1000+ Interesting This or That Questions for All Ages

This or That Questions

Starting a conversation can be quite challenging for most people, especially shy and melancholy individuals. If you find yourself in that situation, and you are looking for a fun and engaging way to spark conversation and get to know people better, then look no further. Our collection of “This or That” questions will do the magic for you. 

These simple yet thought-provoking prompts offer a lighthearted approach to learning about someone’s preferences, opinions, and even their sense of humor.

This or that questions are a fun and easy way to get to know your friends, family, and even colleagues better. These quick icebreakers offer a glimpse into someone’s personality and preferences, fostering deeper connections beyond surface-level interactions.

This writing will give you a clear guide on how to initiate discussion with people through these This or that questions prepared for your pleasure.

What are This or That Questions?

These questions typically involve hypothetical situations, challenging choices, or personal preferences. They don’t have right or wrong answers, and the fun lies in the reasons behind each choice, revealing personalities, values, and even hidden desires.

This or That questions, also known as “Would you rather” questions, present individuals with two contrasting options and ask them to choose one. These choices can range from lighthearted and silly to more thought-provoking and revealing, fostering conversation and sparking debate.

This or That Questions – How to Play

Playing is easy! Simply pose a This or That question to individuals or a group. They then ponder the two options and choose the one they prefer. After their choice, you can encourage them to explain their reasoning, leading to further conversation and engagement.

Here are some additional tips for playing:

  • Set the tone: Decide on the desired mood for your game. It can be lighthearted and fun, or it can delve deeper into personal preferences and values.
  • Choose the right questions: Consider the age and interests of the players when selecting questions. Keep it appropriate and engaging for everyone involved.
  • Embrace the debate: Encourage players to share their reasoning behind their choices, even if they differ from yours. This can lead to insightful discussions and different perspectives.

How to Create Interesting This or That Questions for All Ages

The key to creating and engaging This or That questions lies in striking a balance between being relatable and thought-provoking. Here are some tips:

  • Appeal to different interests: Cater to a wider audience by covering various themes like food, travel, hobbies, or even historical figures.
  • Balance familiarity and novelty: Use options that are familiar enough for people to understand, but with a twist or unexpected element to pique their interest.
  • Tap into current events or trends: Incorporate current topics or pop culture references to keep the questions relevant and engaging.
  • Play with wordplay and humor: Don’t be afraid to inject some humor or wordplay into your questions to keep them lighthearted and fun.

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 Interesting This or That Questions for All Ages

Spicy This or That Questions: 

Spicy food or spicy conversation? 

Sample Answer: Spicy food, keeps things interesting at the dinner table! 

Sriracha or Tabasco? 

Sample Answer: Sriracha, it’s got that garlic kick! 

Jalapenos or habaneros? 

Sample Answer: Jalapenos, they add just the right amount of heat without overwhelming. 

Curry or chili? 

Sample Answer: Chili, nothing beats a hearty bowl on a cold day. 

Wasabi or horseradish? 

Sample Answer: Wasabi, it clears the sinuses like nothing else! 

Salsa verde or pico de gallo? 

Sample Answer: Salsa verde, it adds a tangy twist to dishes. 

Buffalo wings or spicy Korean fried chicken? 

Sample Answer: Spicy Korean fried chicken, it’s a flavor explosion! 

Hot sauce on pizza or hot sauce on tacos? 

 Sample Answer: Hot sauce on tacos, it brings out the flavors of the fillings. 

Spicy margarita or spicy Bloody Mary? 

Sample Answer: Spicy Bloody Mary, it’s like brunch with a kick. 

Spicy Thai curry or spicy Indian curry? 

Sample Answer: Spicy Indian curry, because I love the depth of flavors. 

Funny Interesting This or That Questions: 

Pancakes or waffles? 

Sample Answer: Waffles, because they’re like pancakes with abs! 

Cat person or dog person? 

Sample Answer: Dog person, because who can resist those wagging tails? 

Netflix or YouTube? 

Sample Answer: Netflix, unless I fall down a YouTube rabbit hole again! 

