250+ Best Random Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

Random Trivia Questions

Whether you’re hosting a virtual game night or simply looking to challenge yourself, you can have fun and engaging experience with Random Trivia questions.

From naming the world’s largest ocean to unraveling cryptic riddles about famous historical events, this assortment guarantees an intellectually stimulating journey through fun and challenging curiosities.

With each question serving as a gateway into a new realm of knowledge, prepare yourself for an adventure that is sure to captivate and entertain.

Read on as we unveil our comprehensive list of 250+ best random trivia questions.

250+ Best Random Trivia Questions and Answers

Here are random trivia questions and answers:

Easy Trivia Questions:

1. What is the capital city of France?

Answer: Paris.

2. What is the largest planet in our solar system?

Answer: Jupiter.

3. How many continents are there on Earth?

Answer: Seven.

4. Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?

Answer: William Shakespeare.

5. What is the main ingredient in guacamole?

Answer: Avocado.

6. In what year did the Titanic sink?

Answer: 1912.

7. What is the currency of Japan?

Answer: Yen.

8. Which ocean is the largest?

Answer: Pacific Ocean.

9. What is the capital city of Australia?

Answer: Canberra.

10. Who painted the Mona Lisa?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci.

Medium Trivia Questions:

11. What is the capital of Canada?

Answer: Ottawa.

12. In what year did the United States declare its independence?

Answer: 1776.

13. What is the smallest prime number?

Answer: 2.

14. Which famous scientist developed the theory of relativity?

Answer: Albert Einstein.

15. What is the powerhouse of the cell?

Answer: Mitochondria.

16. Which planet is known as the “Red Planet”?

Answer: Mars.

17. Who is the author of the Harry Potter series?

Answer: J.K. Rowling.

18. What is the largest mammal in the world?

Answer: Blue Whale.

19. Which country is known as the Land of the Rising Sun?

Answer: Japan.

20. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

Answer: Marie Curie.

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Hard Trivia Questions:

21. In what year did the Berlin Wall fall?

  • Answer: 1989.

22. What is the chemical symbol for gold?

  • Answer: Au.

23. Who was the first emperor of China?

  • Answer: Qin Shi Huang.

 24. What is the speed of light in a vacuum?

  • Answer: 299,792 kilometers per second.

25. Which ancient wonder of the world was located in Babylon?

  • Answer: Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

26. What is the largest desert in the world?

  • Answer: Antarctica.

27. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

  • Answer: Michelangelo.

28. In what year did World War I begin?

  • Answer: 1914.

29. What is the capital city of Bhutan?

  • Answer: Thimphu.

30. Who was the first woman in space?

  • Answer: Valentina Tereshkova.

very Hard Trivia Questions:

31. What is the smallest bone in the human body?

  • Answer: Stapes (in the ear).

32. Which two elements make up water?

  • Answer: Hydrogen and Oxygen.

33. What is the capital city of Mongolia?

  • Answer: Ulaanbaatar.

34. Who wrote “The Wealth of Nations”?

  • Answer: Adam Smith.

35. What is the primary component of Earth’s atmosphere?

  • Answer: Nitrogen.

36. Which ocean is the saltiest?

  • Answer: The Atlantic Ocean.

37. Who discovered penicillin?

  • Answer: Alexander Fleming.

38. What is the boiling point of water in Fahrenheit?

  • Answer: 212°F.

39. In what year did the European Union adopt the Euro as its official currency?

  • Answer: 2002.

40. Who was the first person to step on the Moon?

  • Answer: Neil Armstrong.

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Expert Level Trivia Questions:

41. What is the only planet in our solar system that rotates clockwise?

  • Answer: Venus.

42. Which philosopher wrote “Meditations”?

  • Answer: Marcus Aurelius.

43. What is the chemical symbol for the element tungsten?

  • Answer: W.

44. Who formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation?

  • Answer: Isaac Newton.

45. What is the speed of sound at sea level?

  • Answer: Approximately 343 meters per second.

46. Which ancient civilization built the city of Machu Picchu?

  • Answer: The Inca Empire.

47. What is the rarest blood type?

  • Answer: AB-negative.

48. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in two different fields?

  • Answer: Marie Curie.

49. What is the capital city of Azerbaijan?

  • Answer: Baku.

50. Who was the first European explorer to reach India by sea?

  • Answer: Vasco da Gama.

