30 Frequently Asked Sales Executive Interview Questions In Nigeria

sales executive interview questions

Are you looking forward to starting a career as sales executive? With our Sales Executive Interview Questions you will know which way to go, and what it takes to be a sales executive. Even as an employer who wants to hire a sales executive.

It is also very important to know what the job entails, that is, the responsibilities of a sales executive. Sales executives develop and put into practice sales strategies. They find prospects for sales, create leads, bargain, and finalize deals.

Sales teams are the engine that propels an organization’s expansion and income. Excellent sales persons are invaluable, and you can select the best candidates for your team by using our sales excecutive interview questions below.

What is a Sales Executive?

The offices of sales associates, often known as sales managers or executives, are in charge of providing clients with goods and services.

Managing this group is their main responsibility in order to generate revenue for their business. Sales leaders find prospects, nurture customer connections and identify strategies to grow their sales figures.

A Sales Executive’s Role

Although a sales executive’s job description varies by industry, most of them have comparable duties. Sales executives frequently oversee a group of sales colleagues, therefore in order to succeed in their roles, they may blend leadership duties with their sales knowledge:

  • Setting Objectives
  • Making Reports
  • Leading/Managing the Team
  • Researching Markets
  • Creating Connections
  • Examining Procedures

The Five Most Essential Skills For A Sales Executive

You might wish to incorporate the following top competencies in your job description as they are possessed by effective sales managers:

  • Skills in analysis
  • Good communication skill
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Planning strategically
  • Leadership abilities

Here is 30 Frequently Asked Sales Executive Interview Questions In Nigeria

A profession in sales entails responding to consumer inquiries and comments, as well as educating them about the advantages of the company’s goods and services.

How would you respond if a buyer insisted on paying less for your goods so they could purchase it?

Since pricing discussions have a direct impact on profitability, it is imperative to understand how a sales executive approaches them.

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An example response would be:

“I would stress the worth and advantages of our offering. To increase the deal’s value if there isn’t much room for a reduction, I’d look into bundling or providing more services.

Sales executive interview questions.

“What are your thoughts on managing a sales team?”

Applying for a sales executive position indicates your want to be a department leader in sales. You can share with the employer your thoughts on the role, your leadership motivations, and your goals for leading a sales team by answering this question.

Talking about how your expertise and experience have improved your performance in previous leadership roles could be helpful.

Sales executive interview questions.

An example response would be:

In my prior role, I led several sales projects, so I have some experience with that. As a leader, you must collaborate with your team members to achieve success.

During those initiatives, I had quick meetings with my team members to talk about the best way to get the required outcomes.

I assigned each team member a subtask that aimed towards the ultimate goal, and they all made contributions. It was my responsibility as a leader to delegate tasks, track advancement, and submit reports to management. Having positive relationships with my coworkers made the process go more smoothly.

Sales executive interview questions.

Can you be able to take rejection? How?

Rejection is a common occurrence in sales professions. This inquiry evaluates coping mechanisms and resilience.

An example response would be:

Without a doubt. Sales entail rejection occasionally. I don’t let it bother me. Rather, I take use of it as a teaching moment to improve my strategy and comprehend client demands more fully.

What actions do you take to guarantee that your clients are happy?

Recurring business and referrals are highly dependent on customer happiness. This question evaluates the applicant’s focus on the needs of the customer.

Sales executive interview questions.

Response should be:

“I give after-sales support top priority, follow up with clients frequently to make sure they’re getting value out of our product, and quickly resolve any issues.”

To what extent do you know Salesforce or other CRM software?

CRM technologies are essential for pipeline management and customer relationship management. This question assesses the candidate’s knowledge of these resources.

Example of a response:

“I have tracked leads, managed customer information, and analyzed sales data using Salesforce for the past four years.”

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“What makes you want to be a leader in our organization?”

By asking this question, the employer can find out if your professional and personal objectives are in line with the company’s values. It helps to do some research on the firm you are applying to before your interview.

Discuss your knowledge of the business, your admiration for it, and how you can help to secure its success and future expansion.


This business specializes in creating and selling home products that increase the comfort and convenience of its clients’ living spaces. I really think that the company’s goods improve the lives of its clients directly, and I want to play a significant role in this process.

Which do you consider to be more significant, new or devoted customers?

You can meet people from varied backgrounds and provide solutions to their problems by working in the sales department.

While acquiring new consumers is critical to a business’s expansion, retaining current clients is just as crucial to the survival of a business’s sales and general performance.

Sales executive interview questions.

Example response would be, “A company benefits from both new and loyal customers.” As a sales professional, I take pleasure in applying the company’s products to solve clients’ problems. Developing new connections with prospective clients and offering goods to address their issues excites me.

