110+ Post Training Survey Questions With Templates

post training survey questions

Post training Survey questions assist you in measuring the overall efficacy of the training and pinpointing areas that need improvement. Post training survey questions are, as the name implies, posed to staff members or students following their completion of the training program.

You may create the ideal post-training evaluation questions for your training programs by using the different questions provided in this article.

The following are the several facets of your training program that you can acquire and enhance:

  • Organization
  • Content
  • Display/Presentation
  • Time Frame
  • Instructor
  • User Experience
  • Technical Problems
  • Surroundings
  • Training Results
  • Learning Experience
  • Accessibility
  • Gamification
  • Scores.

What is Post Training Survey Questions?

In case the phrase “post-training survey” is new to you, below is the explanation. Participants in a training program receive a post-training survey upon completion. Inquiries about the training’s quality and attendance impressions are the main goals of the survey.

Post-training surveys are therefore a useful tool for ensuring that your training meets its goals, is efficient and is of high quality. It is the questions that determine the quality of post-training surveys.

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Why Use Post Training Survey Questions?

A trainee’s goal is for the knowledge they have acquired to stick with them. To that end, you must ask them to fill out a survey following the session. But what happens if you don’t ask them to fill out a survey? Why utilize post-training survey questions?

You should expect the training program to be successful since you invested so much time and money in it. It’s a fact that shortcomings can occur in even the finest training courses. You can gather candid feedback about what worked and what didn’t work in the session by surveying your attendees after it’s completed.

Furthermore, you can find out if your staff members are remembering the material they were taught in training by administering post-training surveys. It lets you keep tabs on who is succeeding and who requires additional guidance or coaching. This holds significance as it might assist you in modifying the future delivery of the training.

They also let you assess how well your training regimen is working. These questionnaires must be included by the trainers after their training sessions, though. It is important to note that you may make sure you are obtaining the required information by using a template for post-training survey questions.

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110+ Post Training Survey Questions For Staff and Managers

The following is a list of the many questions to include in your post-training feedback survey:


The following is a list of inquiries to determine how well the framework of your training course works:

1. Did you understand how the training procedure was organized?

2. Was the size of your training group an effective amount of participants?

3. Do you believe the training exercises were arranged logically?

4. Was the content presented by the structure?

5. Was the order of tasks effective?

6. Which elements of the training’s design proved difficult or unclear?

7. What structural elements of the training do you believe need improvement?

8. Did you find each training session to be equally engaging?

9. Did you find the training to be engaging from start to finish?

10. Were the units of the course divided from one another?

Post training survey questions Content

The set of questions to gather input on the material for your course is as follows:

11. Did the course’s quality remain constant throughout?

12. What term would you use to characterize the content’s quality?

13. What aspect of the training materials did you find enjoyable?

14. Was there a sufficient supply of visual aids (audio files and movies) for the entire course?

15. Was it a simple language to understand?

16. Were the subjects covered sufficiently varied?

17. Which topic in the course material didn’t you find very interesting?

18. Was there interest in the course material presented?

19. Did you find the course material challenging to understand?

20. Did the training materials go into great detail on the subjects?

21. Which subjects did you think were missing?

22. Was there anything you needed to read again to fully understand?

23. Have you seen any patterns in the course material?

24. Which section of the readings for the course did you find most interesting?

25. How interesting was the material as a whole?

26. Which course materials did you find to be effective?

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Post training Survey on Time Frame

27. Do you believe the duration of the instruction was appropriate?

28. Do you believe there was a better way you could have spent your time?

29. How long did it take you to complete the course?

30. Did you stop the course at any point? If so, when?

31. Did you get enough time to finish the test or tests?

32. What other opinions do you have regarding the length of the course?

Post training Survey on Display/Presentation

33. You can obtain input on the presentation and delivery by asking these questions:

34. Was the training material effectively presented by the instructor?

35. Which course components, in your opinion, had the best presentation?

35. Did you feel like an automaton taking the course?

36. Which speaker held your attention during the speech?

37. Were there adequate audiovisual components used in the training process?

38. Which speaker did you think imparted the greatest knowledge?

39. Were there enough engaging activities in the course?

40. What was the training session’s general atmosphere?

41. Was the course too far away?

42. Which areas of the presentation for the course do you believe need improvement?

43. Do you believe there is room for more interaction in the course?

Post training Survey on Instructor

44. Which instructor was the most beneficial to you?

45. Was the trainer’s communication clear?

46. Was the instructor compassionate?

47. Did the instructor demonstrate a deep understanding of the material?

48. How animated was the instructor during the lesson?

49. Did you feel at ease telling your trainer about your issues?

50. How well-prepared was the instructor for each lesson?

51. Which type of material was most helpful to you, according to the trainer?

52. Did your trainer answer your inquiries right away?

53. Did you feel, at any given session, that you needed more help?

54. Which instructor do you believe would have provided you with greater knowledge?

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Post training Survey on User Encounter/Experience

