20 Frequently Asked Chicken Republic Interview Questions

Chicken Republic Interview Questions

If you are applying for a job at Chicken Republic, one of the leading fast-food chains in Nigeria, you might be wondering what kind of questions they will ask you in the interview.

Chicken Republic is known for its delicious, affordable, and quality food, as well as its commitment to community development. To work for Chicken Republic, you need to demonstrate your skills, experience, and motivation for the food service industry.

In this article, we will list 20 common and specific questions that Chicken Republic might ask you in the interview, and how to answer them effectively. By following the tips and examples in this essay, you will be able to impress the interviewer and increase your chances of getting hired.

Chicken Republic Interview Questions

Common Possible Interview Questions at Chicken Republic

#1. Tell Me About Yourself

  • Start with a brief introduction of your name, education, and work experience.
  • Highlight your relevant skills and achievements that match the job description.
  • Explain why you are interested in working for Chicken Republic and what you can contribute to the company.

For example:

My name is Daniel Samuel and I have a diploma in hospitality management from ABC College. I have over three years of experience in the food service industry, working as a cashier, server, and supervisor at various restaurants. I am interested in working for Chicken Republic because I admire your mission, values, and culture. I believe I can bring value to your team by delivering exceptional service, ensuring food safety, and promoting customer loyalty.

#2. Why Should We Hire You?

  • Summarize your main qualifications and skills that make you a strong candidate for the role.
  • Emphasize how you can benefit the company and help them achieve their goals.
  • Show enthusiasm and confidence in your abilities and potential.

For example:

You should hire me because I have the skills, experience, and attitude that you are looking for in a food service worker. I have proven myself to be reliable, efficient, and adaptable in various settings and situations. I can handle customer complaints, work under pressure, and follow instructions with ease. Also, I can help you increase your sales, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation by providing friendly, fast, and flawless service. I am eager to learn from your experienced staff and grow with your company.

#3. Are You a Leader or a Follower?

  • Explain that you can be both a leader and a follower, depending on the situation and the needs of the team.
  • Give examples of when you demonstrated leadership and followership skills in your previous or current roles.
  • Show that you are flexible, cooperative, and respectful of others.

For example:

I can be both a leader and a follower, depending on what the situation requires. I have experience in leading and following in different scenarios. For instance, when I was a supervisor at XYZ Restaurant, I was responsible for managing the staff, assigning tasks, and ensuring quality standards. Also, I had to follow the policies and procedures of the company and report to the manager. I was able to balance both roles effectively and efficiently. I am comfortable with taking charge when needed, but I am also willing to listen, learn, and support others.

#4. What is Your Salary Expectation?

  • Research the average salary range for the position and the location before the interview.
  • Provide a realistic and reasonable salary expectation based on your skills, experience, and market value.
  • Avoid giving a specific number, but rather a range or a negotiable statement.
  • Express your interest in the job and your willingness to discuss the compensation further.

For example:

Based on my research, the average salary range for a food service worker in this area is between NGN 80,000 and NGN 120,000 per month. Considering my qualifications and experience, I would expect a salary within that range. However, I am flexible and open to negotiation, depending on the other benefits and opportunities that you offer. I am very interested in working for Chicken Republic and I look forward to discussing the salary details with you.

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#5. What is Your Greatest Weakness?

  • Choose a weakness that is not a deal-breaker for the job, but also not a strength in disguise.
  • Explain how you are aware of your weakness and how you are working to improve it.
  • Demonstrate how you have overcome or managed your weakness in the past or present.

For example:

One of my weaknesses is that I tend to be a perfectionist sometimes. I always want to do my best and deliver high-quality results, but sometimes I spend too much time on minor details or worry about making mistakes. However, I am aware of this tendency and I am working to overcome it by setting realistic goals, prioritizing tasks, and asking for feedback. I have also learned to accept constructive criticism and use it as a learning opportunity.

#6. How do you handle customer complaints?

Answer: I handle customer complaints with empathy, professionalism, and efficiency. I listen to the customer’s concern without interrupting or arguing, and I apologize sincerely for the problem. I ask the customer what they would like me to do to resolve the issue, and I offer a reasonable solution within my authority.

#7. What are your strengths and skills as a food service worker?

Answer: As a food service worker, I have various strengths and skills that make me a valuable asset to any restaurant. I have a proficient understanding of food safety and hygiene standards, and I follow them in all aspects of food preparation, storage, and delivery. I have a strong sense of urgency and efficiency, and I can prioritize and multitask in a fast-paced environment. Also, I can cope with stress and pressure, and I can meet deadlines and quality standards.

#8. How do you ensure food safety and hygiene standards?

Answer: I ensure food safety and hygiene standards by following the food safety guidelines for federal facilities, which include standards for food and nutrition, facility efficiency, environmental support, community development, food safety, and behavioral design. I also maintain a clean and sanitary work area, equipment, and utensils, and I perform regular cleaning and disinfection procedures. I wash my hands frequently and properly, and I use personal protective equipment when handling food.

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#9. How do you work in a team and communicate with your co-workers?

Answer: I work in a team and communicate with my co-workers by respecting and appreciating the diversity, roles, and contributions of each team member, and treating them with courtesy and professionalism. I communicate concisely, and politely, and I use appropriate verbal and non-verbal cues. I listen actively and attentively to what others have to say, and I provide constructive feedback and suggestions when necessary.

#10. How do you cope with stress and pressure in a fast-paced environment?

