70+ Best Scream Movie Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)

Scream is one of the horror movies. Williamson’s passion for horror films influenced the movie, especially Halloween (1978).

For Scream Trivi, it is a perfect book for every horror fan, with questions and answers through every Scream movie, ensuring you are excited about the facts, and interesting things. 

So, if you are out to challenge yourself and have fun, we have the best collection of scream movie trivia questions, ranging from the easiest to the hardest. 

This collection comprehensively explores all four films, delving into key plot points, memorable quotes, behind-the-scenes facts, and everything in between. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just dipping your toes into the world of Scream, these trivia questions will surely provide an entertaining and enlightening experience that will leave you eager to rewatch the films with fresh eyes.

Best Scream Movie Trivia Questions 

1. Billy tells Sidney that this substance was used as the prop for pig’s blood in the film Carrie.
Answer: Corn Syrup

2. Everyone looks at Randy in the video store after he screams this iconic phrase.
Answer: Everybody is a suspect!

3. Billy and Stu were able to evade being caught for Maureen’s murder by framing this person.
Answer: Cotton Weary

4. Stu Macher is killed (supposedly) when Sidney attacks him with this object.
Answer: A Television

5. Before settling on Scream, this was the film’s original title.
Answer: Scary Movie

6. Aligned with his character, Randy Meeks works at this location.
Answer: A Video Store

7. Billy and Stu aimed to survive and escape their current killing spree by framing this person.
Answer: Sidney’s Father, Mr. Prescott

8. The opening victim of the film, Casey Becker, was played by this famous actress.
Answer: Drew Barrymore

9. The high school janitor is dressed up as this iconic slasher villain.
Answer: Freddy Kruger

10. this famous sitcom actor plays Principal Hembry.
Answer: Henry Winkler

11. Casey Becker loses her trivia with Ghostface when she misses a question about this classic slasher franchise.
Answer: Friday The 13th

12. Tatum Riley dies when she gets stuck in this location.
Answer: Cat Door/Garage Door

13. After killing Casey, Billy creates an alibi for himself by going to this location.
Answer: Sidney’s House/Bedroom Window

14. When Sidney is first on the phone with Ghostface, she tests whether or not he can see her by doing this silly action.
Answer: Picking her nose.

15. Where does the big party in Scream take place?
Answer: Stu Macher’s House

16. Sidney does this to Gale after she tells Sidney she will send her a copy of her book.
Answer: Punches her in the face

17. This iconic horror creator plays the high school janitor.
Answer: Wes Craven

18. Protagonist Sidney Prescott is played by which famous actress?
Answer: Neve Campbell

19. This Nick Cave song has become synonymous with the Scream franchise.
Answer: Red Right Hand

20. What was Billy’s motive for his murders?
Answer: Revenge for his parents breaking up

21. What retro snack is Casey Becker making at the beginning of Scream?
Answer: Jiffy Pop

22. The legendary David Arquette plays this deputy police officer.
Answer: Dewey Riley

23. Where did the police find Principal Hembry’s body?
Answer: Hanging from the goalpost on the football field.

24. This journalist gained infamy from writing a book about the murder of Maureen Prescott.
Answer: Gale Weathers

25. This use of this phone feature tripled after the release of Scream.
Answer: Caller ID

26, In which fictional town does Scream take place?

Answer:  Woodsboro

27. What is the name of the killer in Scream??

Answer: Ghostface

28. What does the unknown caller ask Casey Becker at the movie’s beginning?

Answer: “What’s your favorite scary movie?

29. What is Rule #1 on Randy’s list of rules for surviving a horror movie?

Answer: Don’t have sex

30. Which painter inspired Ghostface’s mask?

Answer: Edvard Munch

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Hardest Best Scream Movie Trivia Questions 

31. Where does Casey’s father tell her mother to go?

Answer: The McKenzies house

32. What kills Tatum Riley?

Answer: garage door.

33. Which performers dated during the filming of Scream?

Answer: Campbell and Lillard 

34. Which actress does Sidney say would probably play her in the movie version of her life?

Answer: Tori Spelling

35. How many seconds of delay does the hidden camera in Stu’s house have?

Answer: 30-second delay,

 36. Which horror film veteran makes a cameo appearance in Scream?

Answer: Linda Blair

37. What food is Casey preparing in the opening scene?

Answer:  Popcorn

38. Who directed Scream?

Answer: Wes Craven

39. Director Wes Craven makes a cameo appearance as ______.

Answer: A janitor

40. When Stu and Randy are talking at the video shop, which movie does Randy help a customer find?

Answer: The Howling.

41. Who is the first person arrested on suspicion of being Ghostface?

Answer: Billy Loomis 

42. Which actress was originally cast as Sidney Prescott?

Answer: Drew Barrymore

43. What movie is on TV at Stu’s house party?

 Answer: Halloween

44. Who kills Stu?

Answer: Sidney

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45. How many times has Randy been fired from the video store?

Answer: Twice

46.  What iconic prop is hanging in Principal Himbry’s closet?

Answer: Fonzie jacket 

47. How much was screenwriter Kevin Williamson paid for the Scream screenplay?

Answer: $400,000 

48. How many Saturn Awards was Scream nominated for?

Answer: six Saturn Awards

49. How long did it take to shoot the party scene at the end of Scream?

Answer: twenty-one days

50. How many murderers were there in “Scream”?

Answer: 2

51. How many times does the killer call Casey in “Scream”?

Answer: 6

52. In “Scream”, how many beer bottles did Tatum take out of the fridge in the garage?

Answer: 6

53. Where was the movie “Scream” filmed?

Answer: California
54. On which real-life serial killer was the killer in “Scream” based?

Danny Rolling

55. “Scream” was originally going to be called what?

Answer: Scary Movies

56. In “Scream”, what did Casey Becker name as her favorite scary movies?

Answer: Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street

57. Which of the “Scream” movies was not directed by original director Wes Craven?

Answer: None

58. In the movie “Scream”, what was the name of the actor who played Randy?

Answer: Jamie Kennedy

59. In “Scream”, which movie was Billy watching before sneaking into Sidney’s bedroom?

Answer: The Exorcist

60. Who plays Sidney’s best friend in “Scream”?

Answer: Rose McGowan

61. Who played Stew Mocker in “Scream”?

Answer: Mathew Lillard

62. Who wrote the first two “Scream” movies?

Answer: Kevin Williamson

63. Which best describes Jamie Kennedy?

Answer: Randy, The Nerdy Movie Fanatic In “Scream” And “Scream 2”

64. Which actress played Gayle Weathers in all the three “Scream” movies?

Answer: Courteney Cox

65. What show does Gail Weathers from “Scream” work for?

Answer: Top Story

66. In “Scream 2”, what movie is supposed to be about the murders?

Answer: Stab

67. What is the name of the co-star reporter in “Scream”?

Answer: Gail Weathers

68. What happened to Dewey in the “Scream” horror film series after he was stabbed?

Answer: He Lived On

69. In the movie “Scream” what was one of the cardinal rules of scary movies?

Answer: Never Say I’ll Be Right Back

70. Who shoots Liv in the head? 

Answer: Amber

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The collection of best Scream movie trivia questions and answers offers a comprehensive and entertaining resource for fans of the iconic horror franchise. Whether you are hosting a trivia night, testing your own knowledge, or simply looking to delve deeper into the world of Scream, this list provides a range of questions from easy to challenging, ensuring fun and engagement for all participants. From identifying memorable quotes to recalling obscure plot details, this trivia compilation caters to casual viewers and die-hard enthusiasts.

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