20 Best HQ Trivia Alternatives to Explore in 2024

HQ Trivia

If you ever joined HQ trivia by 3 pm or 6 pm to play trivia questions, you sure missed the app. I won cash prices a couple of times and understand your plight. Even though HQ Trivia is not in its prime anymore, there are many other trivia apps and games that have taken inspiration from it and offer similar experiences.

A series of HQ alternatives has sprung up since its crash. This article reviews several HQ trivia alternatives that blend the best elements of mobile gaming, live video, and TV production, and put them together in an experience people could participate in at home, from the bar, or anywhere in real-time.

If you want to play trivia games and win big, explore these options.

What is HQ Trivia?

HQ Trivia was a once-booming mobile app that hosted live trivia games twice a day, offering the chance to win real cash prizes.

Launched in 2017 by the minds behind Vine, HQ Trivia quickly captivated audiences with its Fast-paced gameplay, charismatic hosts, and engaging live chat. Players joined the game at specific times (usually 3 PM and 9 PM Eastern Time) through the app.

A host like Scott Rogowsky would ask a series of 12 multiple-choice trivia questions, with each question getting progressively harder. Players had 10 seconds to answer each question correctly. Answering incorrectly eliminated you from the game.

If you answered all 12 questions correctly, you split the prize pool with all the other remaining players. Prize money could range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands, with occasional celebrity guest hosts like The Rock adding to the excitement.

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Who are HQ Trivia Founders?

 HQ was developed by Vine creators Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll and credited as a production of Intermedia Labs. Rus Yusupov originally conceived the idea and served as the CEO. 

Yusupov was also a co-founder of the short-form video platform Vine, showcasing his experience in creating engaging online experiences. While Kroll co-founded Vine and played a crucial role in shaping HQ Trivia’s early success. He served as the app’s president and brought his expertise in building digital communities.

Sadly, Colin Kroll passed away in 2018. However, his contributions to HQ Trivia and the broader digital entertainment landscape remain significant. Rus Yusupov continues to be active in the tech industry, though not directly involved with HQ Trivia after its decline.

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What happened to HQ trivia?

Not long after Scott Rogowsky landed the job of host for HQ Trivia back in 2017, the “game show on your phone” app became an overnight national sensation. At its peak, millions of users, including celebrities, would open the app at the same time to answer a series of trivia questions for cash prizes.

However, the app faced financial difficulties and internal struggles, including the departure of co-founder Colin Kroll in 2018. User engagement began to decline, and prize pools shrunk significantly. In February 2020, HQ Trivia filed for bankruptcy and shut down operations.

A potential buyer emerged, and the app resumed weekly games in March 2020, but with a smaller format and reduced prizes. The game continued in this format until January 2023, when it finally went dark for good.

CNN reports that tensions rose between Rogowsky and HQ Trivia’s co-founder Rus Yusupov, who was reportedly jealous of Rogowsky becoming the face of the company.

Also, Yusupov and Kroll were said to clash over differing visions. At the same time, Kroll’s alleged former aggressive behavior while at Vine was said to hinder some investor involvement. These behind-the-scenes factors contributed greatly to the downfall of the HQ trivia game show.

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Is HQ trivia still around?

No, HQ Trivia is not still around. While it experienced a brief comeback in 2020 after initially shutting down, the app held its last game in November 2022 and was officially removed from both app stores in August 2023.

Although HQ Trivia is no longer actively running, its legacy lives on. It pioneered the concept of live, interactive mobile trivia games and influenced numerous other platforms in the genre. So, while you won’t be able to play HQ Trivia anymore, there are plenty of similar options available if you’re looking for a fun and challenging trivia fix!

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20 Best HQ Trivia Alternatives to Explore in 2024

You may never find an app that is as intriguing as HQ trivia considering it was a national sensation and was widely accepted. However, if you love to play trivia games especially to win some cash or gloat over points earned, explore this list:

#1. The Q

The Q is a live, mobile trivia game show app that brings the excitement of game shows right to your fingertips.  It has real hosts, big bucks, and daily trivia throwdowns. The Q hosts live trivia games twice a day, usually at 3 PM and 9 PM Eastern Time.

