20 Frequently Asked Rite Foods Interview Questions

Rite Foods Interview Questions

Everything ‘Bigi’ you have tasted in Nigeria is a product of Rite food. From the quality they churn it, you will agree they put so much energy into hiring the best hands.

If you have just received an invite, Rite Foods interview questions will test your capability to be one of its highly esteemed teammates. Hence, you must prepare yourself with the right information before the given date.

Practicing these 20 Frequently Asked Rite Foods Interview Questions and getting accustomed to how best to answer them will likely increase your chances of landing your dream job.

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About Rite Foods

With a slogan, Truly World-Class and Proudly Nigerian Rite Foods Limited is the home to Bigi Drinks, Fearless Energy Drinks, Sosa Fruit Drinks, and Rite and Bigi Sausage Rolls.

It is Nigeria’s leading manufacturer of carbonated soft drinks, premium table water, energy drinks, and sausages, Certified by Halal, Rite Foods Limited was officially launched as a company in December 2007 as a subsidiary of EssAy Holdings Limited.

Their Bigi brand boasts over 12 flavors, the most diverse portfolio in the Nigerian juice market. Rite Foods is the first indigenous company to win a product category award at the Monde Selection International Quality Awards. The company boasts a state-of-the-art factory in Ososa, Ogun State, with a production capacity of over 300 million bottles per year.

20 Frequently Asked Rite Foods Interview Questions

Rite Foods limited interview questions are designed to test your knowledge of the food and beverage industry. Also, you should expect questions on your behavioral and work patterns.

Understanding the intent of each question will help you decide how best to answer it. Below are common industry-related interview questions at Rite Foods to test your knowledge of the industry.

#1. Tell me about your experience in the food and beverage industry.

To answer this, highlight relevant skills and experience, even if not directly in beverages. Also, emphasize your understanding of consumer trends and the Nigerian market.

#2. Why are you interested in working at Rite Foods?

Express genuine enthusiasm for the brand, its values, and its products. Research the company’s mission and initiatives to demonstrate alignment. Focus on their culture, values, and interests that align with your career goals.

#3. What do you understand by the role?

Understanding the role you’re interviewing for is crucial to acing your application, and the question “What do you understand by the role?” is a prime opportunity to showcase your research and enthusiasm.

Focus on your comprehension of the job description, responsibilities, and qualifications.  Briefly summarize your understanding of the job title, key responsibilities, and required skills listed in the job description.

Explain how your skills and experience align with the role’s requirements. Give specific examples of past successes that demonstrate your capabilities. Briefly reiterate your enthusiasm for the role and your belief in your ability to contribute.

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#4. Tell me about a specific Rite Foods product you like and why.

Choose a product relevant to the role you’re applying for. For instance, if you’re interviewing for marketing, pick a unique flavor or innovative packaging element. For sales, highlight a product with strong market performance.

Go beyond just taste. Mention how the product aligns with your values. For example, “I love the Big Boss energy drink because it’s sugar-free and helps me stay focused during workouts.”

Swiftly, connect it to the company’s mission. Discuss how the product reflects Rite Foods’ commitment to quality, innovation, or sustainability.

#5. How would you contribute to achieving the company’s goals?

Research Rite Foods’ mission statement and latest initiatives. Understand their focus on areas like market expansion, product development, or community engagement.

Identify specific goals that resonate with your skills and experience. For example, if you’re a data analyst, mention your ability to analyze consumer trends and support targeted marketing campaigns.

Outline concrete actions you’d take to contribute.  You can end with “I can leverage my social media expertise to launch engaging campaigns that reach new customer segments and boost brand awareness.”

Show your passion for the food and beverage sector by staying informed about new technologies, regulations, and consumer preferences.

Mention specific trends that you find exciting and how they could impact Rite Foods. For example, “I’m interested in the growing demand for natural ingredients and functional beverages.

This will reinstate that you are not bluffing. Moving forward, share innovative ideas based on your knowledge of the industry.

#7. What are your career goals? How does this role fit into your long-term plans?

