250+ Best Stranger Things Trivia Questions and Answers (Easiest to Hardest)


The popular Netflix television “Stranger Things” has become a worldwide sensation. Test out your knowledge with the ultimate collection of Stranger Things Trivia questions and answers!

Our collection of over 250 Stranger Things quiz questions with answers, tests your knowledge level in areas ranging from general knowledge about the show to more specific details about characters, plotlines, and settings. You can tailor the questions to suit the knowledge levels of your participants, making them as challenging or accessible as you prefer.

Stranger Things Setting Trivia

Question: In what decade is the show set?

Answer: 1980’s

Question: Where state does the story occur?

Answer: Indiana

Question: Where does Season 1’s suspenseful opening scene take place?

Answer: Laboratory

Question: What is the name of the fictional town in Indiana where the show is set?

Answer: Hawkins

Question: What is the rural back road Eleven and the boys often use as an escape route called?

Answer: Mirkwood

Question: In what month and year does Will Byers go missing?

Answer: November 1983

Question: In what year was the first episode of Stranger Things released?

Answer: 2016

Stranger Things Characters Trivia

1. Who is reminded of Will when listening to “Should I Stay or Should I Go”?

Answer: Jonathan

2. Who is the well-known actress who plays Will Byers’ mother?

Answer: Winona Ryder

3. What actress did Dustin say his girlfriend is hotter than in “Stranger Things”?

Answer: Phoebe Cates

4. How old was Will Byers when he disappeared?

Answer: 12

5. Who is the character played by Millie Bobby Brown in “Stranger Things”?

Answer: Eleven

6. What is Eleven’s superpower?

Answer: Telekinesis

7. What do the boys call the terrifying, faceless creature?

Answer: Demogorgon

8. Who plays Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things?

Answer: Finn Wolfhard

9. What is the name of Dustin’s girlfriend in season three of the show?

Answer: Suzie

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Stranger Things Trivia Season 3

Embark on a quest of nostalgia and suspense with questions that immerse you in the heart-pounding drama of the third season. This Stranger Things quiz season 3 takes you on a roller-coaster ride through the show’s electrifying moments, invoking memories and excitement from Season 3.

1. Who was forced to open a new gate to the Upside Down?

Answer: Soviet Scientists.

2. When the third season of Stranger Things was released?

Answer: On July 4, 2019.

3. What Nancy and Jonathan found when they reached Mrs. Driscoll’s home?

Answer: They found her eating fertilizers herself.

4. Who decodes Russian communication?

Answer: Robin.

5. The season started in which year?

Answer: In summers of 1985.

6. Which Mall gets so much popularity in Hawkins?

Answer: Star Court Mall.

7. Who used her power to spy on Mike and Billy?

Answer: Eleven.

8. Who attacked Hopper while he was investigating at the lab?

Answer: Grigori, a Russian soldier.

9. What was hit by an unseen creature?

Answer: Billy’s car.

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10. Where Nancy and Jonathan start working as an intern?

Answer: At the Hawkins Posts.

11. With whom Steve start working at an ice cream parlor at Star Court Mall?

Answer: With his former classmate Robin Buckley.

12. Why Nancy and Jonathan were fired?

Answer: For harassing Mrs. Driscoll.

13. Hopper and Joyce forced Kline to reveal what?

Answer: That Grigori works for the owners of Star Court.

14. What was the suggestion of Joyce?

Answer: To have a heart-to-heart conversation with Mike and Eleven.

15. Why Dustin set up an improvised radio tower?

Answer: To contact his camp girlfriend Suzie.

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Stranger Things Trivia Season 4

Peek into the future as you encounter questions that tease the mysteries and excitement of the fourth season. This Stranger Things season 4 trivia is like glimpses into the Upside Down, hinting at the adventures and challenges.

1. What is the name of the club that the boys join?

Answer: The Hellfire Club. 

2. Victor Creel is played by an actor who starred in what other classic horror movie?

Answer: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

3. Who is the leader of the Hellfire Club?

Answer: Eddie Munson. 

