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dirty team names for trivia

If you’re ready to spice up your trivia night with some humor, we’ve got just the thing for you! You could be preparing for a trivia showdown or just reliving your fantasy football or hockey experiences, or maybe, you just want some naughty names for your special game nights, well, you could find some interesting trivia team names on our list.

We’ve put together a list of 500 dirty team names that are not only clever and funny but also guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Let’s get on to unleash your creativity and let the laughs roll in! It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, these names are sure to bring a smile to your face and add some extra fun to your game nights.

What are dirty team names for trivia?

Dirty team names for trivia are humorous and slightly naughty names that add a fun twist to your trivia game. They often include clever wordplay, puns, or innuendos to make you chuckle.

These names are meant to be lighthearted and playful, adding an extra element of entertainment to your trivia experience. While they might be a bit cheeky, they’re all in good fun and meant to bring laughter to your game night.

So, whether you’re competing with friends or family, these team names can add some humor and excitement to the mix. Just remember to keep it light-hearted and enjoy the game!

It’s important to note that dirty team names for trivia aren’t necessarily vulgar or offensive. Our list comprises some of the best team names. While they may have a playful or risqué edge to them, they typically avoid using explicit language or offensive terms. Instead, they rely on clever wordplay, innuendos, or humorous references to add a touch of fun to your trivia game.

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Dirty team names for trivia

See the 500+ best dirty team names for trivia:

Best dirty team names for trivia

  1. Cunning Stunts
  2. Filthy Minds Think Alike
  3. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  4. The Innuendo Squad
  5. Naughty Neighbors
  6. Lewd and Lusty
  7. Raunchy Rebels
  8. Vulgar Victors
  9. Obscene Outlaws
  10. Saucy Savages
  11. X-Rated Xtremists
  12. Dirty Divas
  13. Filthy Flirts
  14. Raunchy Rockstars
  15. Lewd Legends
  16. Naughty Nuggets
  17. Vulgar Vandals
  18. Obscene Oddballs
  19. Saucy Sirens
  20. X-Rated Explorers
  21. Dirty Dynamos
  22. Filthy Frenzy
  23. Raunchy Raiders
  24. Lewd Lunatics
  25. Naughty Nomads
  26. Vulgar Visionaries
  27. Obscene Olympians
  28. Saucy Superstars
  29. X-Rated Executives
  30. Dirty Devils
  31. Filthy Fantasies
  32. Raunchy Renegades
  33. Lewd Luminaries
  34. Naughty Notables
  35. Vulgar Voyagers
  36. Obscene Outcasts
  37. Saucy Swindlers
  38. X-Rated Xperts
  39. Dirty Dream Team
  40. Filthy Fighters
  41. Raunchy Rebels
  42. Lewd Legends
  43. Naughty Navigators
  44. Vulgar Visionaries
  45. Obscene Oddballs
  46. Saucy Sirens
  47. X-Rated Xtremists
  48. Dirty Dynamos
  49. Filthy Frenzy
  50. Raunchy Raiders
  51. Lewd Lunatics
  52. Naughty Nomads
  53. Vulgar Vandals
  54. Obscene Olympians
  55. Saucy Superstars
  56. X-Rated Executives
  57. Dirty Devils
  58. Filthy Fantasies
  59. Raunchy Renegades
  60. Lewd Luminaries

