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April Trivia Questions is one easy way to learn about the month of April. Are you aware that in the early Roman calendar, April was the second month? however, April became the fourth month, when the ancient Roman began to use January as the first month.

Do you also know that the Greek goddess of love was the inspiration behind the name April? Aphrodite. Aprilis, which translates “to open,” that is the original source of the name of the month.

April is a month filled with tons of exciting events, though there are still questions people ask. Lots of things are associated with this time of the year, which we will provide in this April Trivia Questions and Answers blog post.

Are you prepared for some fun? Enjoy these April-specific trivia questions and answers, then.

About April

According to the Julian and Gregorian calendars, April is the fourth month of the year. That has thirty days. April trivia is the seasonal inverse of October trivia in the Northern Hemisphere and vice versa, it is connected to the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and the fall season in the Southern Hemisphere.

150+ April Trivia Questions and Answers

Below is a list of questions and answers for April trivia that will guide you:

Question 1: Which date in April did Ford introduce the first Mustang? Answer: 17th April, 1964

Question 2: April 11, 1970 saw the launch of which spacecraft? Answer: Apolo 13.

Question 3: On what date was the United States’ first president nominated? Answer: 30 April 1789

Question 4: Which number of months is April in the Gregorian calendar? Answer: Fourth

Question 5: Which month was April in the days when some people still followed the Julian calendar?
Answer: Magnificent Blue Hill

Question 6: In April, when is the day dedicated to trees celebrated? Answer: Day of Arbor

Question 7: April 22nd is National Earth Day. What day raises awareness about environmental issues?
Answer: Earth day

Question 8: Which Friday is it that falls before Easter? Answer: Good Frday

Question 9: What name does Lent’s final Sunday go by? Answer: Palm Sunday,

Question 10: Which April 1st holiday involves playing practical jokes?
Answer: April Fools Day

Question 11: Which restaurant, which Ray Kroc would eventually purchase the rights to from two brothers, opened on April 15, 1955? Answer: Mcdonald

Question 12: What is said to be April’s birthstone? Answer: Damond

Question 13: On April 2nd, what R&B artist was born who is well-known for her songs What’s Going On and Aint No Mountain High Enough? Answer: Marcin Gaye

Question 14: Which soaring action star’s birthday is April 7th? Answer: Jackie Chan

Question 15: Which legendary animal has an April 9th name day? Answer: Unicorn

April Trivia Questions and Answers

Question 16: On April 15th, what is the most dreaded day in America? Answer: Tax Day

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Question 17: Which comic, who acted in films including The Nutty Professor and Dr. Dolittle, was born on April 3? Answer: Eddie Murphy

Question 18: Which actress from 90210 is the same age as the comedian from the preceding question?
Answer: Jennie Garth

Question 19: What day did the Pony Express get its start? Answer: Day 3 of April, 1860

Question 20: Which month in the southern hemisphere corresponds to April? Answer: October

Question 21: Which date did Athens, Greece host the first modern Olympic Games?
Answer: Sixth of April, 1896

Question 22: Which day saw the release of TV Guide’s inaugural issue?
Answer: 9th APRIL, 1953

Question 23: The first Boston Marathon took place when?
Answer: 19th APRIL 1897

Question 24: Which children’s cable channel debuted in 1979?
Answer: The Nickelodeon

Question 25: As part of an April Fools’ joke, Pat Sajak hosted Wheel of Fortune while this host hosted Jeopardy on April 1, 1997. Who was it?
Answer: Trebek, Alex

Question 26: What Woody Allen film took home the Best Picture of 1977 Oscar at the 50th Academy Awards?
Answer: Annie Hall

Question 27: Which popular music group had all five of the top spots on the 1964 U.S. Billboard singles chart?
Answer: The Beatles

Question 28: In 1991, “America’s Sweetheart” joined the Today Show as a co-host. Who was it?
Answer: Katie Couric

Question 29: Which band’s lead vocalist, Kurt Cobain, took his own life in 1994?
Answer: Nirvana

Question 30: Who was the 1969 True Grit Best Actor Oscar winner?
Answer: Wayne John.

April Trivia for Kids

Kids April trivia question is one way to keep children enlightened and informed.

Question 31: April: What outdoor springtime activity involves a net and ball? Answer: Tennis.

Question 32: Is it a custom for kids to look for hidden eggs in April? Answer: Quest for Easter eggs.

Question 33: An April-specific sweet treat made with chocolate and marshmallows? Answer: S’mores.

Question 34: In April, people frequently go on hunts for hidden candies and chocolates.
Who am I? Answer: Quest for Easter eggs.

