and answers are accurate and up-to-date, avoiding misinformation and maintaining a reliable source for Roblox knowledge.
  • Positive and inclusive atmosphere: Foster a positive and inclusive environment where players can learn, have fun, and celebrate their knowledge of Roblox.

Bonus Tip: Consider incorporating a thematic element based on popular Roblox games, events, or trends to further engage the audience and spark their interest.

Who Can Enjoy the Roblox Trivia?

Roblox trivia can be enjoyed by several people, including:

Roblox Players:

  • New players: Trivia can be a fun way to learn the basics of Roblox, discover new games, and understand the platform’s features.
  • Experienced players: Trivia can test their knowledge, challenge them with harder questions, and spark discussions about their favorite aspects of Roblox.
  • Creators and developers: Trivia can provide a platform to showcase their knowledge of Roblox development, game mechanics, and the creator community.


  • Parents and Guardians: Trivia can help them understand the world their children engage with and learn the language and culture of Roblox.
  • Educators and Teachers: Trivia can be used as an educational tool to explore topics like online safety, community building, and even coding concepts related to Roblox.
  • Casual Observers: Even those unfamiliar with Roblox can find trivia interesting, learning about its cultural impact, unique features, and the overall phenomenon it represents.

Ultimately, anyone interested in Roblox, its history, and its impact on the online gaming space can enjoy a well-designed and informative Roblox trivia quiz.

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Roblox Trivia Questions and Answers

Here are some of the trivia questions and answers about Roblox:

Easy Roblox Trivia Questions with Answers

  1. What is the virtual currency used in Roblox? (Answer: Robux)
  2. What is the name of the popular Roblox game where you build and share creations? (Answer: Roblox Studio)
  3. What are the small, blocky characters in Roblox called? (Answer: Avatars)
  4. What can you do in most Roblox games? (Answer: Play with friends, explore different worlds, and complete challenges)
  5. What is the name of the platform where you can play Roblox? (Answer: Roblox.com)
  6. What do you call the different areas you can play in on Roblox? (Answer: Games)
  7. What can you use your Robux for in Roblox? (Answer: Buy clothes, accessories, and game passes for avatars)
  8. How old do you need to be to create a Roblox account? (Answer: 13 years old)
  9. What is the name of the popular Roblox game where you adopt and raise virtual pets? (Answer: Adopt Me!)
  10. What does “GG” mean in Roblox chat? (Answer: Good Game)
  11. What are the blue squares scattered around some Roblox games called? (Answer: Spawn points)
  12. What is the name of the popular Roblox game where you can build and race vehicles? (Answer: Jailbreak)
  13. What can you earn in some Roblox games besides Robux? (Answer: In-game currency specific to the game)
  14. What is the name of the popular Roblox rhythm game where you step on colored tiles? (Answer: Dance Central)
  15. What is the name of the popular Roblox obby game where you have to complete an obstacle course? (Answer: Parkour)
  16. What can you do with your avatar in Roblox? (Answer: Customize its appearance with clothes, accessories, and animations)
  17. What is the name of the popular Roblox role-playing game where you can be a police officer, criminal, or civilian? (Answer: Bloxburg)
  18. What are the two main ways to play Roblox games? (Answer: Joining existing games or creating your own)
  19. What is the name of the popular Roblox game where you survive a natural disaster? (Answer: Natural Disaster Survival)
  20. What are the buttons on the bottom right of your Roblox screen used for? (Answer: Navigating, jumping, and interacting with objects)
  21. What is the name of the popular Roblox game where you build and manage a theme park? (Answer: Theme Park Tycoon 2)