General Trivia Questions

51. What did Queen Anne Die from?
Answer: A Stroke 

52. Zurich is the capital of?
Answer: Switzerland 

53. What was the nationality of Marco Polo?
Answer: Venetian 

54. Which is the World’s Largest Ocean?
Answer: Pacific 

55. What is the hardest rock on Earth?
Answer: Diamond 

56. Which is considered a semi-planet?
Answer: Pluto 

57. Who was the most beautiful woman in the 50s and 60s?
Answer: Marilyn Monroe 

58. What are nails made of?
Answer: Keratin 

59. Was Oprah Winfrey married?
Answer: No 

60. Who is the richest and the youngest person in the world?
Answer: Kevin David Lehmann 

61. What band was Harry Styles in before his solo career?
Answer: One Direction 

62. How many weeks are in a year?
Answer: 52 

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Entertainment Trivia Questions

63. What legendary European-produced ”Spaghetti Western” starred which American writer/director?
Answer:  Clint Eastwood 

64. In the film 12 Angry Men, who played Juror Number 8?
Answer:  Henry Fonda 

65. In an iconic scene from The Godfather, what kind of animal’s head is front and center?
Answer:  A Horse 

66. Who was Johnny Depp’s first girlfriend?
Answer: Winona Ryder

67. Who was Bradd Pitt married to?
Answer: Angelina Jolie

68. In Jurassic Park, who played park owner John Hammond?
Answer:  Richard Attenborough 

69. ”You talkin’ to me,” as Robert De Niro famously says in this 1976 thriller?
Answer:  Taxi Driver 

70. What is the name of the anthemic dance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the beginning?
Answer:  The Time Warp 

71. What film won Steven Spielberg his first Academy Award for Best Director?
Answer:  The Schilder’s List 

72. In Moulin Rouge, what is the name of the courtesan played by Nicole Kidman?
Answer:  Satine 

73. ”Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a rocky night,” says Bette Davis in which 1950 film?
Answer:  All About Eve 

74. What instrument was used to perform the tune from The Third Man (also known as “The Harry Lime Theme”)?
Answer:  Zither 

75. What iconic 1954 crime drama did Marlon Brando ”might have been a contender” in?
Answer:  On the Waterfront 

76. What famous Los Angeles landmark appears prominently in Rebel Without a Cause?
Answer:  Griffith laboratory 

77. In the masterpieces Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, who directed Boris Karloff?
Answer:  James Whale 

78. What iconic 1980 box-office failure damaged Michael Cimino’s career as director of The Deer Hunter?
Answer: Heaven’s Gate 

79. Who played the character of Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Answer: Robert Downey Jr.

80. What is the highest-grossing animated film of all time?
Answer: “Frozen II.”

81. Which actress played the iconic role of Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” film series?
Answer: Emma Watson.

82. What is the name of the fictional African country in the movie “Black Panther”?
Answer: Wakanda.

83. Who is the author of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series, which inspired the TV series “Game of Thrones”?
Answer: George R.R. Martin.

84. What 1994 film featured a talking pig named Babe?
Answer: “Babe.”

85. Which actor played the character Jack Dawson in the movie “Titanic”?
Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio.

86. What is the name of the fictional wizarding school in the “Harry Potter” series?
Answer: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

87. Who is the director of the “Star Wars” original trilogy?
Answer: George Lucas directed the original film, while Irvin Kershner directed “The Empire Strikes Back,” and Richard Marquand directed “Return of the Jedi.”

88. Which song by Queen was used in the film “Wayne’s World” and became a massive hit all over again?
Answer: “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

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Obscure Trivia Questions

89. What is a dog’s permanent tooth count?
Answer: 42 

90. What is the most popular Walker’s crisp flavor?
Answer: Cheese and Onion 

91. What does someone who believes in antidisestablishmentarianism oppose?
Answer: The Church of England 

92.  In English, what does the Latin word Tempus mean?
Answer: Time 

93. In a polo match, how many chukkers are there?
Answer: 6 

94. What is the average distance between the moon and the Earth in miles?
Answer: 238,000 

95. How long is a nautical mile?
Answer: 1.15 miles 

96. In the 1800s, before the phrase ”cheese,” the name of dried fruit was used to induce people to smile before a photograph.
Answer: Prunes 