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Question 35: I’m a fuzzy animal that frequently hides and lays eggs for kids to discover on Easter. Who am I? Answer: Bunny Easter.

Question 36: A celebration in April that typically involves a celebratory feast and the trading of beautiful eggs? Answer: Easter.

Question 37: It’s a phenomenon that the temperature gets warmer and the flowers blossom in April. Who am I? Answer: Springtime.

Question 38: A meteorological event that occurs in April is marked by intense, abrupt downpours. What do I belong to? Answer: April showers.

Question 39: My name is April, and I’m a small colorful insect that lives in fields and gardens. What do I belong to? Answer: Butterfly.

Question 40: April is a month of love, and red hearts and sentiments of devotion are frequently connected to me. What do I belong to? Answer: Adoration.

Question 41: When we play a lighthearted game of hiding and seeking in April, people typically interact with me. What do I belong to? Answer: Scavenger hunt.

Question 42: People usually have a wonderful lunch and exchange gifts on a particular event I have in April. What do I belong to? Answer: Dinner on Easter Sunday.

Question 43: Does a lamb and vegetable spring dish get made a lot in April? Answer: Spring stew.

Question 44: A typical potato-based April dessert? Answer: Potatoes mashed.

Question 45: People frequently take part in this competitive event in April by walking or running for a good cause. Who am I? Answer: Run for charity.

Kids Funny April Trivia Questions

Are there April trivia questions for kids? Smiles, there are lot’s of trivia questons fo kids, not just any, but funny trivia questions. Below is a list of kids trivia questions with answers.

Question 46: In April, I get a lot of interaction from people who hide little gifts and sweets for other people to find. Who am I? Answer: Treasure search.

Question 47: An egg-cellent Easter celebration complete with a bunny? Answer: Easter.

Question 48: beverage that’s typically drunk in April that’s produced by brewing dried leaves? Answer: Tea.

Question 49: People frequently send me gifts in April, and it’s usually a vibrant arrangement of fresh flowers. Who am I? Answer: Bunch of flowers.

Question 50: April is a great month for organizing and cleaning different parts of your house. Who am I?
Answer: Cleaning in spring.

Question 51: Typical spring bloom recognized for its purple hue in April? Answer: Lilac.

Question 52: A game in April where players hide and others search? Answer: Play hide and seek.

Question 53: I’m a delectable treat created from thick, sweet bread that’s frequently consumed during Easter. Who am I? Answer: Easter bread.

Question 54: Known for my happy songs, I’m a colorful bird that is frequently seen and heard in April. Who am I? Answer: Robin.

Question 55: I’m a vibrant plant that people frequently offer as gifts in April; it represents happiness. Who am I? Answer: Tulip.

Question 56: I’m a tiny, humming bug that is frequently observed in April and am associated with honey. Who am I? Answer: Bee.

Question 57: Born in April, I’m a well-known poet recognized for my poetry about the outdoors and forests. Me? Who am I? Answer: Wordsworth, William.

Question 58: Rolling colored eggs down a hill is a favorite outdoor activity in April. Who am I? Answer: Rolling an egg.

Question 59: In April, people frequently interact with me in the hopes of finding surprises within hidden eggs, which are frequently tied to a particular theme. Who am I? Answer: Easter egg hunt.

Question 60: I’m a confection that’s typically made of marshmallows and dusted with colorful sugar, and it’s eaten on Easter in April. Who am I? Answer: People.

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Funny April Trivia Questions and Answers

Here is a few April trivia questions and answers that will keep you smiling while reading through this post, and as well teach you how to play trivia games.

Question 61: I’m a bright treat that’s concealed for kids to discover on Easter morning in April. Who am I?
Answer: Jelly beans

Question 62: I’m April, a little amphibian that is frequently seen near water and is recognized by my unique chirp. Who am I? Answer: Frog.

Question 63: It’s customary in April for people to celebrate spring by lighting bonfires and becoming silly. Who am I? Answer: The night of Walpurgis.

Question 64: In April, I get to see a lot of people who come to botanical gardens to see the flowers bloom. Who am I? Answer: Tour in gardens.

Question 65: I am a fruit that ripens in the spring and am connected to April. My flavor is tart and luscious. Who am I? Answer: Pineapple.

Question 66: I’m a well-known flower that represents purity and is frequently linked to weddings in April. Who am I? Answer: Lily of the Valley.

Question 67: April is a fun month when people get together and celebrate with parades, colorful eggs, and bonnets. Who am I? Answer: Easter procession.

