Top 300 Funny Trivia Team Names & Quiz of All Time

Funny Trivia Team Names

In the competitive world of pub quizzes, having a standout team name can make all the difference. A witty and humorous team name not only showcases your creative spirit but also injects an element of fun into the game.

So why settle for anything less than Rum Ham Rangers or The Quizzard of Oz? Remember, a great team name can unite players, draw attention from other teams, and even intimidate competitors—adding an extra layer of excitement to your trivia experience.

We’ve scoured the depths of wittiness to bring you the top 300 funny trivia team names of all time. From Quizlamic State to Smarty Pints, these clever monikers are sure to bring some humor and lightheartedness to your next pub quiz or virtual trivia session.

Top 300 Funny Trivia Team Names & Quiz

Here is a compilation of top 300 funny trivia team names that are interesting:

Funny Trivia Names

1.) “I am Smartacus” (Players repeat individually in succession)

2.) Donut Call List.

3.) The Quizzard of Oz.

4.) John Trivialta.

5.) The Spanish In-quiz-ition.

6.) A win for us will come down to a coin flip.

7.) E = MC Hammer.

8.) Department of Redundancy Department.

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Top 10 Trivia Naming Ideas

9.) Les Quizerables.

10.) The Brewsual Suspects.

11.) We’d Rather Be on Cash Cab.

12.) Trebek’s Rejects.

13.) I Thought I Was Speed Dating.

14.) QuizTeama Aguilera.

15.) Olympic Pool Lifeguards.

16.) Otrivia Newton-John.

17.) Bed Bath & Beyonce.

18.) Superiority Complex.

Best Trivia Names

19.) The nation of Quizlam.

20.) Mischief Management.

21.) Lavish Display of Ignorance.

22.) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

23.) Make Trivia Great Again.

24.) Milwaukee Talkies.

25.) Trebek’s Tudor.

26.) Something Offensive.

27.) Victorious Secret.

28.) You can’t sit with us

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Good Trivia Team Names

29.) The League of Extraordinary Guessers.

30.) I’ll Take Potpourri for $100, Alex.

31.) The Asian Invasion.

32.) As Seen on TV.

33.) E=MC Hammer.

34.) Sherlock Homies.

35.) Brooks was here.

36.) Luck has nothing to do with it.

37.) I Refuse to Say This Name.

38.) Know Eye Deer.

39.) We’d rather be on Jeopardy!

40.) Guessing isn’t Trivia.

41.) 80% of the Time, We win every time.

42.) Trivia New Roman.

Creative Names for Trivia Teams

43.) Ithering Blidiots.

44.) Epic Failures.

45.) You’re a Quizard, Harry.

46.) Master Minds.

47.) Danger is my middle name.

48.) Low Expectations.

49.) Dumb and Dumber.

50.) Chaos from Order.

51.) Jesus Is Coming — Look Busy.

52.) We can’t Agree.

53.) Bathman.

54.) Bad Hombres.

55.) Slaw on the Side.

56.) Horse Choir.

Clever and Witty Options

57.) Not Here To Make Friends.

58.) Crystal Methodist.

59.) Vandelay Industries.

60.) Chimpanzees Love Finger Food.

61.) Eat Activia Before Trivia.

62.) Vicious Trollops.

63.) Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem.

64.) Victorious Secret.

65.) Rhymes with Orange.

66.) Alternative Facts.

67.) Smelly Cats.

68.) I don’t know why Nic Cage Bird Sings.

69.) Johnny Cash was not a pay toilet.

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Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

70.) The Pilsners of Azkaban.

71.) Dumbledorks.

72.) Dead Sirius.

73.) You’re a Quizzard, Harry!

74.) Snapes on a plane.

75.) Team MollyWobbles.

76.) Harry Potter and the Goblet.

77.) Dumbledore’s Army.

78.) Expecto-Winno!

79.) A Snitch in Time.

80.) Dumbledore’s Army.

81.) Slytherin it to win it.

82.) The Quizoner of Azkaban.

Fun Puns

83.) You’re a Quizard, Harry!

84.) Chicken and Quaffles.

85.) The HIlarious Hedwigs.

86.) The DumbleDorks.

87.) 10 Pints to Gryffindor!

88.) Snitches Get Stitches.

89.) Snitches Get Stitches.

90.) Dumbledamn.

