250+ Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers

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As we explore the fascinating world of Titanic Trivia Questions, get ready to embark on a romantic and historical adventure!

Taking a look back, did you know that it has been more than 20 years since the blockbuster film Titanic, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, won over everyone’s hearts?

The world is still enthralled with the Titanic, that legendary ship of aspirations and tragedies.
Get your life jacket and your sense of triviality ready, for the answers to these fascinating questions, along with the Titanic, are waiting for you!

About Titanic

Famous American financier John Pierpont “JP” Morgan was a significant shareholder in the American firm that owned the British-registered White Star liner Titanic.

Harland & Wolff constructed the Titanic in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to carry passengers from Southampton, England, to New York City across the Atlantic Ocean. It was reputed to be unsinkable and the biggest, most opulent passenger ship of its day.

The Titanic, carrying 2,240 passengers and crew members, was launched on May 31, 1911, and sailed on its inaugural journey from Southampton on April 10, 1912. When the Titanic struck an iceberg on April 15, 1912, it broke apart and plummeted to the bottom of the ocean, killing almost 1,500 people on board.

Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers for Titanic Characters

Below are useful trivia questions and answers you must know about the Titanic characters:

Question 1. Give the name of the acquaintance Jack brought aboard the Titanic.
Answer: Head of the Department

Question 2. Identify the person Rose was assured she would never let go of.
Answer: Jack

Question 3. Which female lead from Titanic is it?
Answer: Kate Winslet’s character Rose

Question 4. What color was Rose’s dress when she considered jumping off the boat to end her life?
Answer: Red

Question 5. Identify the individual who shot Tommy and then took his own life.
Answer: Murdoch

Question 6. And what were the musicians doing in the last moments?
Answer: Playing of music

Question 7. What name did old Rose think the Titanic went by?
Answer: The dream ship

Question 8. Identify the person who has to enter at the moment of impact.
Answer: Officer Moody, the Sixth

Question 9. Mr. Wilde was a person who?
Answer: Fabrizio

Question 10. Identify the man whose Titanic Jack ticket was successfully purchased.
Answer: Sven

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Question 11. To Jack’s mind, who does Rose seem like?
Answer: A female who stays indoors

Question 12. What song did Rose sing as she looked up at the sky?
Answer: Josephine, come on my flying machine.

Question 13. What kind of necklace did Rose have on when she got her drawing?
Answer: The Ocean’s Heart

Question 14. Which area did Jack hail from?
Answer: Chippewa Falls

Question 15. List the actresses from Titanic who are nominated for Academy Awards.
Answer: Kate Hudson

Question 16. Give the name of the item that covered Cal’s safe.
Answer: Door

Question 17. Whom did Caltryd try to buy a lifeboat off?
Answer: Murdoch

Question 18. How is Rose going to end her life?
Answer: Leaping from the ship

Question 19. Identify the character who afterwards acquired a moniker.
Answer: Molly

Question 20. When did Cal pass away?
Answer: 1929

Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers

Explore the amazing titanic trivia questions listed below:

Question 21. What, in Rose’s opinion, was Titanic?
Answer: The Slave Trade

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Question 22. Identify the actor that portrayed the role of Cal? Answer: Billy Zane.

Question 23. Give the color of the handcuffs’ key that Jack was wearing.
Answer: Silver

Question 24. Identify the gift that Rose received from Cal.
Answer: A necklace

Question 25. What was the old Rose’s age?
Answer: One hundred years

Question 26. Identify the performer chosen to play Third Officer Pitman.
Answer: Kevin de la Noy

Question 27. What tool did Rose use to take off Jack’s handcuffs?
Answer: A pair of axe

Question 28. What is the name of the individual who inquired about Rose’s desire to return to the Titanic?
Answer: Lovett

Question 29. On the ship, how did Mr. Murdoch pass away?
Answer: He shoot himself

Question 30. Indicate the number of medals Captain Smith is wearing on his coat.
Answer: Two

Question 31. When Jack’s parents passed away, what was his age?
Answer: 15

Question 32. Who was the watchman who noticed the iceberg?
Answer: Fleet

Question 34. Which last name did Tommy have?
Answer: Ryan

Question 35. What kind of entity did Ruth wish to wed Rose and Cal?
Answer: Huge Debt

Question 36. Do the ship’s officers all wear the same stripe on their uniform sleeve?
Answer: Indeed

Question 37. In the Titanic movie, who stated he is the king of the world?
Answer: Jack.

