140+ Civil War Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

Civil War Trivia

Enjoy this fascinating piece of Civil War trivia! This an extensive compilation of unique questions and answers designed to test your knowledge about this important time in U.S. history.

These questions cover a broad range of subjects to give readers a comprehensive grasp of the Civil War era, from important battles and governmental activities to renowned individuals and tactical choices.

These factual questions will enlighten and amuse history lovers, students looking to gauge their knowledge, and general history enthusiasts.

Prepare yourself to explore historical accounts and learn intriguing details about the Civil War that you may not have previously known.

Let’s quickly delve into the unveiling of the Civil War Trivia Questions and Answers!

About the American Civil War

The bloody American Civil War broke out in 1861 and continued until 1865. It led to the economic collapse of the South and the outlawing of slavery in the United States.

The war was declared over when Confederate General Lee turned himself in to US General Grant in the spring of 1865. The nation was reunited once the Confederacy was dissolved.

The Civil War broke out because the Northern States were moving for freedom and the Southern States were trying to maintain slavery.

The 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution were introduced after the Civil War, although the 13th amendment was already in effect.

Furthermore, the provision of these three modifications was a prerequisite for the southern states’ re-admission to the union.

Apart from slavery as a form of punishment for crimes, the 13th Amendment outlawed it. Equal protection under the law is guaranteed to all people, according to the 14th Amendment. The ability to vote for black men was finally granted by the 15th Amendment.

The 13th and 14th Amendments continue to be very important in American society, even though they were a positive step for African Americans, particularly during the 1800s.

Black Americans, among other minorities, continue to advocate for equitable treatment by the federal and state governments long into the twenty-first century.

Civil War Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia Question: 1. What was the name of the Confederate vessel that was made of iron during the Civil War? Answer: The CSS Virginia

Trivia Question: 2. Before the Civil War, what was the main economic activity in the Southern states?Answer: Agriculture, in particular, the farming of cotton and tobacco

Trivia Question: 3. After the Civil War, which amendment to the US Constitution outlawed slavery? Answer: The American 13th Amendment

Trivia Question: 4. At the close of the Civil War, who was the Union Army’s commander? Answer: Ulysses S. Grant

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Trivia Question: 5. Which Civil War engagement is regarded as the conflict’s pivotal moment? Answer: The Gettysburg battle

Trivia Question: 6. Which Harriet Beecher Stowe book is credited with laying the foundation for the American Civil War? Answer: Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Trivia Question: 7. Which Civil War engagement was the bloodiest in a single day? Answer: The Antietam battle

Trivia Question: 8. Where did the Civil War’s first significant combat take place?
Answer: Manasas, Verginia

Trivia Question: 9. When did the American Civil War start?
Answer: 1861.

Trivia Question: 10. During the Civil War, who served as the Confederate States’ president?
Answer: Jefferson Davis

Trivia Question: 11. President Abraham Lincoln was killed by whom?

Trivia Question: 12. What battle brought a stop to Robert E. Lee’s second Northern invasion?

Trivia Question: 13. Which well-known nurse participated in the American Red Cross’ founding and fought on the front lines during the Civil War?

Trivia Question: 14. Which tactic did the Union use to beat the Confederates?

Trivia Question: 15. In the Civil War, which African American regiment was the first to be granted the right to bear arms?
Answer: The Massachusetts Regiment, Number 54

Trivia Question: 16. Which Civil War Confederate offensive was the final significant one?

Trivia Question: 17. Who was the Confederate general who turned himself in at Appomattox Court House?
Answer: Robert E. Lee

Trivia Question: 18. President Lincoln was assassinated where?
Answer: The Ford Theatre is located in Washington, D.C.