I’ve also had success keeping up ties with devoted clients, and I discover that it’s simpler to pitch new items to them.

“How do you plan your day to achieve your objectives and quotas?”

Sales executive are responsible for a variety of tasks, such as meetings, presentations, and client outreach. To effectively manage their time and attend to everyday responsibilities, a successful salesperson has to possess organizational and time management skills.

You can address how you plan to meet the requirements of your position and continuously produce excellent work in response to this question. Give an example of how your ability to be organized has helped you succeed on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Example response: “I make plans for the next day in the evening, so I know exactly what I want to do in the morning.” I start my day early in the morning with focused work and appointments. Call, email, and follow up with possible leads throughout the first two to three hours of work.

“What draws you to a position as a sales executive?”

You can demonstrate your level of comprehension and excitement for the role by answering this question. Make sure you comprehend the job description and its requirements and contrast them with your experience and skill set in order to provide a meaningful response.

Provide a compelling example that demonstrates your interest and how your abilities could help you succeed in the sales division.

Example response: “I used to work at a local apparel store as a member of the sales staff. Sales were poor, despite the shop’s reasonable prices.

My company agreed to let me test out some new sales tactics and trained my coworkers on them when I brought up the idea with them. After that, the sales team became more adept at selling clothes.

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Would You Please Sell Me This Pen?

How would you go about selling a delicious Fuji apple or your best gel pen? This question is highly valued by sales managers as it offers valuable insights about the candidate’s sales approach and communication style with potential customers.

A candidate may be encouraged to sell anything you have on hand for a greater challenge or closer product tie. Pens and apples are particularly popular themes. To avoid forcing the interviewee to make a lot of assumptions during the sale, it’s advisable to stick to a well-known product.

Good Suggestion for an Answer:

The typical pen can write for 45,000 words before drying out, in case you weren’t aware. In my opinion, that could cover three weeks of making notes about the names and phone numbers of potential customers! I’m sure managing several hats requires you to squander a lot of ink on your to-do lists.

How Does Your Present Sales Process Appear?

Though the best sales processes are tailored to the salesperson’s strengths and take prospects’ demands into account, all excellent sales processes show an awareness of the customer journey and are in accordance with the sales pipeline.

Inquiring about a candidate’s existing workflow allows you to assess their level of comprehension of the hiring process, as well as their capabilities in sales and alignment with your company’s requirements.

Promising Candidate Response:

When prospects get to the outreach coordinator or customer care agent stage of the prospecting process, that’s usually when I get in touch with them. By now, I get to know the prospect and their needs, anticipating their next queries and creating a presentation that demonstrates how our services may save them money and time. I also start to build solutions for their team.

What Knowledge do you have about our company goods and services?

When a salesperson doesn’t know what they’re selling, even the greatest ones fall short. This question gives you a sense of the candidate’s interview preparation as well as a sneak peek at what they know and enjoy about a product.

A sales interviewee ought to be somewhat informed on the product they are selling, its advantages over the competitors, and its features. They might not be the best fit for your team if they didn’t conduct some preliminary research.

Answer: “I am aware that you provide time management, payroll, and hiring and onboarding software for human resources. I read through some of your client testimonials and saw that a large percentage of your clientele are hourly employers, who are very pleased with the teams’ ability to coordinate and reschedule shifts. Do you consider these accounts to be your main audience?

How Would You Counsel a Sales Executive Who Is Just Starting Out in Their Career?

You may learn more about sales, your industry, and how to be a better sales representative with every phone call, presentation, and missed deal. Long-term success requires growth, and this question gives the applicant the chance to discuss their thoughts on a career in sales as well as what they’ve learnt thus far.

As long as the interviewee provides an honest response that demonstrates learning from experience, there isn’t always a right or incorrect response.

Answer: “Communicating with customers should be a practice for new sales executive. A salesman can establish a stronger connection with a prospect and ascertain their genuine needs with its direct alignment with the sales pipeline.

Sales executive interview questions.

Tell Us About the Best Sale You’ve Ever Had

Closing that huge transaction you’ve been working on for months is the best feeling in the world. It’s only right that you let candidates boast about their biggest victories and the setbacks they’ve learned from. You also get to witness their potential and excitement for sales.

Amazing answer:

“I worked with a particularly challenging prospect last year who wanted to optimize their e-commerce shopping pages, but they didn’t have the funds to finish a full redesign and their site needed some broader issues to be resolved first.

Had a conversation with their team to find out what the main issues that clients had. Selected a few package choices that would enhance their main product pages and checkout procedure, and I gave them advice on how to keep making improvements to their website without going over budget.