Funny dirty team names for trivia

  1. The Punani Platoon
  2. Bootylicious Brainiacs
  3. The Groin Gang
  4. Cheeky Champs
  5. The Junkyard Jesters
  6. The Twerk Team
  7. The Naughty Ninjas
  8. Booty Bandits
  9. The Pecker Posse
  10. The Saucy Sinners
  11. The Tickle Titans
  12. The Nasty Nomads
  13. The Wang Warriors
  14. The Filthy Fiasco
  15. The Nipple Nincompoops
  16. The Bootylicious Brigade
  17. The Salty Scoundrels
  18. The Raunchy Rabble
  19. The Tushy Trio
  20. The Lewd Laugher
  21. The Vulgar Vixens
  22. The Wicked Wombats
  23. The Bodacious Booties
  24. The Saucy Scamps
  25. The Dirty Double Entendres
  26. The Frisky Freaks
  27. The Sassy Spartans
  28. The Bawdy Bandits
  29. The Tantalizing Tushies
  30. The Cheeky Charlatans
  31. The Nifty Nudists
  32. The Booty Brawlers
  33. The Naughty Noggins
  34. The Racy Raiders
  35. The Kinky Knaves
  36. The Pervy Pals
  37. The Silly Seducers
  38. The Lewd Laughter
  39. The Quirky Queefs
  40. The Saucy Saboteurs
  41. The Naughty Naysayers
  42. The Booty Bashers
  43. The Cheeky Chirps
  44. The Bawdy Brigade
  45. The Raunchy Rascals
  46. The Hilarious Hooligans
  47. The Vulgar Vandals
  48. The Saucy Stunners
  49. The Lewd Laughs
  50. The Cheeky Chimps
  51. The Nasty Nymphos
  52. The Tushy Troublemakers
  53. The Booty Buffoons
  54. The Naughty Nomads
  55. The Jiggly Jokers
  56. The Saucy Showstoppers
  57. The Risqué Rogues
  58. The Lewd Laughs
  59. The Cheeky Chucklers
  60. The Booty Believers
  61. The Nudie Novices
  62. The Racy Renegades
  63. The Vulgar Villains
  64. The Saucy Shenanigans
  65. The Lewd Laughter
  66. The Kooky Kinksters
  67. The Pervy Party
  68. The Cheeky Clowns
  69. The Bodacious Buffoons
  70. The Raunchy Revelers

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Clever dirty team names for trivia

  1. Cunning Cunninglings
  2. Witty Whippersnappers
  3. Sassy Smartasses
  4. Clever Clamcatchers
  5. Brainy Booty Bandits
  6. Quick-witted Quirksters
  7. Smart-mouthed Shenanigans
  8. Racy Riddle Masters
  9. Saucy Smarty Pants
  10. Shrewd Shaggers
  11. Intelligently Indecent
  12. Naughty Noodle Navigators
  13. Devious Diversionists
  14. Wit-filled Wankers
  15. Sneaky Sexperts
  16. Sly Sleazeballs
  17. Mindful Mischief Makers
  18. Dirty Dilemma Dynamos
  19. Pithy Perverts
  20. Quirky Quickies
  21. Cerebral Crotch Comrades
  22. Ingenious Impurities
  23. Risqué Riddle Raiders
  24. Slick Seduction Scholars
  25. Crafty Carnal Connoisseurs
  26. Raunchy Riddle Rebels
  27. Witty Wank Warriors
  28. Brainy Bawdy Brigade
  29. Smartypants Sinners
  30. Cunningly Covert Coitus
  31. Quick-witted Quim Questers
  32. Shrewd Smut Sleuths
  33. Intellectually Indecent Innovators
  34. Naughty Noodle Navigators
  35. Deviously Daring Dudes
  36. Wit-filled Wank Wonders
  37. Sneaky Sexuality Scholars
  38. Sly Seduction Sages
  39. Mindful Mischief Masters
  40. Dirty Dilemma Detectives
  41. Pithy Pleasure Pioneers
  42. Quirky Quickie Quizzers
  43. Cerebral Carnal Conspirators
  44. Ingenious Innuendo Investigators
  45. Risqué Riddle Revolutionaries
  46. Slick Seducer Sleuths
  47. Crafty Covert Copulators
  48. Raunchy Riddle Renegades
  49. Witty Wham Bam Thank You Ma’ams
  50. Brainy Bedtime Brawlers
  51. Smartypants Sleaze Syndicate
  52. Cunningly Coital Connoisseurs
  53. Quick-witted Quip Questers
  54. Shrewd Sexiness Sleuths
  55. Intellectually Indecent Innovators
  56. Naughty Nibble Navigators
  57. Deviously Daring Deviants
  58. Wit-filled Wet Dream Wonders
  59. Sneaky Seductive Scholars
  60. Sly Sensual Sages