Question 68: Something you use a lot in April to refer to practical jokes and trickery for April Fools’ Day?
Answer: Jokes

Question 69: In April, people frequently interact with me by making lovely chalk drawings and designs on sidewalks. Who am I? Answer: Chalk art on the sidewalk.

Question 70: I’m a sugary treat that is frequently shaped like a bunny in April. Who am I? Answer: The chocolate bunny.

Question 71: I’m a delightful game that involves blindfolding someone and whirling them around that is frequently played around April. What exactly am i? Answer: Attach the tail to the donkey.

Question 72: Born in April, I’m a well-known playwright well known for classics like “Romeo and Juliet.” Me? Who am I? Answer: William Shakespeare,

Question 73: I’m an April beverage that’s typically produced with a blend of soda and fruit juices. Who am I? Answer: Punch.

Question 74: In April, I get a lot of people painting and decorating hard-boiled eggs in different patterns. Who am I? Answer: Painting eggs.

Question 75: I’m a springtime bird that is frequently connected to April; my brightly colored plumage makes me stand out. Who am I? Answer: Parot.

Questions About April Trivia

We have listed a couple of questions people often ask about April trivia:

Question 76: “Go down, please!” On its 5,000th episode in 1998, which popular television gameshow gave away a car for every prize?
Answer: The cost is reasonable.

Question 77: In 1981, Eddie Van Halen wed whom? She performed on One Day at a Time, as a hint.
Answer: Bertinelli Valerie

Question 78: Which other actress and Barbara Streisand were tied for the 1969 Oscar for Best Actress?
Answer: Hepburn Katharine

Question 79: In 1947, who was the first African-American athlete in Major League Baseball?
Answer: Jackie Robinson

Question 80: In Illinois, what well-known fast-food chain launched its first location in 1955? (refer to) Answer: McDonald’s

Question 81: Which popular HBO series had its premiere in April 2011?
Answer: The Game of Thrones

Question 82: In 1956, which American actress wed Prince Rainier of Monaco?
Answer: Grace M. Kelly

Question 83: Who emerged as the inaugural female winner of an Indy Car race? Answer: Danica Patrick

Question 84: What Walt Disney World attraction debuted in 1998?
Answer: Animal Kingdom at Disney

Question 85: Which well-known dramatist was born in 1564?
Answer: William Shakespeare

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Question 86: What action did millionaire Dennis Tito take in 2001 to become the first?
Answer: He was the first space tourist in history

Question 87: What Broadway musical made its premiere in 1968 and gained notoriety for its brief sequence in which the entire cast appears nude? Answer: Hair

Question 88: What well-known nightclub debuted in New York City in 1977, drawing celebrities and serving as a pivotal point in the disco era?
Answer: Studio 54

Question 89: Which world boxing champion declined to join the US Army in 1967? Then his heavyweight title was taken away from him.
Answer: Ali Muhammad

Question 90: Who was married by the Duke of Cambridge on April 29, 2011?
Answer: Kate Middleton.

April Trivia Answers

You can only get proper knowledge of something when you ask questions around that subject. Just as we have the January trivia questions and answers, so also we have April trivia questions and answers, but in this session we are mainly focused on April trivia answers.

Question 91: Which nation celebrates April Fish Day by having people place paper fish on each other’s backs and yell “Poisson d’Avril”?
Answer: France

Question 92: Which nation extended April Fools’ Day into two days, with gowk (or cuckoo bird) hunting as the first event and Tailie Day (pranks) as the second?
Answer: Scotland

Question 93: Despite being born two years apart, which young actor has the same birthday as Queen Elizabeth II on April 23?

Question 94: What ancient Roman event has been connected to April Fools’ Day, where participants dressed as masks and made fun of their fellow citizens?
Answer: Hilaria

Question 95: Which day of the year has Mother Nature tricked people with uncertain weather, according to tradition?
Answer: Springtime or vernal equinox

Question 96: A German newspaper reported on April 1, 1905, that burglars had excavated a tunnel beneath the surface where they could steal gold and silver. Answer: The United States Treasury

Question 97: When the BBC showed people picking noodles from trees in 1957, they were pretending to report that farmers in Switzerland were experiencing a record crop of what kind?
Answer: A spaghetti crop.

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Question 98: Which former president was featured in a 1992 National Public Radio spot? He declared he would run for president once more.

Answer: President Richard Nixon responded, saying that it was just a joke and an actor.