Trivia Question: 19. Which Union general was in charge of the March to the Sea?
Answer: Tecumseh Sherman William

Trivia Question: 20. How many people died in the Civil War, according to estimates?
Answer: Around 620,000 to 750,000

Trivia Question: 21. What is regarded as the Civil War’s final significant engagement?
Answer: The Palamito Ranch Battle

Trivia Question: 22. What is regarded as the Civil War’s final significant engagement?
Answer: The Palamito Ranch Battle

Trivia Question: 23. When the Civil War first broke out, what was the North’s main objective?
Answer: To keep the union Alive.

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Trivia Question: 24. Which presidential proclamation by Abraham Lincoln said that slaves in Confederate-held territories were free?
Answer: The Declaration of Embankment

Trivia Question: 25. After the Civil War, which phrase is used to describe the states that broke away from the Union?
Answer: Amercan Confederate States

Civil War Trivia Questions Answers

Trivia Question: 25. Which Civil War engagement was dubbed the Pittsburg Landing Campaign?
Answer: The Shiloh Battle

Trivia Question: 26. Which presidential proclamation by Abraham Lincoln said that slaves in Confederate-held territories were free?
Answer: The Declaration of Embankment

Trivia Question: 27. What is regarded as the Civil War’s final significant engagement?
Answer: The Palamito Ranch Battle

Trivia Question: 28. Which well-known speech by Abraham Lincoln was delivered in 1863, four and a half months after the Union forces beat the Confederate forces at the Battle of Gettysburg?
Answer: The address of Gettysburg

Trivia Question: 29. What did the Civil War “copperheads” stand for?
Answer: NORTHERN Democrats who Called for Southern Peace

Trivia Question: 30. During the Civil War, who commanded the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia?
Answer: Robert E. Lee

Trivia Question: 31. During the Civil War, what term was frequently used to describe troops who were killed or injured while serving?
Answer: Casualties

Trivia Question: 32. In what way did Southerners rationalize their decision to secede?
Answer: States’ Rights

Trivia Question: 33. In the Civil War, what was the name of the capital city for the Confederacy?
Answer: Richmond, Virginia.

Trivia Question: 34. In the American Civil War, what kind of fighting predominated?
Answer: Trenning Fighting

Trivia Question: 35. Which combat was it that saw the Union troops seize control of the Mississippi River?
Answer: Avengers’ Commitee

Trivia Question: 36. In what way did the Civil War’s new technologies affect communication?
Answer: The newspaper

Trivia Question: 37. The first Confederate submarine to sink a warship was called what?
Answer: The H.L. Hunley

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Trivia Question: 38. When the Civil War was raging, what was the primary employment of women?
Answer: Caregent

Trivia Question: 39. At the First Battle of Bull Run, who commanded the Confederate forces?
Answer: P.G.T. Beauregard

Trivia Question: 40. In which state did the first state leave the Union?
Answer: The state of South Carolina

Civil War Trivia with Answers

Trivia Question: 41. Which naval combat technology advancement was first widely employed during the Civil War?
Answer: Irronclad Warhips

Trivia Question: 42. What well-known Civil War general was well-known for having “sideburns”?
Answer: Ambrose Burnside

Trivia Question: 43. What was the Civil War Confederate strategy?
Answer: Defensive, Intended to Endure Union Attack and Fuel Their Fighting Will

Trivia Question: 44. Which Union general at Appomattox Court House accepted Lee’s surrender?
Answer: Lysses S. Grant

Trivia Question: 45. Which conflict in the Civil War symbolized the Confederacy’s furthest northward advance?
Answer: The Battle of Gettysburg

Trivia Question: 46. What kind of fighting was new to warfare during the Civil War?
Answer: Warfare Trench

Trivia Question: 47. What spurred the American Civil War?
Answer: The Fort Sumter Assessment

Trivia Question: 48. During the American Civil War, what benefits did the Confederacy expect from Britain and France?
Answer: Acknowledgment and Assistance

Trivia Question: 49. What was the main crop grown in the South in the course of the Civil War?
Answer: Cotton

Trivia Question: 50. Which Civil War engagement saw the greatest death toll?
Answer: Gettysburg Battle