Each show features a different live host who keeps the game entertaining and engaging. Participants answer multiple-choice questions in rapid succession, testing their knowledge across various categories.  Each wrong answer eliminates you from the game, so be sure before clicking. Although you have just a few seconds. Exciting bonus rounds offer chances to earn extra lives and climb the ranks.

Download the game show on Google, Apple or play life to enjoy amazing features like:

  • Leaderboards: Track your progress and see how you stack up against other players.
  • Live Chat: Interact with the host and other players, adding a social element to the game.
  • Virtual Gifts: Send virtual gifts to your friends and the host to add some fun.
  • Free to Play: The Q is free to download and play, although in-app purchases are available for extra lives and other perks.

#2. ShowTime

If you’re a die-hard athlete or simply love trivia with a competitive edge, then Showtime is the app for you. This live, mobile trivia platform lets you test your sports knowledge, battle it out against other fans, and potentially win some serious cash prizes.

Wondering why you should download this HQ trivia alternative? The app offers the following cutting edge features:

  • Live Sports Trivia Shows: Daily live shows hosted by knowledgeable and engaging personalities.
  • Diverse Sports Coverage: From football and basketball to baseball and hockey, Showtime covers a wide range of sports, ensuring there’s something for every fan.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Keep things fresh with different game formats like rapid-fire questions, head-to-head battles, and bonus rounds.
  • Cash Prizes: The top players in each show split the prize pool, which can range from smaller daily pots to larger championship events.
  • Social Interaction: Connect with fellow sports enthusiasts through a live chat feature, adding a fun and competitive atmosphere.
  • Leaderboards: Track your progress and see how you stack up against other players on the leaderboards.
  • Free to Play: Download and play Showtime for free, although in-app purchases are available for extra lives and other perks.


#3. Trivia Royale

Trivia Royale blends brainteasers with a dash of high-society intrigue. Imagine yourself in a virtual Monte Carlo, where answering questions earns you chips, climbing the social ladder, and potentially winning some real-world rewards. To play, pick your alias and step into the virtual casino-like setting.

  • The host introduces the theme and format of the game.
  • Questions appear on the screen, covering diverse topics like history, pop culture, and science.
  • Decide how much to bid on each question based on your confidence and knowledge.
  • Answer correctly to earn points and climb the social ladder.
  • Wrong answers or low bids result in chip loss and potential elimination.
  • Compete in exciting bonus rounds to earn extra chips and climb the ranks.
  • The final players standing not only win virtual bragging rights, but also enter raffles for real-world prizes.


#4. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Trivia

Remember the iconic game show where contestants answer trivia questions for a chance to win a million dollars?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Trivia brings that thrilling experience right to your phone, letting you test your knowledge and climb the virtual money tree! This HQ trivia alternative app is a go to after a hectic day at work.

How to Play:

  • Download the app: Available for free on both App Store and Google Play.
  • Choose your game mode: Solo-play or compete against friends in real-time.
  • Face 15 escalating questions: Each question offers four multiple-choice answers, increasing in difficulty as you climb the ladder.
  • Lifelines: Just like the TV show, you have lifelines to help you out! Use “50:50” to eliminate two wrong answers, “Ask the Audience” for a virtual poll, or call on your “Expert” for their insights.
  • Survive and win: Answer all questions correctly to reach the million-dollar question. Choose wisely and claim your virtual fortune!


#5. SongPop

SongPop isn’t just your average trivia app – it’s a rhythmic battleground where you test your musical knowledge across genres and decades, all wrapped in a fun and social experience.