Texting or calling? 

Sample Answer: Texting, because my awkwardness knows no bounds over the phone! 

Early bird or night owl? 

Sample Answer: Night owl, because nothing good happens before 10 AM anyway! 

Superhero or supervillain? 

Sample Answer: Supervillain, because who doesn’t love a good anti-hero? 

Shower singer or car karaoke star? 

Sample Answer: Car karaoke star, because the acoustics are unbeatable! 

Superman or Batman? 

Sample Answer: Batman, because he’s just a regular guy with gadgets. 

Cake or pie? 

Sample Answer: Cake, because it’s like a celebration in every slice. 

Sneakers or sandals? 

Sample Answer: Sneakers, because comfort over everything! 

Interesting This or That Questions for Adults

Wine or beer? 

Sample Answer: Wine, it’s classy and sophisticated. 

Book or movie? 

Sample Answer: Depends on the mood, but I lean towards books for the depth. 

Travel abroad or staycation? 

Sample Answer: Travel abroad, there’s nothing like immersing yourself in a new culture. 

Cooking at home or dining out? 

Sample Answer: Dining out, because sometimes I just want to be served! 

Spa day or adventure activity? 

Sample Answer: Spa day, for some much-needed relaxation. 

Investing in stocks or real estate? 

Sample Answer: Real estate, it feels more tangible. 

Fine dining or street food? 

Sample Answer: Street food, for the authentic flavors and experience. 

Fiction or non-fiction? 

Sample Answer: Non-fiction, because truth is often stranger than fiction. 

Whiskey neat or cocktail with a twist? 

Sample Answer: Cocktail with a twist, for that burst of flavor. 

City life or countryside living? 

Sample Answer: City life, for the endless opportunities and excitement. 

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Interesting This or That Questions for Couples: 

Cuddling or holding hands? 

Sample Answer: Cuddling, it’s more intimate. 

Romantic dinner at home or fancy restaurant? 

Sample Answer: Fancy restaurant, for a touch of luxury. 

Movie night or game night? 

Sample Answer: Movie night, snuggled up on the couch with popcorn. 

Surprise gifts or planned outings? 

Sample Answer: Surprise gifts, they show that extra thoughtfulness. 

Long walks on the beach or hikes in the mountains? 

Sample Answer: Hikes in the mountains, for the breathtaking views. 

Interesting This or That Questions for Couples: 

Home-cooked meal together or cooking competition? 

Sample Answer: Home-cooked meal together, it’s all about teamwork. 

Couples massage or DIY spa day at home? 

Sample Answer: Couples massage, for the ultimate relaxation. 

Watching the sunrise or watching the sunset? 

Sample Answer: Watching the sunset, it’s so romantic. 

Surfing or skiing? 

Sample Answer: Surfing, because there’s something magical about riding the waves together. 

Stargazing in the backyard or rooftop dinner under the stars? 

Sample Answer: Rooftop dinner under the stars, for a touch of elegance. 

Interesting This or That Questions for Friends

Game night or karaoke night? 

Sample Answer: Karaoke night, because embarrassing ourselves together is bonding! 

Coffee date or brunch date? 

Sample Answer: Brunch date, mimosas make everything better. 

Road trip or beach trip? 

Sample Answer: Road trip, with the right playlist, it’s unbeatable. 

Board games or card games? 

Sample Answer: Board games, especially ones that test our friendships! 

Picnic in the park or barbecue in the backyard? 

Sample Answer: Barbecue in the backyard, because who doesn’t love grilled food? 

Escape room challenge or paintball battle? 

Sample Answer: Escape room challenge, because it’s a test of our teamwork skills. 

DIY craft night or cooking competition? 

Sample Answer: DIY craft night, because creativity knows no bounds. 

Photobooth fun or scavenger hunt adventure? 

Sample Answer: Scavenger hunt adventure, for the thrill of the chase. 

Bonfire on the beach or camping in the woods? 

Sample Answer: Camping in the woods, for the tranquility of nature. 

