Top 30 Frequently Asked Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

interview questions and answers for freshers

There are specific interview questions and answers for freshers. You know every fresher wants to hear “Congratulations! You’ve got the job after a round of interviews, group discussions, and screening.

These words are like magic. But they do not come to us that easy. There are necessary questions youmust answer with confidence. As these questions are a means of testing your boldness, self control patience, and many more.

Carefully read through our interview questions and answers for freshers, and get set to wow your interviewer.

Top 30 Frequently Asked Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

Have you received your eagerly anticipated interview invitation? Fantastic!

To help you out, we have compiled a list of frequently asked interview questions and answers, since we know that interviews can be a little scary for some of us.

Simply take a deep breath, unwind, and get ready with these freshmen interview questions and answers.

Tell us a Little Bit About Yourself

Because they are unsure of what to say to persuade the recruiter, the majority of freshmen make poor first impressions. Of course, if you begin to share your life’s path, you are misguided. He is not interested in hearing your tales.

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat is a good place to start. These factors enable them to assess your personality and suitability for the required work role.

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Extra Tips:

  • Answers should be succinct and direct.
  • Don’t repeat what your resume says already.
  • Emphasize your life’s accomplishments and lessons learned.
  • Make responses more unique by including some current, pertinent examples.

Why did You Come to Work for this Company?

You must respond carefully in this case. The recruiter is now very interested in learning more about your background with the organization you are visiting for the interview. You should first ascertain the company’s profile.

Discover the company’s objective and vision, as well as its yearly turnover, strength, scalability, and growth possibilities. Include how you may assist it in realizing the company’s goals or vision.


  • Provide a few company-related statistics and figures.
  • Communicate your abilities with courage and confidence.
  • Connect it to your abilities and strengths to enhance its development.

Interview questions and answers for freshers.

Which Qualities do you Possess?

This inquiry concerns your level of strength. Consider your positive traits, such your ability to recognize obstacles and overcome them with ease. Don’t boast. It’s best to discuss your capabilities in relation to the position or the tasks you expect to have upon hire. People are drawn to innovative thinking and learning-oriented aspects. Add it as a value, then.

  • Shrewdly shape strength to fit the demands of the work.
  • Consider your positive traits carefully and highlight them as a benefit to the company culture.

What shortcomings do you have?

You might argue that you don’t have any, though. However, this could come across as conceited rather than assured. Saying “I’m yet trying to identify” might be a better option. Communicating the one, however, is a safe play. But be sure it won’t come out as unfavorable.

Extra Tips:

  • Select a vulnerability to address at minimum.
  • Give a real-world example to clarify.
  • Conclude by saying that you’re trying your best to get past it.

Which Hobbies do you Have?

Inquiring about your personality, degree of enthusiasm, and ability to interact with the company culture are the goals of this question for the recruiter.

Thus, choose your words carefully and introduce yourself while sharing some of your experiences traveling, meeting new people, communicating with more seasoned players, or anything similar. It’s okay to share your enthusiasm for fitness and sports.

Bonus Advice:

  • Share no undesirable habits, such as drinking, partying, or gambling.
  • Describe your abilities, soft skills, and interpersonal interactions in more detail.

Interview questions and answers for freshers.

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Why should we Employ You?

This is a challenging query. And after hearing that, you might be astounded because it sounds like something I would say. You ought to consider the positive aspects of this query. Use this as a chance to persuade the interviewer of your keen interest in and willingness to accept the position.

Talk about your strong points and how they can change the way the business operates or how productive it is. You might further explain it with a few instances.


  • Highlight your abilities and qualities in light of the job description, but don’t write too much.
  • Give a compelling explanation so the interviewer will be curious to learn that your assertions are true and your arguments are compelling.

What are your life’s objectives or goals?

Most frequently, companies inquire about your life goals. They can determine how long you would be there thanks to this question. It all comes down to projecting how long you will stay with the organization and what values you will probably bring to the table.

Should your objectives deviate from the company’s vision, he might subsequently discard your application. This is merely because he senses that, should you receive an opportunity in the field of your interest, you would relinquish the role.

Extra Advice:

  • Link your professional objectives to the company’s principles.
  • Persuade him that working for the company will help him advance his knowledge and abilities.

Where do you Envision Yourself 5 Years from Now?

During this phase, the recruiter naturally wants to hear about your long-term plans, including whether you expect to move into a different function or remain with the company. An further factor is your inherent capacity for growth.

He will believe you have the capacity to learn and will put in the necessary effort to achieve your professional goals if he sees your passion to soar. He wants you to have a burning desire to achieve great things.

Bonus Advice:

  • Refrain from stating that you want this work only to get experience before expressing your desire for a larger position later.
  • Give a response that is focused on the current position to demonstrate your strong interest in the business.