Answer: Question 38. Who performed the Titanic ballad “My Heart Will Go On”?
Answer: Celine Dion

Question 39. The Titanic sank on which date?
Answer: 15 April 1912

Question 40. Identify the Titanic’s architect.
Answer: Thomas Andrews

Titanic Trivia Movie Question

See below some fun trivia movies that you can enjoy with friends:

Question 41. Which location did the Titanic set out on her journey?
Answer: From Southampton

Question 42. By whom was the Titanic operated?
Answer: White Star Line

Question 43. List the number of Academy Awards that Titanic received. Answer: 11

Question 44. When was Titanic first released in the United States?
Answer: In 1997

Question 45. Which room was it that the dock did not mention?
Answer: 56

Question 46. Who declared that the Titanic could not sink?
Answer: DeWitt Ruth

Question 47. Which object struck the Titanic?
Answer: An Iceberg

Question 48. Name the side ship that gathered the lifeboats from the Titanic.
Answer: The Carpathians

Question 49. Which location did the safe stay?
Answer: Within the Closet

Question 50. Indicate which year the iceberg struck the Titanic.
Answer: 1912

Question 51. Whose viewpoint was the main one used to tell the movie’s plot?
Answer: Aged Rose

Question 52. What was the expected age of Rose on the Titanic when she sailed?
Answer: 17

Question 53. Rose claims that the number of people being saved from the Titanic was? Answer: Six.

Question 54. List the number of smokestacks on the Titanic. Answer: Four

Question 55. What procedure did the captain use when filling the lifeboats?
Answer: Prioritizing women and children

Question 56. What was the band’s final song aboard the Titanic?
Answer: Nearer my God to thee, Nearer to thee.

Question 57. What ailed the smokes that were portrayed in the film?
Answer: Cigarettes with filters weren’t invented.

Question 58. When Rose starts her voyage back to the Titanic, what was the one thing she never said?
Answer: Flowers

Question 59. How did Tommy find out that he was on board the Titanic in first class when it sank?
Answer: Music

Question 60. What is the name of the last survivor of the 2009 Titanic accident that is still alive?
Answer: Dean Millvina.

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Printable Titanic Trivia Quiz

Question 61. When the Titanic sank, where was it headed?
Answer: The Titanic headed toward New York City,

Question 62. On the Titanic, who served as the captain?
Answer: Edward Smith was the Titanic’s captain.

Question 63. Which sea did the Titanic go down in?
Answer: In the North Atlantic Ocean, the Titanic sank.

Question 64. How did Jack Dawson get his Titanic cruise tickets?
Answer: Jack won the lottery in a poker game.

Question 65. What brand is the necklace Rose received from Cal?
Answer: The Heart Of The Ocean was the name given to the jewelry.

Question 66. To whom was Rose engaged?
Answer: Rose and Caledon Hockley were engaged.

Question 67. Who is the architect responsible for designing the Titanic?
Answer: The architect of the Titanic was Thomas Andrews.

Question 68. Which year did the Titanic movie come out?

Answer: In December 1997, the movie Titanic was released.

Question 69. On the RMS Titanic, how many lifeboats were there?
Answer: Only half of the passengers could have been accommodated by the 20 lifeboats on board.

Question 70. Which movie character gained notoriety for declaring, “I’m the King of the World!”?
Answer: Jack D.

Question 71. On which April date did the Titanic sink?
Answer: On April 15, during her inaugural trip, the Titanic ship sank.

Question 72. Which English port did the Titanic leave from?
Answer: From Southampton in England, the Titanic set sail.

Question 73. What was the length of the RMS Titanic?
Answer: Spanning 269 meters, the RMS Titanic

Question 74. Which performer portrayed Jack Dawson in the Titanic film?
Answer: Jack Dawson was played by Leonardo Di Caprio.

Question 75. Where on the ship was the Grand Staircase?
Answer: First-class accommodations located at the Grand Staircase.