Trivia Question: 51. Which general commanded the Confederate Army during the Antietam Battle?
Answer: Robert E. Lee

Trivia Question: 52. Following the Fredericksburg Battle, which Union general lost his position of command?
Answer: Ambrose Burnside

Trivia Question: 53. Which conflict in the Civil War’s Western Theater was the bloodiest?
Answer: The Chickamauga Battle

Trivia Question: 54. During Sherman’s March to the Sea, which Confederate city was completely destroyed by fire?
Answer: Georgia’s capital city of Atlanta

Trivia Question: 55. Who composed the music for the Civil War classic “Battle Hymn of the Republic”?
Answer: William Steffe

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Trivia Question: 56. What part in the Civil War did West Virginia play?
Answer: IT withdrew from Virginia and became a member of the Union.

Trivia Question: 57. Name the Confederate ironclad that engaged the Monitor in a draw battle.
Answer: The Css Virginia

Trivia Question: 58. Which well-known Civil War ballad was composed by Julia Ward Howe?
Answer: The Republic’s Battle Hymn

Trivia Question: 59. During the Civil War, who served as the vice president of the Confederacy?
Answer: Alexander H. Stephens

Trivia Question: 60. When the Confederate Army engaged in combat at Shiloh, who was in charge?
Answer: Sidney Albert Johnston

Civil War Trivia Questions with Answers

Trivia Question: 61. What caused the Civil War-era draft riots in New York?
Answer: A new draft law’s recentment and racial tendents over the job

Trivia Question: 62. In the Civil War’s Western Theater, which Confederate general commanded the Army of Tennessee?
Answer: Bragg Braxton

Trivia Question: 63. After the Civil War, which amendment gave citizenship to everyone born or naturalized in the country, even former slaves?
Answer: The Fourteenth Amendment

Trivia Question: 64. Which Civil War Union officer was infamous for his “scorched earth” tactics?
Answer: William Tecumseh Sherman

Trivia Question: 65. Which Civil War conflict went by the name “Battle of Manassas”?
Answer: First Battle Bull Run

Trivia Question: 66. Which Confederate triumph in 1862 prompted Southern leaders to launch an invasion of the North?
Answer: The second Bull Run battle

Trivia Question: 67. How did the American industrial sector do during the Civil War?
Answer: Especially in the north, it shattered industrial growth.

Trivia Question: 68. What was the main reason for Civil War military deaths?
Answer: Disease

Trivia Question: 69. Which Southern state left the Union last?
Answer: USA / Tennessee

Trivia Question: 70. Name of the Union ironclad that engaged the CSS Virginia in a draw fight?
Answer: The USS Monitor

Trivia Question: 71. Which formerly enslaved person encouraged African Americans to defend the Union?
Answer: Frierick Douglass

Trivia Question: 72. Which Civil War-era measure served as the impetus for land grant colleges?
Answer: Act Morrilla

Trivia Question: 73. When the Civil War began, who was the Union Army’s commanding general?
Answer: Field Scott, Windsor

Trivia Question: 74. Which Civil War conflict put an end to the Confederate menace in the West?
Answer: A Fight in Perryville

Trivia Question: 75. Which Confederate stronghold was targeted by gunfire to initiate the Civil War?
Answer: Fort Sumter

Trivia Question: 76. What function did Harriet Tubman serve in the Civil War?
Answer: She was a Scout and Union Spy

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Hard Civil War Trivia

Trivia Question: 77. For what reason did the Civil War Copperheads come to be?
Answer: Neherland Democrats Against the Civil War

Trivia Question: 78. What purpose did the Vicksburg Siege serve?
Answer: A Capture of it Gaven the Union Dominance over The Mississipi River

Trivia Question: 79. Which general held the highest rank when slain during the Civil War?
Answer: Albert Sidney Johnston, Confederate General

Trivia Question: 80. What did the Emancipation Proclamation aim to achieve?
Answer: It declared that all slaves in territory held by the Confederate States were to be freed.