Fantasy football dirty team names trivia

  1. Pigskin Panty Raiders
  2. Endzone Enigmas
  3. Gridiron Groin Grabbers
  4. Touchdown Taint Tacklers
  5. Quarterback Quims
  6. Tight End Troublemakers
  7. Helmet Humpers
  8. Pigskin Pervs
  9. Sack Snatchers
  10. Field Goal Fondlers
  11. Huddle Humpers
  12. Fumble Fornicators
  13. Blitz Boners
  14. Pigskin Perverts
  15. Scoring Scrotums
  16. Tackle Teasers
  17. Field Fetishists
  18. Goalpost Gropers
  19. Line of Scrimmage Seducers
  20. Endzone Exhibitionists
  21. Fantasy Fornicators
  22. First Down Freaks
  23. Quarterback Queefs
  24. Gridiron Gropers
  25. Tight End Ticklers
  26. Pigskin Penetrators
  27. Safety Savages
  28. Blitz Bangers
  29. Pigskin Playboys
  30. Pigskin Poon Plunderers
  31. Gridiron Gushers
  32. Endzone Erotics
  33. Field Goal Frenzies
  34. Touchdown Twisters
  35. Fumble Fondlers
  36. Pigskin Pimps
  37. Scoring Seducers
  38. Tackle Temptresses
  39. Field Fetishists
  40. Goalpost Grinders
  41. Line of Scrimmage Sirens
  42. Endzone Ecstasy
  43. Fantasy Fornicaters
  44. First Down Deviants
  45. Quarterback Quivers
  46. Gridiron Groovers
  47. Tight End Tantalizers
  48. Pigskin Pleasure Pioneers
  49. Safety Slayers
  50. Blitz Bosoms
  51. Pigskin Playgirls
  52. Pigskin Poon Pluggers
  53. Gridiron Geishas
  54. Endzone Enticers
  55. Field Goal Fiends
  56. Touchdown Tuggers
  57. Fumble Feelers
  58. Pigskin Prodigies
  59. Scoring Sirens
  60. Tackle Trollops

Fantasy hockey dirty team names

  1. Puck Playboys
  2. Stick Swingers
  3. Ice Impalers
  4. Rink Rimmers
  5. Net Nibblers
  6. Zamboni Booty Busters
  7. Blue Line Bandits
  8. Ice Hole Invaders
  9. Puck Pervs
  10. Penalty Box Prowlers
  11. Faceoff Fondlers
  12. Stick Slappers
  13. Crease Crushers
  14. Power Play Penetrators
  15. Puck Picklers
  16. Skate Seducers
  17. Goalie Grope Gang
  18. Hat Trick Hotties
  19. Puck Pleasers
  20. Enforcer Enticers
  21. Stick Shafters
  22. Icebound Infidels
  23. Sin Bin Sirens
  24. Stick Handling Honeys
  25. Blue Line Booty Babes
  26. Ice Mound Marauders
  27. Puck Pounders
  28. Slap Shot Sirens
  29. Faceoff Feigners
  30. Penalty Box Princes
  31. Goalie Grapplers
  32. Hat Trick Harlots
  33. Puck Plungers
  34. Skate Skanks
  35. Crease Carnalists
  36. Power Play Playmates
  37. Puck Prodigies
  38. Enforcer Euphoria
  39. Stick Sirens
  40. Icebound Instigators
  41. Sin Bin Seductresses
  42. Stick Strumpets
  43. Blue Line Bombshells
  44. Ice Mound Maidens
  45. Puck Playmates
  46. Slap Shot Seducers
  47. Faceoff Foxes
  48. Penalty Box Princesses
  49. Goalie Gropers
  50. Hat Trick Harlequins
  51. Puck Pixies
  52. Skate Sirens
  53. Crease Coquettes
  54. Power Play Paramours
  55. Puck Playas
  56. Enforcer Enchantresses
  57. Stick Seductresses
  58. Icebound Illusionists
  59. Sin Bin Sexpots
  60. Blue Line Beauties