55. Did you find it easy to go through the training sessions?

56. Was it simple to use and comprehend the learning platform’s interface?

57. Was it easy to become acquainted with the learning platform?

58. Did you think the UI was easy to use?

59. What aspect of the interface’s design most appealed to you?

60. Have you been given detailed instructions on how to use and navigate the platform?

61. Was there clutter in the layout?

62. Did you think that using the platform to study wasted time away from your training?

63. What recommendations do you have to enhance the overall look and feel of the design?

Post training Survey on Technical Problems

64. Were there any bugs that you noticed?

65. Was there a lag in the training materials’ delivery?

66. Have you found any broken links?

67. Have all of the pages or documents loaded for you?

68. Did you have any issues getting the video to load?

69. Was the font displayed correctly?

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Post training Survey on Surroundings

70. Was the training location comfortable for you?

71. When you enrolled in the course, where were you?

72. During the course, did you run into any distractions?

73. Did you finish your training exercises in a calm area?

74. Would you enroll in the same computer-based course?

75. On a mobile device, would you enroll in the same course?

76. Which kind of device—a computer or a mobile device—did you use to finish the course?

77. Would you be at ease doing this course while traveling?

78. Which areas do you believe need improvement in the course?

Post training survey questions

Post training Survey on Training Results

79. Have you met your overall learning objectives?

80. Did the course impart any new knowledge to you?

81. Would you enroll in such a course once more?

82. Would you suggest this course to a business associate?

83. Did your training fulfill your expectations?

84. Are you ready to start your new job?

85. Were the training course’s objectives evident from the start?

86. Which aspect of the training worked best for you?

87. What improvements could be made to this course to increase its effectiveness?

Post training Survey on Learning Experiences

88. Do you now comprehend the subject matter of the course more thoroughly?

89. What abilities have this course given you?

90. Which course material do you believe you learned the most from?

91. Which type of training—online or in-person—do you prefer?

92. Which trainer was most successful in helping you achieve your learning objectives?

93. How may the educational process be made better?

94. Did your work activities get in the way of the workload for the course?

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Post training Survey on Accessibility

95. Were the training materials easily accessed and understood?

96. How simple was it for you to obtain and make use of the training materials?

97. During training, were you able to hear your trainer?

98. In what time frame did the instructor answer your queries during the lesson?

99. Were the font’s size and style visually appealing?

100. Did the colorblind mode on the course function properly?

101. What further accessibility features would you like to see? Which ones?

Post training Survey on Gamification

102. Were the gamification aspects distracting to you?

103. Do you think the course should have any gamification elements?

104. Did the learning process feel overly competitive as a result of the gamification features?

105. Did the gamification elements motivate you to perform better on tests?

106. Do you prefer that the leaderboards remain anonymous?

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Post training Survey on Scores

107. What level of expertise would you give your trainer?

108. How would you rank the communication abilities of your trainer?

109. Kindly provide a usability rating for the training courses.

110. How would you rank the presenting abilities of your trainer?

111. What is your overall assessment of the course delivery?

112. What is your overall assessment of the course material?

113. Could you please rate the training content’s readability?

114. What would you think of the flow and order of the course?

115. What is your opinion of the general functionality of the course?

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Post Training Survey Questions With Templates

1. Nurse survey template

2. Sample post training survey questions template

3. Survey consent form template

4. Post training survey questions template

Post training survey quesions template

5. Post event survey template

FAQs on Post Training Survey Questions

What does the post-training questionnaire entail?

Conducting post-training surveys is an essential component of a training program’s success. You may plan for future courses, make modifications, and assess the success of your training with the help of participant feedback.

Why survey after training?

This assist you in carefully examining the results of your training to ensure that it meets your objectives and provides value for the money, as well as providing guidance for future training initiatives.

What kind of questions are asked after a test?

Although post-test questions can be weaved or interspersed throughout a learning experience, they are usually given right after an activity is finished (so long as the subject relevant to the test question is covered first).

What kind of activities follows post training?

After the main training and development programs have concluded, learners can continue their education through post-training activities. This is a collection of methods used to keep students interested in learning after training so they can apply and retain the majority of what they have learnt.

Conclusion: Post Training Survey Questions

You can discover more about the overall learning experience of your students and the efficacy of your training course by administering post-training surveys.

These surveys can assist you in enhancing your training procedure when properly completed. With any luck, this article will assist you in developing a post-training feedback questionnaire that works.


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