If you are a music trivia lover, here is how to play trivia on SongPop:

  • Download the app: Available for free on both App Store and Google Play.
  • Choose your challenge: Play against friends in real-time, compete in themed tournaments, or tackle solo challenges.
  • Listen and guess: Each round features short song clips from various artists and genres. Identify the song and artist as quickly as possible to earn points.
  • Power-ups and streaks: Boost your score with strategic power-ups like “Double Points” or “Skip a Question.” Build streaks for bonus points and climb the leaderboard.
  • Social interaction: Chat with friends during games, send taunts (playful, of course!), and build your musical reputation.


#6. The Simpsons

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Quiz tests your knowledge of the beloved Tapped Out mobile game and the Simpsons universe as a whole. Get ready for a hilarious and challenging trivia showdown that will leave you saying “D’oh!” or “Woohoo!” depending on your score.

To play:

  •  Head over to the official Tapped Out Quiz website
  • Choose your difficulty: Start with “Easy” or “Medium” for a warm-up, then graduate to “Hard” or “Ultimate” for a real Springfield brain-buster.
  • Answer the questions: Each round presents a series of multiple-choice questions about Tapped Out characters, events, buildings, and even obscure references.
  • Think fast: You’ll have limited time to answer each question, adding an element of pressure and excitement.
  • Track your progress: See how well you’re doing with a score counter and leaderboard that shows your ranking compared to other Springfield citizens.
  • Share your results: Don’t keep your Tapped Out trivia prowess a secret! Share your score on social media and challenge your friends to see who reigns supreme in Springfield knowledge.

#7. Tabletop Simulator

More than just a game, Tabletop Simulator is a vibrant community of passionate gamers and creators. It’s a platform for rediscovering old favorites, trying out new titles, and even bringing your board game ideas to life.

Tabletop Simulator is a unique video game that transforms your computer into a limitless tabletop playground.

How it Works:

  1. Pick your poison: Browse the Steam Workshop, a treasure trove of community-created mods that encompass virtually every imaginable board game. Download the mod for your desired game, and you’re good to go.
  2. Set the scene: Choose a virtual table (think rustic tavern, futuristic spaceship, or anything in between) and customize it with props and decorations. You can even upload your own custom assets!
  3. Grab your components: Spawn game pieces, cards, dice, and anything else the game requires. Interact with them using your mouse and keyboard, or embrace the full experience with VR controllers for intuitive manipulation.
  4. Invite your friends: Up to eight players can gather around the virtual table for online multiplayer sessions. Chat, strategize, and have a blast recreating the joys of tabletop gaming, even if you’re miles apart.
  5. Beyond the basics: Tabletop Simulator isn’t just about replicating physical games. It offers features like automated dice rolling, card shuffling, hidden hands, and even scripting capabilities for complex games. You can even design your games from scratch using the built-in tools.


#8. Onjoyride.com

This fast-paced party game is all about embracing the absurd, thinking on your feet, and leaving everyone in stitches with your outrageous tales.

Joyride isn’t just about telling funny stories; it’s about building on each other’s ideas and creating a collaborative comedic masterpiece. Don’t be afraid to be silly, embrace the unexpected, and let your imagination run wild. The more outrageous your contributions, the more laughter you’ll generate.


#9. Fanmio

Fanmio isn’t a trivia platform itself, but a fan engagement website that connects celebrities and creators with their fans through various experiences and events.

While it doesn’t directly host trivia games, it does offer unique opportunities for fans to interact with their favorite personalities, some of which may involve trivia-like elements.

There’s no “playing” Fanmio in the traditional sense. Instead, you browse the platform, discover experiences offered by your favorite celebrities, and participate in those that interest you. This might involve purchasing tickets for Q&A sessions, entering contests, or simply joining fan communities.


#10. Eloking

Eloking’s venture started when two passionate gamers with different backgrounds saw the flaws in the boosting industry – poor customer service, boosters not being treated well, low-quality websites, and boosting service with toxic players.


#11. Gameit

Game It is a live, interactive trivia game show app where you can compete against friends and strangers in real time for big prizes (sometimes reaching up to $10,000!).