97. Which country is thought to have the most highway miles in the world?
Answer: China 

98.  What is the fear of long words called?
Answer: Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

99. In Greek mythology, who was condemned to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity?
Answer: Sisyphus.

100. What is the smallest country in the world by land area?
Answer: Vatican City.

101. Which planet in our solar system rotates on its side, making it appear to roll rather than spin?
Answer: Uranus.

102.  What is the fear of the number 13 called?
Answer: Triskaidekaphobia.

103. In what year was the microwave oven first introduced for home use?
Answer: 1955.

104. What is the rarest blood type in humans?
Answer: AB negative.

105. What is the only mammal capable of true sustained flight?
Answer: The bat.

106. Which country is both an island nation and a continent?
Answer: Australia.

107. What is the term for a group of flamingos?
Answer: A flamboyance

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Animal Trivia Questions

108. What is the largest species of shark in the world?
Answer: The whale shark.

109. Which bird is known for its distinctive call that sounds like it’s laughing?
Answer: The kookaburra.

110. What is the smallest mammal in the world?
Answer: The bumblebee bat.

111. Which big cat is known for its distinctive black fur and is often called the “ghost of the forest”?
Answer: The black panther (which is actually a melanistic leopard or jaguar).

112. Which animal is capable of regenerating lost limbs?
Answer: The starfish.

113.  What is the fastest land animal in the world?
Answer: The cheetah.

114. Which species of penguin is the largest and heaviest?
Answer: The Emperor penguin.

115. What is the national bird of the United States?
Answer: The bald eagle.

116. Which venomous snake is known for its distinctive hood, and is found predominantly in India and Southeast Asia?
Answer: The Indian cobra, also known as the spectacled cobra.

117. What animal has the longest lifespan?
Answer: Giant Tortoise 

118.  What is the only mammal capable of true flight?
Answer: Bats 

119. What is the fastest-flying bird in the world?
Answer: Peregrine Falcon 

120. What is the gestation period of a blue whale?
Answer: 10-12 months 

121. What is the smallest mammal in the world?
Answer: Bumblebee Bat 

122. How far away can a wolf smell its prey?
Answer: Nearly two miles 

123. What is the world’s most poisonous spider?
Answer: Brazilian Wandering Spider 

124. How many times can a hummingbird flap its wings per second?
Answer: 80 times 

125. What animal has the highest blood pressure?
Answer: Giraffe 

126. Which organ can account for up to 30% of a shark’s total body mass?
Answer: Liver 

127. How many times does a giant panda poop each day?
Answer: 40 times a day 

128. How far can a squirrel fall without dying?
Answer: Any height 

Sports Trivia Questions

129. Every year on Memorial Day, a sporting event is held. What exactly is it?
Answer: Indianapolis 500 

130. Who was the first woman to win a World Figure Skating Championship for women?
Answer: Madge Syers 

131. What was the sport that bank robber John Dillinger participated in?
Answer: Baseball 

132. Muhammad Ali was well-known in which sport?
Answer: Boxing 

133. In golf, how long are players permitted to look for their ball?
Answer: 5 minutes 

134. In the history of tennis, how long was the longest point ever recorded?
Answer: 29 minutes 

135. Tennis was first presented as an Olympic sport in what year?
Answer: 1896 

136. What is the only NFL franchise that has never hosted or played in the Super Bowl?
Answer: Cleveland Browns 

137. Michael Jordan won how many NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls?
Answer: 6 

138. Who holds the record for the most fouls in basketball?
Answer: Kareem Abdul 

139. Who holds the record for the most home runs in a single MLB season, and how many did they hit?
Answer: Barry Bonds, with 73 home runs in the 2001 season.

140. In which sport would you perform a slam dunk?
Answer: Basketball.

141. Who is the only soccer player to have won five FIFA Ballon d’Or awards?
Answer: Lionel Messi.

142. Which country has won the most FIFA World Cup titles in men’s soccer?
Answer: Brazil, with a total of 5 World Cup titles.

143. In which Olympic event would you see athletes perform the Fosbury Flop?
Answer: High jump.

144. Who is the all-time leading scorer in NBA history?
Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with 38,387 points.

145. Which tennis player has won the most Grand Slam singles titles in history?
Answer: Margaret Court, with 24 Grand Slam singles titles.

146. What is the standard distance of a marathon race in kilometers?
Answer: 42.195 kilometers (or 26.2 miles).

147. Who was the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball?
Answer: Jackie Robinson.

148. Which country is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun” and hosted the 2020 Summer Olympics (held in 2021 due to the pandemic)?
Answer: Japan.

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Easy Arts Trivia Questions

149.  Which 20th century Mexican artist contracted polio as a child?

Answer: Frida Kahlo

150. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is in which US city?