Express your long-term aspirations related to the food and beverage industry or your chosen field. Show that the role is a stepping stone in your career development.

Highlight transferable skills you can bring to the table, even if they’re not directly related to the specific position. Also, emphasize your desire to grow within the company.

#8. Tell me about your experience with marketing, sales, or production (depending on the role).

Focus on relevant past experiences in marketing, sales, or production, depending on the position. Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your answer.

Quantify your achievements whenever possible. Show the impact you’ve made with specific numbers or percentages. For example, “In my previous role at [company name], I increased brand awareness by X% through a targeted social media campaign.”

Finally, adapt your experience to the company’s needs. If Rite Foods prioritizes sustainability, highlight any past projects related to eco-friendly practices or resource management.

#9. Describe a time you overcame a challenge in a previous role.

Choose a challenging situation you faced in a previous role and focus on how you overcame it. Don’t dwell on the problem itself, but emphasize your approach and positive outcome.

Highlight your critical thinking skills. Explain the steps you took to analyze the situation, identify the root cause, and develop a solution.

Demonstrate your resilience and adaptability. Show how you learned from the experience and applied your learnings to future challenges.

#10. How do you handle working under pressure and tight deadlines?

Provide examples of past situations where you worked under pressure and met tight deadlines. Show how you remained calm, organized, and focused under stress.

Describe your time management skills. Explain your workflow and organization methods to ensure you deliver high-quality work on time. Mention specific tools or techniques you use to prioritize tasks and manage pressure effectively.

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General Interview Questions at Rite Foods Limited

#11. Describe a situation where you had to overcome a challenge in a work setting.

Focus on your problem-solving skills and ability to adapt to new situations. Provide a concrete example that showcases your initiative and resourcefulness.

#12. What are your salary expectations?

Research average salaries for similar positions and adjust based on your experience and skills. Be confident and express your worthwhile remaining flexible for negotiation.

#13. Do you have any questions for us?

Prepare questions that demonstrate your research and genuine interest. Avoid generic topics readily answered online. Focus on the company’s plans, company culture, or specific challenges within the role.

Ask about team dynamics or mentorship opportunities and show your commitment to the company.

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#14. What are your career goals? How does this role fit into your long-term plans?

 Briefly describe your aspirations within the food and beverage industry or your chosen field.  Emphasize the growth and learning opportunities you seek. Ensure you share a progressive long-term vision.

 Explain how this specific position at Rite Foods provides the ideal stepping stone for your career development. Highlight relevant skills you can gain and how your contributions will align with the company’s goals. Mention your desire to progress within the organization

#15. When will you start if you are employed?

Consider current employment status, notice period, and the flexibility of the new role when answering this interview question at Rite Foods. State your current employment situation and the notice period required by your contract.

If your current notice period doesn’t perfectly align with the start date the new company is considering, discuss any flexibility you have.

Don’t commit to a specific start date before understanding the expectations of the new company and any logistical considerations like training schedules or onboarding procedures.

#16. Why should we hire you over other candidates? (Summarize your unique skills and value proposition.)

Summarize your key skills and experiences. Briefly reiterate your strengths and achievements relevant to the role. Use keywords from the job description to demonstrate your understanding of the requirements.

Mention specific qualities or experiences that set you apart from other candidates. Show passion and enthusiasm. Express your genuine excitement about the opportunity and your eagerness to contribute. 

#17. Give an example of a time you had to collaborate effectively with a team to achieve a goal.

Choose a situation where you played a critical role in achieving a shared goal. Focus on your communication, coordination, and problem-solving skills within the team.

Explain how you contributed to the success, whether through leadership, conflict resolution, or innovative ideas. Use the STAR method to structure your answer. Emphasize the positive outcome. Quantify the results if possible and celebrate the team’s collective achievement.

#18. Tell me about a situation where you had to make a difficult decision.

Describe a situation where you faced a complex choice with conflicting options. Emphasize your analytical skills and ability to weigh pros and cons.