Trivia Question: 81. During the Civil War, which American president was in office?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln,

Trivia Question: 82. Which was the Civil War’s last significant battle?
Answer: A Fight at Palmetto Ranch

Trivia Question: 83. Which general from the American Civil War went on to become President?
Answer: Lysses S. Grant

Trivia Question: 84. In the context of the Civil War, what did the “20-Negro Law” mean?
Answer: On a plantation, it represented one white male for every twenty enslaved individuals.

Trivia Question: 85. In 1863, a deadly draft riot occurred in which Northern city?
Answer: City of New York

Trivia Question: 86. The Confederate States of America had one and only one president. Who was that person?
Answer: Jefferson Davis

Trivia Question: 87. Who served as Secretary of State for the United States during the Civil War?
Answer: Willams H. Seward

Trivia Question: 88. Which Civil War engagement was the bloodiest in a single day?
Answer: The Anietam Battle

Trivia Question: 89. The Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was commanded by whom?
Answer: Robert E. Lee

Trivia Question: 90. What impact did the Civil War have on the economy of the South?
Answer: After the was, it was devasted and remained poor for many years.

Trivia Question: 91. What impact did the Civil War have on the union of the states and the federal government?
Answer: It strengthened the federal government’s supremacy over the states.

Trivia Question: 92. Who led the Confederate navy with the greatest degree of success?
Answer: Raphael Semmes

Trivia Question: 93. Which commander during the Union was renowned for his “March to the Sea”?
Answer: Tecumseh Sherman William

Trivia Question: 94. How did the Battle of Glorieta Pass turn out?
Answer: Confederate attempts to dominate the Southwest were ended by it.

Trivia Question: 95. Who wrote the Confederate Constitution in the main?
Answer: Robert Rhett

Trivia Question: 96. What was the name of the Confederacy’s first submarine to sink a ship in combat?
Answer: The H.L. Hunley

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Trivia Question: 97. Which Civil War engagement took place wholly at sea?
Answer: The Hampton Road Battle

Trivia Question: 98. What was the name of the Confederate division tactic implemented by the Union?
Answer: The Anaconda plan

Trivia Question: 99. Who was the first female recipient of the Medal of Honor for her Civil War service?
Answer: Dr. Mary Edwards Walker

Trivia Question: 100. Which Civil War conflict put an end to the Confederacy’s hopes of receiving recognition in Europe?
Answer: The Gettysburg Battle

Trivia Question: 101. Who wrote “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” a novel that shaped perceptions of slavery in the years leading up to the Civil War?
Answer: Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Easy Civil War Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia Question: 102. What transpired during the Civil War at Andersonville?
Answer: A notorious Confederate prisoner opf war camp was located there.

Trivia Question: 103. At the First Battle of Bull Run, who commanded the Confederate forces?
Answer: General Beauregard, P.G.T.

Trivia Question: 104. For the majority of the Civil War, who served as the Confederacy’s Secretary of War?
Answer: James Seddon

Trivia Question: 105. What role did the Battle of Hampton Roads play?
Answer: It was the first meeting in the ironclad warships combat.

Trivia Question: 106. What was the United States Constitution’s Thirteenth Amendment intended to accomplish?
Answer: It outlawed forced labor and slavery.

Trivia Question: 107. At Gettysburg, who commanded the Union forces?
Answer: General George G. Meade

Trivia Question: 108. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by whom?
Answer: John Wilkes Booth

Trivia Question: 109. Lincoln delivered which well-known address at Gettysburg?
Answer: Gettysburg Address.

Trivia Question: 110. Which state broke away first?
Answer: Carolina in the South.

Trivia Question: 111. Which commander from the Union marched through Georgia?
Answer: Sherman.

Trivia Question: 112. What was the USS Monitor, the Union’s unwavering vessel, called?
Answer: A raft with a cheesebox.