91.) Granger Danger.

92.) Snapes on a Plane.

93.) That’s So Ravenclaw.

94.) The team who must not be named.

95.) Team Quizzitch.

Awesome Trivia Team Names

96.) Everyone is playing for second place.

97.) Hot Dog Water!

98.) Emotionally Fun-stable.

99.) These Are The Smart.

100.) Ain’t so bad being stumped.

101.) We met on Tinder.

102.) The Quizzically Challenged.

103.) The Screaming Nachos.

104.) I’ll Take “About To Lose” for $100, Alex.

105.) Risky Quizness.

106.) Hold me closer, Tony Danza.

107.) The Golden Snitches.

108.) The Ultimate Think Tank.

109.) Les Miserblahblahs.

110.) Super Cool Party People.

111.) Low Slearners.

112.) We got the funk.

Funny Trivia Team Names for Laughs

113.) Quizteama Aguilera.

114.) Tequila Mockingbird.

115.) Trivia Newton-John

116.) Suck It, Trebek.

117.) Whatever Ales You.

118.) How many lifelines do we get here?

119.) Jesus Saves — Gretzky on the Rebound…Scores!

120.) Agatha Quiztie.

121.) Titanic Swim Squad.

122.) Who Let the Moms Out?

123.) Kevin and the Zits.

124.) The Blue Jeans Team.

125.) Honey, I shrunk their Minds.

126.) Little Lebowski Urban Achievers.

127.) The Party Planning Committee.

128.) Alice in Trivialand.

Favorite Trivia Team Names

129.) What is a Cow’s Favorite Movie? MOOOO-lan.

130.) We Know Children Left Behind.

131.) Good Night Irene.

132.) The jeo-PARTIES.

133.) The Uncalled Four.

134.) We Need No Name.

135.) Onions Make Me Sad.

136.) Festivus for the Rest of Us.

137.) Masters of Confusion.

138.) A Dork Says “What” – What.

139.) Couch Potatoes with Glasses.

140.) Simple Minds.

141.) The Trivia Troupe.

142.) The Smartypants.

143.) The Smartinis.

144.) Rum, Forrest, Rum.

The Office Trivia Team Names (TV Show)

145.) Pam’s Art.

146.) The Nard Dogs.

147.) Shut Up, Toby.

148.) That’s What She Said.

149.) Fun Runners for the Cure.

150.) The Party Planning Committee.

151.) Vance of Vance Refrigeration.

152.) The Scranton Stranglers.

153.) The Finer Things Club.

154.) Scott’s Tots.

155.) I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back.

156.) Multiple Dundies Winners.

157.) Schrute Farm Hands.

158.) Ryan Started the Fire.

159.) Assistants to the Regional Manager.

160.) Big Tuna.

161.) Pretzel Day.

162.) Booze Cruisers.

163.) Office Olympians.

164.) Did I Stutter?

Trivia Team Names for Winners

165.) Profound Confusion.

166.) It’s Not Small. It’s Just Trivial.

167.) I am Nobody. Nobody knows it all. Therefore, I know it all.

168.) The Big Fact Hunt.

169.) Collective Fools.

170.) Nerds in Flannel.

171.) Smarty Pants.

172.) The Smartest Guys in the Room.

173.) Go.

174.) Nothing Says Literature Like “Twilight.”

175.) The Ouija Board gave us all the answers.

176.) Village Idiots.

177.) Colors that end in “urple.”

178.) Really Smrt Squad.

179.) We’re Googling everything.

Pub Trivia Team Names

180.) On a Mission without Permission.

181.) No Brians.

182.) Forrest Grump.

183.) Let’s Get Ready to Bumble.

184.) Most of Our Pursuits are Trivial.

185.) We’re Single; text Us post-game.

186.) Fats kids win at See-Saw.

187.) And in the Last Place…

188.) Colors that End in Urple.

189.) Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap.

190.) In Dog Years, We’re Really Old.

191.) Spoiler Alert: Batman Wins.

192.) Winterfell, and it can’t get up.

193.) Taco Police.

194.) Nacho Average Squad.

195.) One wheel short of a unicycle.

196.) Show me the Monet.

197.) Universally Challenged.

198.) Sizzling Wombats.

199.) The Be Sharps.

200.) Elvis Parsley.

201.) Robert “Got No” Dinero.

