70+ User Experience Survey Questions With Sample Questionnaire

user experience survey questions

Your customers may have a different perspective on your product’s design. While aesthetics are important, prioritizing user experience survey questions is crucial.

According to Leadpages.com, 89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience while a significant 68% of users have abandoned a particular brand because they feel the company lacks concern for their needs

By asking relevant user experience survey questions, you can connect with your audience and gain insights into their opinions of your business, website, and products.

When customers believe that the business values their opinions, they feel valued. So, get your customers’ opinions on your products and services by distributing these user experience survey questions online. Our sample questionnaire will get you started on creating yours.

What is a User Experience Survey Questions?

A user experience survey is a kind of feedback survey that helps gather information about the consumer experiences of target audiences. It’s a method of finding out how your customers feel about your business, app, or item.

When asking your clients to explain their opinions, you can use open-ended questions or multiple-choice questions. Alternatively, you might ask them to evaluate their feelings on a scale. If you follow through on your plan, it will give you a clear and accurate view of the situation.

Let’s look at some excellent questions to include in your upcoming online user experience survey, along with a few more!

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5 Tips on Crafting Outstanding User Experience Survey Questions

It’s not hard to create customer satisfaction surveys; but, to maximize your efforts, you should approach the work with some important guidelines in mind.

Let’s examine seven brief suggestions for creating outstanding client satisfaction surveys:

1. Make Surveys Brief

Customer satisfaction surveys should be used to obtain data rather than ask pointed questions. Consider your customers’ time and design brief but insightful customer feedback surveys.

For example: What is your opinion of our service?

  • Enjoyed it
  • Wonderful
  • Fair
  • Disliked it

Make sure that your inquiries are clear and concise. To get more candid and sincere feedback, you should make sure that the recipients of your query don’t have a lot to process.

Utilizing pre-built survey templates from a survey feedback provider such as Qualaroo is a simpler method to accomplish this. You’ll receive all the necessary questions to get you going with this.

2. Keep Your Questions Straightforward

Asking double-barreled questions confuses respondents, which is a common mistake made by survey authors.

Establish the goal of your customer satisfaction questionnaire after determining the purpose of your customer feedback surveys. Never forget that a single query should only have one goal.

Example: A poorly phrased query

Would you think about returning if you enjoyed our service?

An appropriately phrased query

Have you been satisfied with our services?

Two distinct inquiries can be generated from your double-barreled inquiry. You’ll be able to accomplish several goals in this way without making the audience confused.

3. Allow Clients to Voice Their Opinions

Consumer feedback is important. However, if you only ask limited or closed-ended questions, you won’t be able to get an honest response. Asking open-ended questions to your consumers is a terrific method to gain their ideas and thoughts about your products/services.

You can phrase your open-ended inquiries like this:

  • “Please elaborate on how you see our product”
  • “What else do you want to do?”
  • “How can we enhance our services”.

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70+ Excellent User Experience Survey Questions with Examples

Deciding to draft a user experience survey and distribute it to your clientele will be a smart first step for you. To optimize the outcome, it is also your responsibility to select wisely from the user research survey questions.

People don’t have time for lengthy, dull surveys, so make sure your questions are clear. Let’s look at some sample questions for a user survey!

Important Inquiries for a User Experience Survey Questions

You should always include a few key questions in your survey to get a better understanding of your consumers’ level of happiness. You can determine which of your qualifications are the greatest and worst by asking yourself these questions.

Since you are interested in the frank opinions of current customers, open-ended or rating scale questions would be most appropriate for this section.

1. Which [product/app/website] feature was your favorite?

2. Which [product/app] feature was your least favorite?

3. Did you get what you expected from the product?

4. Would you suggest that others contact us?

5. How frequently do you use our [website, app, or product]?

6. What prompted you to use our [product/app]?

7. How helpful do you find our [product/app] to be?

8. Would you make any changes to our [product/app]?

9. How were you made aware of us?

10. Do you have anything else you would want to say?

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You are attempting to determine what aspects of the experience are simple or complex, as well as areas for improvement when you inquire about usability. Try asking them a variety of questions, or at least, open-ended ones, to get to the bottom of the issues, since there might be some you were unaware of previously.

11. How would you rank the usability of this [product/app/website] on a scale of one to ten?

12. Do you encounter any issues when you access the website?

13. Regarding accessibility, what kind of change would you like to see?

14. Are you finding it difficult to make your way through?

15. Were the webpage loading times acceptable?

16. Did you encounter any difficulties using any of the [product/app]’s features?

17. What aspect of the product irritates you the most?

18. What is your opinion of our website’s usability? Why?

19. Are the menu items logical?

Website User Experience Survey Questions

You can ask them to rate your design at this point. It might have to do with how your gadget, website, or interface is designed. Thus, they evaluate the appearance and tangible features of what you provide.

20. How does this [product/app/website] look to you?

21. How do you feel about the way the information is arranged on the screen?

22. Is it easy to understand the font’s color and size?

23. Did the colors we used on our website look good?

24. What is your opinion of our UI design?

25. When you initially visited the website, what impression did you get?

26. Were you pleased with the visual design of our website?

27. Do you have any suggestions about how to make our website’s design better?

28. What aspect of its design would you change if you could?

29. Did you find the website to be visually appealing?

30. Please indicate how satisfied you are with the products that are available on the website.

31. Did the website load quickly?

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Survey Questions on User Onboarding

These kinds of inquiries can assist you in determining the success of the onboarding procedure, pinpointing areas in need of development, and obtaining input on how to improve the product/service’s usability for new users.