Trivia Question: 113. What drove Sherman’s “March to the Sea” in the first place?
Answer: Discourage the South.

Trivia Question: 114. Which document, signed in 1865, declared the Civil War to be over?
Answer: The Appomattox.

Trivia Question: 115. Which well-known American Red Cross founder served as a Civil War nurse and went on to form the organization?
Answer: Barton Clara.

Trivia Question: 116. What occasion signaled the start of the end of the Civil War?
Answer: Richmond’s collapse.

Trivia Question: 116. Why were the Union’s Merrimack and Monitor ships built?
Answer: Ironclad naval combat.

Trivia Question: 117. Which Confederate commander at Gettysburg resisted Pickett’s Charge?
Answer: James Longstreet.

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The Civil War Trivia Multiple Choice

Trivia Question: 118. Why did the South believe that England would support the Confederacy at the start of the war?

  • a. Due to previous British support for slavery
  • b. Due to Britain’s continued hopes of regaining the colonies
  • c. Because Britain wanted to seize control of the industry in New England
  • d. Because southern cotton was purchased by British industry

Trivia Question: 119. Who was the lone contender in 1860 to run a nationwide campaign?

  • a. Abraham Lincoln
  • b. Bell John
  • c. John Breckenridge
  • d. Stephen Douglas

Trivia Question: 120. How did James Buchanan handle the dilemma of secession?

  • a. Call in the army
  • b. Adopt a “hands-off” approach.
  • c. arrange for the return of government property
  • d. Ask leaders of South Carolina to visit the White House

Trivia Question: 121. When the war first began, the advantages of the South included

  • a. Their more powerful fleet; 
  • b. Their larger population.
  • c. Mexico’s prompt acknowledgment of their independence.
  • d. the Confederate land mass.

Trivia Question: 122. When the Civil War first broke out, Lincoln regarded Southern civilians as

  • a. Americans.
  • b. offenders.
  • c. Traitors and rebels.
  • d. adversaries abroad.

Trivia Question: 123. The terrible character of Civil War battles was partly due to

  • a. Deliberate targeting of non-combatants.
  • b. The common practice of “burning out” defenders with fire.
  • c. Assault on high-ranking officers, including generals.
  • d. The weapons’ improved range and precision.

Trivia Question: 124. All Union soldiers weakened slavery prior to the Emancipation Proclamation by

  • a. Aimed at the civilian population of White people.
  • b. Pushing slaves to elude their masters on purpose.
  • c. Causing disturbance to the lives of civilians.
  • d. Setting fire to slave quarters along the way.

Trivia Question: 125. Numerous Democrats in the north reacted to Lincoln

  • A. Using overtly discriminatory language.
  • b. With unwavering backing for his policies.
  • c. Feeling disappointed by his sluggish progress toward freedom.
  • d. Furious at his lack of diplomatic success.

Trivia Question: 126. The King Cotton tactic was unsuccessful because

  • a. Of the vast industrial power of the North.
  • b. The staple was stocked in abundance in Britain and France.
  • b. Attacking targets who were civilians incited a great deal of ire.
  • d. The northern embargo was too strong for the southern states to overcome.

See Civil War Trivia Quiz

Quiz: 127. Abraham Lincoln was a ________ before he was elected President. Answer: U.S. Representative

Quiz: 128. John Brown intended to attack the Harpers Ferry federal armory by?
Answer: Equip emancipated slaves for a revolt

Quiz: 129. What percentage of the vote did Abraham Lincoln receive in the 1860 election? Less than 40%

Quiz: 130. How many southern states seceded from the Union between December 1860 and February 1, 1861?
Answer: 7

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Quiz: 131. In the beginning of 1861?
Answer: Proposals were made at the peace conference to ensure that slavery would remain and to legalize it throughout the Southwest.

Quiz: 132. Which of the following claims is accurate?
Answer: After President Lincoln promised to replenish the fort with supplies in a friendly manner, the Confederates opened fire on Fort Sumter.