Ice cream sundaes or build-your-own pizza party? 

Sample Answer: Build-your-own pizza party, because who doesn’t love customizing their toppings? 

This or That Questions for Teens

Snapchat or Instagram? 

Sample Answer: Instagram, because I love sharing photos of my adventures! 

Video games or outdoor sports? 

Sample Answer: Outdoor sports, nothing beats the rush of adrenaline! 

Pizza or burgers? 

Sample Answer: Pizza, because it’s the ultimate comfort food. 

Summer vacation or winter break? 

Sample Answer: Summer vacation, because it’s all about freedom and fun in the sun. 

Texting or calling? 

Sample Answer: Texting, because it’s less awkward and more convenient. 

Reading books or watching movies? 

Sample Answer: Watching movies, because it’s a visual experience. 

Skateboarding or surfing? 

Sample Answer: Surfing, there’s something magical about riding the waves. 

Summer job or internship? 

Sample Answer: Internship, for valuable experience in my chosen field. 

Late-night snacks or early-morning breakfast? 

Sample Answer: Late-night snacks, because that’s when cravings hit the hardest. 

Concerts or music festivals? 

Sample Answer: Music festivals, for the energy and excitement of multiple acts. 

This or That Questions for High School Students: 

Study group or solo study session? 

Sample Answer: Study group, because it’s more fun and productive. 

Prom night or homecoming dance? 

Sample Answer: Prom night, it’s the highlight of the school year! 

Math or English? 

Sample Answer: English, because I love getting lost in stories and analyzing literature. 

School clubs or sports teams? 

Sample Answer: School clubs, because they offer a variety of interests and activities. 

Coffee or energy drinks for late-night studying? 

Sample Answer: Coffee, it’s a classic and gets the job done without the crash. 

College prep classes or vocational training? 

Sample Answer: College prep classes, because I want to pursue higher education. 

School cafeteria food or packed lunch? 

Sample Answer: Packed lunch, because it’s customized to my taste. 

School dances or school plays? 

Sample Answer: School dances, for the chance to dress up and dance the night away. 

Morning classes or afternoon classes? 

Sample Answer: Afternoon classes, because I’m not a morning person. 

Student council or sports team captain? 

Sample Answer: Student council, because I enjoy leadership roles and making a difference. 

This or That Questions for Work

Email or phone call for communication? 

Sample Answer: Email, it’s more formal and leaves a paper trail. 

Teamwork or independent projects? 

Sample Answer: Teamwork, because collaboration brings out the best ideas. 

Business casual or formal attire? 

Sample Answer: Business casual, it strikes the right balance between professional and comfortable. 

Meetings in person or virtual meetings? 

Sample Answer: Virtual meetings, they save time and are more flexible. 

Company-provided laptop or bring your own device? 

Sample Answer: Company-provided laptop, for consistency and security. 

Flexible hours or fixed schedule? 

Sample Answer: Flexible hours, because it allows me to balance work and personal life. 

Company retreat or team-building activities? 

Sample Answer: Company retreat, for a change of scenery and bonding with colleagues. 

Casual Fridays or formal dress code every day? 

Sample Answer: Casual Fridays, because who doesn’t love dressing down at work? 

Performance bonuses or additional vacation days? 

Sample Answer: Additional vacation days, for more time to relax and recharge. 

Work from home or work from the office? 

Sample Answer: Work from home, for the comfort and flexibility it offers. 

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Christmas This or That Questions

Real Christmas tree or artificial tree? 

Sample Answer: Real Christmas tree, for that authentic pine scent. 

Eggnog or hot chocolate? 

Sample Answer: Hot chocolate, especially with marshmallows! 

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? 

Sample Answer: Christmas Eve, because of the anticipation and excitement. 

Gift-giving or giving to charity? 

Sample Answer: Giving to charity, because it’s the true spirit of the season. 

Traditional Christmas dinner or potluck with friends? 

Sample Answer: Traditional Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings! 

White Christmas or sunny Christmas? 

Sample Answer: White Christmas, because it’s so picturesque and festive. 