Answer: New York

151. Which type of flower features heavily in the work of Claude Monet?

Answer: Water Lillies

152. Early Dutch painter Jan van Eyck was active in which century?

Answer: 15th

153. Which 16th century Italian artist painted ‘St George and the Dragon’?

Answer: Tintoretto

154. One of Da Vinci’s most famous works was called the Last what?

Answer: Supper

155. Which eccentric artist believed he was a reincarnation of his dead brother?

Answer: Dali

156. One of Salvador Dali’s most famous paintings was ‘The Burning’ what?

Answer: Giraffe

157. Which Spanish painter’s works include ‘The Tilled Field’ and ‘The Farm’?

Answer: Miro

158. What was the surname of German artist Peter Paul, born in 1577?

Answer: Rubens

159. What boy’s name is also the name of Michaelangelo’s most famous sculpture?

Answer: David

160. Artist Claude Monet was born in which year?

Answer: 1840

161. How many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell in his lifetime?

Answer: 1

162. Picasso’s work ‘Guernica’ depicts events in Spain in which decade?

Answer: 1930s

163. What color of clothing is the woman wearing in painting ‘Whistler’s Mother’?

Answer: Black

164. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in which American city?

Answer: New York

165. Canaletto was an 18th century artist from which country?

Answer: Italy

166. Who painted famous British work ‘The Hay Wain’?

Answer: Constable

167. Who created the ‘Angel of the North’ sculpture?

Answer: Gormley

168. Which Italian artist’s works include ‘The Beheading of St John the Baptist’?

Answer: Caravaggio

169. Albrecht Durer was a Renaissance artist from which country?

Answer: Germany

170. Pablo Picasso’s work ‘Guernica’ was painted in which decade?

Answer: 1930s

171. Anna Pavlova was famous in which field of the arts?

Answer: Ballet

172. Gerhard Richter is a modern artist from which country?

Answer: Germany

173.  Picasso signed his first art contract in which European city?

Answer: Paris

174. Which scientist invented the color wheel?

Answer: Isaac Newton

175. The Splash’ and ‘A Bigger Splash’ are works by which British artist?

Answer: Hockney

176.  Which rebel leader featured in the Pop Art of Andy Warhol?

Answer: Che Guevara

177. Who had a 70s hit with the song ‘Vincent’ about Vincent Van Gogh?

Answer: Don McLean

178. Old Woman Frying Eggs’ was a 17th century painting by which Spanish artist?

Answer: Velasquez

179.  What is the first name of British modern artist Ms Emin?

Answer: Tracey

180. What is the first name of Norwegian artist Munch?

Answer: Edvard

181. What color of cloth is Jesus wearing over his shoulder in ‘The Last Supper’?

Answer: Blue

182. Which famous artist’s surname was Harmenszoon van Rijn?

Answer: Rembrandt

183. What is the title of a famous painting by Hans Holbein the Younger?

Answer: The Ambassadors

184. Las Meninas’, or the Ladies in Waiting, depicts court life in which city?

Answer: Madrid

185. Dutch painter Rembrandt lived and worked in which century?

Answer: 17th

186. Which French artist arrived in Tahiti in 1891 and started painting local women?

Answer: Gauguin

187. Who painted the masterpiece ‘Salvator Mundi’, which sold for $407 million at auction in 2017?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

188. What is the first name of painter Cezanne?

Answer: Paul

189. What comes after ‘The Night’ in the name of Rembrandt’s most famous work?

Answer: Watch

190.  Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’ is a 1907 work by which artist?

Answer: Picasso

191. What is the name of the island famous for its huge sculpted heads?

Answer: Easter Island

192. What color is the pigment called ochre, extensively used in Australian aboriginal art?

Answer: Red

193. What is the first name of French impressionist painting Monet?

Answer: Claude

194. The Musee D’Orsay is in which French city?

Answer: Paris

195. Renoir was one of the leading artists in which movement?

Answer: Impressionism

196. Banksy’s work started appearing on walls in which decade?

Answer: 1990s

197. Georgia O’Keeffe was a 20th century artist from which country?

Answer: United States

198. Which world famous artist was born in Leiden in July 1606?

Answer: Rembrandt

199. Which female Mexican artist is famous for self-portraits?

Answer: Frida Kahlo

Food & Cuisine Random Trivia Questions

200. Which of the following is the traditional first course in an Italian meal?

Answer: Antipasto

201. The traditional eating utensils of China are known as what?

Answer: Chopsticks

202. Caviar is the roe of which fish?

Answer: Sturgeon

203. Which beverage is associated with the Caribbean?

Answer: Rum

204. In which country is haggis considered a traditional dish?

Answer: Scotland

205. What is the national dish of Spain, consisting of saffron-infused rice, meat, seafood, and vegetables?

Answer: Paella

206. Which country is famous for its traditional dish of sushi, which typically consists of vinegared rice and various toppings?