It boasts some exciting features that set it apart from other trivia apps like live hosts, community features, and a variety of shows :

To Play:

  1. Download the app: Available for both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Choose your show: Browse live and upcoming shows covering various topics like pop culture, history, sports, and more.
  3. Join the lobby: Enter with a nickname and test your knowledge against players from around the world.
  4. Answer the questions: Each round throws questions your way at a fast pace. Choose the right answer quickly to climb the leaderboard.
  5. Power-ups and lifelines: Use strategically placed power-ups like “Double Points” or “Steal Answer” to gain an edge. Lifelines like “50/50” can help you navigate tricky questions.
  6. Final Showdown: If you make it to the final round, face off against other top players in a head-to-head battle for the grand prize.


#12. QuizUp

QuizUp is a mobile app that takes the classic trivia game to a whole new level, transforming it into a social and competitive experience. It’s a perfect blend of casual fun and competitive spirit, making it a popular choice for trivia enthusiasts and casual gamers.

How to Play:

  1. Download the app: Available for both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Choose your weapon: Select a category you’re confident in, from pop culture and history to science and sports.
  3. Find your opponent: You can challenge friends directly, match up with random players, or join themed tournaments.
  4. Dueling it out: Each round throws seven multiple-choice questions your way. Choose the right answer quickly, as faster responses earn bonus points.
  5. Stealing the show: Use “Steals” to strategically eliminate answers your opponent might choose, giving you an edge in the battle.
  6. Claiming victory: The player with the most points after the final round wins the duel and earns bragging rights (and maybe some virtual trophies


#13. Heads Up

Heads Up is a mobile app that takes the classic game of charades and injects it with a dose of frantic fun and friendly competition.

It’s become a popular choice for game nights, parties, and even casual hangouts, thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay and side-splitting moments.

How to Play:

  1. Download the app: Available for both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Gather your crew: The game is best enjoyed with at least two players, but the more, the merrier!
  3. Choose your deck: Select a category deck like “Celebrities,” “Movies,” or “Animals.”
  4. Forehead focus: One player holds their phone against their forehead, displaying a hidden word to everyone else. They can’t see it, but everyone else can.
  5. Time to act: The other players take turns giving clues, using only words and actions, to help the “headliner” guess the word on their forehead. Think fast, be creative, and get ready for some hilarious interpretations!
  6. Time’s up!: If the headliner guesses the word before the timer runs out, they tilt their phone up. If not, they tilt it down, and the next player takes a turn.
  7. Keep it rolling: Keep playing rounds until everyone has had a chance to be the headliner. The player with the most guessed words wins the game, but the real prize is the nonstop laughter and silly antics.


#14. You Don’t Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack, or YDKJ as it’s often called, is a franchise of trivia games with several iterations! Its Jackbox Party Pack is a smorgasbord of trivia, drawing, and word games for up to eight players, ideal for virtual game nights with friends. (Website, Steam)

Additional audience members can play along, and how well they do on a question determines how much bonus cash it’s worth to the players.


#15. LiveQuiz

This HQ trivia alternative is a popular UK platform with live trivia shows, bonus rounds, and cash prizes, catering to British audiences. (Android, iOS)

It’s a fantastic way to test your trivia mettle and potentially win some real cash prizes, all from the comfort of your own home.

How to Play:

  1. Download the app: Available for both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Choose your quiz: Browse live and upcoming quizzes covering a variety of topics, from general knowledge and history to sports and music.
  3. Join the lobby: Enter with a nickname and get ready to face off against other quiz enthusiasts from across the UK.
  4. Answer the questions: Each round throws multiple-choice questions your way at a fast pace. Choose the right answer quickly to climb the leaderboard.
  5. Lifelines and Jokers: Strategically use lifelines like “Double Points” or “Skip Question” to gain an edge. Jokers can mess with your opponents, adding an extra layer of fun.
  6. Final Showdown: If you make it to the final round, face off against other top players in a head-to-head battle for the prize pool.


#16. Quizzy

Formerly Who Wants to Be a Crorepati?), the iconic Indian game show format comes to life online! You can participate in live quizzes covering diverse topics and climb the money ladder. Free to play, with guaranteed daily prizes.