Roblox Trivia for Robux Questions with Answers

  1. What are some legitimate ways to potentially earn Robux within Roblox? (Answer: Participating in developer programs, creating and selling game content, or winning in-game contests)
  2. Can you buy Robux directly with real money? (Answer: Yes, Roblox offers various Robux purchase options.)
  3. What are some things to be cautious of when trying to “earn” free Robux outside of Roblox? (Answer: Be wary of websites or individuals offering free Robux, as they often involve scams or violate Roblox’s terms of service.)
  4. What is the Roblox Builder’s Club (BC) and how does it relate to Robux? (Answer: BC is a paid monthly subscription that grants members various benefits, including a daily stipend of Robux and discounts on in-game purchases.)
  5. What are some limitations of the free Roblox account compared to a BC account? (Answer: Free accounts have limited daily Robux earnings, access to certain games, and trading capabilities.)
  6. Can you transfer Robux between players? (Answer: Yes, there are limited ways to transfer Robux through selling game items or using a trusted third-party platform within Roblox guidelines.)
  7. What is the safest way to purchase Robux? (Answer: Purchasing directly through the official Roblox website or authorized retailers is the safest option.)
  8. What are some responsible things to consider before spending Robux? (Answer: Set a budget, research the item or game pass you want, and avoid impulsive purchases.)
  9. Is it possible to get Robux for free by completing surveys or watching videos? (Answer: This practice is often unreliable and can involve scams or violate Roblox’s terms of service. It’s best to stick to safe and legitimate methods.)
  10. What are some creative ways to earn Robux within Roblox besides selling game content? (Answer: Participating in developer challenges, hosting in-game events, or offering services like building or scripting within the Roblox community.)
  11. Is it ever okay to share your Roblox account information with others in exchange for Robux? (Answer: No, sharing your account information is highly discouraged and could lead to account theft or loss of Robux.)
  12. What are some potential consequences of using unauthorized methods to obtain Robux? (Answer: Account suspension, termination, or even legal action could be taken by Roblox.)
  13. It’s important to be responsible and ethical when dealing with Robux. What are some good values to keep in mind? (Answer: Honesty, safety, respecting the terms of service, and responsible spending.)
  14. What are some resources offered by Roblox to help players stay safe and informed about Robux? (Answer: Roblox Help Center, parental controls, and community guidelines.)
  15. As a responsible Roblox player, how can you help prevent Robux scams and unethical practices? (Answer: Report suspicious activity to Roblox, educate others about safe practices, and avoid participating in any activity that seems too good to be true.)
  16. What are some important things to remember when purchasing Robux as a gift? (Answer: Ensure you have the recipient’s permission, understand their age and account limitations, and purchase from a reputable source.)
  17. What are some alternative ways to enjoy Roblox without spending Robux? (Answer: Many free games are available, participate in community events, explore user-generated content, and focus on creative building and social interaction.)
  18. What are your thoughts on the importance of responsible Robux usage? (Answer: Share your personal opinion on responsible spending, ethical practices, and enjoying Roblox within its intended framework.)
  19. Discuss with your friends or family: What are some fun and safe ways to potentially earn Robux within the Roblox ecosystem? (Answer: Encourage open communication and responsible approaches to earning Robux.)
  20. How can we help fellow players stay safe and avoid scams related to Robux? (Answer: Share awareness, discuss best practices, and encourage responsible reporting of suspicious activity.)
  21. As members of the Roblox community, what role can we play in promoting ethical and responsible behavior surrounding Robux? (Answer: Discuss ways to set a positive example, encourage responsible spending, and promote a safe and enjoyable Roblox experience for everyone.)