Gingerbread house decorating or cookie baking? 

Sample Answer: Gingerbread house decorating, for the creativity and teamwork involved. 

Secret Santa gift exchange or open gift-giving? 

Sample Answer: Secret Santa gift exchange, for the element of surprise. 

Holiday movie marathon or Christmas caroling? 

Sample Answer: Holiday movie marathon, because it’s cozy and nostalgic. 

Midnight mass or Christmas morning church service? 

Sample Answer: Christmas morning church service, to start the day with reflection and gratitude.

This or That Questions Adults Flirty

Flowers or chocolates as a romantic gesture? 

Sample Answer: Flowers, because they’re timeless and beautiful. 

Candlelit dinner at home or fancy restaurant? 

Sample Answer: Candlelit dinner at home, for a more intimate atmosphere. 

Slow dance or salsa dancing? 

Sample Answer: Slow dance, because it’s all about getting close. 

Love letters or love songs? 

Sample Answer: Love letters, because they’re personal and heartfelt. 

Stargazing under the night sky or cozying up by the fireplace? 

Sample Answer: Cozying up by the fireplace, for warmth and romance. 

Beach vacation or mountain retreat for a romantic getaway? 

Sample Answer: Beach vacation, for the sun, sand, and romance. 

Cooking dinner together or ordering takeout? 

Sample Answer: Cooking dinner together, for the chance to bond over shared culinary adventures. 

Bubble bath for two or couples’ massage? 

Sample Answer: Couples’ massage, for ultimate relaxation and pampering. 

Dancing cheek to cheek or slow dancing with distance? 

Sample Answer: Dancing cheek to cheek, because closeness adds to the romance. 

Writing love letters or composing love poems? 

Sample Answer: Composing love poems, for the beauty and eloquence of expressing feelings through words. 

This or That Questions Dating

Dinner date or movie date? 

Sample Answer: Dinner date, because it allows for conversation and getting to know each other. 

Flowers or chocolates as a first-date gift? 

Sample Answer: Chocolates, they’re sweet and universally loved. 

Handholding or cuddling on the first date? 

Sample Answer: Hand-holding, it’s a subtle but intimate gesture. 

Cooking together at home or going out to eat? 

Sample Answer: Cooking together at home, for a more personal and interactive experience. 

Surprise date planned by your partner or planning the date yourself? 

Sample Answer: Surprise date planned by my partner, because it shows thoughtfulness and effort. 

Surprise weekend getaway or planned romantic dinner? 

Sample Answer: Surprise weekend getaway, because spontaneous adventures create lasting memories. 

Love letters or romantic gestures? 

Sample Answer: Love letters, because they’re personal and heartfelt. 

Long walks on the beach or cozy nights in? 

Sample Answer: Cozy nights in, because it’s all about intimacy and connection. 

Public display of affection or private moments? 

Sample Answer: Private moments, because some things are best kept between us. 

Physical attraction or emotional connection? 

Sample Answer: Emotional connection, because it’s the foundation of a lasting relationship. 

Funny This or That Questions

Socks with sandals or Crocs with socks? 

Sample Answer: Socks with sandals, because at least it’s somewhat fashionable! 

Pineapple on pizza or ketchup on steak? 

Sample Answer: Pineapple on pizza, because sweet and savory is a winning combo! 

Always having to sing instead of speaking or always dancing instead of walking? 

Sample Answer: Always dancing instead of walking, because life would be a perpetual party! 

Being able to talk to animals or speak all foreign languages? 

Sample Answer: Talk to animals, because imagine the conversations you could have with your pets! 

Never being able to use social media again or never being able to watch another movie or TV show? 

Sample Answer: Never being able to use social media again, because there’s more to life than scrolling through feeds. 

Always sneeze loudly or always hiccup loudly? 

Sample Answer: Always hiccup loudly, because at least it’s less frequent! 

Wear a clown wig every day or big clown shoes every day? 

Sample Answer: Big clown shoes every day, because I could use the extra height! 

Speak in rhyme all the time or speak in riddles all the time? 