Answer: I cope with stress and pressure in a fast-paced environment by planning and organizing my work ahead of time, and setting realistic and achievable goals and priorities. I also take regular breaks and relax, and I do some physical exercises, meditation, or deep breathing to relieve tension and anxiety.

#11. How flexible are you with your availability and working hours?

Answer: I am flexible with my availability and working hours, as long as they are within the legal limits and the company policies. I understand that the food service industry requires working on weekends, holidays, and evenings, and I am willing to adjust my schedule accordingly. I can also cover shifts for my co-workers if they are sick or have emergencies, as long as I have enough notice and rest.

#12. What are some of the challenges or difficulties you faced in your previous jobs?

Answer: Some of the challenges or difficulties I faced in my previous jobs were dealing with customer complaints, handling food allergies, and working under pressure. I overcame these challenges by following the best practices of customer service, food safety, and time management. I also learned from my mistakes and sought feedback from my supervisors and co-workers to improve my performance.

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#13. How do you deal with angry or rude customers?

Answer: I deal with angry or rude customers by staying calm, polite, and professional. I listen to their concerns and apologize for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction. I try to understand their perspective and offer a reasonable solution to resolve the issue. Also, I follow the company’s policies and procedures for handling customer complaints. If the situation escalates, I ask for assistance from my manager or supervisor.

#14. How do you handle cash transactions and balance your register?

Answer: I handle cash transactions and balance my register by following the company’s cash-handling policies and procedures. I count the money in the register at the beginning and end of each shift and report any discrepancies. I use the cash register system to record each transaction and issue receipts to customers. Additionally, I ensure that the cash drawer is secure and locked when not in use.

#15. How will you promote Chicken Republic’s products and services to customers?

Answer: I will promote Chicken Republic’s products and services to customers by being knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and courteous. I will inform customers about the menu items, specials, and promotions, and make recommendations based on their preferences and needs. Additionally, I will upsell and cross-sell additional products and services, such as drinks, desserts, and catering options. I will also encourage customers to join the loyalty program, give feedback, and refer their friends and family.

#16. How do you handle multiple orders and prioritize tasks?

Answer: I handle multiple orders and prioritize tasks by being organized, efficient, and focused. I use the order management system to keep track of the orders and their status. I prioritize the orders based on their urgency, complexity, and customer requests. Also, I communicate with the kitchen staff and the delivery drivers to ensure the orders are prepared and delivered on time and accurately. I also check the orders for quality and completeness before handing them to the customers.

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#17. How do you resolve conflicts or disagreements with your co-workers or managers?

Answer: I resolve conflicts or disagreements with my co-workers or managers by being respectful, cooperative, and constructive. I listen to the other party’s point of view and try to understand their perspective. I express my own opinions and feelings calmly and politely. Also, I look for common ground and compromise when possible. I avoid personal attacks, blame, and gossip. I also follow the company’s conflict resolution policy and seek mediation from a third party if needed.

#18. How do you handle feedback or criticism from your supervisors?

Answer: I handle feedback or criticism from my supervisors by being open, receptive, and appreciative. I listen to what they have to say and ask questions to clarify any misunderstandings. I also acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses and accept responsibility for my actions. I also use the feedback or criticism as a learning opportunity and implement the suggestions to improve my skills and performance.

#19. How do you learn new skills or procedures quickly and effectively?

Answer: I learn new skills or procedures quickly and effectively by being curious, motivated, and proactive. I seek information and guidance from reliable sources, such as manuals, online courses, or experienced co-workers. Also, I practice and apply the new skills or procedures in real situations and monitor my progress and results. I also ask for feedback and support from my supervisors and co-workers and make adjustments as needed.

#20. Why do you want to work for Chicken Republic specifically?

Answer: I want to work for Chicken Republic specifically because I admire your mission, vision, and values. I share your passion for providing delicious, affordable, and quality food to your customers. I also appreciate your commitment to social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and community development. I believe I can contribute to your success and growth by being a loyal, hard-working, and customer-oriented food service worker.

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How much is Chicken Republic’s salary?

The average salary for a Cashier is NGN 120,000 per month in Nigeria, which is 224% higher than the average Chicken Republic salary of NGN 37,000 per month for this job.

What do you say when asked why do you want to work here?

Generally speaking, employers always prefer candidates who are passionate about their work, be it a service, a product, or a mission. As such, pointing out that you’re not just applying to get hired but because you’re actually knowledgeable and passionate about that line of work is a great way to answer this question.

What attracts you to this company?

You can explain to the interviewer that what you’ve heard about the company motivated you to apply, as you believe in its commitment to its customers and employees. Consider detailing how the company’s reputation attracted you to it in your answer by giving a specific example of a testimonial or review.

What is your dream job?

Your answer might be a mix of your current skills, values, and abilities you would like to develop. You should also consider what kind of lifestyle and achievements you’d like to have and what kind of job would help you attain them.

Is Chicken Republic a good place to work?

Is Chicken Republic a good company to work for? Chicken Republic has an overall rating of 3.4 out of 5, based on over 60 reviews left anonymously by employees. 58% of employees would recommend working at Chicken Republic to a friend and 66% have a positive outlook for the business.


Preparing for the Chicken Republic interview requires knowing how to answer common and specific questions about your skills, experience, and motivation.

By following the tips and examples in this article, you can demonstrate your suitability for the food service worker role and impress the interviewer. Good luck with your interview!