Kids Roblox Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

  1. What are the fun blocky characters in Roblox called? (Answer: Avatars)
  2. Can you color your avatar in Roblox? (Answer: Yes, you can choose different colors for your clothes and hair!)
  3. What can you do with your friends in Roblox? (Answer: Play games together, build cool creations, and explore different worlds!)
  4. What do you use to move around in Roblox? (Answer: You use the arrow keys on your keyboard!)
  5. What fun things can you collect in some Roblox games? (Answer: You can collect coins, stars, or even cute pets!)
  6. What do you call the different places you can play in Roblox? (Answer: Games!)
  7. What is a fun thing you can do in some Roblox games? (Answer: You can jump and climb around!)
  8. What is the name of the popular Roblox game where you can build a house and decorate it? (Answer: Bloxburg)
  9. What is the name of the popular Roblox game where you adopt and take care of virtual pets? (Answer: Adopt Me!)
  10. What do you call the blue squares that appear in some Roblox games? (Answer: Spawn points)
  11. What is a good thing to do if you see someone being mean in Roblox? (Answer: Tell a parent or another trusted adult!)
  12. What is a fun way to learn in Roblox? (Answer: You can find educational games that teach you new things!)
  13. What is a good rule to remember when playing Roblox? (Answer: Be kind and respectful to other players!)
  14. What is something you can’t do in most Roblox games? (Answer: You can’t fly unless the game has special tools or items for it.)
  15. What can you use your Robux on in Roblox? (Answer: You can buy cool clothes, accessories, and game passes for your avatar!) (Avoid mentioning specific ways to earn Robux for children.)
  16. What do you call the money you use in Roblox? (Answer: Robux)
  17. What is something fun you can build in Roblox? (Answer: You can build anything you can imagine, from houses and castles to spaceships and rollercoasters!)
  18. What is a good tip for staying safe when playing online games like Roblox? (Answer: Never share your personal information with other players!)
  19. What is the name of the platform where you can play Roblox? (Answer: Roblox.com)
  20. What is another fun thing you can do in some Roblox games besides playing with friends? (Answer: You can complete challenges and earn rewards!)
  21. What is a good habit to have when playing Roblox? (Answer: Take breaks and stretch your legs sometimes!)

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Best Doors Roblox Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. What is the main objective of the player in Doors? (Answer: To escape the hotel by finding and opening 100 doors.)
  2. What are the creatures that chase the player in Doors called? (Answer: Entities)
  3. What is the name of the first entity players encounter in Doors? (Answer: Screech)
  4. What is the name of the safe haven in Doors where players can temporarily rest and avoid entities? (Answer: The Lobby)
  5. What special ability does the white key grant players in Doors? (Answer: It allows players to see the locations of entities through walls for a short duration.)

Bonus: (These questions are more challenging and may require deeper knowledge of Doors lore.)

  1. What is the significance of the red door in Doors? (Answer: It leads to a hidden room with lore entries and a powerful item.)
  2. What is the name of the entity associated with the color yellow in Doors? (Answer: Halt)
  3. What is the purpose of the mysterious “Figure” seen in certain rooms in Doors? (Answer: Its exact purpose is unknown, but it may be connected to the game’s lore.)
  4. What is the hidden message displayed upon reaching the 100th floor in Doors? (Answer: “You are not supposed to be here.”)

Advanced: (These questions involve theories and speculations about the game’s deeper meaning.)

  1. What are some popular theories about the true meaning behind the events in Doors? (Answer: Answers can vary, but some theories explore themes of isolation, fear, and the nature of reality.)
  2. How do the different entities in Doors potentially connect to the game’s overall narrative? (Answer: Answers can vary, but some theories suggest the entities represent different aspects of the player’s fear or the hotel’s negative energy.)
  3. What are some unanswered questions and mysteries surrounding the lore of Doors? (Answer: Encourage players to discuss what remains unclear about the story and what they find intriguing.)
  1. What is the name of the item that allows players to temporarily stun some entities in Doors? (Answer: Crucifix)
  2. What is the resource players collect throughout Doors to unlock certain doors and areas? (Answer: Keys)
  3. Which entity in Doors cannot be attacked by the player and requires a different strategy to avoid? (Answer: Eyes)
  4. What is the name of the safe zone accessible after completing Hotel+? (Answer: The Hub)
  5. What is the significance of the “Find the Keys” minigame in Doors? (Answer: It provides clues and hints related to the game’s lore and hidden secrets.)
  6. What is the name of the mysterious figure seen in some rooms holding a book in Doors? (Answer: The Librarian)
  7. What is the special ability granted by the green key in Doors? (Answer: It allows players to temporarily teleport to a random safe room.)
  8. What are some hidden challenges or achievements players can find in Doors? (Answer: Examples include collecting all badges, finding hidden rooms, and completing specific tasks.)
  9. What is the name of the update that introduced significant changes to Doors, including new areas and entities? (Answer: Hotel+)
  10. What are some community-created strategies and tactics players use to survive in Doors? (Answer: Encourage players to discuss these, promoting creative problem-solving and teamwork within the community.)