Dirty team names for games

  1. Game Night Groper Squad
  2. Filthy Funsters
  3. Naughty Noughts and Crosses
  4. Dirty Dice Divas
  5. Raunchy Rollers
  6. Sleazy Scrabble Sirens
  7. Twisted Twister Troupe
  8. Sinful Sudoku Syndicate
  9. Cards Against Decency Crew
  10. Cheeky Chess Champions
  11. Vulgar Video Gamers
  12. Nasty Nintendo Ninjas
  13. Shameless Scrabble Squad
  14. Dirty Domino Daredevils
  15. Wicked Word Search Wizards
  16. Kinky Karaoke Krew
  17. Game Night Gangbang
  18. Racy Rubik’s Cube Rebels
  19. Lewd Ludo Lovers
  20. Raunchy Roleplaying Rangers
  21. Naughty Trivial Pursuit Team
  22. Twisted Truth or Dare Daredevils
  23. Dirty Draw Something Dudes
  24. Salacious Scattergories Squad
  25. X-rated Xbox Xperts
  26. Frisky Fortnite Fiends
  27. Sinful Spin the Bottle Squad
  28. Steamy Scatterbrain Scrabble Squad
  29. Sensual Sudoku Syndicate
  30. Vulgar Video Voyagers
  31. Erotic Eye Spy Elites
  32. Shameless Scatterbrain Scrabble Squad
  33. Naughty Nerd Night Navigators
  34. Kinky Kahoot Krew
  35. Wicked Wii Whippers
  36. Lewd Limbo Lords
  37. Racy Risk Raiders
  38. Cheeky Connect Four Champions
  39. Vulgar VR Vigilantes
  40. Nasty Never Have I Ever Navigators
  41. Twisted Taboo Tag Team
  42. Dirty D&D Devils
  43. Salacious Scavenger Hunt Hustlers
  44. X-rated Xbox Xplorers
  45. Frisky Family Feud Fiends
  46. Sinful Simon Says Squad
  47. Steamy Scrabble Sirens
  48. Sensual Spin the Bottle Squad
  49. Naughty Nintendo Ninjas
  50. Erotic Eye Spy Enthusiasts
  51. Shameless Scatterbrain Scrabble Squad
  52. Naughty Nerd Night Navigators
  53. Kinky Kahoot Krew
  54. Wicked Wii Whippers
  55. Lewd Limbo Lords
  56. Racy Risk Raiders
  57. Cheeky Connect Four Champions
  58. Vulgar VR Vigilantes
  59. Nasty Never Have I Ever Navigators
  60. Twisted Taboo Tag Team

Dirty team names for darts

  1. Dartboard Diddlers
  2. Bullseye Bandits
  3. Naughty Needle Navigators
  4. Raunchy Round-Robin Rogues
  5. Filthy Flights Flingers
  6. Slick Shaft Shaggers
  7. Dirty Dart Divas
  8. Naughty Number Nudgers
  9. Cheeky Cork Crushers
  10. Darting Daredevils
  11. Lewd Lineup Lords
  12. Saucy Spinners
  13. Raunchy Ringleaders
  14. Dartboard Degenerates
  15. Filthy Flight Furies
  16. Sleazy Shot Sharpeners
  17. Seductive Segmentation Specialists
  18. Sensual Shaft Shapers
  19. Naughty Number Ninjas
  20. Cheeky Cork Carnage Crew
  21. Darting Divas
  22. Lewd Lineup Legends
  23. Saucy Spin Sisters
  24. Raunchy Ringmasters
  25. Dartboard Damsels
  26. Filthy Flight Fanatics
  27. Sleazy Shot Slingers
  28. Seductive Segmentation Sirens
  29. Sensual Shaft Seducers
  30. Naughty Number Navigators
  31. Cheeky Cork Crushers
  32. Darting Dudes
  33. Lewd Lineup Lovers
  34. Saucy Spin Specialists
  35. Raunchy Ring Ruffians
  36. Dartboard Delinquents
  37. Filthy Flight Fanatics
  38. Sleazy Shot Slingers
  39. Seductive Segmentation Sensations
  40. Sensual Shaft Slayers
  41. Naughty Number Navigators
  42. Cheeky Cork Crushers
  43. Darting Dames
  44. Lewd Lineup Lords
  45. Saucy Spin Sirens
  46. Raunchy Ring Rascals
  47. Dartboard Dazzlers
  48. Filthy Flight Flingers
  49. Sleazy Shot Specialists
  50. Seductive Segmentation Sorcerers
  51. Sensual Shaft Strikers
  52. Naughty Number Navigators
  53. Cheeky Cork Crushers
  54. Darting Divas
  55. Lewd Lineup Legends
  56. Saucy Spin Sisters
  57. Raunchy Ringmasters
  58. Dartboard Damsels
  59. Filthy Flight Fanatics
  60. Sleazy Shot Slingers