  • How to play:
    • Download the “Quizzy” app on iOS or Android.
    • Register with your phone number or email address.
    • Check the app schedule for upcoming live shows and their topics.
    • Join the show lobby before it starts.
    • Be quick and accurate with your answers to climb the money ladder.
    • Use lifelines strategically to maximize your chances of winning.


#17. Qizz.live

Qizz. live is a platform for live, interactive trivia shows hosted by passionate creators on diverse topics. Unlike traditional trivia apps, Qizz.live thrives on the interaction between the host and players. The live aspect fosters a sense of community and shared excitement.

It is completely free to play, and you can participate from any web browser or mobile device.


#18. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a mobile app-based trivia game where you challenge friends or random opponents to head-to-head trivia duels.

It covers a variety of categories like history, geography, sports, art, and entertainment, keeping things fresh and challenging.

How to Play:

  1. Spin the Wheel: The iconic spinning wheel determines the category for your next question. Land on a crown, and you can choose any category!
  2. Answer the Question: Each category has a unique question format, from multiple choice to fill-in-the-blanks. Answer correctly to earn a crown for that category.
  3. Challenge or Pass: If you don’t know the answer, you can challenge your opponent to answer it correctly. If they get it wrong, you steal their crown!
  4. Collect Crowns: The first player to collect all six crowns wins the game. But beware, opponents can steal your crowns and turn the tables!
  5. Power-Ups and Characters: You can earn power-ups to gain an edge, like double points or peeking at your opponent’s answer. Each player also has a customizable character with unique abilities.

#19. Brainly

Brainly is a popular online platform where students, parents, and teachers can connect and collaborate on educational content, primarily focused on homework help and knowledge sharing.

Though not strictly trivia, it offers a vast community for asking and answering questions on any topic, expanding your knowledge in a fun and interactive way. The platform relies on user-generated content, with students and experts contributing answers and feedback.

Brainly is free to use and accessible from any device. It also incorporates gamification elements like points, ranks, and badges to motivate users and make learning more engaging.


#20. Sporcle

Sporcle boasts an enormous library of user-created quizzes covering virtually any topic imaginable, from pop culture and history to science and sports. 

You’ll find classic trivia formats like multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank, alongside unique game types like picture quizzes, grids, and map challenges. Take your trivia battles online! Challenge friends directly or compete against random players in live showdowns. Climb the leaderboards and prove your knowledge prowess.

How to Play:

  1. Browse the library: Search for quizzes by topic, difficulty, or game type. Explore curated lists and featured quizzes to discover new challenges.
  2. Choose your game: Click on a quiz to see its details, including format, number of questions, and estimated time. Read the description and reviews to get a feel for the quiz.
  3. Start playing: Answer the questions as quickly and accurately as possible. Some quizzes have timers, adding an extra layer of excitement.
  4. Track your progress: See your score, accuracy, and ranking compared to other players. Aim for the top spot and earn badges for your achievements.
  5. Create and share: Feeling confident? Craft your quiz and unleash your inner trivia master on the Sporcle community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did HQ Trivia shut down?

Investor Pullout
Monetization Challenges
High Operational Costs
Management Changes and Executive Departures
Declining User Engagement
Technical Glitches and Server Issues

Does anyone still play HQ Trivia?

No, no one still plays HQ Trivia.

What does HQ stand for in trivia games?

The creators of HQ Trivia never officially revealed what the “HQ” stood for. However, some fans say it stands for Headquarters, Hard Questions, or Hype Quiz

Is there another app like HQ Trivia?

There’s no replica of HQ Trivia’s unique format and early hype. However, several apps capture its spirit of live, competitive trivia with exciting features and engaged communities


HQ trivia left a vacuum in the trivia game world. If you have missed playing this enticing game, HQ Trivia alternatives may quench that nostalgia.

This article is a compilation of the best alternatives you should explore in 2024. From sports to song trivia games, there appears to be something for everyone.