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The Ultimate Roblox Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

  1. What was the original name of Roblox when it first launched in 2004? (Answer: DynaBlocks)
  2. What is the name of the annual Roblox developer conference focused on the future of the platform? (Answer: Roblox Developers Conference (RDC))
  3. What is the official currency used for developer-created items and game passes on Roblox? (Answer: Robux)
  4. What are some popular types of Roblox experiences beyond traditional games? (Answer: Social spaces, educational experiences, virtual concerts, and role-playing games)
  5. What is the name of the in-game currency used in many Roblox games besides Robux? (Answer: In-game currency specific to the game)
  6. Can you describe the difference between a “builder” and a “scripter” in the Roblox development community? (Answer: Builders create the visual aspects of games using Roblox Studio, while scripters write the code behind the scenes to add functionalities and mechanics.)
  7. What is the name of the Roblox program that allows creators to earn Robux based on the engagement their games receive? (Answer: Developer Exchange (DevEx))
  8. What are some important safety measures parents and guardians can take when their children play Roblox? (Answer: Setting parental controls, monitoring playtime, and educating children about online safety and appropriate behavior.)
  9. What are some ways that Roblox has impacted popular culture beyond the gaming world? (Answer: It has influenced fashion trends, music creation, and even spawned real-life events and merchandise.)
  10. What are some of the criticisms or challenges faced by Roblox as a platform? (Answer: Issues like online safety, monetization practices, and user-generated content moderation are sometimes cited as concerns.)
  11. What are some potential future directions for the Roblox platform? (Answer: Discussions can involve potential developments like the metaverse, integration with VR/AR technology, and educational applications.)
  12. What are some iconic landmarks or experiences within Roblox that many players recognize? (Answer: Examples include “bloxburg city”, “Meep City”, and “Adopt Me!’s adoption island”)
  13. What are some notable collaborations or partnerships that Roblox has undertaken with other companies or brands? (Answer: Examples include collaborations with musicians like Lil Nas X and fashion brands like Nike and Gucci.)
  14. What are some of the ways that Roblox is striving to foster a positive and inclusive community for its users? (Answer: They implement anti-bullying measures, organize community events, and promote responsible online behavior.)
  15. What are some valuable skills or experiences players can gain from being involved in the Roblox ecosystem? (Answer: Examples include coding, game design, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.)
  16. What are some personal favorite aspects of Roblox that you find enjoyable or engaging? (Answer: Encourage players to share their own opinions and experiences with the platform.)
  17. What role do you think Roblox can play in the future of online entertainment and interactive experiences? (Answer: Encourage a discussion on potential impacts and the evolving landscape of online platforms.)
  1. What popular Roblox YouTuber is known for creating challenging obby courses and parkour challenges? (Answer: Typical Gamer)
  2. What feature allows players to create and share their own virtual clothing items within Roblox? (Answer: Avatar creation tools)
  3. What is the name of the annual Roblox event that celebrates the creativity and achievements of the community? (Answer: The Bloxy Awards)
  4. What is the term used to describe a large and complex Roblox game world with persistent features and interconnected experiences? (Answer: Metaverse experience)
  5. What are some real-world educational applications or initiatives that utilize the Roblox platform? (Answer: Examples include teaching historical events, practicing coding skills, and exploring scientific concepts through interactive experiences.)