Question 99: What well-known American icon was the subject of a 1996 practical joke announcement by Taco Bell?
Answer: The Bell of Liberty

Question 100: What name change did Taco Bell announce they were planning?
Answer: Taco Bell Liberty Bell

Question 101: What mock burger did Burger King fool uninformed customers with in 1988?
Answer: One that is “Left-Handed”

Question 102: Which well-known Chaucer story might have an allusion to April Fools’ Day?
Answer: Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales include “Nun’s Priest’s Tale.”

Question 103: What is an errand of fools?
Answer: Sending others in search of nonexistent objects.

Question 104: Where is the annual location of the most well-liked Easter parade?
Answer: New York

Question 105: Which color was used to tint the first Easter eggs?
Answer: White

Historical Events of April Trivia

All of these historical occurrences took place in April.

Question 106: What land was purchased from France in 1803, for fifteen million dollars?
Answer: The Acquisition of Louisiana

Question 107: When did George Washington take office as the nation’s first president in April of that year?
Answer: 1789

Question 108: Which Italian physicist, engineer, and astronomer was found guilty of heresy in 1633 after declaring that the Earth swung around the Sun?
Answer: Galileo

Question 109: In 1828, Noah Webster published what?
The English Language Dictionary in His American Dictionary

Question 110: Which theater hosted the play where President Abraham Lincoln was shot and assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865? Answer: Ford’s Theater, located in D.C.

Question 111: Which product’s advertisements were outlawed by President Richard Nixon on television and radio in 1970?
Answer: Smoking cigarettes

Question 112: In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded this business?
Answer: Apple Inc.

Question 113: What Spanish explorer claimed the area for Spain in the early 1500s after landing close to what is now St. Augustine, Florida?
Answer: Juan Ponce de Leon

Question 114: Due to a $5,000 reward, the renowned bank robber was slain in 1882. Who was it?
Answer: James Jesse

Question 115: Which female candidate made history by winning a seat in the US Congress? 1917 saw her take her seat.
Answer: Rankin Jeannette

Question 116: Which mob boss in New York City was found guilty in 1992 of both murder and racketeering?
Answer: Gotti John

Question 117: Who gave his “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech in April 1968?
Answer: King, Martin Luther Jr.

Question 118: After serving for just one month, whose US President passed away on April 4, 1841, from pneumonia?
Answer: President, William Henry Harrison

Question 119: What business was formed in 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates?
Answer: Microsoft

Question 120: Which English colonist did Native American Pocahontas marry in Virginia in the early 1600s?
Answer: Rolfe John.

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April Trivia

It’s April trivia, and April is Humor Month, so have fun! The diamond is April’s birthstone. Aries (March 21–April 19) and Taurus (April 20–May 20) are the signs of the zodiac.

In April, the daisy and the sweet pea are the birth flowers. Below are more April trivia question with answers.

Question 121: Which church did Joseph Smith found in New York in 1830?
Answer: The Mormons Church

Question 122: In 1933, what American beer law that limited the alcohol content to 3.2% was repealed?
Answer: Prohibition

Question 123: To which Union commander did Confederate General Robert E. Lee turn over his 28,000 troops in 1865? The US Civil War was thus concluded.
Answer: Gen. Ulysses S. Grant

Question 124: Which spacecraft launched in 1970 with astronauts James A. Lovell, Fred W. Haise, and John L. Swigert aboard?
Answer: Space Shuttle Apollo 13

Question 125: What struck an iceberg on April 14, 1912, and sank?
Answer: The Titanic

Question 126: The Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles were the epicenter of the 1935 “Black Sunday Storm.” What kind of storm was it the worst of?
Answer: Dust storms

Question 127: Which building was the target of a truck bomb explosion in 1995? It claimed 168 lives.
Answer: The Federal Building Alfred P. Murrah in Oklahoma City

Question 128: Which nation does Saint George currently reside in?
Answer: Turkey

Question 129: March is named for which of the Roman gods?
Answer: Mars

Question 130: Although St. Patrick is often linked to Ireland, where was he born?
Answer: United Kingdom

Question 131: What is the official and well recognized color for St. Patrick’s Day.

Answer: Green

Question 132: There was humor among even the Romans of antiquity. What time did it happen?
Answer: Hilaria’s Festival

Question 133: Which Jewish holiday was observed during the week of Jesus’ death and resurrection according to the Bible?
Answer: Holiday Passover

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Question 134: What did Judas receive in return for selling Jesus in the Bible?
Answer: Thirty pieces of silver

Question 135: Which prisoner was freed in the Bible instead of Jesus?
Answer: Barrabas

Easter Trivia Questions and Answers

The easter celebration is not just a ritual, but a spiritual activity. Therefore, there it is essential to know more about the Easter trivia.