We sealed our partnership and completed the $125,000 web design transaction after a few months, giving them confidence in us for when they’re ready to reinvest.

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Do You Feel At Ease While Making Cold Calls?

While they might not be the most thrilling aspect of the work, cold calls are nevertheless an important component of the sales funnels for many teams.

If that applies to your team, you should be aware that your salesmen are competent and self-assured enough to make cold calls in order to expand your clientele.


Certainly, from the start of my career, cold calling has been a vital part of my sales approach. My daily goals are usually 35 calls completed and a 2% conversion rate on average.

What Excites You About the Future of Sales?

The capacity to think about the future of sales professions and how a candidate fits into it demonstrates that they are aware of current trends and technologies and are involved in the community.

Answer: “Even in the past ten years, sales teams have had unprecedented access to incredible technologies and a wealth of data that have revolutionized prospect engagement and communication optimization.

I’m thrilled to see how further advancements will strengthen our capacity to gain clients’ trust and enhance the purchasing experience.

Sales executive interview questions.

What Do You Like Least About Sales?

Finding a candidate who enjoys every aspect of their work, from cold calling to closing, will be difficult. Although it’s acceptable to have preferences, candidates should have a positive attitude and explain how they manage to stay motivated even when they don’t enjoy the activity.


It can feel like a waste of time when I have other connections to keep up, so I wouldn’t say that following up after the second or third missed connection is my favorite. But I also know that most transactions close after a few blown leads or turned down, so it’s important to keep fostering these connections.

How Would You Respond to a Difficult or Expectant Customer?

Sales were never supposed to be simple. Certain clients are difficult to win over, while others are difficult to reach and still others expect the world from you.

Effective salespeople are able to listen to what a customer or prospect needs, disagree when necessary, and build rapport until the sale is closed.

Sales executive interview questions.


“Last year, I was working with a competent lead for three months, but she was becoming less enthusiastic by the day. It was getting tougher to get in touch with her; she wasn’t picking up my calls, and when we did, she didn’t seem interested.

She was open at first, so I was wondering what had happened. The following time we spoke, I put more of an emphasis on developing our friendship than closing a deal because I had looked into the business and industry and had not found any news.

I got to know her a little better and we became friends over our same TV obsession. We decided to get back in touch after a month, and I also learned that her personal life was a little busy.

How Can You Tell Whether a Prospect Would Fit in Well?

Cold calling and inventive presentations are only two aspects of sales. Well-versed colleagues are able to spot excellent leads and prioritize them above quantity.

A prospect can be brought to a close by a candidate who knows where to focus their efforts, especially in light of the typically low conversion rates of emails and cold calls.

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“The first thing I do is investigate the company and the industry to find out what problems they could be having and how our solution can help them the most.

I then get to know my point of contact better and make an introduction. I continue to observe business trends and take note of the prospect’s behavior and interactions as soon as we start speaking on a regular basis.

Do they participate in our discussion? Do they appear enthusiastic, or do I need to follow up a lot?

Whether there’s any reason to believe they won’t be interested, I’ll prepare a pitch of what we believe will be our best course of action and directly ask whether they want to keep doing business with us.

Do You Believe That Customer Satisfaction or Sales Goals Are More Important?

Given their importance in securing transactions and upholding the brand’s reputation, this is a bit of a trick question. Low customer satisfaction ratings lead to fewer quality leads, and associates who routinely fail sales targets do not contribute to the expansion of the company.

Sales executive interview questions.


“I think they work together and aren’t particularly superior to each other. Even if you might not close a deal with a prospect today, you never know what their spending plan will be for the following year or whether they might refer you to their network. Strong bonds facilitate business.

However, in order to keep the firm afloat and to keep coming up with innovative solutions that satisfy your clients’ wants, you do need to keep up your sales pace. Prospects that you interact with communicate their wants, which informs your business and feeds back into itself.

Tell Us About a Situation Where You Made a “No” Become a “Yes”

In order to thrive, sales executive must learn how to get past more closed doors than open ones. They frequently confront more closed doors than open ones.

Sales executive interview questions.

Brilliant Answer:

“I’m used to hearing “no.” I was following up with a qualified lead who had turned down our proposal last summer just a month ago. They were having a lot of client turnover and couldn’t justify the additional cost.

I initially got in touch with them in October to check in before the holidays because I knew they were working on their budgets for the upcoming year.

He was excited to talk more about the transaction when I gave him an overview of some of the new features we were launching in February and how they would assist the team retain customer interactions.

We were able to locate additional applications in less than a month that would increase their outreach effectiveness by 5% and pay for themselves through their shareholders.