Hard Roblox Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

  1. What was the name of the first-ever Roblox game released in 2004? (Answer: Interactive Isle)
  2. What is the scripting language used to program custom functionalities and behaviors within Roblox games? (Answer: Lua)
  3. What are some hidden developer messages or Easter Eggs you can find in various Roblox games? (Answers can vary, requiring specific knowledge of individual games.)
  4. What is the name of the Roblox program that allows creators to publish their games for others to play? (Answer: Roblox Studio)
  5. Can you describe the difference between a “group” and a “place” in Roblox? (Answer: Groups are communities of players, while places refer to individual game experiences.)
  6. What was the significance of the 2012 “Egg Hunt” event in Roblox history? (Answer: It marked the introduction of limited-time collectible items and sparked the concept of seasonal events.)
  7. What are some hidden features or functionalities that experienced Roblox players utilize? (Answers can vary, involving advanced building techniques, scripting knowledge, or community-discovered secrets.)
  8. What are some notable Roblox games that have been shut down for various reasons throughout the platform’s history? (Answers can involve sensitive topics, copyright issues, or technical limitations.)
  9. Can you explain the concept of “bots” in Roblox and the potential issues they pose? (Answer: Bots are automated programs that can disrupt gameplay, exploit mechanics, or violate community guidelines.)
  10. What are some ongoing debates or controversies surrounding the Roblox platform? (Answer: Discussions can involve issues like monetization practices, the impact on younger audiences, and the evolving nature of online communities.)
  11. Share your own thoughts on the future of Roblox and potential challenges or opportunities it might face. (Answer: Encourage players to voice their informed opinions and engage in thoughtful discussions about the platform’s evolution.)
  1. What is the name of the Roblox catalog category specifically dedicated to user-created game soundtracks? (Answer: Audio)
  2. Can you describe the concept of “limited unique” items in Roblox and their significance for collectors? (Answer: Limited unique items are digital assets available only for a short period, making them valuable and sought-after by collectors.)
  3. What is the name of the in-game currency used in the popular Roblox game “Bloxburg” besides Robux? (Answer: Bloxbucks)
  4. What are some hidden achievements or badges players can unlock in various Roblox games that require specific actions or knowledge? (Answers can vary based on specific games.)
  5. What is the process of “verifying” a Roblox item and its significance for creators? (Answer: Verification ensures an item meets Roblox’s quality and safety standards, increasing its visibility and potential revenue for the creator.)
  6. Can you explain the concept of “studio access” and its role in Roblox development? (Answer: Studio access allows users to create and publish their own Roblox games, requiring a subscription or specific qualifications.)
  7. What are some security measures players can take to protect their Roblox accounts from potential threats? (Answer: Examples include using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and exercising caution when sharing personal information.)
  8. What is the name of the Roblox program that allows veteran players to mentor and guide newer players in the community? (Answer: Builderman Buddy Program (retired in 2019))


Who can enjoy Roblox trivia?

Any curious newcomers, seasoned players, even educators, or casual observers interested in the platform.

What are the benefits of Roblox trivia?

It’s fun, tests knowledge, sparks discussions, and can even be educational about online gaming and communities.

What makes good Roblox trivia questions?

A mix of difficulty levels, diverse topics, factual accuracy, engaging formats, and clear wording.

Where can I find more Roblox trivia questions?

Online communities, educational gaming websites, and dedicated Roblox trivia resources.

What’s the overall purpose of Roblox trivia?

To have fun, learn new things, connect with others, and explore the exciting world of Roblox.


This Roblox trivia set caters to both curious newcomers and seasoned players. You can test your knowledge of the platform’s history, popular games, hidden features, and creator communities.

So, if you’re looking for a solo challenge or a fun party activity, this collection is sure to put your Roblox expertise to the test.