202.) Mike Pence None the Richer.

203.) Trump University Valedictorians.

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Trivia Team Names Funny

204.) Google It.

205.) The Wise Quackers.

206.) Show me the Monet.

207.) Menace to Sobriety.

208.) And in second place with 21 points.

209.) Bad Alibis.

210.) Smarty Pints.

211.) The Mindbenders.

212.) Awesome Sauce.

213.) This was embarrassing.

214.) Missing a comma.

215.) Smarties.

216.) Knock knock. Who’s there? THE OTHER PILOT, NOW LET ME IN!

217.) The Trivia Pursuits.

218.) My other outfit is a onesie.

219.) The Greatest Show on Stools.

220.) Rhymes with orange.

221.) You’re gonna need a bigger brain.

222.) Smart Alecs.

223.) We’ve got the juice.

224.) Donald Trump Barber Shop Quartet.

225.) Mental Hygiene.

226.) Morning after Pilsner.

227.) Norfolk and Chance.

228.) It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia.

Clean Trivia Team Names

229.) The Spanish Inquisition.

230.) Straight out of Wiscompton.

231.) F-Troop.

232.) Don’t Question Us.

233.) Let’s Get Quizzical.

234.) Bolivian Boot Weasels.

235.) How Did the Hipster Burn His Tongue? By Drinking His Coffee Before It Was Cool.

236.) Rehab is for Quitters.

237.) Periodic Table Dancers.

238.) We’re not ashamed of what we did for a Klondike Bar.

239.) Quizlamic Extremists.

240.) Han Flying Solo.

241.) Your Worst Nightmare.

242.) Untouchables.

243.) 70% of the Time, We Win every time.

244.) Why the heck Isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Host of ‘To Catch a Predator?

245.) Quizlamic State.

246.) Thin Quizzie.

247.) Never Gonna Quiz You Up.

248.) Bug Magnets.

249.) Spark Plugs.

250.) Nerd Out Night.

251.) iPhones are killing this game!

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Funny Trivia Team Names

252.) The Red Hot Trivia Peppers.

253.) Zoom Zealots.

254.) Battlestar Scholastica.

255.) Taking Care of Quizness.

256.) The Quarenteam.

257.) Agatha Quiztie.

258.) We bribed the quizmaster.

259.) Quiz Me Baby One More Time.

260.) The Nerd Herd.

261.) The Chosen Ones.

262.) Live Wire.

263.) Quizzie McGuire.

264.) Quiztopher Walken.

265.) Dad Knowledge.

266.) Dazed and Confused.

267.) Hey Siri.

268.) My Trivia Partner doesn’t Know this is a Date.

269.) Walt Quizney.

270.) We learned all we know from Sesame Street.

271.) Pinky and The Brains.

272.) Lord of the Rounds.

273.) Punching Above Our Weight.

274.) Forrest Grump and the Complainers.

275.) Trivial Pursuiters. Check out the history of Trivial Pursuit.

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Christmas Trivia Team Names

276.) Sleigh-ing it!

277.) Noel-it-alls!

278.) The Chimney Climbers.

279.) Three Wise Men.

280.) Can’t Help our Elves.

281.) Santa’s Little Helpers.

282.) Our sweaters aren’t the only ugly things.

283.) Rudolph Can’t Play in our Game.

284.) Fleece Navidad.

285.) Christmas Miracles.

286.) The Naughty List.

287.) The Bah Humbugs.

288.) The Wonder Breads.

289.) Quizmas Carols.

290.) Too Cool For Yule.

291.) Trebek’s Rejects.

Coronavirus and Quarantine Trivia Team Names

292) Covid-21 and Up

293.) Corona Nation

294.) Bubble Boys

295.) Impatient Zero

296.) Unprecedented Teams

297.) Sourdough Starters

298.) Antisocial Distancing

299.) Vax Scenesters

300.) We Test Positively


Selecting a witty and entertaining team name can add an extra layer of enjoyment to any trivia quiz event. The list of top 300 funny trivia team names provided in this article offers a wide array of options to suit different preferences and senses of humor.

Whether it’s a virtual quiz night with friends or a competitive pub trivia event, a clever team name can set the tone for an entertaining and memorable experience. With the right combination of creativity and humor, participants can create a sense of camaraderie and light-hearted competition that adds to the overall fun.


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