31. Did you find the onboarding procedure for the product to be useful in the beginning?

32. Were the lessons and instructions offered clear and easy to follow?

33. After going through the onboarding process, did you feel confident in your ability to use the product?

34. Was the onboarding period too brief or too lengthy?

35. Was the process of onboarding entertaining and interesting?

36. During the onboarding process, did you run across any problems or confusion?

37. During the onboarding process, was it possible for you to modify the product to suit your requirements?

38. Were you sufficiently prepared to use the [product/app] by the onboarding process?

39. After finishing the onboarding process, was the product’s user interface easy to understand?

40. Aside from the onboarding process, would you suggest the product to others?

41. Which features of the app or website are you using the most?

42. What thoughts did you have about the onboarding process?

43. If a less expensive option was available, would you choose it instead?

44. How much did our product live up to your expectations?

45. What level of satisfaction would you give our goods and services?

46. How superior is our product above the alternatives out there?

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Survey Questions About Errors and Malfunctions

You raise doubts about the technical aspects of the experience when you ask queries like these. By asking these kinds of questions, you can get feedback on how to make the product work and function better as well as pinpoint particular technical problems.

47. Did the behavior of the [product/app] seem inconsistent to you?

48. When utilizing the [product/app], did you see any error messages?

49. During use, did something crash or freeze on you?

50. Was there a display or formatting issue with the [product/app]?

51. Did any features of the [product/app] not function as planned?

52. Did you manage to do chores without any problems?

53. When using the [product/app], did you encounter any lag or slow performance?

54. Were there any problems with the compatibility of the product?

55. Were there any technical issues you ran into while utilizing the [product/app]?

56. Have you used the [product/app] and discovered any more errors or bugs?

How to Draft a Poll About User Experience Survey

User experience surveys are, without question, an excellent and hassle-free approach to getting client feedback. They respond quickly and accurately to your feedback. Forms. app is the survey tool you’re looking for!

FormsApp is a fantastic survey tool that facilitates the creation of various online questionnaires. It offers a plethora of sophisticated features and over a thousand pre-made designs. Let’s now look at how to make your UX survey right now!

1. Log in to your account: Open the forms.app and sign in with your credentials. It’s simple to create an account if you don’t already have one.

2. To begin, navigate to the “templates” option, select the template that best fits your needs, and begin editing. However, you can always start over and choose every element on your own.

3. Personalize your survey: You are then free to make as many changes as you would like to the template. Not only can you add new form fields and delete existing ones, but you can also add a welcome page at the start and a thank-you page at the conclusion.

4. Select the layout: Next, make changes to the survey’s layout. You can add a backdrop image or select colors based on your company’s colors.

5. Look at this: After completing the survey, click the eye icon in the upper left corner of the page to view the results.

6. Publish your survey: Finally, sharing is the most crucial component. forms.app gives its users multiple ways to distribute their surveys and forms. You have two options: provide your customers with the special URL or integrate the survey directly into your website.

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Software User Experience Survey Questions

Software user experience survey questions, will help you figure out why your users behave the way they do on your app? Do you need some example user experience (UX) survey questions to add to your own UX questionnaire or modify one?

Below are a few question on UX Software User Experience Survey Questions.

UX Survey Questions About Customer Satisfaction

57. Which of our rivals did you have in mind before deciding on us?

58. In one word or sentence, how would you characterize [Product]?

59. Regarding [Brand], how do you feel?

60. How much of a ten would you give this product?

61. Please rate your [Feature] experience.

62. How simple is it to use our [product]?

63. Which is the one feature you wish the [Product] had that it doesn’t currently have?

64. Which [Product] feature is essential to your life?

65. Which feature of our app is the hardest to use?

66. Why did you decide to stop using your subscription?

67. What aspect of our app is the hardest to use?

68. Regarding the whole [Brand] support services experience, how would you rank it?

69. What is your opinion of [Brand]’s dependability?

70. Would you make any changes to the way [Product/Feature/Support] operates?

71. What purpose will you serve for [Product]?

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User Experience Survey Questions Sample

This a user experience survey questions sample that can help guide customers.

FAQs About User Experience Survey Questions

Which five questions make up a survey?

The five fundamental questions you ask in your survey—how, why, who, when, and what.

Which six categories of survey questions are there?

The majority of survey questions fall into one of the following categories: nominal, Likert scale, rating scale, open-ended, closed-ended, and yes/no. The most effective surveys frequently include a mix of questions.

What does UX research consider a leading question?

A leading question in social science research persuades respondents to provide a specific response. Leading questions create bias and sway participant responses, making them unsuitable for use in research.

Which four components make up the user experience?

Web user experiences are based on four major pillars: value, adaptability, desirability, and usability.


Listening to your clients is the finest approach to putting your business ahead of its competitors. Clients are the people who visit your website, use your products, and provide feedback.

You can submit online user experience survey questions to find out how satisfied they are. We hope this post was helpful.


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