Kiss me dirty team names

  1. Sultry Smoochers
  2. Lusty Lip Lockers
  3. Raunchy Romantics
  4. Naughty Neck Nibblers
  5. Kinky Kisser Krew
  6. Seductive Suckers
  7. Dirty Lip Lovers
  8. Tempting Tongue Twisters
  9. Sensual Slobberers
  10. Lustful Lip Lickers
  11. Steamy Smackers
  12. Puckered Passion Pals
  13. Saucy Snog Squad
  14. Naughty Neck Nuzzlers
  15. Racy Lip Raiders
  16. Frisky French Kissers
  17. Kinky Kissing Kinks
  18. Sizzling Suction Seekers
  19. Dirty Frenchers
  20. Tongue Tango Troupe
  21. Passionate Peckers
  22. Salacious Smooch Seekers
  23. Lip Lock Lovers
  24. Lusty Lip Lingering Lovers
  25. Tempting Tongue Teasers
  26. Sensual Sucker Seekers
  27. Lustful Lip Lappers
  28. Steamy Smooch Squad
  29. Puckered Passion Prowlers
  30. Saucy Smooch Sirens
  31. Naughty Neck Nibblers
  32. Racy Romance Rangers
  33. Frisky French Kiss Fanatics
  34. Kinky Kiss Kollective
  35. Sizzling Suction Seekers
  36. Dirty Deep Divers
  37. Tongue Tango Tantalizers
  38. Passionate Peck Posse
  39. Salacious Smooch Snatchers
  40. Lip Lock Lotharios
  41. Lusty Lip Lingering Lovers
  42. Tempting Tongue Tasters
  43. Sensual Sucker Squad
  44. Lustful Lip Lusties
  45. Steamy Smooch Syndicate
  46. Puckered Passion Pirates
  47. Saucy Smooch Schemers
  48. Naughty Neck Nibble Nomads
  49. Racy Romance Rovers
  50. Frisky French Kiss Fan Club
  51. Kinky Kiss Connoisseurs
  52. Sizzling Suction Savants
  53. Dirty Deep Dive Darlings
  54. Tongue Tango Tacticians
  55. Passionate Peck Platoon
  56. Salacious Smooch Sleuths
  57. Lip Lock Legion
  58. Lusty Lip Lock Lovers
  59. Tempting Tongue Titans
  60. Sensual Sucker Squad

How to use the dirty team names for trivia

Using dirty team names for trivia adds a playful and humorous element to your trivia night. These names can be incorporated into various aspects of the game:

  • Team Identification: Assign each team a dirty name to use throughout the trivia game. This adds a fun twist and encourages camaraderie among team members.
  • Announcement: When announcing teams at the beginning of the trivia event, use their chosen dirty team names to introduce them to the audience. This sets a lighthearted tone for the game.
  • Scorekeeping: Keep track of each team’s score using their chosen dirty team name. This makes it easier to identify and announce the leading teams as the game progresses.
  • Interaction: Encourage teams to shout out their dirty team names when they answer questions or interact with the host. This creates a lively atmosphere and keeps participants engaged.
  • Prizes: Consider awarding prizes for the best or funniest dirty team name at the end of the trivia night. This adds an extra incentive for teams to come up with creative and entertaining names.


Can I use these dirty team names in a professional setting?

It’s best to use discretion and consider the context. While these names can add humor to casual events like office trivia nights, they may not be appropriate for formal or professional settings. Always consider the audience and the tone of the event before using such names.

Can I use dirty team names for family-friendly events?

Absolutely! While these names may have a naughty connotation, they can still be used in a playful and light-hearted manner suitable for all audiences, ensuring a fun and memorable trivia experience for everyone involved.

Are there any alternative options if I prefer not to use dirty team names?

If dirty team names aren’t your style, there are plenty of other options available. Consider using witty or punny team names, references to pop culture or current events, or simply using team members’ names or initials. The key is to choose names that resonate with your group and add a fun element to the event.


Trivia nights, fantasy sports, and game nights are all about having fun and enjoying some friendly competition. With these 500 dirty team names, you’ll not only bring a smile to your face but also add a playful and mischievous element to your events. So, get creative, choose a name that suits your team’s personality, and let the laughter begin!

Remember, the key is to have fun and keep the spirit of friendly competition alive. So, go ahead, pick a dirty team name that tickles your funny bone, and get ready to make your mark in the world of trivia!