Question 136: What two dates does Easter generally fall between?
Answer: 22 March and 25 April

Question 137: What is the forty-day countdown to Easter?
Answer: Fasting

Question 138: What was meant to be symbolized when Easter eggs were originally dyed?
Answer: The blood of Jesus Christ

Question 139: What number of states observe Good Friday as a holiday?
Answeŕ: 12

Question 141: Rabbits and other Easter emblems originate from this Anglo-Saxon festival?
Answer: Eastre

Question 142: What purchase made on Easter is believed to bring good fortune throughout the year? Answer: New attire

Question 143: What author is “Easter Parade”?
Answer: Irving Berlin

Question 144: Which clothing item gained popularity as a result of the song “Easter Parade?”
Answer: Easter bonnets

Question 145: How much candy do Americans consume throughout the Easter season?
Answer: 600 million

Question 146: What portion of a chocolate bunny do most Americans bite off first?
Answer: The ears

Question 147: Easter is observed annually on the first Sunday following which?
Answer: The initial full moon following the spring equinox or on it

Question 148: Which nation is the origin of the Easter egg dyeing custom?
Answer: Ukraine

Question 149: Which president was the first to present the White House Easter Egg Roll with an Easter bunny?
Answer: President Richard Nixon

Question 150: How many hours did it take to make one marshmallow Peep before 1953?
Answer: 27-hour period

April Fools Trivia Questions and Answers

Everything can happen on April Fools’ Day. And there have been many practical jokes pulled on that particular day. As many fools as there have been April firsts throughout history.

Come and put your knowledge of this unique day to the test with our amusing April best trivia time without falling for it!

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Quesyion 151: Which month of the year is when April Fools’ Day is celebrated as a day of pranks in Spain and Latin America?
Answer: December.

Question 152: For an April Fool’s Day joke, an intelligence official from which country was imprisoned in 1986? Answer: Israel

Question: 153: Which past tyrant was well-known for being a notorious practical joker?
Answer: Hussein Saddam

Question 154: Which Hawaiian calamity, which happened on April 1, 1946, was first believed to be a hoax?
Answer: A Tsunami

Question 155: Which scientific advancement gained notoriety for being thought to be an April Fool’s Day hoax?
Answer: Gmail

Fun Facts About April Trivia

Here are 10 April trivia facts, that are worthy of note:

1. The renowned Titanic ship sank on her maiden and only voyage on April 14, 1912, after colliding with Iceberg.

2. On April 30, 1789, George Washington took office as the country’s first president.

3. The month of April held great significance for the goddess Venus throughout the Roman era.

4. Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth II, Leonardo da Vinci, and many other famous historical figures were born in April.

5. Apollo 13 encountered problems approximately two days after takeoff on April 11, 1970. At that moment, the well-known statement, “Houston, we’ve had a problem here,” was uttered, which is now frequently misattributed.

6. April 6, 1896, in Athens, marked the return of the modern Olympics after a 1,500-year hiatus.

7. Everyone within a 300-mile radius had to be evacuated after the April 26, 1986, explosion at the Ukrainian nuclear power station Chornobyl.

8. In the Northern Hemisphere, smaller animals typically begin emerging from their burrows in April, when they hibernate for the winter.

9. The birds move north in April, when they settle down for the summer and breed.

10. For the benefit of all you auto fanatics, Ford debuted the $2,368 Mustang on April 17, 1964.

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FAQs About April Trivia

What makes a good trivia writer?

The most crucial component of any trivia question is accuracy. An wrong answer cannot be made up for by any amount of originality and inventiveness. Furthermore, it’s difficult to get the audience back after a show mishap. In light of this, fact-checking is a crucial component in producing excellent trivia.

For what reason is it called trivia?

The word “trivia” is derived from the Latin “trivialis,” which means “commonplace, found everywhere.” “Trivia” can refer to “unimportant matters,” for example. Even while scholarly information has its value, trivia occasionally get a poor rap.

What kind of term is trivia?

The word trivia comes from the Latin trivium, which means “a public place.” Thus, Smith interpreted trivialis, the adjectival version of this, as “commonplace.

How should a trivia question be asked?

“Write what you are aware of and what other people are aware of: Some people approach trivia by simply opening a book and formulating every observation they make into a question. That’s problematic if you don’t know what you’re talking about since it results in a lot of inquiries that are difficult and full of mistakes.

Final Thought

Going through the “April Trivia Questions,” has some what opened your eyes to what April trivia is about, and the springtime. We hope your knowledge about April has been broadened as well?