What Salary Goals do you Have?

As your interview is coming to an end, this question is asked. Though possibly the last response, this one is hardly the least. Discuss both gaining a respectable range of payments and the educational component. When you speak, place a strong emphasis on developing your knowledge base, your leadership abilities, and your professional skills.

Interview questions and answers for freshers.

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Bonus Advice:

  • A pay expectation should never be presented as being too high or too low.
  • Say that you accept the package in accordance with industry standards if you have no idea what the reasonable range is.

Do you want to ask us any Questions?

This is the call for wrapping up. If you have any questions concerning the duties and responsibilities, the recruiter wants to know. It’s time for you to start asking questions.

It shows that you are more determined, self-assured, and ready to find out precisely what your responsibilities will be.

More Tips:

  • When enumerating questions during the interview, move quickly.
  • Make thoughtful inquiries that demonstrate your desire to learn more about the organization, its people, policies, and any specialized skill sets that may be required.
  • Don’t inquire about other people’s salaries, off days, or similar matters.

Will you be be Ready to Relocate?

If he is the best candidate for the position, the job placement service will ask this question when searching for a candidate who can relocate. Numerous factors about your energy level, amount of passion, and enthusiasm can be inferred from your answer.

That being said, consider your response carefully and once. Your response should not be given out clearly or immediately, even if it is “NO.” Say something like: I would adore working at this company. No, I can’t do it. I would, however, give it another thought later.

Bonus Points:

  • Consider your options carefully before deciding to move.
  • Relocation should not be announced right away. Rephrase what you say to make it seem better.

When Can You Start?

Never attempt to come seem as desperate when responding to this question. Expressing your desire to begin it as soon as feasible is the greatest approach to reply.

Extra Advice:

  • Never communicate with a hurry to jump in.
  • Provide a precise start date for work.
  • Ask about the demands and requirements of the company.

Which Job is your Ideal One?

Both this and its solution are highly complex. Perhaps the role given there has nothing to do with your ideal work. Even if you think you might have a part in it, you should stay away from discussing it.

Refrain from sharing your aspirations for a position whose duties are well beyond your reach in the one that has been offered. It is a good idea to place more emphasis on learning and skills than on titles.

Extra Advice

Let’s say you want a full-time position where you can work for years and develop.

Interview questions and answers for freshers.

Will you feel at ease working weekends and late hours?

Ideally, consider your answer carefully before answering. If there’s a reason you don’t feel comfortable with it, state it right away and decline with grace. You may also state that it’s acceptable on occasion. However, frequentity can throw off my work-life balance.

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Extra Tips:

  • Say, “Once in a while, I’m okay with flexible shifts.”
  • Inform them that you will be available to assist the group in case of need.

What is the Greatest thing you have Done?

Tell people straight about your accomplishments if you have any. It is impossible for a Fresher to demonstrate any accomplishment in a corporate function.

However, the interviewer is looking for something that will highlight your strengths and value. You could talk about the accomplishments you made during the learning or internship phase.

How much do you know about our Company?

This inquiry aids the interviewer in gauging the extent of your pre-interview research. Preparing for the interview and presenting an answer that persuades the interviewer that you are aware of the company’s business plan is the best approach to respond.

Example: “I understand that you began in 1996 with just four employees, but over the years, you have progressively expanded, primarily as a result of your unwavering dedication to cost containment and customer satisfaction.

I am also aware that you intend to expand into new South American markets and geographical areas in order to boost your turnover by 20% over the course of the next three years.

Do You Work Well in a Team?

This question allows the interviewer to assess the employee’s ability to collaborate, which is a talent that is required for most occupations. In an ideal scenario, you would not just say “yes,” but also provide an explanation or an example of how you can contribute to a team environment.

For instance: “Yes, I am. Since I was seven years old, I have played hockey and basketball, and during the years, I have discovered that, regardless of one’s skill level, collaboration with a team that is stronger than the sum of its parts is essential.

Interview questions and answers for freshers.

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Who do you Believe to be the Primary Cometitor of this Business?

This question demonstrates your familiarity with the recruiting company’s industry as a whole, in addition to how much study you performed on the business itself. If you had done your homework, which is ideal, the best response would usually be a succinct summary of the company’s main competitors.

Example: “As far as I’m aware, Hollow Communications is the company with the most market share after Cybersmoke Systems. In addition, I saw that OSB Tech, a startup, is gaining ground on competitors.

What sort of Setting are you Hoping for our Company?

This question is posed by the recruiter to gauge the candidate’s familiarity with the company culture and likelihood of success in integrating. Finding out some of the company’s qualities through research and mentioning your flexibility is the greatest technique to respond to this inquiry.