4. What happens to Eddie Munson at the end of the season?

Answer: He dies.

5. How does Venca attack his victims?

Answer: By exploiting their guilt and tearing their bodies apart. 

6. What episode of the season did Max get saved by Running up the Hill?

Answer: Episode 4. 

7. What happens to Chief Hopper this season?

Answer: He gets trapped in a Russian prison. 

8. What is Jim Hopper’s nickname when he is in the Russian prison?

Answer: American”.

9. What is the name of the young girl who gets killed by Vecna in her trailer home?

Answer: Chrissy Cunningham.

10. What is the name of the stoner who quickly becomes a favorite character of many Stranger Things fans?

Answer: Argyle.

11. Who sang the hit song “Running up the Hill” from the fourth season?

Answer: Kate Bush.  

12. What tools were used to defeat the baby Demo Gorgon?

Answer: Flamethrowers. 

13. What is the name of the strange boy, who later becomes Venca that eleven crushes with her powers?

Answer: Henry Creel. 

14. What is the mythical place in San Diego, California where part of the season is set?

Answer: Leonora Hills.

15. What was the name of the villain of season 4 of Stranger Things?

Answer: Vecna. 

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Stranger Things Plot Trivia

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Question: What is putting stores out of business in season 3?

Answer: Starcourt Mall

Question: In season two, Dustin sets the high score on what video game?

Answer: Dig Dug

Question: What game do the boys of Stranger Things like to play?

Answer: Dungeons and Dragons

Question: What is the name of the ice cream parlor where Steve and Robin work in season 3 of “Stranger Things”?

Answer: Scoops Ahoy

Question: What is Barb’s surname?

Answer: Holland

Question: What does Joyce use to paint an alphabetic board on her wall?

Answer: Christmas Lights

Question: Who has a turtle called Yertle?

Answer: Dustin

Question: What was the clown’s name that gave Bob nightmares?

Answer: Mr. Baldo

Question: Who was the first character to enter the Upside Down world?

Answer: Nancy Wheeler

Stranger Things Trivia for True Fans

Prove your allegiance to the Stranger Things universe with questions designed to challenge even the most dedicated enthusiasts. These true Stranger Things fan quiz questions are like quests for true aficionados.

1. Which fast food restaurant chain served special ‘upside down’ burgers for a limited period to reference the show?

Answer: Burger King.

2. What is Barilla?

Answer: Tree.

3. Baltimore and Potomac Railroad is now Defunct, once operated in which US city?

Answer: Washington, D.C.

4. Finger knife is a premodern combat weapon in which country?

Answer: Africa.

5. Mis Ainak Region is a popular first-class cricket team in which country?

Answer: Afghanistan.

6. Which actor was born in Spain and raised in the UK?

Answer: Millie Bobby Brown.

7. How many people watched the first episode of season 3 the day it was released?

Answer: 19.17 million People.

8. Which clothing brand offered a collection that included pieces worn on-screen by some of the show’s actors?

Answer: H&M.

9. Ambrosia the food of the Gods from the Greek Ambroata means?

Answer: Immortal.

10. What is Asi in epic Mahabharata?

Answer: Mythological sword.

11. What is the home ground of Western Australia, a popular first-class cricket team in Australia?

Answer: WACA Ground, Perth.

Stranger Things Trivia for Friends

These Stranger Things questions to ask friends transform trivia into a social adventure, allowing friends to bond over their mutual love for Stranger Things.

1. To find will who helped Joyce?

Answer: Jim Hopper.

2. Which power does Eleven Have?

Answer: Telekinesis.

3. Which transport did Dustin asked Eleven to move with the help of her power?

Answer: Train.

4. To stop Billy from attacking Steve what did Max used?

Answer: Syringe.

5. What costume did Max wear for Halloween?

Answer: Michael Myers’ dress.

6. What gift does Nancy and Johnathan received from Murray?

Answer: Vodka.

7. Who dressed as The Three Blind Mice on Halloween?

Answer: Party.