How Do You Stay Ahead of Your Intended Audience?

Sales executive can enhance their ability to interact with clients and prospects by being abreast of industry trends, which help them grasp their wants and potential issues. In order to pitch their product as a solution to both present and future requirements, seasoned salesmen look beyond current trends.

Of course, two businesses can have very different experiences, even in the same field. While one might be going through significant layoffs and client turnover, another might be able to weather economic turbulence thanks to partnerships with strong industries or more reliable finance.

Sales executive can maintain their empathy for individual requirements by looking into the nuances rather than making generalizations based on broad trends.

Sales executive interview questions.

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“I had no prior experience in the tech sector when I started at my current job. Since it’s a big industry to follow, I started out small by specializing in IT solutions. By participating in career-focused groups on social media platforms, I gained knowledge about the many kinds of IT jobs and typical difficulties.

I also spent time identifying career associations and media outlets to receive newsletters and trend reports from, as well as finding industry thought leaders to follow on various platforms. I schedule a webinar or watch a recorded presentation every two weeks, and every Friday I read emails to stay up to date on the latest developments.

What Qualifies a Sales Executive for Success?

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses, and a successful salesperson can be made up of any mix of these attributes. Hiring managers ought to focus on how a candidate integrates their experiences and qualities with the fundamental needs of sales.

Answer: “I believe my biggest strength as a seller is my interest in analytics. As a people person, I enjoy interacting with prospects and developing those relationships, and I have no trouble meeting my activity metrics.

My favorite part, though, is delving into high-level data and customer research to help me plan the ideal presentation or come up with inventive ways to increase my conversion rates. I then share these experimental findings with my team as a whole.

Sales executive interview questions.

Describe a moment when you used extra creativity to close a deal.

The ability to solve problems creatively is a must for success in the sales industry. Interviewers in particularly challenging fields or with distinctive goods and services may value seeing how a candidate overcomes obstacles and creatively applies their experiences to handle inquiries, worries, and requirements from prospects.

Answer: A potential customer of mine who was previously considering our HR software was thrilled with the PTO reports but dissatisfied that vacation time wasn’t automatically tracked. They were thinking about using a service from a rival company that provided this bonus for a marginally higher cost.

Our development team informed me that they had recently begun developing this solution in response to research conducted by the product team and that they anticipated its release in ten months when I inquired about solutions since I was stuck.

I gave them this information and, to sweeten the pot, offered an extra 5% off our services. They were thrilled to get a return on their investment and an assurance that all of their demands would be met.

Which Sales Metrics Are Most Important in Your Opinion?

Evolving and scaling with your business needs, effective sales strategies depend on data tracking and analysis. Proficient applicants ought to be able to identify the metrics that are most important to them and explain how they use them in their jobs.

Entry-level salespeople might not be able to discuss how to apply metrics to strategy, but they should still be aware of the major metrics and why they matter.


Monitoring activity metrics is crucial for forecasting sales growth by the end of the month and for ensuring that your staff is working efficiently and productively.

Having said that, I believe that conversion rates and average revenue per prospect are the most crucial factors in determining how your team may increase revenue by discovering which prospects are most responsive, what strategies succeeded in the sale, and the average size transaction required to meet your objectives.

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Sales executive interview questions.

How have you handled being in charge of others?

Strong leadership abilities are necessary for top sales positions. This question assesses the candidate’s team management background.

Example response would be:

For the previous three years, I have been the team leader for five sales people. My main goals are to coach, create specific goals, and provide them the tools they need to be successful.

FAQs on Sales Executive Interview Questions

Why should we employ you as a sales executive?

“Due to my industry passion, relevant experience, and skills, I should be hired for this role.” I’ve done my homework on the business and can help it flourish. I am a dedicated and valued contributor to the organization because of my positive outlook, strong work ethic, and long-term ambitions, all of which match the job criteria.

Why did you decide on sales?

One of the friendliest jobs you can choose is sales, which makes it a fantastic industry for expanding your professional network. You can pick up best practices for managing commercial connections, networking in many areas, and building a solid reputation by working in sales.

Why should we pick you?

What should I say when someone asks, “Why should we hire you?” A: When responding, emphasize your accomplishments, experience, and pertinent abilities that make you the most qualified candidate for the position. Emphasize your ability to support the company’s growth while attending to its particular needs and specifications.

Could you briefly introduce yourself to me?

Talk about your current circumstances first. Describe your present position and include your main responsibilities and noteworthy accomplishments. Aim backward by highlighting significant moments in your career path. Recap your prior experiences and how they helped you get ready for the position.