Answer: Japan

207. Kimchi, a spicy fermented side dish, is a staple in the cuisine of which country?

Answer: South Korea

208. In Italian cuisine, what is the main ingredient of the traditional pasta dish carbonara?

Answer: Eggs, cheese, and bacon (or pancetta)

209. Which Middle Eastern dip or spread is made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic?

Answer: Hummus

210. Goulash, a hearty stew often flavored with paprika, is a traditional dish from which European country?

Answer: Hungary

211. What is the national soup of Vietnam, typically made with flavorful broth, rice noodles, and herbs?

Answer: Pho

212. In Indian cuisine, what are small, savory pastries filled with spiced potatoes or other fillings called?

Answer: Samosas

213. Which country is known for its traditional dish of moussaka, consisting of layered eggplant, minced meat, and béchamel sauce?

Answer: Greece

214. Tacos, a popular street food, are associated with the cuisine of which country?

Answer: Mexico

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Scientific Laws & Principles Trivia

215. Who wrote the science law ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’?

Answer: Newton

216. Which mathematician first said the world wasn’t flat, but a sphere?

Answer: Pythagoras

217. What is the name for a pivot on which a lever turns?

Answer: Fulcrum

218. What is the name of the change of state from solid to liquid?

Answer: Melting

219. Which science term means an observation that differs from expectations?

Answer: Anomaly

220. What is the name of the fundamental unit of temperature?

Answer: Kelvin

221. What is the name for the bones which make up the spine?

Answer: Vertebrae

222. Which biological term means without a spine?

Answer: Invertebrate

223. What does the Beaufort Scale measure?

Answer: Wind Speed

224. How many Laws of Thermodynamics are there?

Answer: 3

Elements & Substances Random Trivia Questions

225. Which is the lightest of all the metallic elements?

Answer: Lithium

226. What is the chemical symbol Na, from the Latin Natrium, for which element?

Answer: Sodium

227. Aqua Regia is used to dissolve which metal?

Answer: Gold

228. Which element is also known as quicksilver?

Answer: Mercury

229. Which chemical is also known as quicksilver?

Answer: Mercury

230. Which element, originally called hydragyrum, has the symbol Hg?

Answer: Mercury

231. What is the addictive chemical in tobacco?

Answer: Nicotine

232. What substance are nails made from?

Answer: Keratin

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Video Game Series Trivia

233. What kind of sport is played on the Gran Turismo video games series?

Answer: Racing

234. The character ‘Bowser’ is the primary antagonist of what series?

Answer: Mario

235. Which company released the iconic video game ‘Donkey Kong’?

Answer: Nintendo

236. What was the video game character Mario’s original profession?

Answer: Carpenter

237. Which developer produces the Starcraft, Hearthstone, and Overwatch games?

Answer: Blizzard

238. Which developer released the ‘Street Fighter’ game in the 1980s?

Answer: Capcom

239. Which skateboarder has a video game series named after him?

Answer: Tony Hawk

240. Which video game series features the Master Chief?

Answer: Halo

241. What is the name of the developers of the ‘Halo’ series?

Answer: Bungie

242. Which video game publisher is behind the ‘Call Of Duty’ series?

Answer: Activision

243. What is the nickname of Markus Persson, creator of Minecraft?

Answer: Notch

244. What is the name of the company Markus Persson sold the rights to Minecraft to in 2014?

Answer: Microsoft

245. Which company created the original Paperboy game?

Answer: Nintendo

246. Which company is behind the experimental project in ‘Assassin’s Creed’?

Answer: Abstergo

247. What is the name of the American augmented reality developer responsible for Pokemon Go?

Answer: Niantic

248. Which company developed the classic social game FarmVille?

Answer: Zynga

249. What video game publisher is behind the game series ‘Call of Duty’?

Answer: Activision

250. In what gaming console can you play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy?

Answer: PSP

251. Which company released the TurboExpress in 1990?

Answer: NEC

252. In what gaming console can ‘Helix’, a music video game, be played?

Answer: Wii

In conclusion

This collection of 250 best random trivia questions and answers has provided an engaging and intellectually stimulating resource for trivia enthusiasts of all levels. From easy to challenging, the wide range of topics covered in this article ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether used for social gatherings, team-building exercises, or personal enrichment, these trivia questions offer a fun and educational experience. The carefully curated selection guarantees that participants will be entertained while expanding their knowledge across various subjects.


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