Quiz: 133. How many slaves did the United States have at the start of the Civil War?
 Answer: 4 million

Quiz: 134. Many American military officers had fought together in the Mexican War at the start of the Civil War. How many soldiers made up the U.S. army at the start of 1861?
Answer: Sixteen thousand

Quiz: 135. What demographics did the North and South have at the start of the Civil War?
Answer: 9 million people live in the South and 22.5 million in the North.

Quiz: 136. Lincoln requested individuals to enlist for a period of __________ when the war started. Answer: Three months

Quiz: 137. Following the Fort Sumter attack?
Answer: Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri were the four slave states that persisted in the Union.

Quiz: 138. The ___________ refers to the Union’s military plan to cut off southern ports and split the South into three separate areas. Answer: Anaconda Plan

Quiz: 139. What led to the outlawing of slavery across the US?
Answer: An alteration to the constitution.

Quiz: 140. ____________, were exempt from the Confederate draft rules. Answer: Owners of more than 20 slaves

Quiz: 141. The deadliest mob violence in American history occurred __________, during the Civil War. Answer: In New York in 1863

Civil War Trivia Facts

Between the United States of America and the Confederate States, which had broken away from the Union just before to hostilities, the American Civil War was a significant struggle that took place in the 19th century.

Below are 12 facts about the civil war trivia:

1. There were more major battles in Virginia than any other state (123)
The Battle of Fredericksburg, which featured 201,000 soldiers engaged in combat, was the biggest engagement of the American Civil War.

2. The American Civil War claimed the lives of an estimated 620,000 soldiers.

3. The first state to leave the Union was South Carolina, which did so on August 20, 1860.

4. Ten percent of the population, or around 3.2 million males, enlisted in the US Civil War between 1861 and 1865.

5. Siblings Generals George Bibb Crittenden and Thomas Leonidas Crittenden served on different sides of the US Civil War.
Major General Thomas Leonidas served in the Union Army, whereas Major General George served in the Confederate Army.

6. During the American Civil War, Confederate prisoners of war who swore allegiance to the United States and enlisted in the Union Army were referred to as “Galvanized Yankees.”

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7. Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston was the highest-ranking military officer to be slain in the Civil War. He passed away on April 6, 1862, at the Battle of Shiloh.

8. 1,523 of the 3,535 Medal of Honors were granted during the American Civil War.

9. Though they constituted fewer than 1% of the Northern population, at the end of the Civil War, 10% of the Union Army was composed of African-American men.

10. During the American Civil War, illness claimed the lives of about two thirds of military personnel.

11. Throughout the American Civil War, the Confederate States had three distinct capital cities. The order was as follows: Danville, Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, and Montgomery, Alabama.

12. During the American Civil War, both the Union and the Confederacy employed hot air balloons for aerial observation.

FAQs About Civil War Trivia

Who started the American Civil War?

A purely northern electorate chose Abraham Lincoln to be president on November 6, 1860, ushering in the rise of the Republican Party to national prominence. On November 10, a mere four days later, Senator James Chesnut tendered his resignation from the Senate and went back to his native South Carolina to compose a secession resolution.

What brought the Civil War to an end?

The American Civil War was won by the Union. When Confederate General Robert E. Lee turned over his forces to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia in April 1865, the war was declared officially over. Galveston, Texas, saw the last Confederate troop surrender on the western front.

Which illness claimed the lives of most Civil War soldiers?

The leading causes of death were dysentery and diarrhea. (Dysentery is defined as blood in the stool in cases of diarrhea.) These most incapacitating illnesses were directly linked to 57,000 deaths. A total of 1,528,098 Union instances were registered.

Who prevailed in the American Civil War?

The American Civil War was won by the Union, or North as it was commonly known. President Abraham Lincoln’s capable leadership, General Ulysses S. Grant’s military tactics, and the Union’s superior economic, transportation, and human resource capacities were the primary factors in the Union’s victory.