Question 76. Who penned the movie Titanic?
Answer: The Titanic movie was written by James Cameron.

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Question 77. Who was the owner of the RMS Titanic?
Answer: White Star Line was the owner of the RMS Titanic.

Question 78. What was the name of the Titanic’s third class section?
Answer: Steerage was the name of the third class.

Question 79. What is the meaning of RMS?
Answer: For Royal Mail Ship, use RMS.

Question 80. What year was the Titanic wreck found once more?
Answer: In 1985, the Titanic was found.

Kids’ Titanic Trivia Questions

When the Titanic struck the iceberg, how long did it take for it to sink?
Two hours and forty minutes, roughly.

Which musical group was performing as the Titanic was sinking?
Wallace Hartley led the band on the Titanic.

How many breaches in the Titanic’s hull could it withstand before collapsing?
Four sections.

What kind of material did the Titanic’s hull receive to increase its resistance to friction?
Lead colors: red, white, and lampblack.

What was the number of lifeboats on the Titanic?

What was the number of lifeboats launched from the Titanic?

In feet and inches, how long was the Titanic?
882 cm, or 9 inches.

How much did it cost to build the Titanic, roughly?
$7.5 million.

When did the Titanic go down?

Which ship brought the survivors of the Titanic to safety?
Carpathia RMS.

How many people were on board the Titanic, both crew and passengers?
About 2,224.

Titanic Trivia Game

10 Unbelievable Titanic Trivia Facts

1. Titanic, the first movies to be released on VHS while still in theaters, took home eleven Academy Awards.

2. Paramount had to send out new reels when theaters ran out of the reel during Titanic’s theatrical run.

3. The last person still alive while the Titanic was sinking was an old rose by the name of Gloria Stuart.

4. Gloria became the oldest nominee for Best Supporting Actress (Oscar), clocking in at eighty-seven years.

5. In the Titanic film series, Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew McConaughey were supposed to play the heroic couple.

6. Cameron filled in for Jack to conduct the actual sketching, as evidenced by the hands that were visible during the depiction of Rose in her nude state.

7. Lindsay Lohan was on the verge of appearing in the Titanic film, but she was turned down because of her red hair, which made her resemble Rose.

8. On May 31, 1911, around 100,000 spectators witnessed the ship’s launch.

9. Almost twenty horses were used to haul the ship’s main anchor.
There were eleven dishes served at the final dinner for the first class passengers on the Titanic.

10. The ship received six warnings in all regarding icebergs.

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FAQs About Titanic Trivia

What depressing details exist about the Titanic?

In all, there were about 705 survivors, and they were all brought to New York, USA, in safety. 16) However, the Titanic tragically claimed the lives of over 1,500 individuals, the majority of whom were never found again. Ships sailed to the tragedy site and retrieved 300 dead from the ocean in the days that followed the wreckage.

The Titanic carried how many eggs?

The Titanic carried 86,000 pounds of beef, forty thousand eggs, forty tons of potatoes, 7,000 heads of lettuce, 3,500 pounds of onions, 36,000 apples, and 1,000 loaves of bread to feed the passengers and crew.

Which of the Titanic movie’s facts are interesting?

Approximately $200 million went into making the movie or more than $1 million for every minute of on-screen action. Given that “Titanic” has a final edit of 195 minutes, each minute of the movie costs more than $1 million to produce. “Titanic” became the first film to gross $1 billion, proving that the investment paid off.

Why did the Titanic split in two?

The uneven weight distribution near the stern of the ship caused tremendous pressure and stress on the ship’s hull, ultimately resulting in the Titanic breaking in half. The water’s low temperature and the absence of expansion joints to support the ship’s length further compromised the hull.

In Summary: Titanic Trivia

This brings an end to our Titanic trivia journey through romance, history, and the breathtaking beauties of the deep blue sea!

We’ve explored the Titanic’s legacy in great detail, unearthed undiscovered treasures, and relived historic events.

Keep in mind that knowledge has no boundaries, much like the unsinkable soul! Continue learning and exploring, and may the curiosity and resiliency left by the Titanic serve as inspiration for your future travels!