Explain your decision-making process. Mention the information you gathered, how you evaluated different scenarios, and the factors that ultimately influenced your choice. Highlight positive consequences. To achieve this, focus on the successful outcome or valuable lesson learned from the experience.

#19. How do you handle disagreements in a professional setting?

Choose an example where you encountered a difference of opinion. Focus on your communication and conflict resolution skills, not the specific disagreement itself. Emphasize active listening and understanding.

To end, describe how you reached a solution. Explain how you facilitated conversation, found common ground, or presented alternative solutions. Highlight the importance of mutual respect and collaboration.

#20. Share an instance where you went above and beyond your job description.

Choose an instance where you exceeded expectations in your previous role. Focus on initiative, resourcefulness, and creativity. Explain the problem you identified or the opportunity you saw, and how it went beyond your regular duties.

Explain how your extra effort benefited the company, either through increased efficiency, improved customer experience, or a new initiative.

What should I wear to the interview at Rite Foods?

Dressing professionally for your Rite Foods interview is crucial for making a positive first impression. Depending on the role, you should match your outfit to the role you’re interviewing for.

If applying for a marketing position, you might have more leeway with color and patterns, while sales or production roles might favor a more classic approach.

Since Rite Foods emphasizes innovation and quality, you can never go wrong with a polished and professional look that aligns with the company culture. So, strive for a modern and tasteful appearance.

Dress conservatively with a slight business casual twist. However, maintain a professional air by avoiding overly casual attire like jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers. Ensure your clothes are clean, ironed, and fit well.

How much does Rite Foods pay?

 Different roles within the company (sales, marketing, production, etc.) have varying pay scales. Generally, more experienced or highly qualified individuals typically command higher salaries.

According to job postings on Glassdoor.com, the table below summarises pay at Rite Foods Limited

Job TitleSalaries SubmittedTotal Pay Range (NGN)Base Pay (NGN)
Sales Associate21M-29M2M
Sales Manager23M-5M3M
Sales Representative22M-2M2M
Warehouse Assistant1953K-1M1M
Quality Control13M-4M4M
Photographer, Videographer, & Video Editor1570K-624K602K
Shift Supervisor13M-3M3M
Machine Operator12M-2M2M
Quality Control Officer11M-1M1M
Utility Technician1285K-307K297K
Health Snd and Safely11M-1M1M
Regional Sales Manager15M-5M4M
Safety Officer, Safety Supervisor13M-4M4M
Financial Controller111M-12M12M

What are the products of Rite food?

The table below lists Rite Foods’ list of products.

CategoryProductAdditional Details
Carbonated Soft DrinksBigi SodaOrange, lemon, lime, cherry cola, ginger lemon, tamarind
Fearless Energy DrinkVarious flavors
Premium Table WaterRite Table WaterStill, refreshing mineral water
Fruit DrinksSosa PineappleSweet and tangy pineapple juice blend
Sosa AppleCrisp and refreshing apple juice blend
Sosa OrangeZesty and vibrant orange juice blend
Sosa Mixed BerryDelicious blend of various berries
Sausage RollsBigi Beef Sausage RollSavory beef filling in flaky pastry
Rite Spicy Sausage RollSpicy beef filling for a bolder flavor
Rite Sausage RollClassic sausage filling in golden pastry
Other ProductsRite Energy PowderEnergizing powder mix for hydration and focus
Bigi Tom Tom CandyHard candy in various fruity flavors
Bigi Candy DropsSoft and chewy candy in assorted flavors

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Rites Food?

Who is the owner of Rites Food?

Sulaiman Adebola Adegunwa OFR is the founder of Essay Holdings Limited; Parent Company of Rite Foods Limited.

How much does Rite Foods pay?

Rite pay depends on role and level of experience. However, a technician has an annual pay of 780k.


Rite Foods has worked tirelessly to maintain its reputation in the food and beverage industry. Hence, Rite Food interview questions are designed to screen applicants and select the best for each position.

Understanding what questions to expect will aid your preparation technique. Practice these 20 Frequently Asked Rite Foods Interview Questions and increase your chances of landing your dream job.