Sample Answer: Speak in rhyme all the time, because it would add some fun to conversations! 

Have a permanent clown face or permanent clown outfit? 

Sample Answer: Permanent clown outfit, because makeup removal would be a nightmare! 

Always have to laugh at jokes or never understand jokes? 

Sample Answer: Always have to laugh at jokes, because laughter is contagious! 

This or That Questions Deep

Knowledge or wisdom? 

Sample Answer: Wisdom, because it’s the application of knowledge in meaningful ways. 

Success or fulfillment? 

Sample Answer: Fulfillment, because success means nothing without inner contentment. 

Love or money? 

Sample Answer: Love, because it enriches life in ways that money can’t buy. 

Forgiveness or revenge? 

Sample Answer: Forgiveness, because it liberates the soul and promotes healing. 

Change the past or see the future? 

Sample Answer: Change the past, because we learn from our mistakes and grow. 

Material possessions or experiencees? 

Sample Answer: Experiences, because they enrich the soul and create lasting memories. 

Freedom or security? 

Sample Answer: Freedom, because it allows for personal growth and exploration. 

Conformity or individuality? 

Sample Answer: Individuality, because it’s what makes each person unique and special. 

Acceptance or understanding? 

Sample Answer: Understanding, because it fosters empathy and connection. 

Legacy or living in the moment? 

Sample Answer: Living in the moment, because life is too short to constantly worry about the future. 

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Sexual This or That Questions

Foreplay or afterglow? 

Sample Answer: Foreplay, because it builds anticipation and connection. 

Slow and sensual or fast and intense? 

Sample Answer: Slow and sensual, for a more intimate and passionate experience. 

Whispering sweet nothings or dirty talk? 

Sample Answer: Whispering sweet nothings, because it’s romantic and endearing. 

Blindfolded or tied up? 

Sample Answer: Blindfolded, for heightened sensory experiences and anticipation. 

Morning sex or midnight rendezvous? 

Sample Answer: Midnight rendezvous, because something is thrilling about being intimate under the cover of darkness. 

Role-playing or spontaneous intimacy? 

Sample Answer: Spontaneous intimacy, because it’s raw and authentic. 

Sensual massage or playful tickling? 

Sample Answer: Sensual massage, for relaxation and arousal. 

Whipped cream or chocolate syrup? 

Sample Answer: Chocolate syrup, because it’s deliciously indulgent. 

Shower together or bath together? 

Sample Answer: Shower together, for steamy moments and intimate connection. 

Silk sheets or satin lingerie? 

Sample Answer: Satin lingerie, because it’s luxurious and sensual. 

Difficult “This or That” Questions

Save your best friend or save a million strangers? 

Sample Answer: Save my best friend, because loyalty and love are priceless. 

Lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones? 

Sample Answer: Lose all of my old memories, because I cherish the ability to continue creating new experiences. 

Be stranded on a deserted island or lost in a dense forest? 

Sample Answer: Stranded on a deserted island, because at least there’s the hope of being rescued by passing ships or planes. 

Live without music or live without books? 

Sample Answer: Live without books, because music is the soundtrack of life. 

End world hunger or bring about world peace? 

Sample Answer: End world hunger, because no one should suffer from lack of food while we strive for peace. 

Save a loved one from a burning building or save a stranger from drowning? 

Sample Answer: Save a loved one from a burning building, because family comes first. 

Lose the ability to speak or lose the ability to hear? 

Sample Answer: Lose the ability to speak, because communication is possible through other means. 

End world poverty or reverse climate change? 

Sample Answer: End world poverty, because no one should have to suffer from lack of basic necessities. 

Be able to fly or be able to breathe underwater? 

Sample Answer: Be able to fly, because the freedom of the skies is unparalleled. 

Be able to rewind time or pause time? 

Sample Answer: Pause time, because there are moments in life that are too precious to let slip away. 


This or That questions are a versatile tool for sparking conversation, fostering engagement, and learning more about the people around you. So, get creative, have fun, and enjoy the process of discovering what makes each person unique.


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