An illustration: What I envision would be an open-space workplace setting where individuals work alone and together on a variety of tasks. Having said that, I can easily adjust to any work environment and am quite flexible.

Do you believe your Qualifications for this job Exceed your Needs?

Freshmen interview questions can occasionally become difficult. Interviewers frequently use this question as an example to gauge an applicant’s level of humility. They want you to consider how you would rank your skills at this point. Although some individuals believe it’s preferable to decline, you can attempt to respond positively.


I do think I am overqualified, yes. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that there is always something new to discover. And I see a lot of exposure that working with your firm will provide for my professional growth. I therefore have no problem accepting a low-paying job in order to gain additional experience.

Interview questions and answers for freshers.

What does Success Mean You?

HR interview questions for freshers are intended to find out how each candidate defines success, even though most people assume that this is only a language test.

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I view success as a difficult journey filled with challenges. These challenges provide me with lessons that I may use as a springboard as I sprint to the finish line. However, I feel that I have succeeded in both my career and personal life if today is better than yesterday.

Which choice did you have to make that was the most Difficult?

This kind of fresher HR interview question aims to assess your ability to make decisions. So, you can use this topic as a forum to discuss some of the difficult choices you have had to make in your personal life, whether they are related to your house, friends, romantic relationships, career, etc. But you can also use this answer if you don’t have any.


That’s what the weak are for. A cost-benefit analysis of the available possibilities is how I always calculate my decisions. I can simply weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a decision by putting its cost and reward side by side. This considerably aids in deconstructing its difficulty.

Would you be open to Working extra on the Weekends and Sometimes at Night?

The majority of HR inquiries for recent graduates focus on how far you would go to fulfill assignments for the business. This is an excellent opportunity to reiterate your dedication to your objectives and give them confidence that you will give it your all.


I always finish all of the chores that are given to me with diligence, as I have stated. And since producing high-quality work is always my top priority, I won’t think twice to come in on the weekend if those tasks occasionally require it.

HR Interview Questions with Answers for Freshers

Evaluating a candidate’s suitability for the position they are interviewing for is the aim of any HR interview. Interviewers can ascertain whether a candidate is a suitable fit for the desired role by asking HR interview questions.

Each question is carefully constructed to extract data that will either reinforce or undermine a candidate’s fitness. In HR interviews, questions concerning a candidate’s background, training, and abilities are frequently asked.

Interview questions and answers for freshers.

What Made You Quit Your Previous Job?

Take great care before responding to this question. Keep your mouth shut when you accuse employers of being careless or saying things like “Salary was less or poor work management.” You might say that in place of this:


This is an official change. I’ve learned a lot from my previous employment, but I’m looking for new challenges to broaden my horizons and acquire whole new abilities.

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Are there any Unique Qualities that set you Apart from the Other Candidates?

This is your chance to respond in a way that best represents your abilities and attributes. Describe the qualities that set you apart from the other prospects. It’s important to demonstrate your superiority to the interviewer, so don’t be scared to boast a little.


What sets me apart from the other contenders are a few things. To start with, I’ve managed numerous projects and worked with a variety of teams. I can easily establish relationships with clients and coworkers because I’m a fantastic communicator. In conclusion, I am eager to learn new things and embrace difficulties.

Interview questions and answers for freshers.

Tell Us About an Instance Where your Performance did not Meet your Expectations.

There are several reasons why this question could be posed by interviewers. It’s possible that the interviewer wants to see if you can learn from criticism and strengthen your areas of weakness. They can also be testing your ability to own up to mistakes you’ve made and your ability to handle pressure.


When I was given the task of leading a project, I did not feel that I performed well enough and missed the deadline. I was quite disappointed with myself and felt like I let my team down. I discovered how crucial it is to establish reasonable objectives and let teammates know if there will be any delays.

FAQs About Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

How to introduce yourself in an interview?

A professional introduction should begin with a kind salutation, your full name, your educational background, any relevant work experience, a focus on your strongest suit, a synopsis of your career goal, and a statement of thanks for the chance.

In what way can I present myself as a fresher?

Include your contact information, educational history, any relevant training or abilities that make you a good fit for the role or the business, and a few pertinent personal facts. It can backfire on your self-introduction, so be sure to make it succinct and steer clear of digressions.

Why should I employ you?

“Due to my relevant experience, industry passion, and skills, I should be hired for this role.” I can contribute to the company’s expansion having studied it. My work ethic, long-term objectives, and positive outlook all match the demands of the position, which makes me a dedicated and important contributor to the business.

Why do you want this job?

“My personal interests and career goals are well matched with this position, which is why I am so pleased about it. Having a solid background in [relevant sector], this position at [business name] offers me the chance to put my abilities to use and develop them even more.