8. Name the U.S state in which the show is set.

Answer: Indiana.

9. When Eleven uses her power what happens to her?

Answer: Her Nose/Ears Bleed.

10. When boys found eleven what color shirt was she wearing?

Answer: Yellow Shirt.

11. Name the thing that Eleven Steal from the Store.

Answer: Eggo Waffles.

12. Name the fictional town where the show is set.

Answer: Hawkins.

13. Mornings are for coffee and contemplation” is saying of which character?

Answer: Police Chief Hopper.

14. When Mike’s father tried to fix the TV aerial which TV show was playing at that time?

Answer: Knight Rider.

15. Which 1982 horror movie’s poster was hanging in the Wheeler’s basement?

Answer: The Thing.

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Stranger Things Series Trivia

1. What is Barb’s surname?

Answer: Holland

2. What does Joyce use to communicate with Will in season 1?

Answer: Christmas lights

3. Who was the first character to enter the Upside Down world?

Answer: Nancy Wheeler

4. In which season of Stranger Things did Eleven lose her powers?

Answer: Season 3

5. What is the name of the Russian soldier?

Answer: Grigori

6. Who is forced to trigger an explosion to close the gate?

Answer: Joyce

7. What is the name of Eleven’s mother?

Answer: Terry Ives

8. What is the name of the lab that is responsible for opening a portal to the Upside Down?

Answer: Hawkins National Laboratory

9. What is the name of the Russian scientist who gets kidnapped by Jim and Joyce?

Answer: Alexei

10. What is the name of the building where Billy gets dragged into the basement in season three?

Answer: Brimburn Steel Works

11. What type of camp does Dustin attend?

Answer: Science

12. Which two characters worked at The Hawkins Post before getting fired?

Answer: Jonathan and Nancy

13. What is the name of the creature that has supreme control of the Upside Down in Stranger Things?

Answer: The Mind Flayer

14. Who is the main antagonist in Stranger Things season 1?

Answer: The Demogorgon

15. What is the name of the arcade in Hawkins that the kids often visit?

Answer: Palace Arcade

Stranger Things Production Trivia

1. Who is the director and creator of Stranger Things?

Answer: The Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross Duffer)

2. In which year was the first season of Stranger Things released?

Answer: 2016

3. Which fictional town does Stranger Things take place in?

Answer: Hawkins, Indiana

4. What is the name of Eleven’s telekinetic friend with whom she communicates using a walkie-talkie?

Answer: Mike Wheeler

5. Which character becomes trapped in the Upside Down in the first season?

Answer: Will Byers

6. What is the name of the sinister government agency in Stranger Things?

Answer: Hawkins National Laboratory (HNL)

7. Which famous actor plays the character of Chief Jim Hopper?

Answer: David Harbour

8. Who is the actress behind the character of Eleven?

Answer: Millie Bobby Brown

9. What is the name of the arcade that the boys frequently visit in the show?

Answer: The Palace Arcade

10. Which real-life theme park was used to film the scenes at Hawkins Middle School?

Answer: Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia

FAQs On Stranger Things Trivia Questions

Where can I host a Stranger Things trivia night?

You can host a Stranger Things trivia night in various settings, including your home, a local venue, or virtually through online platforms. Choose a location that suits the preferences and convenience of your participants.

Can I find Stranger Things trivia questions suitable for all age groups?

Yes, you can customize the difficulty level of the questions to make them suitable for different age groups. For family-friendly events, focus on general knowledge and avoid questions with mature themes.

Are there different categories within Stranger Things trivia questions?

Yes, you can categorize questions based on different aspects of the show. Categories may include characters, plot details, quotes, or even specific seasons. This allows you to cover a broad range of topics and cater to the diverse interests of participants.

Can I use Stranger Things trivia questions for different types of events?

Absolutely! Stranger Things trivia questions can be adapted for various events, including themed parties, virtual gatherings, or even casual game nights. They add an element of fun and engagement for fans of the show.


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